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A Subaru Outback is the right option for a person with a complete family who loves dogs and found of trips. A lot of available space in the Subaru outback to adjust luggage and dogs make this vehicle a hot favorite among people who love to travel with family and four-legged companions.

During traveling with your dog in the Subaru Outback, you need to keep your dog separated from other passengers and to avoid distraction during the drive. A good Subaru outback dog barrier keeps your four paws passenger limited to his designated area to avoid distractions.

A dog barrier is the ultimate solution to deal with your dog’s distraction and keep him separate from other passengers. To save time and to make the selection process manageable. We review numerous dog barriers for Subaru outback and finally list the 5 best dog barriers for Subaru outback.

Best Dog Barrier for Subaru Outback

Due to the Subaru Outback’s large cargo compartment, your dog loves to travel in this vehicle. A large designated area means your dog gets more space to rest and crawl that makes him happy and keeps him excited on the trip. You can have multiple options, like you may designate a backseat to your dog and use a dog barrier for Subaru outback behind the front seat to stop distraction from your dog.

Secondly, you can place a dog barrier for Subaru outback behind the second row of seats and designate a full cargo compartment for your dog.

Dogs love to travel, and they enjoy their trips similar to humans so, make sure he can keep an eye on the drive and around.

Consider our dog car barrier buyers guide and FAQs to dig out what is important to consider while buying a dog car barrier. You might also like to read our recent review on the dog barking stoppers and ultrasonic dog deterrent available on a separate page.

The below listed five dog barriers selected after considering quality, customer reviews, and feasibility to adjust in the Subaru Outback; let’s move on to the list:

5 Best Subaru Outback Dog Barriers

We recommend buying a dog barrier for Subaru Outback that you can use in the front section and the cargo section.

A dog barrier that gives you the liberty to use it in either position. I prefer to buy a dog barrier that allows clear visibility, enables you to use the rearview mirror, you can keep an eye around, your dog can see you, and a barrier that can hold your excited dog in the designated area.

1. Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback

subaru outback dog barrier

It is a specially made product for the Subaru Outback by Travall, which works with all models from 2014 to most recent. It offers a snug and precise fit; you can imagine the compatibility of a product that is specially made for your vehicle Subaru Outback.

We believe that Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback is the best dog barrier for Subaru Outback, which is made to keep your dog, recreational item, sports gear, and other luggage limited to the cargo area. It is explicitly built for make and models to improve convenience by forming a barrier between your vehicle and passenger’s trunk area. Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback allow clear visibility and air to follow. Through this barrier, you can your four-legged friends can see each other, and you can offer treats to them.

It is easy to install and takes only 15 minutes, featured with a no-drill mounting system, not bending, no cutting, or any unique tool required. It fixed from side to side and reached the ceiling, coverall the opening space so even your smallest pet cannot make a way to the front seats. It’s a genuine recommendation from our side.

Durable Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback constructed with powder-coated steel, which makes it scratch resistant. It is made for daily use. Due to its style and construction, it comes as a part of the vehicle interior.


  • Made for Subaru Outback.
  • Snug and precision fit.
  • It keeps your dogs in the cargo area.
  • 15 minutes install time, made for daily use.

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2. Bushwhacker Cargo Area Barrier

subaru outback dog accessories

It is not a universal fit. But as per our experience, it’s the right device to fit behind front seats and in the cargo area to limit dogs in designated areas. Bushwhacker Cargo Area Barrier is made to withstand the pressure of most energetic and excited dogs. Its half-inch metal tubing structure helps to main the barrier shape and make the barrier sturdy in its position.

It can use for any pets; even a toy breed dog cannot squeeze over, under, and around.

It is made to attach with the headrests or baby seat brackets. It measures 47 inches in width and 21 inches in height and can be used either in the front section or in the cargo area. It is made to keep your pet safe and secure in the cargo; this rugged barrier keeps your pet limited to his designated area.

Built to last, it’s tear-resistant and scratch-proof; even your most energetic dog cannot damage it.


  • Made to last.
  • Steel and high-quality mesh fiber.
  • Allow clear visibility and flow of air.
  • Easy to fix with headrests.

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3. Jumbl Pet Barrier for Subaru Outback

subaru outback dog barrier

It is an innovative design with sliding sides. That can cover side to side, reach to the ceiling to prevent squeezing of your dog over, around and under. Jumbl Pet best dog barrier for Subaru Outback is adjustable in width with its sliding sides and height is flexible too with the straps to headrests.

It keeps your dog safe and secure in the cargo area or on the backs seat. Made for the cargo area, and it fits with headrests of seats.

A good device to use with front seats to keep the dog limited to back seats.

High-quality steel wire construction makes it durable, and powder coated color makes it a device near your interior. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so your investment will remain secure for life. It is easy to fit; no special tools are required to install.


  • Durable and stylish made with stainless steel.
  • Universal fit.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

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4. The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier

subaru outback pet barrier

This best dog barrier for Subaru Outback is a universal fit. This means you can use it with any vehicle out there which have a luggage compartment similar to Subaru Outback. Made to use in the cargo area, but as per our experience, its size and headrest adjustment are right enough to use with the front seats.

So, other than the luggage compartment, you can designate your backseat for your dog. You can use it with front seats if you are only human in the car with your four-legged companion.

No special installation is required to fix it; fix the straps with the headrest, and it firmly stands in its positions. Featured with a solid perimeter framework made of fiberglass rods to maintain its shape, you can disassemble this device to pack and store it.

It’s a durable and lightweight solution to deal with the most common problem.


  • Cover all open space.
  • Made from nylon, “honeycomb” mesh fabric.
  • Storage bag to keep it safe.
  • Solid perimeter framework made of fiber rods.
  • Easy to install.

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5. Walky Dog Adjustable Car Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

It is a universal fit designed to cover all space from side to side and adjustable in height; these features make it a perfect universal fit. This barrier makes its spot in our list of the 5 best dog barriers for Subaru Outback because of its adjustability and usability.

You can perfectly use it with the Subaru Outback, but it can be used with any vehicle out there for front seats or to separate cargo area passenger areas. Walky Dog Adjustable Car Barrier made with stainless steel and powder-coated, its look and style make it a part of the interior.

It works with adjustable headrest pols and not suitable for seats having seat belt box in the middle.


  • Adjustable in width and height.
  • Durable and stylish.
  • Universal fit.
  • Easy to install.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do dog barriers leave marks/scratches on the interior of Subaru Outback?

The quality Subaru outback dog barriers comes with smooth edges and proper fixation hooks and mechanism that allow to fix with ease and long term use do not effect interior of Subaru Outback.

Where can I buy subaru outback dog barrier?

When you are buying from physical store look for the above listed brands but while buying online, Amazon is a best place to buy a dog barrier.


All of the devices listed above are carefully selected and reviewed. From the list 5 Best dog barrier for Subaru Outback, our recommendation is Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback because it is a device that especially made for Subaru Outback and offer all the benefits that you are looking for.

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