Common Nickname: “Burner”

Other Names: “Berner Sennenhund”, “Bernese Cattle Dog”

Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog is a large extremely versatile sturdy worker from the farmlands of Switzerland. They were developed to pull carts, herd cattle’s (main function), and to perform duties of watchdog as well as a loyal companion.

From four types of Swiss Mountain Dogs, they are one which is big, powerful, and built for hard work. Burners are sweet and strikingly beautiful due to their moderately long tri-colored coat. The bread hallmarks on the coat and face make them distinctive. The intelligent gleam in the dark eyes of Berners makes them attractive beloved for his calm nature. In his native town, he is known as Berner sennenhund.

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Name and Origin

Their name and origin have similarities they Come from the canton of Bern this is the reason they are named Bernese. Their brain and body help them to multitask in farms and as watchdogs. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners are always easy going and they are also well suited to tracking, conformation, obedience, herding and carting competitions. This bread is also the winner of many awards worldwide.

Due to calm and patient temperament these days Berner is mostly a family companion and a show dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog a Perfect Companion

If you want a Berner, be prepared to do your due diligence to find the right puppy for you, and be prepared to put your efforts into training and socializing him. 

They are extra large in size a puppy may look snuggly and manageable but he will gain weight quickly when he reaches the adult age. They need exercise on a regular basis, plan to give the Berner walk of sixty minutes daily, plus a few shorter trips daily. They are very good players in organized sports and hiking so let them give a chance to show their abilities and definitely, they will if they are trained well.

They are excellent for being petted and a therapy dog because of having a gentle, soft temperament. Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly with the owner and comfortable with kids even they enjoy playing with kids and may pine without human companionship. They love to guard the fences but when the family is home, they should be with the family to enjoy their companionship.

Choose Bernese Mountain Dog if you want,

  • large, heavy and powerful dog
  • A dog with tricolor thick fur
  • Dog who flourish in cold weather
  • Non-aggressive and polite nature dog
  • Dog who is friendly with other pets
  • A dog who can pull carts and romp in cold weather
  • Quick learner dog


Facts About Berners

Majority of Berners considered to have a dry mouth which is because of their nature to live in the cold weather mean they do not drool well, but not all of them. On with the close-fitting lips drool enough as compare to the one with the loose lips.

Naturally, they are from cold weather and very sensitive to heat and humidity. In outdoor or in hot weather they need plenty of fresh water and shade to stay energized.

A new dog owner who recently starts petting might be attracted to Bernese Mountain Dog because of sociable outlook and intelligence. If you are thinking to adopt a Berner, do your homework as they do not like to sit in the apartment all day they need a free environment where they can move.

Berners are great watchdogs and have the capacity to bark loud real loud. They are quite gentle but they may like to chase small animals when they are trained professionally. Bernese Mountain Dog will show unmatched loyalty and love to those who can provide open space, spend time with them, make efforts to train them.

Trained Berners will love the whole family, they greet newcomers warmly while maintaining an aloof dignity with strangers. and the like to play with kids only when they have the right socialization training.

 If we compare it with others then there Is no match of this dog’s friendliness. So, if you have space, time and budget then you’ll never regret adopting a Berner.


Berners do well on the high-quality dog food with home prepared or commercially manufactured. Anyone can be used with the approval and supervision of veterinarians.

Always keep an eye on your dog’s calorie consumption and level of weight as some gain weight very quickly. Food should be right to the dog’s age. 

Before providing human food check which human foods are suitable for dogs and it will be best to take advice from your vet. Treats can be a good tool for training but avoid excessive treats as it may cause obesity.


Berners has double coat with wooly undercoat and long outercoat. This is the reason they shed a fair amount even more as compare to other similar dogs. Weekly brushing is required throughout the shedding season which ensues twice a year. Daily brushing during the shedding season will help your dog to look better. Nails of burners should be trimmed regularly.


If you cannot spare an hour for your Bernese mountain dog than give at-least half an hour to your dog for the exercise. This half an hour exercise is necessary to keep them healthy and happy. If you are going out for hiking or camping keep your Berner with you, Berners enjoy outdoor activities and they are great companion on long walk.


Early socialization training is very necessary for the Berners and for all large breeds like Berner. Berners are easy to train because they are easy going, intelligent and eager to please. Use to provide treats during training and prefer to use a soft language as their feelings are easily hurt, in such case they may not respond to harsh training methods. respond well to harsh corrections or training methods. A Berner always wants to be with his family its natural desire in this breed, and undesirable behaviors can result like uncommon health issues may start appearing, if he is regularly left alone (Specially at home) for long periods of time, means again and again. 


Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally healthy and active dogs, a caring dog owner and a breeder will screen the Berners for health conditions. As you know all the large breeds have higher chances of bloat, sudden Death due to stomach conditions. They should also examine for the infection specially their years and teeth brushing is necessary with the toothpaste designed for dogs.

The Berner is an alert and good natures dog with the working background who always like challenges of learning new things which can test his intelligence in depth. They are still carrying their natural instincts of Guard and farm work. Nowadays they are popular among dog owns due to their draft work.

Due to genetic foundation issues Berners have various health issues but most of them are still undiscovered by the dog owners. Nowadays due to responsible breeding and proper food the life expectancy of Bernese Mountain Dog has increase to ten years, previously it was just 6 to 8 years.

Living with Bernese Mountain Dog

Berner is a devoted friend who always enjoy company of other strangers and other pets everywhere. They will be happier if a chance to become house dog is provided. With proper socialize training one can ensure that he treat other pets and dogs patiently.

Bernese Mountain Dog


Always prefer to get a Berner for you from a shelter or rescue instead of giving from random people. Because of popularity of Bernese Mountain dos there are people who have bred dogs of lesser quality just to sell puppies of novice dog owners.

Bernese Mountain Dog Appearance

Other Requirements

Bernese Mountain Dog Health


Such dogs come do not have any health history and its challenge to deal with them. Veterinary care will be costly as compare to other dogs of same size because of the health problems in this breed. If you are allergic with shedding then this is not right breed for you.

In the mature age they are large enough and they need job to do, they like to have a job to do.


Molosser one ancient breed of dogs is very versatile and well-traveled as well used in the development of a variety of Mastiff-type Dogs including Berner

It’s thought that the four under listed Swiss Sennenhund breeds was developed from Molosser,

  1. Appenzeller Sennenhund
  2. Entlebucher Sennenhund
  3. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,
  4. Berner Sennenhund

In fact, these were developed with the crosses between Molosser or Mastiff-type dogs and Swiss farm dogs from Swiss Alps. That was Romans who brought Mastiff-type or Molosser dogs with them when they invaded the Alps.

These all four types of dogs were used for the farm work. In 1899 swiss founded a dog club called Berna with the purpose of preserving their native 2000 years old dogs. In 1904 this breed win dog shows all around the world and that brings them in the spot light. In Bern, an international dog show was held in which shepherd dogs including mountain dogs was introduced that was the first time when these dogs were referred to as Bernese.

After that in the same year, swiss kennel club recognized the Bernese Mountain Dog as a breed. After the world war one, the first dog was exported to Holland that was the first travel to any other country.  

It attracted to British and in 1936 British began the import of Bernese Mountain Dog. In 1937 AKC recognize the Bernese Mountain Dog as Breed. In 1967 Bernese Mountain Club was founded in the United States. In 1981 Bernese Mountain Dog Club became a member of AKC. In 1990 the current dog standards of this breed were adopted by AKC.

Rescue Groups

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

Breed Organizations

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc.

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