8 Small Dog Breeds that are Ideal for Small Space

best dog breeds for small space

Taming a dog does not only demand enough time and resources. Thus, if you own a studio apartment or a comparatively small flat, you need to refrain from buying large dogs. Most dogs love playing around at home, and getting a friendly giant might make you and your doggo feel cramped.

Does that mean you do not get to tame a dog? Surely not! You can rather choose to get dogs that require minimal space so that the flat you live in is sufficient to accommodate your new friend. Of course, regardless of the size of your dog or home, make sure to take your pet out for walks frequently. Here are some of the best dog breeds for small spaces suited for smaller flats or houses.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers

With a height of 7 to 8 inches only and a mere weight of 7 pounds, Yorkshire Terrier with a taut body, beautiful silken coat of black, blue, or tan makes for nice pets in small spaces. They love sitting on cushions and laps are okay with being carried.

They are absolutely not wimpy dogs. Even with cute little dimensions, they build up excellent personalities. Small as they are, they are alert to the slightest movement around and can be wonderful watchdogs, vocally, obviously.

They provide a very loving company and are pretty cool with having small spaces to exercise and keep themselves agile.

2. Dachshund


Called doxie, hot dog, wiener dog, sausage dog, and whatnot, these small dogs are generally 5 to 9 inches in height and a maximum weight of 32 pounds. Dachshunds have a lowered but long body with small legs. They appear in various colors like chocolate, black and so on and so forth.

Each of the names pertains to a breed’s different physical appearance. They come both in standard as well as miniature sizes. Miniature ones are ideal for small spaces.

Cute as they are, they’re very sweet and affectionate with the owner, but they can be a little averse to strangers at first sight. Thus, these are sure to fit in small areas and do not demand much space.

3. Poodle


There are generally three categories of this breed. The standard ones are more or less large and heavier while the smaller and smaller varieties- toy and miniature are very apt for small spaces. 

The smaller varieties are famous for having long lives, which become very important for dedicated dog lovers.

They are also very brainy and have quintessential curled furry coats. However, loving as they are, they need to be constantly entertained by people.  These doggies do not need much space to spill out their excited energies.

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

These dogs are the most popular amongst small dog enthusiasts and are often represented as the poster boy of this kind. It is only expected that this breed originated only and only to give companionship to its owner.

They have a height of 9 to 11 inches and a weight of 9 to 16 pounds. They have very long, beautiful, silky flowing hair though it is sad many owners sometimes tend to prune them for hygiene and easier maintenance. They are nice-natured, alert, and carry a confident outlook, making them one of the best dog breeds for small space

They also have a trademark long double coat, which comes in black, white, and other interesting colors.

5. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

This spunky, tiny breed of dogs with characteristic bushy beards and eyebrows has a tough outlook. But, they also are very, very friendly! They can easily be recognized by their quintessential pattern of haircut which is a little bearded. 

They are extremely loyal and protective to their owners and the family.

They can be given strong training and they learn fast. They also are very alert and vocal watch dogs. They need regular walks and enough playtimes but can accommodate themselves in small spaces.

6. Chihuahua


Measuring only 5 to 8 inches in height and a maximum of 6 pounds, Chihuahuas, in all possibility have the tiniest dimensions amongst dogs. 

They are popularly seen amongst Hollywood celebs, being carried around but they have a very formidable personality, no matter how small they look.

They are very faithful and can act very affectionate but they also carry with them a lot of sass. Their relationship with their favourite human is inseparable with limitless love but they get estranged from anyone else.

Because they have a small size, they can manage without  a large space.

7. Pugs

These teddy-bear kinds of dogs, within 10 to 13 inches of height and 14 to 18 pounds in weight are very affectionate, loving and fond of humans. They were once royal pets and gave company to Tibetan monks

. They have extremely jovial souls and short legs with an obedient spirit which fits extremely well in small homes.

8. Pomeranian

Small dog breeds with long hair

These dogs have a funny cute appearance, looking somewhat in between a stuffed toy and a small animal. This is primarily because of their long, fluffy, furry coat. They tend to have sass and are often adorably bossy but they are also extremely alert dogs. They love their owners and are intensely faithful to them.

However, since they have a very strong and exciting spirit, training is recommended t. As they are small in size, a few play-hours along with walks around the neighborhood should suffice their exercise needs.

Get Your Pet Insured

While you can compromise on the space you provide your dog by getting appropriate breeds, remember not to compromise on their health. Thus, even if you have less space to offer in your house, make sure that you take your doggo out for regular walks and exercises. Additionally, you should also take care of their grooming, training, and also their diet.

Remember, you have to give your dog what it requires in terms of diet, exercise, and attention! Otherwise, your dog might end up suffering from diseases, loneliness or depression.

In order to ensure the best quality health for your dog, you should also get your pet insured. These insurances help in providing financial coverage for any accident or sudden illness of your pet. Thus, you can avoid spending all your resources on your dog’s health by getting it insured. You can look up the lemonade pet insurance policies as it is quite popular amongst dedicated dog parents.

While you choose a policy for your dog, make sure to read all the terms and conditions well.

In conclusion

There are a number of breeds that you can consider buying in case you have limited space at home. However, do not always go by the dog’s size, rather look into other characteristics to ensure that they really can accommodate in small areas.