How to Choose Best Bedding for Newborn Puppies

A newborn puppy needs special care to stay alive, especially sanitation and temperature. It can cause hypothermia if the newborn’s temperature drops below the normal level, which may be a life-threatening situation. Hypothermia severely damages the digestion, and the newborn reduces intake and condition required to consult the vet immediately. The solution is to keep them clean and warm, so the need for the best bedding for newborn puppies comes.

Unfortunately, owners and manufacturers do not invest in bedding for newborn puppies. It’s a reason most dog owners depend on replaceable whelping boxes instead of proper bedding. To get the right bed for newborn puppies, we need to look at the beds made for large dogs.

To do your job easier, we figure out what you need in a bed for newborn puppies. After considering many of the products, we selected a few beds good to use for newborn puppies. Let’s first consider the features that you must look into the bed for newborns:

Bed to Keep the Puppies Warm

As we discussed earlier, it is essential to maintain the temperature, so the first requirement is to look for a bed to keep the puppies warm. Ensure the product you are buying has a thick pad to stop the floor temperature from reaching newborn puppies.

Because it is a common problem, you can control the temperature with the heating device. If the floor’s temperature is reaching the puppies that are not easy to deal with or if you have a poor quality bed, you need to add additional support to stop floor temperature from reaching newborns. A dog can generate the heat that they need to stay warm, but a puppy cannot produce the required heat until they grow to 21 days in age.

If you buy a good bed for newborns, you can avoid using heating pads or warm water bottles. Find out more about dog house heating devices.

Easy to Clean and Wash

Until the four weeks, the puppies have to stay in a confined area, and usually, they pass urine and potty there, and much other nastiness creates cleanliness challenges.

We recommend buying a bed for the newborn puppies, which is easy to clean and machine washable because you need to clean it daily and maybe a wash in a week. We recommend buying a bed that you can wipe with the damped cloth easily. You can use specialized pads and other materials to deal with the challenge, but you know that when a full litter plays inside the bed, that can create a mess there.

We list a few products below that are easy to clean and machine washable you can buy these products with confidence.

Keep the Pets Confined

Bolsters on the sides help to keep the newborn puppies confined; it is required for two weeks when puppies used to crawl slowly and make their way to the outdoors. A high bolster is helpful in keeping the puppies in the designated place.

This is why we list the products with side bolsters that can hold newborn puppies inside. Moreover, the mother can use the same to lay his head when resting.

Size of Bed

We recommend buying a large size that can accommodate the mother with the newborns. Because the mother can better heat them to stay alive and new pups remain active and engaged with the mother. Definitely, the mother can better handle them.

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1. Old street Pet Bedding Best Bedding for Puppies

best bedding for puppies
  • All life stages dog bed.
  • Available in different sizes and colors to accommodate all of the newborns.
  • Keep the newborn and mother warm, Can be used anywhere.
  • Machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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Old street Pet Bedding for Newborns is available in large sizes to accommodate the large liter size and the mother. Suitable to place inside the crate, made with the material easy for puppies and large dogs. It is a dog bed for all life stages, so if you buy it for newborns, you can use it for adults later on. You may use it in the dog house at an open space or in the crate. Size options make it an excellent choice for newborns.

It’s featured with the ultra-soft synthetic top and comfortable padded polyester cushions around the perimeter for the dogs to lay their heads and to keep the newborns confined. It is a dog bed needed for newborns, and it’s a one-time investment that serves you in the coming years.

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2. K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed

  • Deep Dish Style.
  • Can accommodate mother and newborns.
  • Made for more comfort and warmness.
  • Can hold the newborn inside effectively.
  • Easy to cover with a blanket for more heat.
  • Chew-proof, easy to wash.
  • Machine washable.

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K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed makes a spot on our list because it’s easily washable, Cleanliness remains a challenge with newborns. When you use a machine washable bed that makes your job easy because you can put it in the washing machine for refresh and reuse. This best bedding for newborn puppies is also ideal if you want to keep the puppies confined all the time.

It can keep the puppies safe from air and cold. The most significant opportunity in this bed is to cover the puppies easily with a blanket for more heat and keep them warm.

It offers a sense of security to mothers and newborns. Remember it’s not only for newborns; thereafter you can use it for your adult dogs and the pup who loves to cuddle like it very much.

It allows the puppies to snuggle in 360-degree bolster comfort. The bagel dog bed is completely machine washable, and its inner round dog mat is easily removed and spot cleaned or tossed into the washing machine if required.

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3. ColorfulHouse Reversible Dog Bed

best bedding for newborn puppies
  • Both sides are useable by converting the sides.
  • Removable cover.
  • Oxford water-proof bed bottom to keep.
  • It is a dirt resistance and easy to clean do bed.
  • Features as vintage retro design that can keep small puppies confined.
  • Machine washable but do not dry in the machine.

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ColorfulHouse Reversible Dog Bed is a convertible product. You can use both sides; it’s an opportunity when feeling that one side is used enough or dirty; you can convert the side. It’s a product that you can surely serve you like the best bedding for newborn puppies.

Machine washable is a feature that we recommend most to look for in the bed for newborns. It featured the oxford bottom that is waterproof and does not stink. You can clean it once a day if you are not using a pad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Newspaper or Puppy Pads?

Yes, you can newspaper and puppy pads can be ideal bedding for newborns but keep in mind such arrangement deteriorated very quickly, and you might need to change it several times a day. Proper bedding made as the best bedding for puppies can keep them comfortable and do not need any frequent change or cleaning. Newspapers and pads usually accumulate bacteria when not cleaned or changed for a long time that can be challenging for your newborn puppy’s health.

Which type of bedding to avoid?

Wood shaving and straw as bedding is not recommended for newborn puppies. You may start using wood shavings once they grow older than 4 weeks but not earlier as it can also be stuck into their throats.


We outline in detail what newborn dogs need in bedding, and our listed products are best to use as best bedding for newborn puppies. You can use these beds for your newborn four-paw friend. We recommend most Old street Pet Bedding for Newborns because it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose one according to the litter size of your dog and can accommodate the puppies and their mother on the same bed.