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The shock collar is a very useful tool for trainers as well as household pet parents to train dogs and correction of unwanted behavior of dogs. This is a very controversial gadget that delivers electricity to the body of dogs. Modern collars come with more than one functional mode which helps an owner to avoid the option of shock and use beep and vibration. For better use, it is important to fully understand each function and with the use of stimulation varieties one can avoid the delivery of the shock, please consider the full review along with buyer guide and safety information to make an informed decision.

A best e collar for small dogs is one that is equipped with the beep, vibration, and human shock that never hurt the dog in any case as well as provide the ability to use warning function first and equipped with security features to prevent excessive and continuous shocks.

3 Top Rated E Collars for Small Dogs

Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar w/3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 100% Waterproof Training Collar, Up to 1000Ft Remote Range, 0~99 Shock Levels Dog Training Set

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Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

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Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs - Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Training E-Collar with 3 Safe Correction Remote Training Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep for Dogs Small, Medium, Large

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A variety of e collars are available in the market and it’s really hard to find a right collar for small four-legged friend, a lot of research and efforts are required for job, here we selected more than ten collars from the huge list of 50, these can be used for small dogs without any doubt, their minimum setting allows to train the small pups without hurting them.

1. Dog Care Dog Shock Collar

Best E Collar for Small Dogs

Dog care is known for the quality products and this best e collar for small dogs is a perfect example, more than 8000 positive reviews are showing customer satisfaction towards dog care and this dog shock collar.

This is the best seller and the product is at number one at online stores. This dog shock collar offers three training modes and static levels from 0 to 99 which is fully adjustable for each dog. Dog Care is always committed to providing better communication dog shock collars to control the behavior of dogs and for training. The technology from dog care helps to set up a communication bridge between owners and dogs.

This trainer dog collar is made in a way to ensure the safety of dogs during the training and a built-in safe mode is also featured in. Dog Care trainer dog collar will be your assistant to start a new communication method with your four-legged friend.

Electric collar dog and remote is engineered to prevent accidents and misoperations and this is a feature that makes it best for home use. Lock screen option of remote can be used to prevent the communication between remote and electric collar dogs.

The state of art technology makes it possible to establish communication with up to 9 dogs, means one remote can control nine collars/dogs at any single time which make it best shock collar for training dogs

You will receive a waterproof shock collar that means your dog can play with water when he is wearing this shock collar, it offers your dog maximum flexibility to your dog during outdoor activities.

Both unites Collar and remote are the rechargeable, remote battery will last for 45 days and collar for 15 days on a single recharge.  And a built-in audio system is also featured in to communicate with your dog with a clear voice.

Key Highlights 

      1. This dog shock collar offers three training modes which are extremely efficient and it also offers safe training mode for your pup to teach very basic obedience.
      2. This dog shock collar is a popular choice among dog owners to control the uncontrollable behavior of the dog and these from dog care are efficient correction collars for dogs.
      3. No more misoperation and no more accidental shocks will be caused by dog collar with remote control because of security keypad lock, you can lock it when not in use, feel free to keep remote in a pocket or in hand.
      4. You can use Dog Care electronic dog collars for training to train and control up to 9 dogs at the same time from a single remote. Dog care training collars are recommended to use. So, if you have more then one dog you will have control over them with just one remote.
      5. These electric shock collar for dogs are fully configurable as you can adjust the static level from 0 to 99, so no more fear to hurt your dog. Also, the size of these electric shock collar for dogs is fully adjustable.
      6. This dog training device can easily cover the range of 330 yards which is enough for a house as well as for trainer, or for a private training place.
      7. Tricky to use for dogs with long fur, prefer to use the dog shocker with long nobs for better results.

2. Educator's Best e Collar for Small Dogs

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

The educator’s best e collar for small dogs can be easily considered as best because of 1000+ positive reviews and its positions in the Amazon bestselling. A majority of pet parents show their satisfaction towards the educator’s shock dog collars.

Shock dog collars of Educator’s reduce the stress on the dog as along with static level these collars also offer stimulation level from 1-60 which makes the communication with dogs effective. The stimulation level is in your control you can increase it or decrease it with respect to the size of your dog. Stimulation is the best choice to get a positive and appropriate result from your dog.

E collar remote training dog collar from the educator makes to provide clean stimulation without neck jerk.

Both e collar remote training dog collar and remote are made with the quality materials and can withstand extreme dog training conditions. Both are waterproof and will keep you away from the discomfort of excess moisture at bay.

Another feature that makes this Best e Collar for Small Dogs best choice for every dog owner is tracking light which can be turned one from the remote and can save you pet when you are walking and make tracing easy.

These are trainers recommended shock dog collars because of fully customizable stimulation level, the lock and set feature of stimulation will keep it on the best level so you cannot expect an accident.

Key Highlights

      1. These dog shock collars have range up to 1/2 miles which is really enough for house dog as well as for a trainer.
      2. These electric collars are small in size (2″x1.5″x1″, 2.4 oz) and are best for dogs from 5pounds or larger.
      3. The transmitter/remote to use to with electric collars is also a unique piece of engineering, it is stopwatch style and small in size transmitter is best for small hands.
      4. Educator design these shock collar with remote for dogs to deliver a tapping sensation which comparatively is more powerful from vibration, it is a good addition to stimulation.
      5. These shock collar with remote for dogs comes with Bio thane collar strap: ¾ X 30-inch, 1.46 ounce (Ready to cut to size).
      6. Remote control shock collars for dogs offer static level from 1-100 and stimulus from 1 to 60.
      7. Remote and shock collar both comes with a durable battery that will last for days once charged. The dual charger makes the job easy

3. Petrainer Shocking Dog Collar

 e collar for dogs

Petrainer Waterproof Dog Shock Collar 998DBB is a more durable and colorful system that you can use to track and train your dog. This best e collar for small dogs can be fit to any neck from 6 inches to 25 inches, which makes it best to use with all small and large pets. Pet training and control become easy with this system as it offers 100 levels of vibration and shock to get better control over your dog.

This is a user-friendly remote to use as its easy selection buttons make it possible to use it with no prior knowledge. This best e collar for small dogs has enough features because they design it with the user in mind; It offers all that trainer needs.

Audible warning always remains a final caution for dogs, and this shocking dog collar is fully equipped for it and its three modes help you to get the desired results.

Remote shock collar for dogs can be used to train your dogs either in your backyard or in a park suitable form small to medium size dogs with a neck size maximum of 25 inches.

Key Highlights 

      1. Register your product with the company will extend the warranty of this best e collar for small dogs to three years. This is the best advantage and not competitor is near to it.
      2. This shocking dog collar is being used by pet trainers and dog owners and a preferred option to correct walking, sitting, aggression and bark control along with other behavioral obedience.
      3. This trustworthy and best e collar for small dogs comes with three training modes Shock, vibration and Beep.
      4. Its maximum range is 1000 ft which is enough for a house and for a trainer.
      5. Both units remote and shocking dog collar is waterproof which will allow your four-legged friend to play with water and enjoy swimming.
      6. Transmitter and receiver both can be charged simultaneously.

4. TBI Pro Dog collars that Shock

dog collars that shock

If you want to train your dog at your home then all you need is TBI Pro all-new 2019 best e collar for small dogs, from small to the medium, it can fit any dog.

TBI Pro dog collars that shock is high-quality dog collars and make with the quality material and produces the best customizable experience to dog owners and trainers.

With the use of dog shock collar, you can produce craved results, your dog will behave just like you want with right small shocks, beeps and customized vibrations.

This TBI pro arrangement will save you thousands of dollars that you will pay to trainers, and customizable options will save you inestimable time as well.

Ere using this dog shock collar makes it assured you are using a suitable level of shock that will not hurt your dog and your dog is comfortable with the collar.

Key Highlights

      1. TBI pro is a new but a trusted name in the industry of dog collars. They are producing dog collars that shock and remotes, they are also known for versatile and colorful products.
      2. New high-quality advanced design, cover 30% more distance as compared to best electric shock dog collars and assure full control over dogs.
      3. These are ultra-durable collars that shock and fully waterproof so there is no need to worry about the moisture and your dog has the liberty to play with water and swim while wearing this best e collar for small dogs.
      4. This best e collar for small dogs has large LCD for display as compare to the competitors which make operations easy.
      5. Separate Buttons and three modes make it a perfect training tool for trainers.
      6. Full control over the vibrations and shocks from 1 to 100 make these perfect TBI pro dog collars that shock.
      7. This best e Collar for Small Dogs come with the li-on battery which is IP67 rated and after one charge lasts for 15 to 20 days.
      8. With this Best e Collar for Small Dogs, you can train your dog at home and it will save you money.
      9. Replacement warranty, if you encountered any issue in dog collars that shock, the manufacturer will provide replacement or refund.

5. SportDOG Brand Remote Shock Collars

SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers - 500 Yard Range E-Collar with Static, Vibrate and Tone - Waterproof, Rechargeable - Including New X-Series

Sport DOG Brand 425 X series e collar is the latest choice to train your dog, the advantage is you can train up to three dogs from the single remote and this is a most cost-effective solution for pet trainers.

Best e collar for small dogs with this variant is available in three types,

Camouflage E-Collar, these remote shock collars are designed for a brant environment with a camouflage look.

E-Collars, uncomplicated remote shock collars as you can see in the picture.

Stubborn Dog E-Collar, for headstrong dogs who are not responsive on flabby shocks, beeps, and vibrations.

There are three models of this dog training system you can choose any as per your need because they are different in the specification, here we choose the latest one.

Sport DOG Brand 425 X series remote shock collars are best for every type of temperament whatever the breed is you can use to train. Stubborn dog collars are the options that no other competitor is offering.

Before buying consider the behavior and response of your dog then decide which collar you need for your pup.

Key Highlights 

      1. Sport Dog remote shock collars brand 425 X series comes with the maximum range of 500 yards
      2. You only need to purchase additional dog e collars if you want to train more then one dog, it supports up to three
      3. This best e collar for small dogs comes with buzz and beep options which are configurable from 1 to 21 level either continuous or nick
      4. While using Drytek technology Sport Dog make these remote shock collars waterproof up to 25 feet
      5. Lithium-ion batteries are used and with the charge of 2 hours it can spend 3 to 5 days
      6. Remote shock collars are best to use with the neck size from 5 inches to 22 inches
      7. Comes with a one-year warranty, Stubborn Dog E-Collar are also available 

6. Petrainer PET998DRU Collars to Train Dogs

mini educator e collar

Petrainer is an entrusted name in this industry and does not need an introduction, the model in the notoriety is the best-selling model of this company there are more than 10,000 reviews of this product and journey is still continue.

Petrainer is involved in broad research and development which helps them to produce better products for pets and owners as well, their passion for innovation is their key to success.

This pet trainer collar with remote is the best product from Petrainer. This best e collar for small dogs designed with the common household dog in mind.

Petrainer incorporates every required function in these collars to train dogs and its range makes it possible to use it at any place. You do not need to worry about the stimulating levels because they are fully configurable and remote is a user-friendly device to configure stimulation levels.

Another added feature is there in the shape of light mode, which can be turned on from the remote and you can use it to track your dog in the low light.

It is a power-saving design in collars to train dogs with automatic standby and memory function. The dog e collar which comes with this system can easily fit from 15 to 22 inches.

Key Highlights 

      1. These collars to trading dogs come with three training modes Shock, Beep and vibrations, the combination of these three works well to produce various types of stimulation to control your dog.
      2. It comes with the effective range of 1000 ft which will make you able to train your dog at home and parks.
      3. Your pet can enjoy the liberty to play in rain and swim with this best e collar with small dogs because it is fully waterproof
      4. You can charge both remote and collar simultaneously, and it will save you time.
      5. This system offers a simple pairing process.
      6. When you register your product, the company will extend the guarantee to three years that is really a added advantage as you investment will remain secure for three years.

7. Ipets Best e Collar for Small Dogs

IPETS PET619S 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar 900 ft Remote Dog Training Collar with Beep Vibrating Electric Shock Collar Dogs (10-100lbs)

This colorful design comes from ipet, all the functions which a trainer and household dog owner need are combined in the compact receiver and remote design. It can fit a large variety of dogs. This best e collar for small dogs is made with the amateur-owner in the mind, separate buttons for easy function and rotating dial to adjust the intensity level which can be moved quickly are the features that every trainer and the household owner loves.

More than one thousand original buyers rate this product and show their full satisfaction toward this product. Pet parents always want the best e collar for small dogs which is budget-friendly, durable and provide the best value to their investment and this is the one.

These shocking collars for dogs are waterproof, so there is no need to worry from the moisture and your dog can enjoy swimming.

Key Highlights 

      1. This is another best e collar for small dogs which comes with a one-year warranty but when you register your product it is extended to 3 years.
      2. This is an innovative design with the separate button for each function which makes operations easy, three separate buttons for shock, vibration, and beep, which makes easy to send command.
      3. These shocking collars for dogs from ipets are 100% waterproof.
      4. Remote and dog electronic collar both can be charged simultaneously which will save you time.
      5. It comes with an effective range of 220 yards.
      6. This best e collar for small dogs can be used for a variety of purposes like barking control, digging, obedience, etc.
      7. Subdued receiver design makes it possible to use it for small dog’s form 10lbs
      8. Lithium batteries are used for remote and shocking collars for dogs.
      9. Remote can be used to train two dogs are the same time with the additional e collar.

8. Petronics Rechargeable Shock Collars for Dogs

Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar with Remote, Electronic for Large Dog with Static, Vibration, Beep and Light, 330 yd.

Petronics is savoring its stay in this market, the quality products from this producer are reviewed by thousands of original buyers. This shocking collar for small dogs comes with the 4 functions and amazingly with these features the remote looks too small but an effective one for two-way radio communication.

Vibration, static shock, beep, and light are functions that are fully customizable from 1 to 100 to get better corrections. It’s 330 yards range offer to use it in your backyard or in the park to control and train the behavior of your dog.

If you are looking for a solution to excessive barking, running away suddenly, biting, chewing or peeping in the middle of the road then this is the best rechargeable e collar for your dog, it can effectively correct such behavior.

This best e collar for small dogs offers all the features which you are looking for in a dog e collar within a small budget.

Key Highlights 

    1. This product from Petronics comes with 5 years warranty that means your investment will remain secure for the next five years it is really a great offering which makes it best e collar for small dogs.
    2. These are the most appropriate shocking collars for dogs from Petronics for disobedient behavior. It also can be used to correct barking behavior, walk and leash training.
    3. It synchronizes with collar in 10 seconds
    4. It offers signal stability with 330-yard effective range with intensity level from 1 to 100
    5. It comes with 4 functional modes Vibration, light, beep and static shock which make training easy for always bring quick results.
    6. Transmitter/remote can control up to two dogs
    7. 100% water-resistant and lithium batteries
    8. Its auto protects mode offer safe training, and power-saving feature offer to save battery with standby mode.

9. PetTech Collar to Train Dogs

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar, Fully Waterproof, 1200ft Range

This is a trainer recommended product because of its options and range, 1200ft range offer to train and control your pets anywhere like at the backyard or in part or at any open place.

This is a best e collar for small dogs, as it offers all the features and its functions are fully customizable from 1 to 100. One on one advice from support and lifetime warranty are the options which household pet parent loves to get.

The wireless unit comes with the auto-protect feature which helps to extend the life of its lithium-Ion battery.  

The blue backlight on the LCD makes it more visible in the daylight and also makes it attractive.

When you consider one on one advice and lifetime warranty you will definitely go for this product as your investment will remain secure and you will get professional advice free which will save you a lot of money.

These collars to train dogs from PetTech are the best choice for pet parents.

Key Highlights

      1. Used and recommended by an expert do trainers
      2. This collar to train dogs can be used to correct obedience, barking, leash trading, sitting, etc.
      3. Remote comes with the huge LCD which makes it easy to operate
      4. Fully customizable 4 functions to correct the behavior of your dog.
      5. It is 100% water proof and comes with rapid charging lithium Ion batteries.
      6. Its auto-protect feature saves the battery and makes it possible to run for a long time.
      7. It offers an effective range of 1200ft which makes it a perfect choice for pet trainers.

10. Nemobub Best e Collar for Small Dogs

Best e Collar for Small Dogs

We consider it the best collar to train dogs from Nemobub but it is a little bit tricky to use, clear instructions to operate are available on the manual just read them carefully to use.

The functions and control which this best e collar for small dogs offer are not possible with any other product. As compared to other traditional training collars its control provides a more effective command over the functions with the separate button to control the level of functions.

This shocking collar to train dog comes to a size that can easily fit for 7 to 26 inches dog neck, which makes it perfect for small-medium dogs. Conductive silicone is used to avoid hurt during the training. It is waterproof up to two meters of pool depth.

Nemobub’s collars to train dogs are tested in the manufacturing facility for 10 hours to avoid any complaints during service.

Key Highlights 

      1. Single-button for shock and vibration make it easy to use for training.
      2. Comes with three fully adjustable modes
      3. This collar to train dog comes with the rubber oil surface which means more comfort for your dog.
      4. It offers the range up to 330 yards and collar size can easily fit from 7 to 26 inches neck which means it is collar to trading dogs of all breeds.
      5. It is 100% waterproof so there no need to worry when your dog plays at the bay, even moisture and water cannot hard this best e collar for small dogs.

During this review, we consider nearly 40 top models and select the top ten from them which are listed above, but there are four others models which are good enough but did not make their position in top ten, we listed them below to check them out too.

11. Patpet Dog Training Collar (Blind Operation Design)

Patpet Dog Training Collar

Shock collars are designed with the basic purpose to correct the dog behavior by delivering electrical pulses and static current to the dog, which helps to draw the attention of dog towards the matter which needs correction.

Every such device suffices this purpose and this one too but it is made with a different approach, it has only a small LCD for basic information and large buttons for each function with a really good design. It is a design that is specially made for blind people to operate a shock collars. When a blind person holds this remote in his hands it will be easy for him to find the buttons because of its special blind operations design.

This is a most social conscious design in the pet industry and a core reason we are sharing this product with you as it caters to a large population.

This dog training collar from Patpet has an effective range of 1000 yards which allows training the dogs even in open space.

Key Highlights

      1. This best e collar for small dogs is made with the focus on command buttons, it is a blind operation design, one can locate the buttons easily without seeing on it and a small LCD is also there to display important information.
      2. It offers all popular functional modes, beep, vibration and shock and level can be adjusted from 1 to 16 for all functions.
      3. It can easily fit from 10 to 24 inche neck size.
      4. It offers a greater range as compared to other models; the effective range is 1000 yards which makes training and you can use it at any place.
      5. Remote can control up to 2 collars. Means you can control and train two dogs from the same remote.
      6. It is 100 % waterproof with sealed rubber design.
      7. Comes with 30days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

12. Casfuy Best e Collar for Small Dogs

This is the most simple and easy to operate design with the big LCD the separate buttons for each function make it easy to operate for new owners with it owners can avoid the accidents. This best e collar for small dogs is specially made to address the barking issue of dogs and it is a really good gadget at a reasonable price if you are worried about the barking and it disturbs you.

It is equipped with a smart barking detection sensor that can detect the bark of your dog but does not trigger any correction that you can do manually. So, there is no need to worry about the automatic corrections on the barking of your dog.

It is made to save the dogs from accidents like if this device detects the 7 triggers in a minute it will shut off and after inactivity of one minute, it will powerup again. So even in the hands of children, it will not harm your dog.

It comes with three training modes which re fully configurable and its battery can last for 25 days after a full recharge which is really a good time for household owners.

Key Highlights

      1. It offers three functional modes with the control from 1 to 100 level.
      2. It is a convenient design for new owners especially with colorful buttons which makes it easy to operate and send commands. Its separate colorful buttons always allow to send the right commands and avoid confusion.
      3. Suitable for 6.6 to 120-pound dogs
      4. The collar strap is made with TPU material
      5. The dog shock collar is 100% waterproof means your dog can enjoy the liberty to play with water and can swim while wearing this dog shock collar.
      6. Comes with the effective range of 1000ft and its wall through technology make it possible to send commands from anywhere in the house, there is no need to say in front of your dog to send commands.
      7. The battery can last 15 to 25 days with a four hours charge
      8. Comes with 90 days money back guarantee and 3 years warranty.

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13. Bark Solution, Rechargeable Anti Dog Bark Collar

BARK SOLUTION Rechargeable Anti Dog Bark Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels Harmless Bark Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs

During the review we find this amazing device it is worth sharing it, this is a specialized bark collar without remote, all the setting of the collar is available on collar device and amazingly it will cost you only 23.99$, we hardly see any other product with the similar features in this price so we decide to list it here in best e collar for small dogs.

It comes with the adjustable nylon strap collar which can easily fit the neck size from 8 to 24 inches.

It is really an amazing device with the modern chip which can detect the bark with the vibration instead of sound and this feature make it more valuable as with the sound many time devices get activated on the bark of other dogs that can hurt the dog.

So, it is a different and most advanced gadget to control the bark of our dog. Its electrodes are replaceable, you can charge it with any USB and a single full charge will be enough for 15 days at least.

It can easily fit from medium to large size dogs. Company if offering this product with the satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

14. ieGeek Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs

ieGeek Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs - Rechargeable and Waterproof Shock Collar - 1960ft Blind Operation Remote Controlled Electric Collar with Tone/Vibration/Shock for Small/Medium/Large Dogs

Construction material and design of this collar convince us to list, basically, this model is offered for two dogs mean you can control two dogs from a single remote which use-friendly and even designed in a way to be used by blinds.

This model is highly recommended by dog trainers and pet parents. The special material is used for its straps to provide ultra-comfort to the dogs these are soft, luxurious and fully adjustable and can fit from 14 to 23 inches neck size.

Due to its design and available buttons, it’s almost easy to use it and it can be used to address the barking and for behavior medication

It comes with the 90 days money back guaranty and 3 years warranty. This is an IP67 waterproof product.

Three functional modes with the 0 to 16 level fully adjustable so you can create a variety of stimulation to train your dog.

Its effective range is 1960 feet and a single remote can handle two collars. Comes with 2 in 1 charging cord means you can charge collar and remote simultaneously and a single charge is enough for 15 days.

Best e Collar for Small Dogs Buying Guide & FAQ

We all know that buying shocking collars for small dogs is a real headache. At first a lot of manufacturers are there which are competing with each other from small to medium and large size organization like Garmin. And secondly a lot of variety is available in the market and each product is offering some different set of functions along with basic ones.

Before picking up a best for your pooch you need to ask few questions to yourself. Like it is necessary to understand that smallest shock collar for dogs also can offer the same benefits which a large rechargeable dog shock collar offer, study in depth the basic purpose of main functions. Only then start looking for the best e collar for small dogs.

Why we Need Shock Collars?

More than a dozen activist organizations and animal rights groups are against the use of the shocking system for dogs. But despite repeated warning from animal experts and from such pressure groups trainers and household owners are using it for training and behavioral control purposes. Shock collars to train dogs are being used all over the USA and it’s legal to use, these collars are similar to the everyday wearing collars and in addition and e device is attached to the collar which communicates in both ways with remote.

Here you can find the most common purpose to use dog training shock collars,

1. Pet Containment

This is the most common use of shock collars for small dogs among household pet owners. When you do not want your dog to cross the limit of your boundary or a contained area, a shock collar can be used for this purpose and it is more effective when used with an invisible or electric fence system.  

The best training collar for dogs delivers a stimulus effectively when the dog gets near to the pre-defined limit. With the use of such a system you do not need a physical boundary for your property or to contain your pet within a limit. Such systems also have the capability to alert the owner.

2. Bark Control

Just press a button on the remote and best dog shocking collar will provide a stimulus to quite your dog, While expensive and superior dog collars come with a built-in sensor which can detect the bark and even can identify that either it is the same dog which is wearing the collar or some else and can deliver a correction, If dog continues to bark then device delivers endless and powerful corrections until your dog stop barking. So these electric dog collars are best anti-barking solutions for trainers as well as for dog owners, especially with small houses.  

3. Dog Training and Behavior Modification

The process of aversive training is used for modification of the behavior of dogs through these devices. Well, we know that trainers are using it for off-leash training where pets are trained to get verbal commands from the master and pay attention to those commands and behave as instructed.

On the other side, these chocking systems are also used to correct the behavior of dogs like it can deliver the right correction at the right time when your dog show aggression towards food or toward any other dog. These systems do not correct the problem behind the aggression and issue while it only stops the behavior instantly. So, such shocking systems are solutions to expensive problems.

4. Safety Training

This is another important and lifesaving feature of shocking systems. As a trainer, hunters and adventurers are using shock collars to avoid dangerous situations and dangerous animals. Like they are a trainer to stay away from the snakes while hearing the sound of snakes. Other objects, system, and animal also used along with electric dog collars. Same systems are also used to train the dogs for road safety especially for the time when they are free from a leash.

Types of Dog Shock Collars

Basically there are four types of dog shock collars which are available in the market,

1. Training Collars

This is very basic form of shock collars and most budget friendly which is used in training and behavior modification. Such basic shock collars for dogs are most budget friendly shocking collar for household owner and trainers.

The most critical aspect in these collars is time of chock which can address the problem at the right time. Like many of dog handlers which are professional in training dogs take weeks to bring changes in the behavior of dog. Pet owners understand the need to canine training and this is the reason they want some quick method and approach to address the issues. As they do not have luxury of time, they can devote hardly few minutes every day or a single session in a week.

Which is a good reason for the existence of these systems as the immediate correction make the training easy and dog owner has control in his hands so no hard efforts are required to train the dogs.

A best e collar for small dogs can decrease the training time ad owner can see the required quickly, most of the time a single session is enough to train the dog for a particular habit. Such fast results really aspire dog owners and handlers. Now there are the majority of handlers who are using such sophisticated equipment’s for training to save time and money.

You need optimum control over the dog for off-leash training and training shock collars have the capability to provide it. These best e collar for small dogs come with the effective range of 1000 to 500 feet.  which is enough for a household dog owner to train his dog in the backyard or at any open place. That means from the long-distance you can deliver correction to your dog; long-range equipment is also available.

On the other side options to instruct more then one dog is also available in few devices which is cost and time-saving feature.

2. Anti-Bark Collars

These are the collar which can be used for bark control along with training purpose, we are well aware that it natural for dogs to bark because it is a natural way for them to communicate and when they do, no one can stop them especially when they are in aggression and angry on someone. Many times, your pooch will feel the urge to bark and may invite some situation to get up from the bed to find our the reason to bark. In the traditional way most of the owner’s shout at their pooch to address the barking of the dog, but it is not the right solution to dog barking.

Modern bark control collars come with embedded sensors which can identify the bark and even can differentiate between the dog who is wearing bark collar and other barking dogs and can provide correction to address the barking automatically. 

3. invisible-Fence Collars

Other than training collars Geo-fencing systems are also available in the market but, modern training collars provide this facility without any additional charges. When you have an invisible fence in place and your system is working means dog is wearing the collar, in the event when the dog goes near to the fence the collar delivers a correction and in case the dog does not turn back in that situation again continuous and hard stimulus is provided to address the issue. The stimulus can be in the shape of beep, vibration or shock, it depends on the selection of the user. In the default setting beep is used first and vibration in the second warning when the dog does not change its direction a static stimulus is delivered.

Other than the invisible fence GPS geofencing systems are also there, but systems with this feature are costly as compare to simple dog training collars/systems.

A GPS track and train or Geo-Fencing system are best to limit the boundary for your dog.

4. GPS Collars

GPS tracking collars are used by hunters to locate and limit their dogs in a hunt, it is really hard to locate a lost dog in the bunchy area without GPS tracking.

GPS tracking makes the hunt easy for the hunter as they can keep an eye on dogs, modern GPS tracking system offers all the advantages that one looks for like hunter can place a geo fencing limit to move and an know when their dogs are running and away from the gin range.

Locating and training the dogs is easy with GPS track and trading systems. In the hunt knowing the position of the dog is necessary to collect more birds and proper guidance is not possible without proper and advanced GPS collars.

Read our complete review about GPS track and train systems 

How Best e Collar For Small Dogs Works?

If you search the market then you can find the smallest dog training collar but it not just size which matter a lot of other things too which you need to consider. Our buying guide will help you to narrowing down your options and you can find a best solution for you even many of smallest dog training collar offer all that a dog owner need for trading and containment. Under listed are the most important feature which you must consider in a best e collar for small dogs.

Multiple Signaling Modes/Functioanl Modes

It is not only the chock mechanism which you need to train your dog, a shock can be the last punishment for your dog. Always look for a product which offers more functional modes. Like most of the products in our list offer 2 to 3 signaling modes. These small dog shock collars offer Beep, vibration, and shock and many also offer a feature of light with it, means four signaling modes in a single device which you can control from the handheld remote.

When you start training always start with the less threatening level and it is the ideal one for your dog. Like you can your beep light and vibration and even combination of these to instruct your dog, stimulating a shock to your dog can be the last option and even when you use chock prefer to use it for shortest possible interval because it can harm your dog.

Always look for the device which provides multiple and more options as these will help to provide the best mix of stimulation to correct the behavior and it will also provide you options to use to other corrections before applying a static shock.

Intensity of Stimulation

Technology makes it possible to end the processor and sensors which can control the level of stimulation which the shocking collar deliver to the dog. Like most of the good devices come with the level option from 1 to hundred either through the buttons or through a dialer.

This will actually help to train your dog; you need to take a start from the very low level and if your dog starts responding on that level then stay with that but if not, you may increase the level. But always consider the size of your dog for a small dog the level cannot be the same as for big dogs.

Do not stimulate static electricity to your dog if your dog is comfortable on the lower setting then conduct at least 100 training session on that level before applying the maximum.

So, always look for the device which allows you to fine-tune the stimulus being delivered.

Professional trainers do not use such shock at first choice because they know the effect of shocks, you also need to try the other options first.

Maximum Range

When you are choosing dog collars for training you must look for the collars which offer a maximum range, like most of the sophisticated products offer range from 300 yards to one mile. Range means the maximum effective operational distance between collar and remote.

Devices with the greater range offer to control your pet over the greater distance and you can train your dog at your back yard or in the park or some ground. But always consider the size of the place where your dog is deputed or living, like if you are buying dog collars for the training of farm dog then it better to get a device with the effective range which can cover your farm area.

Range automatically reduces in a hilly area so if you are living in such are then prefer to buy a device which can cover up to a mile. If you are living in metropolitan then the smallest shock collar for dogs with up to 300 yards range is best for you.


Only look for the waterproof shock collar for your four-legged friend. We know it well dogs love to play with water, rain and they become naughty at bay so moisture can make its way to inside electronic of the collar and it can harm it.

To avoid all these issues and allow your dog to play in puddles. A waterproof shocking system is the best to buy for such dogs but if you have a dog which do not like to get its feet wet then a you can skip this altogether and it will save you the cost as well.


Best collar for dog training does not come cheap, but a variety of products are available which start from the lowest and most advanced and modern products will cost you more. The more expensive devices and sophisticated and can guaranty safer shocks to your four-legged friend.

But here in this industry, no producer is publishing the intensity of the voltages. So, it did not matter either you buy an expensive device or a cheaper one. The one best collar for dog training that you buy tune that according to your dog response. You can do it while starting from the zero and increase until your dog remains unresponsive.

This is the reason we focus on the devices which offer more functions and control and can be fine-tuned.

Will the Electric Shock Collar Really Hurt my Dog?

As we discuss earlier that manufacturers do not publish any data about the shock that is delivered for correction. So, it is not exactly possible to say either it can hurt your dog, but yes if you use a static stimulation for longer time periods then it can hurt your dog.

Electricity how every it’s intensity is it can lead to tissue inflammation and other skin injuries. This is the most common concern while using small dog shock collars. Electrical burn injuries can be very harmful to your dog if you do not fine-tune your device from very first use.

Skin injuries are very common in training collar dogs especially at the place where the electrodes contact with the skin. These usually occur when the collar is more frequently used and the position is not changed. So always change the place of the collar and do not use for an extended time to avoid any serious injury. Even your dog may have an injury and you remain unable to diagnose that because it is not just like other injuries, tissue injuries cannot be spotted with the naked eye, these happen very fast over a diffuse area. Affected tissues are located deep in the skin and your dog will not have any burn mark so it is hard to locate.

This is the real reason most of the vets and pet lovers do not recommend dog shock collars. On the other side manufacturers also advice to use shock as the last option. This is the reason manufacturers are offering more options in their devices and advocating to use other correction options first and keep the static option at the last choice to avoid tissue injuries.

If your pet is not crying that does means he is not feeling anything or any pain, so do not increase the intensity of chock in each session of so rapidly. Prefer to spend a few sessions on the single setting to better understand the response of your dog.

Is it safe to use Shock Collars?

Either it hurt or not, the basic question remain same is it safe for my dog? The very obvious answer to this question is no.

Because shock collars deliver static current to your dog directly and as a human being your can imagine how dangerous it can be.  Sock dog collars are never safe because they deliver current and there is nothing humane to pass the electricity down the body of a dog who is not following your instructions.

There are trainers who provides training without using any such device but they are costly and they take and weeks and months to bring positive results, definitely if you can afford then choose to go with this option.

We reach on the decision that use of dog shock collars for the training purpose of your four-legged friend for behavior modification is purely accost effective, time saving and deeply emotional decisions. Manufacturers in their manuals advice to us the shocks as the last options and with fine tuning and always recommended for the problematic dogs who never follow the instructions because for such dogs chock collars can be only option.

Safety Information

​Training collar for small dogs which provides static shock can harm your dog, under listed are few precautionary measures which you can take to avoid serious tissue injuries to your dog.

      1. Limit the use of Shock Collar: Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day especially when you are using collar for the training purpose and conducting training sessions regularly.
      2. Repositions the chock collar: During the training session when you are using stimulations one after one prefer to change the positions of the collar after every hour, it will not hurt the same area again and again.
      3. Fit the collar properly: make it sure collar is not too much tight, make it tight enough where electrodes touch the skin only, making it tighter will not bring better results but can harm your dog more.
      4. Never connect a lead: you must not connect any leash or lead to the collar as it will put excessive pressure on the contacts and it can harm badly. Even when you use a separate collar for the lead do not put pressure on the ecteronic collar, make it sure electronic collar remain free all the time.
      5. Wash the dog neck: wash the dog neck especially the area where the electrodes contact with the skin, do it weekly with the damp cloth.
      6. Examine the contact area: carefully examine the contact are and look for the rash or sore, then do not apply the collar on the same area, and contact the vet for proper medication.
      7. Serious sign: if you found any serious sign of a rash or sore then discontinue the use of electronic dog collar until the skin heals.
      8. You definitely see your Veterinarian: if conditions persist for 48 hours, in most of the cases rashes and sores disappear after few hours but if not in 48 hours then go to the vet for the proper medication of your four-legged friend.

Consider the Product Manual

Every manufacturer of such a product makes best efforts to write a proper guide for the end-user, and such step by step guides about the functions and usage of products are really helpful.

You are advised to follow carefully read and follow the step by step instructions of the manual. The basic function of these devices is the same but the way of operating varies. Right fitting of the collar is important and in manuals, manufacturers make it clear with the graphics which will help you a lot.

If you follow the steps in the manual, it Definitely can save your time and efforts, also your pet from the accidents.

If you need any further clarity about these products and a have a question in mind then please write to us in the comments, we will be happy to answer that.

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