What is the Best Dog Shampoo for Bed Bugs?

bed bug dog shampoo

For many dog owners, it’s astounding that bed bugs can infest dogs. Bed bugs are a common problem in our homes, and when they landed on a dog, they bite the dog, create itchiness and irritation. Their remains become a threat that may invite several skin diseases.

Due to fur and a natural layer of oil on the skin, dogs are a perfect breeding ground for insects. Bed bugs can make a permanent home in the furs of your friend. They are bigger than every other insect that infests dogs and most irritating too.

Technically bed bugs reside in bedding, carpets, and mattresses. However, our beloved dogs are in the habit of playing on carpet or mattresses, and this way, they can get bed bugs. Also, a dog’s skin is extremely warm, and that makes a perfect breeding ground for these bedbugs. Once they get into the fur, they will not be out unless there is some remedy.

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How Do Dogs Get Bugs?

There are several possible ways for dog infestation to occur. The chances are that your furry friends are not entirely responsible, and it was not wholly their mistake. Let look into the most common ways for dogs to get bugs.

  • Environment: It is one of the most common ways for your dog to become infested. Everything around us, the soil, grass, and trees, are potential carriers of bedbugs. Our pooches very much like to play on carpets and mattresses that are sometimes infested by bedbugs. The chances of them running into the tall grass with a lot of bugs are quite possible. Now the dilemma is that as soon as bugs get on your dog’s skin, they start laying eggs due to warm body conditions. You are not in the habit of bathing your dog daily. Then this situation can worsen. The bugs make a permanent breeding ground on your dog’s skin if you don’t care about hygiene properly. These bugs mostly cling onto the skin without proper care, shampoo, or bath.
  • Dog-to-dog: Bed bugs are some-what contagious. This means there is a possibility that your dog got the bug from another dog on a play date. Your dog can also acquire them if they sleep in the bed of the infected dog. A dog daycare center and shelters are one way the infestation can take place.
  • Inter-specie: The infestation can happen through the inter-species exchange as well. Some bugs prey on cats and wild animals like stray dogs or raccoons. If your dog came in contact with any of the infected animals, he could get the bug. It mostly happened if your dog decides to run after the raccoon that somehow came to your backyard.
  • From home: Humans are also responsible for bringing the bugs into your homes. They cling and jump on everyone the same. Although they might not harm you, once they reach your pet’s fur, havoc will break loose. Bedbugs also similarly get home, and dogs also fall victim to them.

In case we are not using any pest control product in our home, then there are chances that bed bugs are everywhere in the home, and such infestation may lead to dogs.

Is it Possible to Kill Bed Bugs on Dogs?

Yes, it is very much possible to kill the bed bugs that are infesting your dogs. The duration of treatment can vary with the extent of the infestation and the number of bugs. Early caught infestations are generally easy to resolve, and recovery is fast. There are several ways this goal can be achieved.

The use of medicated shampoos that are made for bugs is one way to do it. Use the shampoo on pet’s fur regularly for a long-lasting effect. Also, there are such shampoos available in the market that prevents their infestation for 28 days. New issues can be resolved easily using these. The mild ingredients in the shampoo also help with the itching and promote healing of the skin.

Why Bed Bugs are Dangerous?

Bedbugs are notorious, and your pets can fell victim to them. They are the tiny blood-sucking organisms that keep on looking for a perfect breeding ground. They live in beddings, carpets and creep on the prey at night. They might not cause infestation and start to live in a dog’s fur, but they can remain attached to them, causing the spread.

A single bed bug means hundreds of them in just a week.

They usually are always present in small amounts as the immune system keeps them in check. But their population growth can be dangerous and can cause long-term skin issues.

As they have strong legs, so with a close encounter with the host (dogs), they can jump and cling to them. They rely on blood as food and multiply rapidly.

What are the best ingredients that can kill parasites on a dog’s skin?

Bug infestations are very commonly occurring among dogs. The issue is treatable very quickly with early detection. There is a broad range of ingredients that can be used to kill parasites. The issue is that they can sometimes be very harmful to dogs. Moreover, long-term usage can be fatal and poses health risks. The solution to this problem is the reliance on natural ingredients or the ones that are not poisonous to dogs. Below mentioned are some of these.

  • Essential oils: Essential oils such as rosemary, lemongrass, etc., are effective in repelling the bugs away. Keep that in mind that these cannot be used directly on the pet’s skin. Dilute them using water and then use the oils as a spray.
  • Benzoyl peroxide: In medicinal treatments, benzoyl peroxide is often used. It is effective against ticks, fleas as well as mites. Beware of excessive use. Utilize topical ointments containing peroxide only upon doctor’s recommendation.
  • PH balanced ingredients: Other than the ingredients mentioned earlier, good fleas and shampoos contain balanced pH compounds mixed with oatmeal or aloe vera formulas. These pH-balanced compounds make sure to consider your dog’s skin sensitivity and take care of it while fighting off the pests.

3. Best Dog Shampoo for Bed Bugs

There are several products available that can work against dog bugs. Here are three products that are safe to use for dogs. They are mild treatments that can help you get rid of kinds of dog infestations.

1. Vet’s Best Dog Shampoo


  • Effective against bugs – excellent shampoo is effective against all kinds of bugs.
  • It promotes healing – Due to bug infestation, your pet’s skin can damage in certain areas. The continuous use of this shampoo will promote healing.
  • Non-Toxic – there is no harmful ingredient in the shampoo, and it is safe to use.

This shampoo is an advanced formula for ultimate results. It is suitable for dog infestations such as ticks, dog bugs, and fleas. The formula is not only effective against the mature bugs, but it also attacks the larva and the eggs. This shampoo kills the pest right on contact. It is all-natural and does not contain any harsh ingredients.

Active constituents are essential oils and plant extracts. There are no added synthetic fragrances that can be harmful to your dogs. It uses rosemary and peppermint scents for fresh-smelling dogs. All its ingredients are safe and fast-acting. It is straightforward to rinse and soap-free formula.

Also, this wonderful shampoo can be used on dogs that are younger than 2 weeks. The soothing ingredients present in the sample promote healing and good for damaged fur.

2. TropiClean Natural Strength Shampoo for Dogs


  • Effective against flea and tick – This superb shampoo is effective against lice, bugs, and even fleas and ticks.
  • Non-Irritant – the ingredients are all-natural, and they are non-irritant to the skin.
  • Suitable for all ages – the shampoo has no side effects, and it is suitable for all ages.

If you believe that your dog is suffering from the infestation of lice then this wonderful shampoo can assist you in a better way. It is a maximum strength shampoo against leapers and parasites. The all-natural formula is effective even against mosquitos. It is fast-acting and breaks the life cycle of any infesting bugs.

There no added harmful chemicals such as pyrethrins or permethrins. In fact, it is a perfect blend of several natural oils and essential oils.

The constituents are helpful in bug repulsion and killing at contact. The bonus feature is that the oils add a natural aroma to the shampoo. It is non-toxic and has a long-lasting effect. Lemongrass and sesame oil add extra strength to the working. Use every seven days for maximum effect.

3. SENTRY Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs,


  • Safe to use – this excellent shampoo is safe to use on dogs of all ages.
  • Effective against flea and tick – this shampoo is specifically effective against flea and tick.
  • Scented – the shampoo has a pleasant smell.

Sentry pet care is the best dog shampoo for bugs. This oatmeal shampoo that contains the fragrance of Hawaiian ginger is a solution to dog bug problems.

You may not believe it, but bugs are your dog’s worst enemies. They not only suck the blood out of your innocent pet but also lay thousands of eggs on his skin. This, in turn, becomes the cause of allergies and too many skin diseases. That is why timely treatment is vital.

The creamy oatmeal conditioning formula of this bug shampoo helps in getting rid of all infestations related to bugs. Also, this shampoo is the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive skin. Once you start bathing your dog with it, its life will become heavenly.

The active ingredients of this fantabulous shampoo will not cause any allergy to your dog, and it is non-toxic. Also, if kids live with you, this shampoo is safe to use in their presence.


How to make sure that the ingredients are not irritant to the skin of my dog?

It is important to look for the ingredients before buying a dog shampoo for bugs. Go for the ingredients that do not have harsh properties.

Can a dog shampoo for bugs be applied on cats?

There are few shampoos that are good for both cats and dogs. However, unless it is written on the shampoo it is not a good idea to apply the dog shampoo for bugs on cats.

Are Bugs dangerous for my dog?

Yes! Bugs tend to make the skin of your dog their breeding ground and that is why they shouldn’t be on dogs. Without proper care, these bugs can destroy the dog’s life for good.

Why cannot be use regular shampoos on dogs for bug infestation?

Regular shampoos usually have hard ingredients. On the other hand, the specific dog bug shampoos have mild ingredients that are good for their safety.


Dogs are not prone to bugs. These tiny pesticides have a way to get into a dog’s skin to make a permanent breeding ground. However, the use of these amazing shampoos will keep them away. Cleaning your home from bed bugs can also help you a lot if you care for your dog and do not pay attention to clear the bed bugs colonies in your home.

Then they will come again and again to bother your dog.

We have reviewed some of the best dog shampoos for bedbugs. Make a good choice,

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