10 Best Cooling Dog Beds of 2022 to Keep Pups Calm In Hot Weather

There can be several reasons to use cooling dog beds or mats, as a cooling mat usually lower your dog’s body temperature more effectively than any other mat or tile. It is easy to use these beds and mats. Just place them where your dog loves to rest. Cooling mats and beds are small. They did not provide the same space as a dog mattress can, but these are better than the hard surface and tiles.

We will share the 10 best cooling dog beds and pads that we select based on customer reviews and the number of sales, along with their durability and quality. Train your dog for the bed, and it will increase the bed’s life as a trained dog knows he should not scratch the bed. 

1. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Cooling Dog Bed

best cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

This is our top pick in best cooling beds the reason is its features, quality, offering and customer reviews we were amazed to see that there is no negative review until now which is enough to prove that this can be the best buy for your four-legged friend.

The order comes with 1 heavyweight denim cover in brown color, 1 waterproof internal zippered cover, and 1 solid 4 inches gel memory foam insert pad + get 1 Bonus brown color External Suede nonslip bottom side cover on this bed purchase. The bonus suede external cover is a great replacement when you need to clean the denim cover.

  • A high-quality denim cover is long-lasting. It will remain in its original color and shape after many washes. It 13oz heavy cover with a strong zipper with extra stitching, which makes it stronger.
  • Hypoallergic cooling memory foam will provide support and relieve the pain of arthritis and will promote better sleep. Your dog will love to sleep on this bed.
  • Better than a human-grade mattress along with a combination of alignment support and cooler sleeping will provide your dog a luxurious cooling comfort and will create an ideal environment for your dog. It will provide many years of comfort with excellent value for your money.
  • 2 excellent fabric cover layers: Internal layer Taffeta waterproof fabric zipper cover to help secure the pad and a 13oz jean denim fabric zipper external cover for easy cleaning. The external denim cover is 100% cotton, which is interchangeable for the top or bottom side to benefit pets allergic to synthetic fabrics. The external cover is machine washable and dry-able.

Size: 35″X20″X4″ Small Medium,  37″X27″X4″ Medium Large,  40″X35″X4″ Extra Large,  41″X27″X4″ Large,  47″X29″X4″ Extra Large,  55″X37″X4″ XXL, 5″X47″X4″ Jumbo

Color: Brown Denim Cover

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2. Sealy Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

stella cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

This is another top pick, a best cooling dog bed; the reason is clear this is a four-layer bed which provide all the comfort and cooling which your dog needed, the four layers are

  • Cooling Energy Gel is used at the very top of this bed as a complete layer to provide cooling to your dog and to regulate the body temperature you’re your canine. The energy cooling gel controls the temperature by dispelling heat away from the sleeping surface.  
  • Pet Rest Memory Foam conforms to your pet’s body, adapts quickly to movement, and helps increase circulation.
  • Bio-Orthopedic Foam eliminates pressure points by evenly distributing your pet’s weight on the bed.
  • Pro-Charcoal HD Foam Base provides an additional layer of support and aids in the absorption of odors.

This best cooling dog bed will provide comfort to your canine friend, which he really deserves.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Color: Autumn Brown, Military Green, Modern Gray, Navy Blue

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3. Furhaven Cooling Dog Bed

cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

This best cooling dog bed will give your canine friend the orthopedic support and comfort that they need. This ergonomically designed pet bed is contoured to cradle your pet’s body and provide therapeutic back and neck support. Medical-grade gel infusion foam provides a soft and restorative night rest.

The quilted, micro velvet sleep surface is lightly padded for the ultimate “cozy” experience. Due to this bed’s size, it’s easily accessible even for smaller breeds; cover with the overlock safety stitching provides long-lasting durability.

Quilted micro velvet tops the curved sleep surface. This silken material is cuddly soft, and gentle on noses and paws, delivering luxurious coziness to snuggly pups as the bed cradles them to sleep.

The gel foam contains microgel beads that reduce heat by about one to two degrees, providing additional comfort to your dog.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, 2XL (Jumbo Plus)

Color: Clay, Espresso, Gray

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4. Pet Control HQ Orthopedic & Cooling Dog Bed

best cooling orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

This plush orthopedic dog bed is soft and gentle on noses and paws, which provides insanely luxurious snuggles and the highest level of coziness for your four-legged friend. It will keep your pup cool on warm days and warm on cold days. 

With pressure-activated gel, the brown side will keep your pet cool with activated gel technology, while the other side of this best cooling dog bed can be used for warmness.

The open design of this best cooling dog bed will help your dog enough space to sprawl and cuddle. This best the memory foam dog bed with your pet’s weight and contours to their unique shape to provide better overall therapeutic support for joint and muscle discomfort.

Reclaim your bed or couch and give your dog a unique 2in1 therapeutic Orthopedic bed pillow, which is designed to keep your dog warm during cold months, or you can flip the mattress over and use it as a cooling pad on those hot summer nights. 

For a better understanding, have a look at the below detail,

  1. 1-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam.
  2. 1 inch Core Memory Foam.
  3. 2 inches High Resiliency Support base memory Foam.
  4. Sides: Air Flow 3D Pink & Blue Mesh.
  5. Cool Side: Micro Suede Brown fabric.
  6. Warm Side: Long Fur Brown Plush fabric.

Size: 39.8 x 26 x 4 inches

Color: Brown

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5. Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Kennels

cooling gel memory foam dog bed

Key Highlights

This cooling mat comes with quality material construction, retains its shape over time, and wipes clean for years of use. This best cooling dog bed fold flat. This cooling bed will serve you as long-lasting solutions and will keep your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions. Your dog will love to sit on this mat.

Innovative cool gel and sturdy nylon features are enough to relax and soothe up your pets for up to 3 hours.

  • As a self-Cooling pad, it requires no electricity, water, or ice and even no batteries, making it a low-maintenance cooling bed for the home.
  • It requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries, or electricity as a self-charging pad, making it a shallow maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.
  • 3-Hour Continuous Cooling, this best cooling dog bed absorb and regulate the body temperature for up to 3 hours, and after three hours, a non-use of 20 minutes can chart it fully for the next three hours. On-use.
  • Multipurpose Pet Care, best for old age dogs and dogs recovering from injuries. This best cooling dog bed is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Safe for Pet & Humans, it is designed with innovative nylon construction for heal and environment-conscious options.
  • No Elaborate Cleanup, wipe the mat with ix of mild soap and let it dry. This bet cooling dog bed is most easy to clean up.

Size: 35 x 55 x 1 inches

Color: Blue

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6. K&H Manufacturing Cooling dog Bed

best cooling pad for dog

Key Highlights

K & H is the best pet cooling products seller in the market; This cooling dog bed is their best creation. They use quality material in their construction. This cooling dog bed is a great piece for any dog owner looking to offer their pet a comfy, dry, cool place to relax during the warm summer months.

It uses natural water to keep the dog cool; no electricity is required to operate it. That makes it easy to use it outdoors or indoors in the hot season. Add the recommended amount of water through the easy fill cap and burp with the new easy air adjustment valve.

This best cooling dog bed is designed to keep the dog cool while radiating the heat back into the air. As we know, all water naturally extracts heat. This K & H best cooling bed will keep your dog cool while using natural energy.

For best results, use it in the shady area even when using an outdoor place; it will make it cooler under the shade. Keeping the Cool Bed III indoors overnight near air conditioning will super cool the bed for outdoor use the next morning.

Required Water: Yes

Size: 17″ x 24″ | 1-1.5 gallons water, 22″ x 32″ | 2-3 gallons water, 32″ x 44″ | 4-6 gallons water

Color: Gray & Blue

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7. K&H Pet Products Cool Bed Deluxe with Bolster

Key Highlights

This is another state of art cooling dog bed from K & H that is the best cooling product maker for dogs and other pets. These best cooling dog beds offer all the features and benefits to keep his dog cool and comfortable. It’s easy to fill it with water and always keep it in the shady area while using it to get the best results.

The cool bed center is made of a durable nylon/vinyl exterior.

The deluxe bolster is covered by a water-resistant, durable 600 denier fabric and features a cushioning, removable poly-filled baffle. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. 2-year limited warranty.

Be sure not to place the bed on sharp objects that could puncture the Cool Bed Deluxe.

Water Required: Yes

Size: 25″d x 32″w x 4″h | 2-3 gallons water, 31″d x 41″w x 5″h | 4-6 gallons

Color: Blue with Gray Bolster

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8. The Green Pet Shop Best Cooling Dog Bed

best cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

The pressure-activated gel technology of this mat makes it a top choice among do owners. This bet cooling dog bed will soothe your dog on contact for up to 3 hours and will recharge on 15 to 20 minutes of non-use.

Because of its special gel formula, cooling pads work with no effort and are ideal for when you are out of the house. It’s a simple solution to avoid overheating and dehydration for hot, panting dogs that struggle in the summer weather. It can be an ideal treatment for senior animals or pets with health conditions.

Using this pad is very simple. Just lay the pad where your dog wants to relax. Dogs always get hot when they perform activities or play outside, so cool them by providing the opportunity to relax on this best cooling dog mat.

Size: Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, X-Large

Color: Blue

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9. Stella Beds Gel-Infused Memory Foam Cooling dog bed

stella cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

This bed is a perfect piece for your four-legged friend. It is made for both seasons. It can be used in winter to say warmer and in the summer to stay cold. its excellent features and its quality make the best cooling dog bed.

For the summer side of the bed, the classic Stella gel memory foam and waterproof cover keep your dog cool and comfy. Flip your bed in the chilly season to provide comfort to your dog.

Size: Medium 34-Inch

Color: Grey

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10. Furhaven Pet Suede L Shaped Cooling Dog Bed

cooling dog bed

Key Highlights

This is also one of the best cooling dog beds, which offers a lot of comfort to dogs. Pamper your pet with a Furhaven Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede Deluxe Cooling Gel Top L-Chaise Lounge. It is a luxuriously soft plush sleep surface. Suede bolsters and gussets complement it. 

Ultra-plush flecked faux fur provides a snuggly soft sleep surface and trims the bolster’s edges for a chic flair.

The two-tone design hides dirt and pet dander better than traditional plush sleep surfaces. The L-shaped bolsters support your pet’s back and hips, providing additional support. The L-shape also provides the perfect nook for pets that like to nest into comfort.

The two raised, rounded bolster ends allow your pet to lay their paws or neck on the pillowed edge, helping to align the neck and spine.

Size: Small: 20″ x 15″ x 5.5″ (3″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 16.5″ x 11.5″)
Medium: 30″ x 20″ x 6.25″ (3″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 25.5″ x 15.5″)
Large: 36″ x 27″ x 6.5″ (3″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 30″ x 21″)
Jumbo: 44″ x 35″ x 8″ (4″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 38″ x 29″)
Jumbo Plus: 53″ x 42″ x 9.5″ (5″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 46.5″ x 36″)

Color: Dark Sage, Espresso, Stone Gray

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Still Wondering, How Do Cooling Beds Work?

As we all know through a well-established, principle that heat always tries to reach equilibrium in a given area. For example, when you hold a cold-water bottle in your hand the heat from your body through your arm and hand start transferring into that bottle and this process continues until the temperature of both become the same.

During activity or while playing dogs become warmer and even in the hot weather, their temperature rises and when they sit on the cooler floor, the floor will absorb the temperature from the body of the dog until the temperature of both becomes the same.

The same happened when your hot dog with the warmer bogy sits on the cooling bed or mate, the mate pulls heat from your dogs’ body and cools it until the temperature of your dog’s body and cooling mat becomes the same. Naturally, do can pump heat into the air anytime when the temperature is low but conductive heat loss is much quicker than the natural process.

Cooling mats and beds are made with special heat-absorbing gel or they are made to fill with water. The cooling dog beds with water and cheaper in price as compared to gel beds. To make the bed cooler the manufacturers place a layer of gel at the tops of the foam mattress and in the hot season, dot sit on this mat it absorbs heat from the body of the dog.

The one-inch thick gel can absorb heat for continuous three hours and unuse of 15 to 20 minutes recharge it, in the recharging process heat flows out from the gel. If you choose a water cooling dog bed, then you will need more water like 4 to 5 gallons in normal size beds while a single 1-inch layer of gel can provide more efficient heat absorbing.

What Should You Look for in a Cooling Bed?

It is hard to choose any cooling dog bed because there are dozens of beds available in the market, and every bed offers a different feature and comfort level. Before buying any, you need to carefully examine the features and also the comfort and arthritis support.

Read about the bed. In our list of 10 best cooling dog beds, we choose only which are best in performance, and you can choose anyone as per your requirement.

The Bed Should Be Large Enough for Your Dog

If your dog does not fit in the bed, that means the bed will not regulate the temperature properly, and if you buy and cooling a dog bed bigger than your dog, that means you are paying extra for what you do not need. So, measure the size of your dog and then make an informed buy.

I always prefer to buy the exact size for perfect results. A best cooling dog bed will maximize the rate at which your dog’s temperature drops.

The Bed Should Be Easy to Transport

We all go outside for hiking or summer vacations or fun. So, make sure that you buy a cooling dog bed easy to transport; you can carry that with you when you keep your dog with you for vacations or the picnic.

Water-filled cooling dog mats are the best choice, but you need to fill water whenever you need to use them.

Cooling Dog Bed should be Healthy and Durable

All the manufacturers claim that they are using the best material and that beds will stay in shape for a longer time. The best cooling dog beds are made with non-toxic gel, but if not that, there are greater chances that your dog gets unwell after ingesting it.

Accordingly, you’ll want to make sure the mat is durable enough to stand up to your dog’s claws.

Also, take care of your dog vibrantly and not leave it unattended using mate to provide a cooler environment, especially when your dog has chewing habits.

The Bed Should Provide Plenty of Cooling Power

Make sure that the cooling dog bed is made with at least one-inch thick layer of gel, in case of less thickness the purpose will not be fulfilled. In most product descriptions, the use of gel and thickness is described clearly.

More Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

In the hot weather it becomes tough to stay on routine but it necessary here are some good idea,

  • Move walks to the early morning or late evening hours in the absence of sunlight.
  • Walk along a shady route.
  • Provide water after small breaks, carry a doggie water bottle and collapsible bowl with you for water breaks.
  • Prefer to walk in the grassy area, avoid asphalt and hot pavement, since it can burn dogs’ paws.
  • Make sure your dog has access to plenty of shade and water when they’re outside.
  • If your dog normally stays outside for long periods of time, move them inside.
  • Keep air circulating inside. Air conditioning is better than fans, but you can also open windows to create a nice cross breeze. Or place a bowl of ice right in front of a fan that oscillates.
  • Be sure to have plenty of clean, fresh water available in a few different locations in your home.
  • Whip up some frozen dog treats—couldn’t be easier, and dogs love ’em.

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