An excited dog will be the last thing that you want to put in your vehicle for a long ride. Either you are pet accessible or not, but when you are driving with a dog in the car, can create a challenging and life-threatening situation for you as well for the dog. To deal with this problem, you need a dog barrier, and we prepare a list of 10 best dog car barriers to help you out.

A dog car barrier is an item that we don’t usually realize we are going to need as we are getting a dog; most of us consider it just a luxury item. But in reality, a dog barrier is a necessary item for an owner who frequently drives together with a dog. Other items can serve the purpose like dog travel crates, dog seat belts, dog car harness, and booster seats, but in actual they are not the same things. The advantage that your dog gets with the best dog car barrier is not possible with any other solution.

Doge also likes to explore more and want to travel with the owner, especially while driving down the road. The journey dog starts from the back seat, then meanders to the front seat with you, they wander to back and keep distracting you until you reach to your destination. It can be very dangerous for a driver as well as for other drivers on the road. Dogs don’t mean any harm when they are excited to be in the car with you. We recommend using a dog barrier for your vehicle. It will limit your dog to the designated/backseat area, and you can focus on driving.

Nowadays we have many distractions like smartphone, touch screens infotainment systems in the car either we use it to get directions, music, etc. These things grab our attention, and as a dog owner, you have another potential distraction that can be more dangerous as compared to others. Dogs can be best traveling companion and co-pilot, but for the safety sake, they should ride in the back and do not distract the driver while they are on the road.

According to statistics, 65% of drivers admit they have been distracted by dogs at least once while driving with dogs. Drivers use hands to stop and limit the dogs from further distraction, and this act can be dangerous because drivers use the same body part to control the vehicle. It is a reason every dog owner who drives with his four-legged friend need the best dog car barrier to restrict the dog when driving.

We consider more than 50 products for review and make a list of 10 best dog car barriers. These products are selected based on the material used to manufacture them, style, and durability as well as visible feedback from the genuine buyers. That helps you to find the best product. The auto pet barriers listed here not only restrict your dog to back seat. But also protect the interior of your car and allow you to see through, you can keep an eye around.

1. Bushwhacker Deluxe Dog Barrier

best dog barrier for truck

We are starting from the list with the most preferred and highly rated Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier. Featuring scratch-resistant that restrict your dog to back seat without preventing airflow around your vehicle. The tough mesh of this best dog car barrier is reinforced with the lightweight metal tubing that makes it easy to carry and fix as well as hold the barrier device firmly in the right place.

It made to attach with the headrest of front seats and seatbelt mount or frame. Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier is available in two variant the large on 56” in length is best suited for full-size trucks, sedans, and SUV’s. While the small version is 50” long best for small cars. We found that even most excited dogs cannot make their way to the front seat through Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier. It is a perfect device to keep your dog limited to the back seat, where he stays safe and you can ride without worrying about your dog. It’s design, style, and material make it virtually indestructible from your energetic pet.


  • Tough Scratch-resistant mesh
  • Featuring durable mesh design
  • Limit dogs to the restricted area, dogs cannot make their way to the front seat.
  • Mesh allows air to keep circulating
  • Metal tubing barrier keeps it firmly on the place
  • 56” model best suitable for large vehicles
  • 50” model is also available your drive something smaller  

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2. Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier

Dog Barrier for SUV's, Cars & Vehicles, Heavy-Duty - Adjustable Pet Barrier, Universal Fit

It is a product for you if you are really worried about the size of your vehicle and not sure about it, or you need to use the auto pet barrier in a different vehicles. Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier is a right answer to a major conundrum that dog owners face daily. It is fully adjustable, and you can fix it in any vehicle either a large truck, SUV or a smaller car.

Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier ensures a pleasant and safe ride for dog owners while keeping the dog safe in a specific area. This auto pet barrier made with the high-quality steel wires which are durable enough to restrict and your dog, and an energetic pet cannot damage the color and material. It is made to fit for almost every car out there.

Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier made with three panels, the main larger panel located in the middle and two fully adjustable sides. The side panels are adjustable to fulfill the promise of being a universal fit. Users of Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier everywhere are sure to get the real value of their money
Jumbl Pet Dog Car Barrier comes with a satisfaction guarantee, you can ask for the refund if you are not satisfied with the product, and Jumbl pet also offers a lifetime warranty that keeps your investment secure.


  • Designed to fit every vehicle out there
  • Side panels are fully adjustable
  • No tools are required to make adjustments
  • Panels made with high-quality steel wire
  • It allows air to follow and complete see-through model
  • An appealing design

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3. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier

Vehicle pet barrier

The next in our list is a strong dog barrier for trucks, cars, and SUV’s made with powder-coated steel. It features a telescopic design which is fully adjustable to fit any vehicle with just a few adjustments. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier is easy to store and carry when not in use and can be used in any portion of the vehicle; its telescope adjustment is strong enough to limit the dog in a specific area. Moreover, it is a design that you will like most.

It’s quick and easy no tools required for assembly and adjustment, basically made to adjust with the headrest of the front seat. If you love to keep your dog with you in your truck then surely this device is for you. For smaller and toy breeds who can slip from the wires, Walky Guard offers an optional mesh to cover the bars. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier made with all races in mind.

Walky Guard manufactured it with the durable steel that is sturdy enough to stand up to dogs of any size. It will not add any significant weight on your car because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Genuine buyers express their view that it’s easy to assemble and its clever installation system speared the weight evenly between two headrests of front seats.

Just like other traditional pet barriers, it wouldn’t leave any mark in your car because it did not use any spring to hold on. So, it’s safe for the interior of your car and will not leave any mark on either side. Just loosing and tightening of nobs do the required job. Parts are also available of this Dog barrier for truck, in case you need to repair you can buy a specific part instead of the whole device.


  • Highly adjustable dog guard
  • Constructed with powder-coated steel bars
  • Can be used in any vehicle
  • Easy to install, the installation method prevents the barrier from leaving marks
  • Optimal mesh attachment, for smaller dogs
  • Will not add weight to your vehicle

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4. MidWest Wire Mesh Dog Car Barrier

Pet barrier for suv reviews

The quality and usage of this backseat barrier for pets have impressed us. It is a perfect model to keep your dog limited to the trunk area. MidWest Best Wire Mesh Dog Car Barrier is perfectly designed to fit in the trunk area without any support of headrest. It can be used in the front portion, and if you own a hatchback, Van or SUV, then this simple but effective and stable wire mesh design will act as a strong barrier between passengers and dogs.

MidWest Best Wire Mesh Dog Car Barrier made with the heavy-duty tubular steel that is durable enough to restrict your energetic dog. While the mesh made from durable thick steel wire. Its e-coated cuts glare finish provides safety and easy visibility while driving. MidWest Best Wire Mesh Dog Car Barrier is adjustable from 31 inches to 70 inches in width that means it can easily fit in any vehicle, with the adjustable height from 30 to 50 inches.

So, the flexible fit of this Backseat barrier for pets makes it easy to install and remove. To fix it, adjust the width and height of the area so it can wedged against the floor and roof of your vehicle.


  • Compatible with SUV’s, hatchbacks, and vans
  • Easy to install at back seats and trunk area
  • Adjustable width from 31 to 70 inches
  • Adjustable height from 31 inches to 50
  • Heavy-duty tubular steel bars and thick wire mesh
  • Fits securely

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5. High Road Dog Car Barrier

Mesh vehicle pet barrier

This mesh vehicle pet barrier makes a spot in our list because of its compact and functional mesh frame design. It only blocks the wide-area between two seats which a dog used to jump into the front seat. The frame design of the High Road Dog Car Barrier improves visibility by only blocking a particular space (space between two front seats). The side of the seats left free that help you see around what is happening and provide more for air to flow freely. Usually, dogs use the space between two seats to squeeze through and when and this barrier block that space and rest of space on the side is too narrow for most of medium and large dogs to squeeze through.

We believe that extra visibility is also great for four-legged passengers. High Road Dog Car Barrier’s clever design allows pets to enjoy the drive. Mesh vehicle pet barrier is featured with the sturdy top panel that won’t fold with energetic and excitable paws. Its durable steel frame with protective foam bumpers made to last longer and to provide support the mesh needs to stay on position.

High Road Dog Car Barrier makes it scratch resistance so paws and any effort of dogs to squeeze through will not damage it. It can be positioned at the various heights, it uses headrests to stay form, and you can adjust the height with the same mechanism by using its adjustable straps. It will just take second to adjust, no special assembly or tools required.

It’s made to keep medium and large size dogs secured in the back of your vehicle; it is 37” high and 32.5” wide. The only drawback that we figure out is, “small dogs can pass through the sides.”


  • Functional and compact mesh design for medium and large size dogs
  • Allow easy visibility, fits between two front seats
  • Featured with foam coated steel frame
  • Easy to attach with adjustable straps to front headrests
  • Scratch and chew resistant
  • Height is easy to adjust

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6. Petego Car Barriers for Pets

Backseat barriers for pet

Another durable and robust dog gate for cars that grab our attention and make a spot in our list is Petego Car Barriers for Pets. It’s a universal vehicle pet barrier that can easily be fitted into front seat headrests, with its sturdy design it makes a firm boundary to restrict the dog in designated area.

Dogs want the same driving experience that we, this vehicle pet barrier allow them to keep an eye on the owner and drive. It also allows clear visibility for owners to keep an eye around and interact with the dog. It wouldn’t limit the fun but the squeezing of the dog into the front seat.

It is built with the steel tubing and equipped with the solidly built clumps for secure attachment. It is featured with glare-free black coating to improve visibility. Bars of Petego Car Barriers for Pets are strong enough to hold the energetic and excited dog. We found that it’s able to stand against almost any size dog.
It offers quick and easy installation without any additional equipment. The only drawback that we notice is it’s not suitable for cars where headrests are not vertically adjustable. Manufacturer particularly states not to use for Volvo cars.


  • A universal pet barrier that can be used in any car out there except Volvo
  • Easy to adjust with front-seat headrests
  • Act as strong boundary between front and back section of the car
  • Comes with adjustable clamps
  • Black coated do not restrict visibility
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

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7. Zookeeper Car Pet Barrier

Net barrier for dogs

In the first look, it is an unusually designed vehicle pet barrier. Zookeeper Car Pet Barrier works with a series of cords that are strong and durable enough to hold and bear the excitement of your massive size dog, straps/ties wrap around your car’s front seat headrest. The good thing is you can move seats freely without removing vehicle pet barrier the device.

Zookeeper Car Pet Barrier is engineered in a way to be fitted to almost any car out there. The dog will not find a way to squeeze through, as it covers all the possibilities. Its subtle and black coated steel frame allows you to see around and interact with your dog. It easy to install, and you won’t need any tool to fix it in your vehicle. Made in the USA and comes with the satisfaction guarantee.

Zookeeper Car Pet Barrier is 28.75” high, and its width is adjustable from 42” to 61” that makes it portable and versatile. It is a barrier that tilt, slides, and reclines for ultimate convenience. It is the right product for this job and can be used for any size of dogs.


  • Black coated steel barrier
  • With a system of cords, installation is easy
  • Perfect device to limit dog only to back seat
  • Its installation won’t halt reclining and moving feature of front seats
  • Can fit in any car
  • No tools required for installation

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8. PetSafe Tubular Car Pet Barrier

Dog car barrier diy

If you are looking for pet barrier for SUV review, then our listing of PetSafe Solvit Tubular Car Pet Barrier is a one for you. It is made to stay sturdy without the support of car headrests, but headrests can be used for support. With its fixation system, it can firmly hold the dog in the restricted area.

PetSafe Solvit Tubular Car Pet Barrier makes driver able to focus on the road while keeping the dog in the contained area. It is adjustable on both side like 32 to 49 in the highest and 33 to 57 in width. Its adjustability makes it virtually possible to fit in any vehicle out there. We like it most as a pet barrier for SUV as it is made to serve in large and comprehensive vehicles.

PetSafe Solvit Tubular Car Pet Barrier featured with the quick connect that makes installation easy, even you can remove the horizontal bars to access the dog and cargo area in your vehicle. It weighs only 9lbs and comes with the rubberized top and bottom caps to prevent slippage on both sides.


  • Durable Pet barrier for SUV and other cars
  • Capable to keep energetic pets contained
  • Highly adjustable on both sides
  • Can be fitted in any vehicle in any section
  • A simple system to assemble
  • Rubberized caps protect the vehicle interior from marks
  • Removable horizontal bars

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9. Reese Explore Auto Pet Barrier

Auto pet barrier

We include it in our list because it is made for large vehicles and can be used in any section either in the front section or at the back in the cargo area. Reese Explore Adjustable Auto Pet Barrier can expand to 45 inches height that is more than enough for large vehicles, and its maximum width is 65 inches.

It is featured with the padded braces on both sides and will not damage the interior of the vehicle. These padded braces reduce noise and grip sturdy during use. It is a multi-purpose Dog car barrier diy, that can be used to separate the cargo area and behind the front seats of cars.

The installation of Reese Explore Adjustable Auto Pet Barrier in cargo and front section will separate passengers from the dog. Back view mirror of the vehicle remains fully functional because it is designed with the strategically placed bars. It is a budget-friendly option, that doesn’t allow your dog to squeeze through.


  • Barrier suitable for large vehicles
  • Adjustable Dog car barrier diy
  • Padded braces on top and bottom to prevent mark
  • Offer reduced rattling while driving
  • Perfect to install between cargo and seat area
  • For large and medium-sized dogs of all races

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10. Bushwhacker Cargo Area Barrier

Pet barrier for car

It can be an excellent alternative to wired dog barrier; many dog owners do not like the wired auto pet barrier because they want to avoid contact with the excited dog. Bushwhacker Cargo Area Dog Barrier is a net barrier for dogs, that is made explicitly for cargo area.

This product can withstand the pressure of persistent dog. The tear and scratch resistance screen leaves no space for the dog wiggle through while the vehicle is on the move. An array of features ensures a secure and safe journey and also keep a pet safe and unharmed.

Mesh with metal piping make Bushwhacker Cargo Area Dog Barrier sturdy enough to hold everything in place. Made for all size of dogs, and if assembled correctly, it can be a fortress. There are not bar and pips to adjust with this Net barrier for dogs use the straps to fix it. It is 47” wide and 21” high size make it an exact barrier to use in the cargo and trunk section, and its style makes it part of your vehicle interior.


  • Quite easy to fix
  • Tear and scratch-resistant
  • Featured with lightweight metal tubing frame
  • Sturdy enough to hold the most excited dog
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Allow air to flow around
  • Fits accurately leave no gaps for mishaps
  • The attachment system is made to work with headrests
  • A good and safe option against wire barriers

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Best Dog Car Barrier Buyer’s Guide

Time needed: 2 minutes.

There are some specific things that you must value when buying a car barrier, here we discuss that all in detail.

  1. Universal Fit

    It is an essential feature to look for; there are dog car barriers that made for a specific vehicle; such devices will limit the usage. You are going to spend good money so prefer to buy universal fit that you can use in any car. A universal fit makes you able to take your pup in nay car; such devices can e expanded and on all sides and provide maximum safety.

  2. Headrest and seat protection

    You are buying a safety device for your both but make it sure that should not damage seats of your car as well as headrests. You need a product with the smooth edges and no open piece that can make its way through to your interior. All of the quality devices listed above are carefully selected to keep the interior of your vehicle protected.

  3. Scratch and tear resistance

    No matter what type of barrier you are buying, you need to keep in mind. Dogs in the cars become excited, and they will try to tear off everything that blocks them. The same can happen with the do car barrier if you choose a cheap and poor-quality product. Due to this reason, we recommend selecting an only quality product that comes with the feature of tear and scratch resistance. Especially when you start using the barrier, your dog tries to test its strength and make every possible try to wipe it out from his way. A quality product can bear such pressure and withstand against large breed dogs.

  4. Location of use inside the vehicle is important

    It is essential that where you have to use the dog car barrier, like if you need it to install in the front portion behind the car seats, then you can look for smart options too. But when there is need to fix it in the cargo area of an SUV or VAN, then you need to invest in a different product. In such a vehicle, you need to block all of the space above the back seat and need a barrier that can block the open space. Such barriers are different from the smart barrier that only can be used in the front section. Even some of the universals barrier is not suitable to use in the cargo area. So, pay close attention and before buying figure it out where you can use it.

  5. Soft vs hard / Bars vs Mesh

    When buying a dog car barrier, you will have two options, the very first and basic on mesh auto pet barrier, and the second one is wired or bars pet barrier. We notice that mesh pet barrier easily blends into the interior of your car, offer improved visibility and allow air to flow around and the most important thing is, it’s soft, but dogs cannot damage it. But powerful dogs may destroy it with their paws and mouth. The second option is a hard barrier which is usually made with the steel tubular and thick wires. These are sturdy enough to hold against pressure of large size dogs, paws and chewing of a dog cannot damage steel material. In case you have a large breed dog you must go for steel dog pet barrier for cars.

Best Dog Car Barrier FAQ

What is a dog Car Barrier and how it works?

It is made with mesh frame, series of wires or bars, and a simple device to keep your dog off of the front seat. A dog car barrier is a device that restricts your dog movement only to the designated area. It works in the hammock style and allows the pet to stay freely in a limited space. It confined your dog only a place that you decide, usually back seat of the car.

This device connects to the headrests of the front seat with the straps and adjustable, and most of dog car barriers are adjustable on both sides. It does not allow the pet to jump on the front seat. Universal options are also available; you can buy one that can fit any vehicle. So, make the right decision and purchase a quality dog car barrier, and it will serve you for many of the coming years.

It is a device that helps you to keep your dog where they should be to avoid any distractions while driving. They either attached to anchoring points or wedged in place.

Who should buy a car barrier?

If you ever experience a sudden dog jump into the front seat while driving then precisely, you can understand why dog owners need a car barrier for an on-road and off-road drive. If you are not using any other device to limit your dog to the designated area, then definitely you need a best dog car barrier.

Even a well-trained and well-behaved dog become excited in the car and keep the distracting driver, in such an auto pet barrier will take away the further need for training. Barrier will limit the dog in the designated area, and you can concentrate on the driving. In simple word, you won’t have to fight with him in that case actively, he will keep one of your hand busy.

The barrier is necessary to stop struggle you make to avoid annoyance; it’s required for the safety of you both. You need to stay active to deal with the surprise on the road, but distraction will keep you busy, and you may remain to fail in responding effectively to any sudden happening on the road.

You are rustling with your four-legged friend while driving is not safe for anyone. Avoiding it is preferable before it happens, it can ensure the safety of both.

How do I know the size that fits into my vehicle?

Most dog car barriers are universal options, so you do not need to worry for the size of the area where you need to install it, you can adjust the height and width as per your requirement. They are adjustable to fit in any vehicle out there like:


Good to use with all above-listed types of cars but not with the soft-top convertible vehicles. Because the profile of these vehicles is too low to accommodate these universal barriers, and it will be an excellent protective device to use in such cars. Even these are fully adjustable on all sides, but you should measure the section where you have to fix it to become sure that you are buying the right product.

Some of the barriers are not adjustable, made for a specific vehicle, and if you are buying any of such options, then surely you will need to measure the vehicle properly. Dog car barriers made for the particular vehicle are listed with the list of supported cars, so be careful with your selection.

Should I buy a heavy-duty car barrier?

It depends upon how well behaved do you have, like if you have a well-trained and well-behaved dog, then he does not need a strong barrier he needs a sign to stay confined. In such a case, a mesh and tubular frame barrier is a perfect choice.

But if you have a dog that is energetic and not well trained, then you must go for a heavy-duty barrier that can bear the pressure of your dog and can restrict him in his area. Smaller breeds usually do not jump over the barrier and or from any other place. So, if you have a puppy of a toy breed, then you can buy a small best dog barrier made with the beautiful mesh to limit the area of your dog.

We recommend to buy a robust, heavy-duty dog car barrier the reason is, it is a one-time purchase that will serve you for life, and an excellent product can be used in different cars and for different dogs. Accidents can happen, and only a durable device can protect you and ensure safety.

If you do not have any control over your large pup, then it is advised to use a dog seat belt along with a barrier to keep the animal restricted. When you are on long drives, make sure your dog gets enough space in the car to crawl and rest.

Can these barriers be used in a mobile home or an RV

The clear answer is not; space in these vehicles are too large fil for a barrier. You need to understand that the space between the driver seat and rest vehicle is too large. These barriers cannot be used in such vehicles. You should use other ways to restrict your dog like a seatbelt, or a car harness can be a useful option. Most of the dog owners depend on traveling crates because that is a reliable solution and keep dogs comfortable as well as owners.

Will Barriers leave marks on the interior of my vehicle?

If you buy a barrier that wedged into the place between your car’s floor and ceiling then yes, they can leave marks. To avoid marks and limit the possibilities of stamps you need to buy one with the rubberized wedges with cups and caps, these are the dog car barriers designed to minimize the marks.

Can I use auto pet barrier with a vehicle having a panoramic sunroof?

Yes, you can. However, you need to purchase a dog car barrier that can fix with the headrests of the front seat without wedges. Such versions included in your list. Non-specific can put pressure on the sunroof, so you need to choose only specific ones. Wedged dog car barriers can leave a mark on the sunroof, so avoid using any such device.

Do dog car barriers pose a safety hazard?

It is a very controversial question because many pet lovers think that it is a safety hazed for dogs. But in reality, the best dog car barrier prevents safety hazards. Distraction from a dog is the most dangerous thing to respond when you are on the road, and some surprise hit you on the way. Dogs are always excited for the road tripe but allowing them to move freely in the vehicle can be a severe challenge and safety problem.

Your dog loves you and wants to stay near you even on your seat while you are driving and he will try to be there. A barrier is not helpful in whining but is useful for dogs to understand that he should not be in the lap when you are driving. It also acts as a safety device in an accident; it can be safe from a projectile and your dog from being thrown from the car.

While installing the dog car barrier, make it sure device should not block the back-view mirror, especially when using a thick mesh or a full-frame barrier.


We recommend Bushwhacker’s deluxe model as the best dog car barrier. The mesh with the aesthetics and improved visibility along with metal tubing make it a sturdy and durable option that is genuinely safe for both worlds.

Its’s assembly is easy and no unique tool required for the job, it’s easy to install in the vehicle. Straps are used to fix with the headrests, and additional straps also come with it that can be attached to seatbelt mount or car seat frame. It is designed to stay firm, provide security, and make it sure that your dog won’t be able to squeeze through to the front seat. Bushwhacker’s deluxe model is lightweight and won’t add any significant weight to your vehicle and fully washable. It can stand up to the assault of any energetic large breed dog.

It will not block the visibility of the rearview mirror; you can use that usually and allow air to flow around. The most important thing is you can see around through the mesh and can interact with your dog.

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