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Naturally, dogs love to eat from the standard bowls, and its natural with them, but offering some ease in eating will improve their mood and health. Dog food storage and feeders that usually are elevated solutions offer to eat the food comfortably and put less pressure on the neck and also improves the digestion in dogs. If you own an old four-legged friend, then this is vital equipment to have because it will keep the dog safe from joint pressure. 

Elevated dog bowl and food storage are also helpful to store the food where it remains protected from moisture, air, and unwanted guests like pests; unauthorized access becomes impossible. While on the other side it’s easy to keep the doggie things arrange and when you are leaving for long trips, camping or vacations you can keep dog food storage and feeder with you as a single solution. 

If your dog eats with speed, then you also can use slow eating bowls with these solutions. In this article, we review some of the best options available in the market; hopefully, you can find one for your four-legged friend.

IRIS Small Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage

IRIS Small Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage and steel bowls

IRIS Small Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage is most recommended products in this category because it’s a medium size solution in which you can keep the food of your dog safe as well as you can use the elevated feeder for your dog, from where they can pick the food easily and feel comfortable while eating food. It’s a highly rated single solution as storage and feeder. It helps your dog improve digestion and reduce muscle strain as they can pick up the bites from the elevated bowls. The bowls can hold up to two quarters of food or water. The thing that we like most is its usability.

The bowls can be used to feed two dogs at the same time or for one to offer water and food at a single time. While on the other side the food storage is completely airtight that will keep the dog food safe inside. Pest, Air and Moisture cannot make the way inside, its storage container preserve the freshness of food and also lock the odour of food. The large storage bin can hold 64 cups of feed and buckle design lid is designed to prevent any unauthorised access. It’s three most prominent features are:

  • Storage container equipped with an airtight seal
  • Sturdy snap-lock latches
  • Removable steel bowls

It’s an ideal solution for travelling when you are going for a long trip you can keep this solution with you so where you have to feed your dog you can quickly arrange the food in bowls. Removable bowls are easy to clean and its completely washable, before every filling you can fully wash it to keep perfectly sanitized.

We recommend it for indoor, outdoor as well for travelling and camping. 

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OurPets Store-N- Feed Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl Feeder

dog bowl and food storage

OurPets Store-N- Feed Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl Feeder is an adjustable height dog feeder and storage. It comes into three sizes where the smallest one can hold up to 5lb of dog food, and the largest one can accommodate 15 lb dog food. If you want healthy dining for your small and medium-sized pets, especially for those who are suffering from joint problems, then it’s the right choice for you. It also promotes healthy digestion, especially offers to eat with minimum efforts.

It’s a veterinarian-recommended product to deal with osteoarthritis as well as to improve physical posture. Many customers express that its the right solution for mature dogs. It looks simple but yet durable and made with the safe pet material, which is BPA free and non-toxic.

The food inside will remain secure due to its airtight seals, and it will also keep your house free form food odors.

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Large Elevated Dog Feeder with Pet Food Airtight Storage

dog food storage and feeder

IRIS USA Larges Elevated Dog Feeder with Pet Food Airtight Storage is specially designed for large dogs with great height who have a problem to pick food from the floor. It comes in three sizes, and as per our findings, its only good for medium and large as well as giant size dogs. Offering food to your large dog on an elevated feeding station puts less pressure on their joints to improve their digest and also a solution to improve the posture of your dog. 

The product in the spotlight comes with removable steel bowls that are easy to clean. These bowls are made with high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and trustworthy to use for dogs. While its storage is equipped with the seals and snap-lock latches that keep the dry dog food fresh inside and keep the guests away from the food.

We found that it’s convenient to use for indoor and outdoor use, especially for camping and traveling. 

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ecoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner with Storage

ecoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner with Storage

ecoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner with Storage made for the dogs who are taller than 15 inches. Its constructed with the non-toxic recycled plastic wood-polymer composite material, which is non-absorbant and won’t warp, crack or split. We love this product because it looks like real furniture, and in the corner of your house, it will give the feel of a premium piece of furniture. It seems small, but its storage container can hold a large amount of food, and each of its bowls designed for 32 oz. 

It may look heavy to lift, especially its lid, but amazingly, it’s a sliding design, lid top slides open, and latches closed for storage. For cleaning, you can use a damp cloth, and it will shine like a new. The white color makes it possible to put anywhere, and two bowls simultaneously can be used for two dogs or one for food and one for water.

This raised dog feeder with food storage s made with Ecoflex, no tools required, easy to assemble and offer comfort for tall dogs during feeding.

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Personalized Raised Dog Bowl Stand with Internal Storage

Best Dog Food Storage And Feeder With Bowls

Personalized Raised Dog Bowl Stand with Internal Storage is a handmade product that is unique in its way. It fully customizable you need to send your dog name while ordering this product and that will be printed on the product as you can see on the picture above, and if you want some personal message you may send that. Ou can also choose the color font and size, as a result, that product that you will get will be unique and worthy of display. Either you have a small or large dog you can order this product because it’s available in four sizes and it will be convenient to find the right size for your pooch.

The storage container is just below the top, to access that you need to lift up the top, it’s a large space where you can store food of your dog and even you can put toys and other stuff. The product especially the top is fully waterproof so when there is an unexpected spill over it still keeps the food inside safe and secure.

Durable and easy to use as well as looks great inside the house and made to serve for long years.

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Our Pets Store-N-Feed Pet Dish

dog bowl and food storageOur Pets Store-N-Feed Pet Dish can hold 15 lb of food in its storage cabinet, which is also an adjustable height. It comes with a unique self-watering system that prevents any spillover on the floor. Two steel bowls are removable and easy to clean. We recommend using a food bag or a separate airtight solution to keep your food inside because it’s not sufficiently airtight. Its eight inches high and expands to 12 inches by turning the lid 180 degrees that is a great advantage to offer food and water to your large dogs.

Raised Dog Feeder with Ceramic Bowls and Storage

dog food storage and feeder

828 Pet Supplies Medium Raised Dog Feeder is a unique solution that comes with a sliding storage compartment which is easy to pull out and an airtight solution food and can be used to keep other stuff of your dog. We like most of its manufacturing and materials used in its construction, like Vietnamese Acacia Wood, and metal hardware along with porcelain bowls which are really unique and dishwasher safe. It’s a prestigious solution that everyone will notice and become a symbol of your love for the four-legged friend.

Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box

Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box

Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box is made from durable MDF, and it’s an ideal solution from small to medium dogs. We like its a non-toxic finish, which also makes it easy to clean; you can clean it with mild soap and water. It comes with two high quality removable stainless steel bowls that are durable and can be cleaned with gentle warm water. This elegant elevated serving solution for your dog offers to eat from a comfortable height that will support the digestion as well as the posture of your dog.

Casual Home Chappy Wooden Pet Feeder

Casual Home Chappy Wooden Pet Feeder

Casual Home Chappy Wooden Pet Feeder is a two-tone design that is made with natural wood and highlights natural wood grains. It comes in unassembled form, easy to assemble no unique tool required for the job. The feature which makes it different from other products in the market is its aluminum bowls, which are removable and easy to clean as well as durable enough can be used for food or water — equipped with a quality seal to keep the outer circumstances locked outside. Keep the food protected from unauthorized access. We recommend it for medium to large dogs.

Inspired Essentials Elevated Pet Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage

Inspired Essentials Elevated Pet Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage Inspired Essentials Elevated Pet Feeder with Airtight Pet Food Storage is made for on the go solution, its airtight seal and snap latches are durable enough to hold the food insider securely in tight conditions and guest will not make their way inside. Its storage container can easily hold up to 64 cups of food. It will reduce the neck muscle strain while bowls are designed to have a capacity of 2 quarts. BPA free material of food-safe and non-toxic, proudly made inside the USA. We recommend this product for medium to large size dogs.

Final Thoughts

Every dog owner must have one such solution because these allow you to feed your dog anywhere, and you can keep the bowls and food with you in a convenient way. When you are at home, such a product can be used inside or outside either in the garden or backyard. we already shared our recommendations in the stat, we recommend you to consider the storage capacity seriously like according to your dog size you must buy an option that can store the food for at least a week.

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