What is Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls?

It is imperative to choose the right healthy dog food for Pitbulls. Because they need a lot of energy on day to day basis to perform the routine activities, these large dogs consume more food than other dogs, and it’s necessary to look for the food that you can afford. To make a list of best affordable dog food for Pitbulls, we reviewed dozens of dog foods for large breeds and finally made a list of ten foods that contain all the macronutrient micronutrients that Pitbulls need to stay in good health.

best affordable dog food for pitbulls

These foods are cheap but not less in quality; our list includes:

Sr. Prodcut Grain FreeBest For
1Bully Max Dog FoodNoAdults, Puppies
2CANIDAE PURE Real LambYesAdults
3Blue Buffalo FreedomYes
4Taste of the Wild High Prairie Bison
5Blue Buffalo Wilderness
6Wellness Core Natural Grain Free All Life Cycles
7ORIJEN High-Protein
8AvoDerm Natural Advanced Senior Health YesSeniors
9Natural Ultramix Grain Free YesAdults
10Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Grain FreePuppies

It would be best if you acted smart when it comes to choosing a food for your pet, we recommend to read our thoughts and facts about each food before making your decision, and we are sure that you will find the right food for your pup. All the Pitbull breeds are similar in characteristics, and their food needs are the same. So whatever breed you own, you can find the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls from our list; let’s move on to the detailed review:

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1. Bully Max Dog Food.

best dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat, Dried Plain Beet Pulp.
  • Type: Non-Grain Free.
  • Profile: All Life stages.
  • Best For: Adult Pitbulls and Puppies.

Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food is one that you can feed to any breed. Many dog owners get confused with the name. They perceive it as food for bullies only while it’s a food for all breeds and all life stages. Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food is only five stars rated the food in the market which best cheap dog food for Pitbulls.

The meat-based formula uses meat as the number one ingredient. It contains very high calories approx. 535 per cup, and when you feed this affordable dog food, you’ll feed up to 50% less when you feed this affordable dog food. Some of its core benefits are:

  • Omega-3 with Flaxseed for a shinier coat and healthy skin.
  • Meat-based protein to fulfill all energy requirements.
  • Free of preservatives, No BHA or other high-risk preservatives.
  • Contains the most healthy wholesome grains and beet pulp for healthy digestion.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, no corn, no wheat, no soy.

If you are an owner, who remains conscious all the time about the digestion, skin, and eyesight, and coat, then Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food is for you. You can feed it with full confidence; there is no match for this food in the market.

We found that it was created with the highest quality human-grade ingredients available in the market during our review. It will fuel your Pitbull performance to the maximum level and save your money because it’s a low consumption food that is very high in calories.

It is adequate dog food for all breeds and puppies above four weeks, so when you have multiple dogs at home. You can use a single feed for all of the dogs that can keep their digestion regulated and healthy. We also recommend this food for the dogs who are in the recovery stage wither after a disease or a surgery/injury.

It is more effective food in the market that can quickly charge your dog with its high calories content.

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best cheap dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Lamb, turkey meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: Adults.
  • Best For: All Adult Pitbulls breed.

CANIDAE PURE Real Lamb is a limited ingredient good affordable dog food for Pitbulls. Crafted with the seven real foods in each bag that are easy to digest and high in protein, giving your good boys and girls everything they need and nothing they don’t. Made for special care, it keeps the blood pressure normal and makes the immune system strong to stay healthy.

You will never find your dog caught in any digestion issue while feeding this food.

Pitbulls are active dogs. They need food like CANIDAE PURE Real Lamb, full of nutrients and protein, and limited food recipes make it possible to digest entirely and result in less poop. Wheat, Soy, and corn are avoided in this food, so there is nothing questionable that can make you worried about your dog’s food.

Probiotics and antioxidants are added to make it more healthy and support the immune system when buying this food, not adding any additional supplements to the food. Moreover, it is the best inexpensive dog food for Pitbulls.

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3. Blue Buffalo Freedom

good cheap dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Beef, Chicken, Beef Broth, Chicken Liver, Carrots.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: Adults.
  • Best For: All Adult Pitbulls.

Blue Buffalo Freedom, the best cheap dog food for Pitbulls, is top-rated among the wet dog foods for Pitbulls. The most pitbull owner won’t feed their dog an exclusively wet food because it costs more and a large breed like pitbull consume more wet food. The primary purpose is to get the best dog food for Pitbulls on a budget, but that is not possible with wet food.

So, it can be an effective way to get some moisture into the dog’s diet. Simply if you don’t drink enough water, you will be dehydrated, and the same can happen with the dog.

To make a dry kibble appealing and easy to chew and healthy and moist with low cost, you can mix this wet food in dry kibble.

This wet food from Blue Freedom is to quality grain-free and feature chicken as a first ingredient, its full of protein and vegetables for additional nutrients. It also contains potatoes and oatmeal, which make digestion easy. Individually it tastes great, but when it mixed with the dry kibble, it changes the taste, and your dog will love to finish his meal in no time.

While on the other side in a combination of both you will get good cheap dog food for Pitbulls.

Many customers write that it’s an excellent food for active adults; it makes the coat shiners and provides healthy skin, and makes the dogs playful.

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4. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Bison

best food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Bison, Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: Adults.
  • Best For: All Adult Pitbulls.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Bison is one of the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls. It is made with the meat that has been roasted. It is one of the highest-rated dog food on the market and because it contains fruits and vegetables. This cheap dog food for Pitbulls has everything your Pitbull needs for healthy growth.

To gain weight and for sensitive stomach, this food is medicine, it brings results in less time, also beneficial in allergies and skin issues. Because of its vegetable and fruit ingredients, this food contains the natural antioxidants that are essential to get healthy skin and protect the skin from allergies and other diseases. Pitbulls with sensitive skin also advised this food. Dogs that eat this food have a lot healthier and nicer coats

The main ingredient in this product is lean bison, and venison meat, both of them have been roasted for the better taste that ultimately increases the flavor.

This is the reason Pitbulls likes this food and finishes it in a matter of minutes. If your dog is not ending his meal, switch to this food, and start finishing his food in the first go.

It is a fact that Pitbulls are muscular dogs, and they need the right food to properly and effectively develop their muscle and to contain the muscle mass. It is also essential to ensure that your dog is getting right from the very start to get the nutrition that it needs. This allows the dog to grow naturally and get a healthy body.

Taste of the wild is the right food that contains all the nutrients that your Pitbull needs.

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5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness 

what is the best dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal (source of Glucosamine), Peas, Pea Protein, Menhaden Fish Meal.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: Adults.
  • Best For: All Adult Pitbulls.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food is a high protein best dog food for Pitbulls on a budget. We know that it’s tough to afford a Pitbulls even you live them. This large breed consumes more food and costs more as compared to other kinds. But still, it’s possible to feed a high-quality budget food.

Not all the quality foods are high in cost, so your little efforts and review help you find the best food for your pup. Blue Buffalo Wilderness is designed to imitate a wild wolf’s diet, so you should expect a lot of meat. It uses real meat as a primary ingredient. It is made for adults but good to use for pitbull puppies to gain muscle.

Pitbull bullies and pitbull terriers love to eat this food.

The main protein source in this dog food is deboned duck, chicken meat, and turkey meat; all of these make a great combination.

This formula is designed to address the underlying health issues, including bone and teeth development, joint health, muscle development, skin and coat, and dogs’ immune system.

It is essential to select a food with the meat for Pitbulls if you wish they main their muscle mass and do not lose weight; poultry ingredient food is an ideal one. High energy carbs are also similarly important for dogs and vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 acids for promoting healthy and shiny skin.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a balanced formula that contains all of the necessary ingredients to keep your dog active and playful.

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6. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free

good dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Peas, Potatoes.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: All life cycles.
  • Best For: All Pitbulls.

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken is the best cheap dog food for Pitbull puppies and adults. If you are looking for a well-balanced formula that you can fee to your pitbull, wellness core is a Pit food. Because its bedrock juice is a high concentrate of protein formula — made to fulfill all of your pitbull nutritional needs.

You can get ideal results if you use this food for your pitbull puppies. We recommend it most as the best affordable dog food for pitbull puppies.

Its 70% protein comes from animal products where the main ingredients are turkey and chicken meat that fulfill all of the protein need your dog need for lean muscle mass and healthy Skelton.

This 100% natural grain-free dog food for Pitbulls focuses on the proper growth of your dog. The best thing is its natural ingredient is free from any artificial flavor and preservatives.

It contains vitamins, carbs, antioxidants, and minerals in a balanced form. If you own an athletic dog, you must move on to this food because it keeps the dogs active and playful.

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7. ORIJEN High-Protein

best food to feed pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Loaded with a nourishing diversity of animal proteins and fats that naturally support peak health.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: All life cycles.
  • Best For: All Pitbulls.

ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food is the best food for pitbull puppies to gain muscle and the cheapest grain-free dog food for Pitbulls. With about 85 to 95 percent meat ingredient, this dog food is designed to support the high energy needs and deals with skin allergies, dry skin, gas in Pitbulls. Ideal food to fulfill all dietary needs of a Pitbulls on a budget. It contains poultry and fish, and other quality proteins.

Due to the overall quality and ingredients of this food, it is rated for human consumption. It consists of 38 percent protein, 4 percent fiber, 18 percent fat, and 12 percent moisture.

This combination makes it an ideal food for all life stages. You can feed it to baby Pitbulls, seniors, and adults.

It contains carbs, nutrients, and minerals in a balanced form for maintaining the muscles of Pitbulls in the healthy prime years. The customers who are already feeding this food to their Pitbulls are satisfied with the results, and they recommend it to others.

It is priced adequality as a high amount of meat in each bag demand a high price. We recommend it as a next to a raw diet for Pitbulls.

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8. AvoDerm Natural Advanced Senior Health

what dog food is best for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Lamb Meal, Peas, Tapioca Flour, Pea Flour, Chicken Meal.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: For Seniors.
  • Best For: All Pitbulls.

AvoDerm Natural Advanced Senior Health is dry dog food made for pitbull seniors. It is the best inexpensive dog food for pitbull seniors that pairs a high protein recipe with glucosamine and chondroitin benefits for added joint support. It also contains DHA, Omega- 3, and Docosahexaenoic acid that plays a vital role in keeping the eyesight and brain in good working conditions.

The food is grain-free, and it’s easy for the senior Pitbulls to digest. This recipe also includes avocado for additional vitamins and antioxidants support.

A lot of healthy ingredients, but the food still prioritizes meat. Chicken and lamb is the first ingredient in this food. It contains only ten percent fat because it’s essential for seniors to eat food low in fats to keep the heart healthy and functional. For senior pets, nothing can be better than this food; it helps them maintain weight and keeps the joint healthy.

If your senior pet is losing weight, then you immediately need to switch your food.

Many customers express that this food is made to keep the pits active and playful in old age. It’s a balanced formula for the pits with the required mineral and nutrients.

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9. Natural Ultramix Grain Free

Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Duck, Turkey Meal, Chicken, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: For Adults.
  • Best For: All Pitbulls.

Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is known best for skin sensitivities. We always recommend Natural Ultramix foods because they are grain-free and contain Omega6 and Omega-3 fatty acids to support the skin and coat. Vets recommend this food to dogs suffering from skin allergies, dry skin, and other skin problems. Sweet potatoes are included for healthy digestion and additional probiotics. It is a high protein good that large Pitbulls need to stay in good health.

It contains 38 percent of protein, which is essential to main muscle mass and develops Skelton in growing years. For protein, in addition to duck, it also includes lamb, salmon, and chicken that pitbull needs to thrive.

It helps clear up the itchy skin and provides a glowing coat and skin that others can notice. Lack of grain is a primary reason this best affordable dog food for Pitbulls is recommended most by pitbull owner sand vets. We recommend this inexpensive dog food for Pitbulls because Pitbulls are more prone to skin allergies than other breeds.

Feeds like this one is a powerful tool to deal with the scratching and other skin issues while giving your dog a balanced diet that they love to eat.

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10. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free

best dog food for pitbulls
  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pea Starch, Peas, Turkey Meal.
  • Type: Grain Free.
  • Profile: For Puppies.
  • Best For: All Pitbulls.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free dog food is specially made for the puppies. Featuring meal meat as a first ingredient, the high-quality protein from the deboned chicken plus turkey meal to provide energy puppies need to gain muscle mass. It is featured with the most important ingredients for the puppies: ARA and DHA, vital fatty acids found in mothers’ milk.

Choline, along with two fatty acids, supports the development of your pitbull puppy’s retinal and cognitive learning. It is an essential food for the holistic growth of your puppy.

This excellent dog food contains only natural ingredients and not grains that make it ideal for puppies; moreover, it keeps the puppies safe from disease because of its balanced formula; read the feeding instructions carefully before feeding.

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Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls FAQ:

For which breeds these foods are recommended?

These foods are good for all under-listed breeds:

American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
American Bully
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Red nose, blue nose, and more

How much dog food for pitbull in a month?

A healthy adult consumes two cups daily, one pound, and in a month, an adult consumes nearly 30 pounds of dry food.

How much dog food should a pitbull eat?

There is no specific quantity for puppies. We always recommend feeding the quantity that a puppy can easily finish, while on the other side, adults’ diet should depend on their daily activity level. But it must not be less than one pound a day.

Is grain-free dog food good for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls are more prone to skin sensitivities as compared to other breeds. While they have strong appetite and immune system. Grain-free good helps them to deal with the skin sensitivities. This is a reason we include more grain-free Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls in our list.

Is cheap dog food offers all that Pitbull needs?

For large breeds like Pitbulls, it’s tough to find the right inexpensive food, but our efforts really paid off, and we make a list of Best Affordable Dog Food for Pitbulls; these food contain all nutrients, mineral, and protein that a pitbull needs.

Do Pitbulls need macronutrients?

Yes, they need it; in fact, macronutrients are essential to living and stay healthy. All of our selected foods contain both proteins, fats, and carbs) and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.)

What are the nutritional requirements of my Pitbull?

Puppies need to consume more calories compared to adults while active, adult pitbull weight between 30 and 70 pounds needs to consume anywhere from 922 to 1,740 calories a day. Older pups, those that are less active, and those who have been spayed or neutered should consume fewer calories.

Every Pitbull owner feels proud because they are mighty big and active dogs protecting from every danger. So they deserve the best care and the best food, and it keeps them happy and healthy. Choosing the best affordable dog food for Pitbulls did not means that you are compromising on the quality. All of the above inexpensive foods manufactured by known companies, thousands of customers are already using these foods for their mighty pups. I prefer to buy food which is made in the USA according to the USA standard. The best choice and its results always depend greatly on your dog, so do your homework and consider our review to and you will find the best affordable food for your Pitbull.