How To Train A Dog With An Invisible or Electric Fence

How To Train A Dog With An Invisible fence

Invisible dog fences are a form of barrier that surrounds the perimeter of your property. Usually, they have a wire that runs underground and creates an electromagnetic parameter which collar that dog wear can detect.

How to Fatten Up My Dog with a Human Food or Dog Food?

how to fatten up my dog

Promoting weight gain for dogs can be easy if you do it the right way. You should not give your dog fatty foods because that will only lead to too much weight gain. The key is to find a healthy balance between muscle mass and fat.

From Birth To Farewell: 6 Pet Services For Doggie Needs

Pet Services For Doggie Needs

It’s essential to know how to be there for them in every aspect of their furry life. More than feeding them and making sure they’re comfortable as they spend each day in your care, you also need to learn how to care for their other essential needs to ensure they remain at the peak of their health.  

When Does a Yorkie Stop Growing?

When Does a Yorkie Stop Growing

Are you wondering when does a Yorkie puppy stop growing and how big will your dog get? Here is the answer! We’ll include some of our favorite breeds that hit their full size at different ages.

Why Are Huskies So Vocal and How to Keep Them Quite?

why are huskies so vocal

The answer lies in the breed’s genetic makeup. Huskies were bred to travel long distances with people on foot or by sled, which means they needed to communicate with their human companions over great distances.

8 Tips For Choosing Hypoallergenic Dogs

Tips For Choosing Hypoallergenic Dogs

every time a dog is around? If that’s the case for you, here’s some good news: having allergies to pets doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t own a dog.

Are Dog Wheelchairs Cruel and When to Use Them?.

Are Dog Wheelchairs Cruel

Recent studies have shown that although some dogs benefit from being fitted with a dog wheelchair, others may find themselves worse off. To help you decide on what’s best for your pup …

How High Can a Dog Jump?

The main factor that affects how high a dog can jump is their body weight relative to the size of their legs; heavier dogs need longer legs to make up for their lower center of gravity which means they will be able to leap higher than lighter ones.

Does Your Dog Drag You on Walks?

Does Your Dog Drag You on Walks

If you’re having trouble training your dog to walk correctly, contact a professional pet behaviorist or trainer for assistance.  It may not seem like it at the moment, but when you find the proper training method, you’ll find that walks will be even more fun for both of you!

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