An automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs is a machine that throws a ball without any human interaction to a specific distance. It works automatically dog owners just need to adjust the distance and direction of the machine and when turned on it throws the ball after a specific time period and in case it’s empty it throws again when dog place the ball in the bucket. The modern machines are highly configurable and depend on AC and DC power source and this feature makes them portable. Even in good options dog owners can select the angle of throw. In this article, we discuss in detail what needs to consider while buying a good automatic tennis ball thrower and also list some of the best options available in the market.

What to consider when buying the best tennis ball launcher for dogs?

Not all the launchers are created equal, you will see that majority dog owners are not fully satisfied with the even quality launchers the reason is there are few very basic thing that you a dog owner need to take care. But household dog owners left the dogs along to play on automatic mode and that create problems. It’s really tough to find the right product when the choice is very limited and people are sharing negative views, But as we write earlier quality choice are still available in the market and here we list some of the very basic requirements that you need to consider while buying an automatic ball launcher for your dog.

Automatic Operations

Consider a ball launcher that is fully automatic and takes the work out of throwing a ball. With such an option you just need to load the ball and train your dog. A good automatic option keeps throwing the balls until your dog keeps placing the balls in chute/funnel.


Look for a portable option that you can use in your yard and can keep with you when you are going on a trip and can use indoor or outdoor equally. It will give your liberty to allow your dog anywhere to play the fetch ball game and you can involve yourself too.

Power Source

The portable ball thrower depends on two sources, some costly choices come with the builtin battery that you can charge when there is a need to use thrower/launcher without power or when you are camping or on an adventure trip. While many come with the option of replaceable batteries. Just make sure that the recommended batteries are available easily in the market and once replaced it must be used to at least 250 throws. Replacement of batteries usually increases the operational cost of ball launcher.

Ball Size

It wisely depends on the size of your dog and model you select for your dog, like if you own a small dog then 1.5” diameter balls are suitable for your dog and buy a small size launcher to entertain your dog. But if you own a large dog then prefer to choose a launcher that works with standard tennis balls. Mini balls are safe for small breeds as they can easily hold that balls in their mouth. Even some models are available with odd size, we do not recommend to buy such models because balls lost it will become difficult for you to buy new balls.

automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs

Launching Distance and Angle

These two also important to consider, most launchers only have a selection of distance but the Petsafe model allows to selecting the throwing angle too. You can choose the distance with the respect to the activity level, health and size of your dog. Launchers that are made for large dogs can throw a ball to a maximum distance of 40 feet.

Indoor & Outdoor

Time, mood as well as weather decide where your dog play the fetch ball game. We recommend buying a ball launcher that you can use indoor, in your yard, in the gound or anywhere outside. So you can allow your dog to play at his liberty. You can set a good machine for minim distance of 10 feet to play indoor and maximum to play outside.

Price point

All quality options are available under $200 and there are many other which you can buy $ 100. A launcher is a combination of mechanical and electronics so we do not recommend buying any of cheap option otherwise you may experience a malfunction.

1. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs
  • 6 Angles, 9 settings, can throw a ball from 8 to 30 feet, portable
  • Automatic ball launcher with interactive features to aid the training
  • Equipped with multiple sensors, especially motions sensors at the front, deactivates if anyone comes in front up to 7 feet
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA, Compatible with 6D batteries

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy is made to make fetch game more interesting for your pet and easy for you. Its equipped with the most modern sensors that make it more secure to use. It’s a durable device that is made to last, the feature that most customers discuss and like is its portability. It depends on 6D batteries when the adapter is not plugged in and performs really well. Its highly customizable setting makes it possible to use the machine to throw balls from 8 feet to 30 feet, ideal to use indoors, in the yard or outdoor while you are on a picnic or an adventure trip.

In your yard, it is very helpful to meet with the daily exercise need of your dog if you cannot afford to go outside for a walk. Moreover, its rest features and tones make the game interactive for furry friends.

2. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs
  • Interactive and automatic, Comes with three settings can throw a ball up to 40 feets
  • Also, equipped with an automatic distance selector to make the game fun and to involve more guesswork for the dog.
  • Portable, equipped with rechargeable batteries, just charge, and use without a wire in the yard or at adventure
  • Equipped with the safety feature that can detect an object up to 10 feet
iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs
  • Machine made for small dogs, use mini tennis balls
  • Can throw balls from 10 to 30 feet, made with hidden ball storage

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs are innovative products that can be used for fetch game. These interactive machines are durable and portable as well as can be used inside or outside. You can use iFetch ball thrower in your yard to allow your dog some mind game and to meet with the daily exercise need and on the adventure, it can create fun for your dog. These products come with a year warranty, so in this time your investment will remain secure and your dog can learn as well as can enjoy playing fetch game with your physical efforts and presence.

3. IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher

IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher, Tennis Ball Thrower for Big Dogs and mid Sized Dogs
  • Automatic tennis ball launcher can throw a ball from 10 to 40 feets
  • Made with food-grade plastic and use a standard size tennis ball
  • Work automatically and also equipped with remote to involve owners in a dog fetch game
  • Portable, run on AC adapter, equipped with Li-ion battery, can launch 250 balls once fully charged

IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher is a newest and durable dog fetch ball game launcher that is made to make training more interactive and keep the dog busy in an activity on an automatic level. Most customers like its remore because when it comes into your hand you can launch a ball with a press of a button that makes the game more interactive and fun for dogs. You can command the dog in much better and may advise him to stay alert when a ball is coming. It’s also equipped with an automatic distance function that you can use when you are not near to keep your dog busy every time with the different chase.

4. Felix & Fido Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

Felix & Fido Playball! Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. 3 Throwing Distance Settings, 3 Small Durable Tennis Balls Included, Launches Up to 20 Feet,for Indoor and Outdoor Play.for Small Dogs ONLY
  • Fully automatic, equipped with 3 distance setting, use mini tennis balls of 1.5 inches
  • Can throw a ball upto 20 feet, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • An excellent indoor exercise toy runs on an AC adapter and 6 sizes “C” batteries
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee, made for small dogs only

Felix & Fido Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs is made with small dogs in mind. This machine used 1.5 inches diameter balls and enough efficient to launch the wet balls. It’s really fun to allow your dog playing inside and when you have a toy like this one you can engage them also it’s helpful in completing daily exercise needs. Dogg love to chase the balls and when you provide this opportunity to small dogs inside your house they feel awesome and it will improve their mood and activity level as well.

5. All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher
  • The automatic fetching machine comes in two models small and max, equipped with 3 distance setting, can throw balls up to 40 feet
  • Work on Ac adapter, portable when six C class batteries installed
  • Designed specifically for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Lightweight and durable, made with high-quality plastic

All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is designed to make independent play easy and fun. Just plugin or install batteries and start entertaining your dog. This toy is durable enough to last and withstand teh dog nastiness and can be used either indoor or outdoor. Comes in two variants the one use standard size balls and other use mini-balls so there is an option to buy for large dogs or small dogs. It’s lightweight and made to move easily so you can keep it with you when on are on a trip or adventure. You also can keep it with you on camping where on-site you can arrange a fun game for your dog.

6. Dporticus Automatic Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

Dporticus Automatic Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Throwing Machine for Training and Playing
  • Fully automatic, made to train the dog’s picking ability, equipped with three distance settings, can throw up to 30 feet
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages, can be used inside or outside
  • On the ball, the entrance machine starts automatically and dog keep picking balls
  • you can involve in fun ball fetching game with a remote, so you can decide when to throw with a press of a button

Dporticus Automatic Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is a newest and innovative product in this category that is capable to serve your dog for many of coming years and made to work automatically. Its equipped with a remote from where you can quickly launch the balls on any of three distances. Automatically it keeps working until your dog keeps placing balls in the machine. Its lightweight and easy to carry moreover its design are attractive, made with durable plastic claws and chewing efforts of your dog cannot damage it.

7. KARMAS PRODUCT Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

KARMAS PRODUCT Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs with Tennis Balls,Tennis Ball Throwing Machine for Trainning
  • Comes with three distance setting and work with 2″ ball
  • Portable work on AC and DC power, 6pcs of C class batteries
  • Remore control included involving owners in dog ball fetching game more fun
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, easy to carry and ideal to use indoor

KARMAS PRODUCT Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs is launcher which is designed for the small balls of 2” and it works well for small and large dogs. It is a product that needs to be used with care otherwise you may need a repair or replacement. We recommend this machine to use anywhere but avoid to place any wet ball because water and seepage can damage it. You will also like its style and your dog will make him a friend to play.


A lot of options are available but most of them are not tested by even a single dog owner, Those products are may be a good option but not worthing of investing. The products that we share above are trusted and tested by dozens of people as well as long-lasting which are made to serve your dog for many of the coming years. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy is the only product in the market that comes with features that allow selecting the angle and distance. We recommend this product for your large dog, it uses a standard tennis ball and easy to operate as well made to use anywhere.

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