If you are worried about your pets and they are creating a nuisance to your neighbors, then the very authentic solution is the installation of electric fence systems to contain your pets within your territory. Top-rated electric dog fences not only contain your pets but also provide them freedom from the leash, so they can play freely at your property.

In this arrangement, dogs wear especially collars that get activated when they approached the wire. Manufacturers provide flags to train your dogs and a one-hour session for three days is enough to train your dog’s well.

If you only need containment of your pet when you are out for an activity then you can use a dog shock collar instead of a complete fencing system.

1. PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System - Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

Key Highlights 

    • Circular coverage of ½ acre
    • Wireless boundary
    • Static Free reentry
    • Easy to install, no expertise required
    • Fully portable system
    • Water proof collar which can fit 6 to 28 inches neck size
    • Fully customizable collars
    • Can track unlimited pets

This wireless containment system from the PetSafe allows you to contain your pets within a specified circular boundary without burying any wire, this is at number one and most selling brand in Top Rated Electric Dog Fences. With this system, you will need to burry any wires and this is highly portable you can install it at your home and you can carry this system with your camper and on can install at your vacation home.

This is an effective pet containment system which can cover a circular area from 5 to 90 feet, total coverage of 180 feet across. It takes only one to two hours to set up because it comes with no wires, it works with the pet containment collars and compatible with the many of models. Collars with this system are highly customizable from tone to static corrections you can set the level of correction as per the temperament of your dog.

The thing that we loved most if reentry, most of the conventional system provide the correction again when pet reenter but this system can identify the reentry and will not provide any correction on the reentry that is really an added feature of this pet containment system.

The collars provided with this pet containment system are fully waterproof and made in way to fit from 6 inches to 28 inches neck size, that means it can be fit to all size pets.

Another feature which you will love most is, it can track unlimited pets there are no limitations all it can restrict the pets that you have to stay within your boundary.

2. Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Packages

Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2020- Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Packages

Key Highlights 

    • An improved 2nd generation containment system
    • Cover up to 6 acres
    • Submersible and fully waterproof
    • Collars are waterproof up to 10 feet
    • 20-gauge high tensile boundary
    • Comes with come years extended warranty
    • Made in USA

If you are curious about the range and want a maximum one which can allow your pet to move freely or want an extended range system for your farmhouse, then this extreme dog fence system with the digital receiver is the best option for you.

This electric dog fence is the best system to contain your dog within your large property so your dog can stay safe, with this system an invisible boundary is created with the dog fence wire which encircles your property and collar at the dog’s neck activated when he/she approaches the wire, with the proper training of a few days your dog will learn to respect the boundaries.

With this wide range, it can be extended to unlimited dogs, so once you buy a basic package you can extend I while buying more wire and more collars.

The collars which come with this pet containment system are fully waterproof up to 10 feet that mean you pooch can swim with these collars and to extend it you can buy the additional collars, these are fully adjustable and can fit to any neck size ether you own a small breed or a large do you can use it for him.

While shopping for the dog fences different people have different views like most of the favour for wireless electric dog containment system, but there are few advantages which are only possible with the wired electric fence for the dog. Like you can create an exact boundary for your pet, and this system is more reliable as compared to the wireless pet containment system. With over five hundred satisfied original buyers review this product is leading in the wired electric dog fences.

3. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems Underground Wire Electric Fence

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand - Underground Wire Electric Fence - Tone, Vibration, & Static - 100 Acre Capability - Remote Trainer Option

Key Highlights 

    • Easy to install pet containment system for 1 1/3 acres
    • Expandable up to 100 acres
    • Fully customizable collar with more options and 9-volt battery
    • Can be used for unlimited pets with additional collars
    • Contain an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars (sdf-r)
    • With a built-in wire break system
    • 2 years of manufacturing warranty

This system is a good replacement of traditional fencing systems, installation is simple and there are few added advantages of this system which make it best in the market.

It can be extended to 100 acres that really range that a farm owner can consider, moreover with such a huge coverage area it also provides alarm on the wire break which makes the tracking wire break easy.

It comes with a highly effective collar that offers more options as you can choose from beep, vibration and static correction, which is adjustable to four levels. You can use this system for the unlimited dog with additional collars.

The basic package is for 1 1/3 acres which with the additional wire can be expanded to 100 acres, Collar is fully waterproof which means more operational life for collars. They make collars in a way to fit from 10lbs to maximum.

Built-in lightning protection, anti-linger feature of this pet containment system will help to run the collar battery for a longer time. It prevents the dogs from standing in the warning zone because it consumes more battery to stand there.

It is tested for potential extreme weather it can withstand against rain, cold, snow, dust and wind for years. SportDOG Brand is the most trusted name in the electric fence industry and this product is a review by more than 600 original buyers.

4. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog Fence - Underground Electric Pet Fence

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand - Underground Electric Pet Fence

Key Highlights 

    • Durable and weather-resistant system
    • Customizable waterproof collars
    • It can fit any yard, with unlimited pets
    • 2-months battery life

This pet containment system comes with easy to install instruction with illustrations which make the installation easy once the wire is buried you can stay the worry-free from your met movement. With the flag’s trading will become easy and you can enjoy the liberty thereafter.

This pet containment system comes with 500 feet wire and two collars along with 50flags for training, but later on, you can extend the collar and are while purchasing more wire and collars.

It offers surge protector and PetSafe RFA-67 battery provide a much longer time.

If you are worried about the pet containment and want a security system then this one is the best in the market as its basic package is budget-friendly and the quality if up to standard.

Collars are fully waterproof so your dog can enjoy the liberty of swimming and play with water.

5. Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation Professional Grade (Premium) Kit Packages

Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2020- Professional Grade (Premium) Kit Packages

Key Highlights 

    • Second generation system
    • Pro Grade kit
    • Maximum range 10 Acres
    • Updated electronics with 3 antennas
    • Waterproof and submersible
    • 10-year warranty

This is the most reliable and most expensive wired electric fence system in our list. In our list eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade system is an only durable and premiere D.I.Y static correction multiple pet containment system, this system offers to extend the range up to 10 acres.

For a household pet parent, this range is too much they usually do not need it, so for them, the option to buy a system for one dog with 500 feet cable is more suitable and it will cost less.

It comes with twisted wire and another advantage is on registration of this system your warranty will be extended to 10 years and manufacture will provide a surge protector free of cost.

You can individually customize the collars for each pet, collars offer to set from level one to 7 for static correction and one option for the beep. you can buy more collars for additional pets later on.


The wired electric fence system is the best to use as they offer exact boundary for your pet while with wireless the boundary remains same on all sides which is a drawback of wireless systems. Moreover, with electric wire fence systems, you can mark the boundary are per your wish.

Either you use a wireless system of a wired pet containment system you need to give extra care to your pets as they are wearing collars all the time and that can create a problem.

At least once in a day change the place of the device on the neck and check for any rash, on the other side once in a week clean the neck of your dog carefully this will help your dog to stay healthy as the static correction is harmful to dogs and these precautionary measures are necessary while using.

In this top rated electric dog fences resource, we try to cover all top-rated systems. If you have any questions regarding these systems, then please ask in comments.

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