What is Best Apartment Crates for Dogs in 2022?

The general understanding of apartment crates for dogs is a one-bedroom apartment with a bathroom. The other name of this crate is dog crate with potty area. If you purchase a small dog or puppy from a good breeder, they will have started the potty training process. Dogs perceive the apartment crates as a whelping box where they were born and nursed initially. Both are the same because they offer a separate area for soiling from sleeping, drinking, and eating. The good thing that makes the apartment a part of potty training is, dogs understand the purpose of two distinct areas because they were initially trained not to soil the rea where they sleep/eat/drink.

The only difference is that dogs do not bother or notice signs that an apartment usually has multiple entries while whelping box does not.

It’s not only puppies you can train in the apartment crates if you own a grown dog who is not housetrained yet, but you can also use an apartment crate to train such a dog. Here in this article, we also include some of the best available puppy apartment crates available in different sizes and styles, and you can buy one to housetrain your fully grown dog. Out list includes:

Sr.Prodcut Made ofDivider
12-Door Training Retreat CrateSteelYes
2Paws & Pals Dog Crate 2 Door Crate
3Icrate Folding Metal Dog Crates (2 Door)
4MidWest Crate with Floor GridNo
5Casual Home Wooden Pet CrateWood
6Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House

We advise you to buy any crate that you like and divide the inner space into two portions. Even if you already own a crate, you can use that crate as an apartment crate for your dog. Two doors crate is not a necessity to potty train your dog. Your dog needs to understand that there are two separate places, one for soil and one to live, eat and drink. You can use a different color cloth to mark the soil area that helps the dog understand better. It’s natural for dogs to do not soil the place where they used to live.

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Advantages of Using  Apartment Crates for Dogs

There are some specific benefits that you can get from an apartment crate like,

  • When the dog is inside and the door is closed, he is set up for success. There are two choices either to wait for the favorite food and sleeping place or soil and let the door open.
  • The owner who loves to train their dogs to go outside for potty it’s helpful for them. The separate soiling space allows the puppies to the soil when they feel a need, and it brings much ease for owners. So you must own a puppy apartment crate if you have to train a puppy at your end. 
  • No need to restrict water intake.
  • Easy to use for dogs when left alone, there is less chance for dogs being scolded for soiling their snug crate in the night.

Disadvantages of Apartment Crates for Dogs?

There is a perception among many dog owners that potty training of a growing dog is only possible in the apartment crate that not true. If you can take your dog outside after every few hours or allocate a specific space in the house where he can empty his bowl, then there is no need to buy an apartment crate. There are few disadvantages associated with such crates that are:

  • No easy to use as commercially advertised. At every turn, you need to be there, and it takes a lot of time. 
  • Only work when the puppy is conditioned to use it. It wrong to assume that a dog will use the apartment in the same way.
  • Dogs trained with crates need separate extensive training of potty when they grew up and went outside. Outside it becomes hard for dogs to understand they can soil virtually anywhere.
  • The smell may linger if not cleaned properly, and this is the most significant advantage every time your dog uses the potty area. It would help if you cleaned that; otherwise, it may spread in your house.
  • Some dog owner heavily relies on the apartment crate to avoid the outside visit that lessor the chances of socialization for dogs.

1. 2-Door Training Retreat Crate

best dog crate with potty area
  • Designed to house train the dog, with two doors.
  • Equipped with slid bolt latches with overlapping doors for maximum security.
  • Folds flat, easy to transport and store, available in two colours.
  • It comes with a tray and divider, which makes cleaning and training easy.
  • Durable construction with heavy heavy-duty steel and rust-resistant coating.

Aspen Pet Puppy 2-Door Training Retreat Crate is designed to house train small dogs and puppies. It’s an ideal crate for your apartment. If you are looking for an exact apartment crate for your dog, then it’s a real choice for you; with a divider, you can divide it into two portions, one for resting purposes and one for potty.

When you live in an apartment, you can’t arrange a walk-in open space when the dog can empty his bowl. We recommend this crate with a divider, which makes the job easy and you can stay in ease.

As the best dog kennel for an Apartment, it offers all the benefits that one can expect from a puppy apartment crate.

2. Paws & Pals Dog Crate 2 Door Crate

dog apartment crate
  • Suitable for a small and large dog, available in different sizes.
  • Equipped with multiple doors, that makes training easy and hassle-free.
  • Durable frame, made with high strength wires.
  • Extremely easy to set up and clean versatile design folds flat.
  • Pet-friendly black electro-coated finish.

Paws & Pals Dog Crate is another piece from apartment crates for dogs suitable to house train your dogs and puppies. It makes a spot on our list because of its style and design. Black electro-coated finish makes it rust and corrosion-resistant, and it’s durable enough to last for many of the coming years.

For better training, you can split it into two portions that help your dog understand which to empty the bowl and where to rest. Your large dog will feel comfortable inside.

3. Icrate Folding Metal Dog Crates (2 Door)

puppy apartment crate
  • Available in multiple sizes for small and large dogs.
  • Comes with a free divider and roller feet.
  • The door is equipped with slide-bolt latches.
  • Patented rounded corner clips significantly reduce possible sharp-points.
  • Tested for the safety and security of your dog.

Icrate Folding Metal Dog Crates is another top-selling dog crate from the Midwest Homes for Pets. Your search for apartment crates for dogs should end here with this crate because it is available in different styles and sizes from which you can choose the right one for your dog.

4. MidWest Crate with Floor Grid

dog crate with separate potty area
  • Safe space of their own to eat, nap, and play.
  • A durable, satin black electro-coat finish that is pet-friendly.
  • The top and two sides door openings make it easy to access the dog.
  • Easy to maintain and ideal for house training.
  • It Folds flat, compact to store.

MidWest Crate with Floor Grid is a new design that is ideal for you if you own a puppy or a small breed dog. Its design makes it easy to maintain day-to-day cleaning is no more a challenge. Its raised floor helps the dogs to stay dry and follow better instructions. It’s large enough to split into a part for resting place and potty or urine.

The feature that we list most is the top opening that makes it easy to access the pet directly. In this crate, dogs always remain clean and non-smelly, which attracts the owners more; it’s fully adjustable. You can adjust the height of the grid on your own.

Its made with steel and specially coated to make it healthy for pets. It is a basic design for small dogs and pets to keep them comfortable and to housetrain them with ease. It’s long-lasting and easy to carry, compact to store. Even you can use this crate to transport a number of puppies.

Drawbacks, not suitable for medium and large dogs

Under listed some of fency crates are made of wood, you can divide the living space into portions at your own when there is need to potty train your dog.

5. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

pet apartment crate
  • Available in different sizes for small and large dogs, large space you can divide into portions on your own.
  • Made of the solid wood, stylish table design.
  • The spacious interior and end table design.
  • Lockable door, a fully private space for your dog.
  • Mission-style door and open slid slat allow air to flow and provide clear visibility.
  • Chew resistant, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate will become an interior piece of your home. You can use this table-style pet crate to store your item, and it can be used for different purposes in your home. No one can feel that it’s a crate because of its stylish look. It is made with 100% solid wood and allows air to flow freely inside.

You can accommodate your dog inside with a comfortable bed. Engineered to use in summers and winter equally. End table style makes it an ideal choice for small homes where space is a problem. It will suffice the dual purpose, and your dog will love this fully private space.

Whether you own a small or large dog, you can get the right size for your four-legged friend. Its constructed with increased length and width for comfort, and its door is equipped with a strong lock to prevent any possible escaping.

Your visitors will admire the rich finish of this table style puppy apartment.

6. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House

dog crate with potty area
  • Inner space is easy to divide into two portions.
  • Wooden dog house for small dogs up to 30lbs.
  • Equipped with a wire mesh door and slid bolt latch.
  • Made for maximum protection and security.
  • The beautiful table design provides extra space for storage.
  • Natural cedar wood painted with water-based paints.

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House is a completely private space for your dog. There is no other significant opening other than the door. It’s a structural design to keep your dog safe and secure; for maximum security, its door is equipped with the slid bolt latch. If you own a dog who loves to enjoy separately in a place where no one can see him, then it’s the right solution for him.

While buying this dog crate, you are buying a table for your own, which you can use at any place, a comfortable puppy apartment crate, a home for your sweet four-paws friend. 


When you get a dog home, you may surprise how much trouble they can get into when they have free reign, especially when you are not near. An untrained dog can soil anywhere in the house and can spoil your belongings. While some dogs feel safe in the den, we recommend Paws & Pals Dog Crate 2 Door Crate to keep your dog confined and to used as an apartment crate.

We know that it’s hard to find the best apartment crates for dogs, but a few good choices are available, and our selected one is the best among others.

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