Best Dog Collars For Labs in 2020

There is a variety of labs collar style sand designs which makes selecting a right collar for pooch hard for a pet owner. Best Dog Collars for Labs are those that provide all the benefits and comfort that your four-legged friend deserve. The average neck size of the labs are 18 to 24 inches, with a maximum weight of 80 lb. When you become specific with the neck size and style, your selection will become easy. You can add another filter which makes the selection easier like look for collars which are wider than 1 inch, that will not choke hard when your dog pulls.

Here in this article we enlist collars for labs we select based on material, manufacturing, color and style, durability and last but not least the reviews from genuine customers.  

1. Diezel Pet Products Military Style Dog Collar With Control Handle

The extra bright color of this Diezel Pet Product makes your furry friend more attractive. It is a 2 inches wide collar with the control handle. In the emergency situation it will become easy to limit your dog with the grip on the control handle. They made it two inches wide, especially for large breeds and to fit from 16 to 25 inches of neck size. Your search for best dog collars for labs will end here on this ultimate product.

They use military grade thick nylon webbing in construction and a strong load bearing stainless steel buckle to make it durable and strong enough to withstand when your dog pulls.

For the safety of your dog, they stitch the collar with the reflective threads and two finger release tactical style buckle make it easy to wear on and off. The USA map on the collar is removable and a built-in ID attachment point provided to attach your ownership detail.

Best for walking, running, working dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs as well as for training, it is a all weather and everyday wear product.  They test both buckle and nylon for a 2000lb break strength. 

Diezel Pet Products Military Style Dog Collar With Control Handle

Key Highlights 

    • Hot pink colors
    • 2 inches wide
    • Suitable for labs
    • Made with military grade material
    • Load bearing tactical buckle
    • Include a removable USA map
    • Thick nylon webbing
    • 7 other colors available

2. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

What we loved most in this collar is Riveted Strap Ends with Rugged Construction. Especially handstitched reverted strap ends mean a strong and durable collar which will withstand for many of coming years. 100 percent full genuine leather and quality hardware makes it a logical choice for your four-legged friend. It is easy to clean and all-weather collar.

Soft pad inside the collar keeps your dog comfortable in breathing when he pulls, they test the collar and hardware for the 2000 lb. braking pressure that means it is a quality which you are looking for.

Your investment remains secure for many of coming years as this product comes with the lifetime guarantee.

This is a collar for most active dogs you can use it for all purposes; It comes with the built-in ID strap.

It is a pure leather product they use no other material in the strap; a wide selection of colors is available you can customize it as per your choice or to match with the leash of your dog. We test it for color bleeding and find that its colors and durable it wouldn’t bleed color. From small to large dogs all sizes are available to measure your dog’s neck before buying one.

Key Highlights 

    • Made with Genuine leather
    • 1 3/8 inches wide
    • 3/8 inches thick
    • Beautiful and comfortable with easy care
    • Heavy duty metal and D- Ring
    • 5-Sizes, 11-colors
    • Lifetime Guarantee

3. Signature K9 Adjustable Nylon ID Collar

It comes into two colors;The total length of this collar is 26 inches, which is a perfect choice for the labs. Type 13 nylon webbing strengthens it and make it comfortable enough for your pooch. They use military grade hardware for buckle and v-ring. Its Velcro backed panel for easy ID warning will keep you worry free.

Provide clear identification; it is best for training and service dogs and for walking and running and daily use. The other most looked feature is it purely made in USA as all the materials of this collar is made in USA.

It is lightweight and very strong, padded to provide comfort to your dog when he pulls and even your dog will not feel a rubbing at his neck. The length of the collar is easily adjustable, as per our findings it service life is 7 years.

This is the product with the highest rating from the original buyers as you can see in the picture no competitor is offering this level of quality in nylon collars with padding. It will be a perfect gift for your four-legged friend and over the serving years of this collar you can use it for different pets.

Signature K9 Adjustable Nylon ID Collar

Key Highlights 

    • Military Grade collar
    • Provide clear identification
    • Type 13 nylon webbing
    • Handcrafted in USA
    • Lightweight, string and heavy duty hardware

4. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

This is a quality product for your lab it is available in four different sizes and maximum it can fit to 24 inches neck size that make it a good choice for labs.

Well, if you are looking for a high-quality leather product then this is a right one, these real leather collars are made with the genuine leather and quality hardware, in actual they are made to last.

It is a pet friendly product as not harsh chemical or dyes are used, it is naturally tanned leather.  

Sheep skin is used for leather padding which provide all the comfort to your dog which ne needed, it is an all-weather color and withstand years of weather experiment.

D-Ring on the top side makes the leash attachment easy, it comes with ta separate place for ID tags.

You can see in the picture it is hand stitched and how fine it is, durable threads are used in stitching and its USA craftmanship.  Due to its quality material and construction manufacturer “Soft Touch Collars” providing lifetime guarantee of this collar.  

Key Highlights 

    • Two toned leather
    • Sealed edges
    • Solid Bras hardware
    • 4-sizes, 6-colors
    • Built-in D-Ring
    • Lifetime guarantee

5. GoTags Dog Collar with Slide-on Dog Tag, Durable Nylon Dog Collar

These are the highly customizable everyday wearing colors even you can use these collars with other electric collars.

These are stylish and durable labs collars, you can personalize the id tag with your favorite color and even can match it with the leash, a matching and contrast with your dog’s color is also possible.

High quality nylon and thick webbing make it enough durable to stand for years, a perfect value for money. GOTAGS perfectly match the collar size to a suitable tag to make it more attractive.

All collars come with the four holes which make these adjustable enough but measure the neck of your dog will help you get more suitable collar. While wearing this collar, your dog can walk around and there is not need to worry about his return. Moreover, it’s easy to wash and clean and dry in a matter of minutes when you get wet. it you want a personalized collar for your dog then this is a best option in the market.

GoTags Dog Collar with Slide-on Dog Tag, Durable Nylon Dog Collar

Key Highlights 

    • Pet tags and collar combo
    • No hanging ID tags
    • 10-sizes, multiple colors
    • High quality nylon webbing


Availability of a large number with a different style and designs may confuse you but when you are looking collars for the labs, you need to set some specific criteria.

Either you buy a nylon or leather collar consider buying one with padding and it must be over one-inch side. The maximum neck size in labs is 24 inches so you prefer to buy a collar with the maximum strap length of 26 inches, it will be lightweight for your furry friend. Labs are most active dogs so prefer to buy a quality product for them, which can serve them for a reasonable time. Here we try to help you in finding Best Dog Collars For Labs, if you still have any question then please ask us in comments.

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