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Choosing the correct collar for your four-legged Pitbull friend is really important for several reasons. The first reason is that you want to buy a collar for your Pitbull, which is comfortable and doesn’t choke. Secondly, give more control over the movements of your pup. Durability also comes in at number three, Definitly you want one that can be used for powerful dogs and can last for years.

Look and design also matter, but most dog owners consider it at last. Pits are energetic and powerful dogs, and when they are out, most of them remain in a challenging mood, and they try to slip collar/lead while on the walk.

3 Top Rated Badass Pitbull Collars

1. Pitbull Collar By Bully's
  • Dog Collar for Large Dogs
  • Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Washable and extra wide
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2. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar
  • Geniune Leather
  • Tag Support 
  • Hand Crafted 
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3. Motusamare Tactical Dog Collar
  • Adjustable Military Training Collars
  • Control Handle
  • Quick Release Metal Buckle
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Collar materials: For a large dog like Pitbull, we recommend only two materials. The very first one is Nylon and the second one is leather. Nylon collars are durable and less expensive, while leather collars are expensive. Do not use the metal collar as a daily collar or a cloth collar that is unsafe.

I prefer to buy nylon and a leather collar, which will also look good on your dog’s neck. 

Here in this article, we cover the top ten collars which are good for Pitbulls,

10. If It Barks Badass Pitbull Collars

Badass Pitbull Collars

If It Bark is manufacturing quality products since 2002, and there are thousands of satisfied customers who are buying their products again and again since 2002. There are unlimited positive reviews, which are enough to provide that If It Bark is doing its job perfectly. They are continuously improving their collars’ material and quality, which is the key to their success.

They make this collar with pure military-grade nylon webbing, which is the most superior quality on nylon on the earth, which makes it’s half the thickness of most other collars and strong enough to hold powerful dogs. This is a product that can serve you in the coming years. The overall life of this product is really great. Rubbing and scratching will not harm these nylons’ badass Pitbull collars.

You get a robust collar without balancing down your dog. The nylon collar is made with the D-ring’s special care, which always the most used part made with nickel-plated steel to stay in shape for years.

This is an exact product that is designed to give you more control over your four-legged friend. Its limited slipping makes it impossible for your dog to skidding out of the collar.

The slipping problem is pervasive in dogs with large necks and small heads, and it always remains a challenge for their owners to get the right collar which they cannot slip. This is a perfect product for such dogs. They cannot slip from this collar. Such martingale-type collars are great for any breed type.

Let’s have a closer look at the manufacturing techniques of this martingale collar. They make this martingale badass Pitbull collar with the two loops of webbing. Well, the very first one suffices the main purpose and wraps around your dog’s neck. While the second one controls the other function, it controls how far the collar can close in the conditions when your dog starts pulling or showing its power.

This is a fully adjustable collar; you can adjust it as per your needs. Either you want it to stay tight or lose.

Like other traditional collars, it will not hurt your dog’s neck even while wearing this collar; your dog will feel comfortable; it evenly distributes the force around the neck — an ideal collar for leash training and the walk.

If It Barks is a company that handcrafting dog collars from the previous fifteen years. And each of their product is manufactured with the same care and inspected for quality.

Size: Multiple 

Color:  Multiple

Key Highlights

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9. Diezel Pet Products Badass Dog Collar

Badass dog collars

It is a great collar for handling and training; it offers all the benefits one looks for in a dog collar. This badass Pitbull collar is a perfect choice for your pitbull, in fact, if you buy a piece when your dog is around 30lbs then, it will serve you for the coming years, and you and your dog will love this product as it is durable enough to use casually for walking as well as for training. This reliable product can handle the power and bullies of your dog.

These badass Pitbull collars are made in a tactical style and manufactured with thick nylon, making them stronger enough. Scratching and rubbing will not affect this collar because of its lush, thick, and strong nylon webbing.

These tactical-style badass Pitbull collars are best for your Pitbull training. No doubt it is professing and military-grade product, a heavy-duty and reflective dog collar made, especially for large breeds.

They make the buckle with pure steel and come with the two-finger release options, making the on and off too quick and easy.

The built-in control handle makes it possible to control your dog when he is in a harsh mood or charging someone else. Once you get your hand on the collar, that means you get effective control over your dog.

Color: Available in multiple colors

Key Highlights

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8. If It Barks 1.5" Martingale Collar

If It Barks - 1.5" Martingale Collar for Dogs - Quick Snap Release Buckle - Adjustable - Nylon - Strong and Comfy - Ideal for Training - Made in USA - Large, Blueberry

It is another range of quality badass Pitbull collars from If It Barks, which is in this business since 2002 and knows for handmade products. There are hundreds of positive reviews on this product, which signifies the quality products and services from this company.

  • Your dog will never slip from the collar due to its style of buckle and nylon webbing; martingales provide the best control over your four-legged friend while walking. This collar has the perfect ability to distribute the pressure around the next, which always reduces the chances of injury and choking.
  • Two loop webbing innovative technology makes a perfect anti-slipping collar; The company is manufacturing tactical grade collars since 2002 and continuously improving its collars’ quality and durability. This is why they are enjoying thousands of satisfied customers around the Globe.
  • Decoration of this collar is also easy to clean and wash; it is made of polyester grosgrain ribbon.  The buckle is also a strong and durable one and will last for many years.

If stitching or hardware fails, you can get a replacement.  

Key Highlights

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7. Motusamare Badass Pitbull Collars

Modified Version Military Tactical Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar Adjustable Training Collars with Control Handle Quick Release Metal Buckle 1.5" Motusamare Brown Size M

It is a new entry in the market by Motusamare; we select this product for our 10 Badass Pitbull Collars list due to its style, look, and durability. Its construction material was also a reason here.

  • These badass pitbull collars are made in a way to protect the neck of your dog, and these collars have a feature to distribute the force around the neck evenly so the dog can stay unharmed.
  • We went through all the aspects and found that this collar is easy o put and off and perfect for, Jumping, dog training, hunting, walking, patrol, and camping, along with running.
  • It is a multi-use collar, and you can use it casually for everyday activities. This durable, stylish product will last for the coming years and can be used in any weather condition; it is also easily washable.
  • Nylon 1000D ribbon is used for more strength; this is the best material for making long-lasting and durable products.

Size: Available in Multiple Sizes

Color: Available in different colors 

Key Highlights

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6. Soft Touch Collars

Badass dog collars

Thousands of positive and satisfied customers are enough to prove that these are durable, stylish, and quality badass Pitbull collars. This collar’s total width is 1.75 inches, and it is long enough to fit into any large dog neck size.

If you are looking for a durable, high-quality collar for your Pitbull, then this can be a perfect choice because every collar is handmade and hand-stitched as well. During manufacturing, these dog collars are checked for quality to ensure that no problem arises during the service. It is naturally tanned hides up to 40 days with natural raw materials, which give it the tone to stay for years. It is a pet-friendly product; not a harsh chemical is used during dying and manufacturing.

These badasses Pitbull collars are padded with sheepskin leather, which makes them comfortable to touch and wear, and it also helps to keep hair from catching.

Well, the hardware is also important for such durable belts that last for years. Solid, durable brass hardware is used, rust-resistant, and good to use in all weather conditions.

Easy to attach the leash with the D-ring, as D-ring is located on the top of the collar, and the dog will also remain comfortable with the leash.

A small ring next to the buckle is attached with this badass pitbull collar to attach the tags.

Key Highlights

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5. Perri's Padded Leather Collar

Badass Pitbull Collars

It is the most cost-effective and stylish product from Perri’s; this company enjoys a good customer base due to its quality products.

These badass Pitbull collars are genuinely made with lambskin, and stainless steel or brass is used for hardware.

This is really a stylish offering from Perri’s, which comes in 36 combinations that mean you can choose your choice color. The base color is only two, while the pad and stylish lines are different.

There are hundreds of satisfied customers review, which completely shows their satisfaction with this product.

Amish artisans are handmade with top-quality leather and stitching finish, colors add beauty to color, and Perri’s it, so while using colors, they make this product more stylish. Your pup will love this luxurious and soft collar.

Size: Multiple

Color: 36 color combinations are available.

Key Highlights

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4. Bestia "EROS Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Bestia The Black Eros Collar for Big Dogs. 2.5 inch Wide & Soft Padded

Well, not introduction is required for Bestia, this company is known for its quality products and enjoys its stay in this market for many years. They are offering a wide range of products, and there are a thousand reviews and satisfied customers.

This stylish and comfortable product is generally made with buffalo leather, but lambskin is used for lining and padding, making it more comfortable. As you people know, well buffalo leather is known for its durability and hardness, while lambskin is known for softness. Both types of leather are used for the luxury, comfort, and quality of these badass pitbull collars.

The base layer made with the 4 mm thick, high-quality buffalo leather, and the other part is made with lambskin or pigskin to make it more comfortable for your pup.

The width of the collar is 25.5 inches, buckle and D-ring is 2 inches wide. For durability, all metal parts are nickel-plated, making it possible to use these badass Pitbull collars in any weather condition.

Size: Available in different size

Color: Black and red combination only

Key Highlights

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3. EzyDog Neo Classic Badass Dog Collars

EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Neoprene No Stink Waterproof Dog Collar for Large Dogs - Reflective for Nighttime Safety and Padded for Comfort - Superior Durability and Easy to Clean (Large, Black)

This EzyDog collar is a cost-effective and stylish solution to your needs; it offers all the advantages and benefits that one looks for. Once you buy it, Definitely, it will serve you and your dog in the coming years.

The company is enjoying superb repute in the dog collar industry and producing quality products for its customers.

This is a 1.75 wide collar and can evenly distribute the pressure around the neck for the dog’s safety. These badass Pitbull collars are waterproof, stink-free, and easy to clean. You can attach the dog IDs and leash comfortably as separate placement available for both in the shape of clip-able items.

Size: available in different sizes

Color: available in four colors

Key Highlights

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2. Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Badass dog collars

If you are still unsure which design to choose from, then this is a product you love to buy as it will fit in your think budget, and it will offer you all the benefits you are looking for from a dog collar.

This product comes with reflective stitching for security measures like using these badass pitbull collars in the night and evening walk. The reflective stitching will keep your dog safe, and it will remain visible, and it allows your pup to be seen easily.

Quality and durable material are used to make these badass pitbull collars; if you buy one, it will remain in service for the coming years, a perfect choice for energetic and playful dogs. It is an all-weather condition product, and this product is guaranteed to withstand the outdoor elements.

The company offers a money-back guarantee in case you feel unhappy with your product.

Size: Available in different sizes

Color: Available in 5 different colors 

Key Highlights

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1. Bully's Heavy-Duty Nylon Badass Pitbull Collars

Badass Pitbull Collars

The most important thing to notice in these badass Pitbull Collars are made by Bully’s, which is a name of quality and trust. It is the big producer who is producing quality products since 2005, and with the count of time, they improve their products and make them exactly match with the customer needs.

This product made with quality material, which is the tactical grade, and its quality construction makes them durable, and it can be used in all weather conditions.

Its hardware is made with stainless steel, which will serve you in the coming years without any maintenance. A separate ring is available for tags, and adjusting this dog collar is too easy to do in seconds. Your dog will not slip from this collar.

It is made enough stronger to bear all nastiness of your four-legged pup.

Size: Available in different sizes

Colors: Available in multiple colors

Key Highlights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are worth buying; badass collars are more durable and trustworthy; in fact, they are made to bear more pressure. Just name it different alternatively, we can call them strong or high-quality dog collars instead of badass dog collars.

Yes, they are completely safe for dogs. They are made with extra safety for dogs; they are thicker and wider than the ordinarily made collars, they eliminate the risk of choking, keep the dog neck protected in all cases.


We enlist all quality products for this purpose; we evaluate nearly 43 products and choose these ten to be listed in this article.

During the process of finding badass Pitbull collars, we read many reviews, and we find that most dog owners regret their decision due to the wrong selection of size.

Before any buying, measure the neck of your dog and left enough space for two fingers, and that will be the exact size of your dog collar. All the listed products are available in multiple sizes, so choose an appropriate size with due care.

All of the listed collars are easy to attach to the leash, and we select these collars because they are lightweight and can bear the power of Pitbull.

The greatest feature is that your dog can wear these collars all the time and can enjoy walking with them the same. If there is any other thing that we miss or want to know about these, please let us know.

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