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Nowadays, it’s tough to find a perfect bed for your dog as the quality beds are costly, and it important to keep them protected from moisture. A dog foam mattress can last for a decade to come only when you keep them protected from moisture and accidents.

A best dog bed liner acts as a shield between your bed and liquids coming from your dog and protects the bed from other foreign elements as well as from scratches.

In this article, we enlist the best waterproof dog liners that are 100% waterproof, so choose any for your dog bed and protect your dog bed from moisture and other messes.  Focusing on behavioral training of your helps you a lot in keeping your interior safe from your dog. 

1. Silly Legacy Reversible Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

waterproof dog bed liner

Key Highlights

This waterproof dog bed liner is 100% Waterproof and will protect your foam and against all accidents, spills, and odors. This waterproof dog bed liner is made with the special medical grade material, no liquid will ever make it through. If you wish to test it, then pour a gallon of water on your week and wait until you wish to wait and the result will be awesome this liner will not allow any liquid to pass through. 100% waterproof means no moisture can penetrate this liner and not even worst accidents, it is made to save your dog bed.

It is a purely USA-made product, for only a big barker bed. All sizes are available to make sure that you are buying the right size for your dog bed.

Each batch of this waterproof dog bed liner is stress-tested as quality testing in extreme conditions and, guaranteed to keep your foam new.

Very quiet fabric. Won’t make noise when your dog steps on it or tosses and turns.

Size:  For use with the Extra Large Big Barker Pillow Top bed – Headrest Edition.

Color: White

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2. 4Knines Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

dog bed liner waterproof

Key Highlights

Especially when you have a large do that means you also have a large bed for him because it is necessary for large breed dogs to provide them comfort and all support that they need. This 4Knines waterproof dog bed liner will keep your dog bed safe ad, not moisture can pass through this dog.

4Knines knows better how to protect the dog beds and they know about the worst types of accidents. This waterproof dog bed liner is made with durable waterproof material, it protects your investment/mattress from developing mold, mildew, or other odors while protecting against dust mites and other allergens.

When we read features of such products, we really feel that it is something hard, but it is not you can feel the softness of this quiet fabric, you will not hear any noise when your four-legged friend sprawl on it.

This company always comes up with some different ideas like this innovative product which is budget-friendly as well as durable.

  • DURABLE & WASHABLE The soft quiet fabric ensures you do not hear the bed every time your dog moves around on his bed. Machine washable; hang to dry.
  • EASY TO USE Simply remove your dog bed’s stylish outer cover, place the bed’s insert into the 4Knines waterproof liner, and then replace the bed’s outer cover.

Size: Medium, Extra Large, Large, Round

Color: Tan

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3. Silly Legacy Reversible Waterproof Dog Bed Cover or Liner

best waterproof dog bed liner

Key Highlights

This is a multipurpose waterproof dog bed liner or protective cover that can be used for multiple protective means.

The basic purpose of this liner is to protect the owner’s bed as well as furniture. Like in many homes’ dogs share the same bed with the owner or have an independent one in a separate room which is a spare human bed. So, to protect the expensive property, this sheet can be used.

As a dog owner, you know it well that accidents can happen at any time, and if it happens on your bed, that will become so annoying. Protect your bedding and other furniture from normal pets, accidents, pet hairs, and other messes.

When you have this sheet there, you will not need any shower curtain or garbage bags, and even hospital pads.

Most dog owners allow their pets on their beds that sometimes becomes challenging, but this waterproof dog bed liner can protect your property all the time either you place it on the bed under the bed sheet or right on the top where your dog rests.

It is easy to clean and washable you can vacuum the pet hair from this sheet. It is reversible in 2 shades.

Size: Queen 82 x 78, King 82 x 96

Color: Brown, Gray, Teal/Walnut

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4. Molly Mutt Armor Waterproof

best waterproof dog bed

Key Highlights

The advantage of this quality product comes in different sizes, and you can choose an appropriate one for yourself and stay safe from accidents that can damage your dog bed’s foam. This will act as liner means as an inner cover. You can comfortably cover it with the blanket or another multi-color bed cover to create something different and provide more comfort to your dog while staying protective.

Fully gusseted and zippered, this duvet is as durable as it is fashionable. The molly mutt armor protects the inside of your dog bed and is perfect for older dogs and puppies. Wipe the armor with a towel to clean—nylon and water-resistant.

Size: 36-Inch Round, Small, Medium/Large, Huge

Color: Silver

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5. Ehomegoods Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

waterproof dog bed liners

Key Highlights

This waterproof dog bed liner can fit any size; nearly it is available in every size sold in the market, which makes selection easy. Just choose an appropriate size, and this waterproof dog bed liner will serve you in the coming years without any worry.

eHomeGoods is making quality products for pets, and this product is a perfect example. No moisture can pass through this liner, and this is the best option to protect your property.

Not only bed liner, but it is also a perfect protective sheet that is tested for its quality and performance. This product is to be used inside the cover, and it is quite fabric. You will not hear any noise, and it comes in a 2-piece quantity.

Poly filling, memory foam, and even blankets can fit anything you want. Its leak-proof water feature makes it a superior and perfect choice to save your property against liquids. It’s easily washable with detergent, so there is no need to worry about cleaning it.


  • 34X26X3 INCHES,
  • 35x20x4 INCHES
  • 37x27x4 INCHES
  • 40X35X4 INCHES
  • 41X27X4 INCHES
  • 55X37X4 INCHES
  • 55X47X4 INCHES
  • 35x20x4 INCHES (2PACK)
  • 37x27x4 INCHES (2PACK)
  • 40X35X4 INCHES (2PACK)
  • 41X27X4 INCHES (2PACK)
  • 55X37X4 INCHES (2PACK)
  • 55X47X4 INCHES (2PACK)

Color: Brown

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6. PetBed4Less Durable Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

dog beds with waterproof liners

Key Highlights

A quality product from the quality producers, this waterproof dog bed liner has the most positive reviews and the satisfaction of real buyers is showing that the company is producing the best quality profits that can compete in the market.

It is easy to wash and it can fit any size, this product is available in 8+ sizes so just measure your bed accurately and buy an appropriate one. This product definitely protects your property as it is 100% waterproof made with lightweight taffeta fabric.

The biggest advantage that we see, it is machine washable so no need to clean it with your hands just put it in the machine with detergent and dry it for next use.

It can also fit a dog pillow as long as the length + thickness of the pillow is less than 41″ and the width + thickness of the pillow is less than 31″. It is easy to attach and detach.

Size:  8+ Sizes

Color: White

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7. Hothuimin Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

waterproof liner for dog bed

Key Highlights

The offer that comes with this waterproof dog bed liner is not possible anywhere else. It comes with the 30 days limited warranty. If you feel that you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it, which is really a great advantage.

This waterproof dog bed liner of Hothuimin comes in four different sizes, and these sizes are very common in dog bedding.

This is a 100% waterproof dog bed cover to protect the foam or pillow of your dog. You do not need to spend a lot of money on the dog beds, again and again. Just use this waterproof liner and protect your foam from moisture. Obviously, it increases the life of your dog bed,

  • DURABLE & WASHABLE – wipe the armor with a towel-or toss the whole stuff sack with its contents into the washer, hang to dry.
  • SAVE MONEY – This cover is a great addition to any bed as it will protect and prolong the life of the bed, which can save you in the long run and making cleaning very easy.

Size:  S, M, L, ROUND

Color: Silver

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8. KOPEKS Replacement Liner Waterproof Protector

waterproof dog bed liner

Key Highlights

This is a lightweight quality product that is 100% waterproof. This inner will not allow any moisture to pass through.

It is made with quality fabric and a budget-friendly product that will protect your mattress for the coming years.

It is quality tested and a quiet fabric which is also tested for extreme conditions so you can rely on this budget-friendly product.

Inner Waterproof Cover for Kopeks Extra Large 7” Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With 3” Pillow.

Size: Jumbo XL Size Bed with Pillow

Color: White

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9. DIY Durable Dog Bed Dog Pillow Pet Bed Removable Waterproof Liner

dog bed liner waterproof

Key Highlights

This waterproof dog bed liner can serve you in two ways you can use your extra stuff to make a separate pillow or bed with its internal case, and you can use it as a liner on your exiting dog bed pillow.

  • It is a waterproof multi-purpose dog bed liner that is budget-friendly, too like within this budget; you can make a complete bed while using your extra stuff.
  • This is a 100% cotton duvet cover, its style will make your pet bed more attractive and an attractive piece at your home. It is machine washable just put it in the machine and dry it.
  • DO IT YOURSELF PET BED – Recycle and stuff your used pillow to turn into a luxury pet bed pillow that can promote better sleep, easy maintenance, and long-lasting. Pillow or stuffing is not provided! Highly recommend using your used pillows as stuffing.

Size: Small(22″x 27″), Medium(27″x 36″), Large(36″x 45″), Round(36″)

Color: Dark Gray, Gray White

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10. AllerEase Dog Bed Protector

best waterproof dog bed liner

Key Highlights

This is another budget-friendly and durable choice. In fact, this is a most simple product and made with pet-friendly quality fabric. This waterproof dog bed liner is a perfect choice the only drawback that we consider is it comes in three sizes only.

Your four-legged friend always needs some extra and clean environment, and long with this protection of your property is also necessary so that this waterproof dog bed liner will serve both purposes.

Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can collect in bedding and contribute to health problems when not attended properly, when you do not concentrate on a clean environment, especially for those who suffer from allergies. The AllerEase Dog Bed Protector provides a long-lasting and natural barrier that protects against common household allergens and provides a healthy environment to your four-legged friend.

Size: 35″ by 44″, 36 by 27″

Color: White

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Always prefer to measure the size of your dog foam bed for whom you are buying a liner and prefer to buy liner with the quiet fabric. 

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