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A dog food storage container is a solution to protect the dog food against the pests, moisture, and Air. Where air and moisture can contribute to the growth of bacteria and mold that turn food bad. The strong seal keeps the pests and other animals away from food and a container also protects the food from unauthorized access, especially from the dogs. A good food storage container also preserves the freshness of food as well as texture. If you own a medium size dogs then a 30lb dog food storage container is the right size to store your dog food. 

In this article, we list some best available containers which are specially made for dog food and available at a reasonable price. Keep in mind when food remains exposed to out circumstances it sheds it’s the nutritional value and also a chance of bacteria growth remain there which might increase your vet bill. If you are feeding dry kibble to your dog then definitly you need a good quality dog food container. If you need a bigger capacity then please look into Large Dog Food Storage Containers a nice review of large dog food containers. Let’s move on to the products that we select for you:

Gamma2 30lb Dog Food Storage Container

30lb dog food storage container

  • Durable Construction: BPA free food-grade material used in its construction and it’s stackable that means its made to hold the weight on it, its walls are thick enough for this purpose
  • Airtight Seal: Gamma seal lid keep the air, moisture and pest away from the food of your dog and its made with built-in handles that make lifting easy

Gamma2 Vittles Vault is the most recommended product to store dog food up to 30lb its made from a good quality material which is pet safe and known best for long life. Its durable and one-time investment made to serve you for many coming years. It’s an ideal solution for small and medium-sized dogs you can open a dog bag and fill this container then quickly can access the food from inside this container and if you have multiple pets and need to store numerous types of feed.

Then you can stack these containers side by side or one over one. Its seal will prevent the outer circumstances from entering inside. 

We recommend it most because it can be placed anywhere in the house and even outside under the shed. It’s also available in higher storage capacity as well. Gamma2 Vittles Vault the size listed above can be used for small and medium-sized dogs.

Brushed Stainless Steel 30lb Pet Food Storage Can

simplehuman 30 Liter, 32 lb / 14.5 kg Large Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Made of Steel: it’s made of brushed steel and its inner bin is mad of pet-safe material which is non-toxic and can be removed for cleaning purpose
  • Innovative Lock and Durable Seal: its lock and handle add a lot of conveniences and silicon seal keep the freshness locked inside

Simplehuman 30lb Lage Pet Food Storage Bin made with steel is definitely for you if you want a durable and long-lasting solution to storing the food of your dog. It’s elegant and made to keep the food safe inside even if you are feeding homemade or semi-moist food you can store that too in this container. It’s a stylish solution that you can place at a prominent place inside your house and serving is easy.

It locks need a human hand to unlock and seal which neve allow any outer circumstances to get in are basic advantages of this food storage container.

Lock & Lock 30lb Pantry Food Storage Container

Lock & Lock HPL510 Easy Essentials Pantry Food Storage Container With Wheels/Food Storage Bin With Wheels - 50.7 Cup, Clear

  • Patented Lock System: its main lid can be secured from all side while the smaller one also equipped with the wide lock which keeps it airtight and allows easy access
  • Clear Design: the clear food-grade material allow to see inside and also can have information about the remaining food of your dog and access the cleaning requirement

Lock & Lock Easy Essentials Pantry Food Storage Container can be used for multiple purposes either for your dog or in your kitchen. It’s a design that can be stacked easily and also it’s possible to access the dog food from the small lid that is easy to open with one lock and equipped with an airtight seal.

If you are a dog owner who always wants to keep an eye on the dog food and want to see inside to access the remaining food then it’s a perfect solution for you.

Two other benefits are also packed with this product the very first one is a serving cup that can be used to measure the serving quantity and second is its wheels which allow easy rolling. Lock & Lock 30lb Pantry Food Storage Container is recommended for stacking and easy access.

IRIS Nesting Airtight Pet Food Container

IRIS Nesting Airtight Pet Food Container

  • Perfect Combo: its a combo of three pieces the first and largest container can accommodate food up to 25 lb and smaller has a capacity of 6lb as the third piece is a serving scoop that can be used with both of containers
  • Durable and safe: clear front allows to see inside and wide opening makes the cleaning easy, made with pet-friendly material which is non-toxic and durable enough to serve you for a long time

IRIS Nesting Airtight Pet Food Container is more in less price, if you want a capacity of 30lb then it can be a good combination where the small has a small capacity and large container with wheels have a large capacity and ideal for kibble. We recommend it because the large can be used to store dry food of your dog and you can keep treats and other foods in the smaller container that exactly can fit on the large container. So the combo will not take any significant space.

While on each other the wheels of the large container allow to roll the both at feeding space and use scoop from the combo offer to serve the exact quantity to your dog.

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

  • Container on Wheels: it’s a large container with full opening lid and wheels which make rolling easy and it’s also easy to clean and fill as well
  • Clear and food-grade material: no need to worry about the quality because its made from food-grade material dan transparent nature allows seeing inside

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container is already trusted by thousands of customers, nearly all of them are satisfied with the quality. The good thing is it’s available in different sizes so you may choose higher capacity. We recommend this product it’s simple and this manufacturer believes in the quality and its a reason these products are simple and durable. In fact, the real strength of this product is its airtight seal, wide-opening lid and its wheels, that adds a lot of conveniences you can easily roll it to the serving place when not place near to the dog’s place.

The other benefit that most of the dog owners discuss is, you may place the full bag inside if you want to keep the food information that is always printed on the bag.

Incredible Solutions Pet Food Storage

Incredible Solutions 95300 Pet Food, 25 lb

Incredible Solutions 95300 Pet Food Storage Container is a perfect solution for small dogs; it can hold up to 30lb of dog food. Manufacturer claim 25lb storage capacity, but we experience even more than 30lb. Its equipped with easy-rolling wheels that you cannot see when it filled because it’s inside its base that makes rolling easy and even a kid can move it. The full opening allows for scooping inside quickly and its also easy to carry like when you are going on a trip for a few days you can keep this container in your vehicle to feed your dog on time.

It’s lock always need a human hand to unlock, stay sure dogs cannot get unauthorised access to food.

Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is a cost-effective solution from the Gamma, it sold in thousands, product and manufacturer both enjoying good repute in the market. Its comes with a texture that makes it beautiful and a piece that everyone will notice. The lid which is located on the upside equipped with a durable and long-lasting seal which make it’s sure to keep the pest and air and moisture out of the container.

A similar design cup is also included in the package which can easily go in and come out of the jar and made to measure the quantity of food.

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