3 Best Dog Dematting Tools of 2022

Best dog dematting tools

Sheepdogs are a laughing stock for the pet owner. Are these the same dogs who are kept for tendering sheep? No, we are alluding to the sheep-like dogs, and an adorable domestic dog becomes a sheepdog when it is not groomed for the time being. Whatever you call it. Either the owner’s lethargy or the wrong resource. The matting and knots on a dog’s fur raise the eyebrows and are painful for the dog. The best dog dematting tools are the necessity here.

The dog’s fur consists of ever-growing hair fibers, and this growth is a sign of wholesome health. Nevertheless, just like any other life goods, dog hair also needs regular trimming, and your fingers might caress the thick fur but can help in dematting the matted knots.

You can smoothen the tangled hair with a nifty stroke of the dog dematting tools. Here are our recommendations:

3 Best Dog Dematting Tools

  1. RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs
  2. FURminator Adjustable Dematting Tool for Dogs
  3. Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool

We recently wrote a blog post on dog brushes and also reviewed dog grooming shears and thinning shears that needed to groom a dog at home, available on a separate page.

What Are Dog Dematting Tools

As the name speaks of itself, dog dematting tools are the instruments to strengthen your dog’s rough brown hair. Technically, any equipment used for this very purpose could be placed in the dog dematting tools bracket, but we have three main tools for untangling dog puzzles in the market.

  • Comb The comb has been a primitive tool for dematting. The comb is simple to operate and needs the fingers’ diligence to unknot the knots. This tool helps entertain basic or daily grooming.
  • Brush The second famous dog dematting tool is a brush. There are a variety of brushes available on the market with varying features. Features aside, the dog brush’s very purpose is to remove the painful knots from the dog’s fur.
  • Rack — A rack is an advanced tool with shorter or longer pointed teeth. The iron or steel teeth successfully accumulated the fallen hair and straightens the hair Rack’s toughest is a recommended tool to be used in undercoat or long hair types as Afghan Hound.

Well, if you consider all of these, you may not decide to get the best dog dematting tool, so we suggest you consider the products that we review and listed below.

But Why the Grooming?

A dog’s hair needs proper maintenance to be in shape and vigor. Meanwhile, the following complications could arise if your dog is not properly trimmed using a quality dematting tool.

Your dog would not be a pleasing-dog at all

The unkempt dog is not alluring. The sham condition speaks volumes of the pet owner’s negligence and debilitating condition of the dog.

The sheep looking dog would be a stigma for the pet owner.

The mat of the dog is a petri dish of infestation

Tangles and knots at the dog’s fur are hotspots of dirt and dust. If untreated for too long, the nets become overwhelmed with noxious elements.

At the same time, the same hazardous components pose a lurking health threat to the dog.

Fur tangles are painful for the dog

The mats and knots among the delicate hair are a significant cause of concern for the dog. The knots are also painful and send excruciating vibes with every touch.

A decent pet owner cannot see his fur baby in the throes of spasms.

Untreated fur is not a fertile one

Indeed, if the dog’s fur is not properly groomed, the fallen hair, dirt, dust, and tangles; all spell a gloomy sketch for future hair growth.

If left untreated for longer spells, the follicles get log-jammed, and your dog becomes a nude allergy-stricken pet.

Where Dematting Occurs Most of Times

Although excellent head-to-toe dematting is recommended, still some delicate areas need proper trimming. Negligence may cause severe troubles for the well-being of the dog. These body parts are prone to make tangles and require regular spells of rejuvenation.

  • Collar and surrounding areas.
  • Under the armpits.
  • Back of the air.
  • Hip, because of frequent sitting on the torso. 

Besides, some dog activities also cause matting problems such as;

  • Swimming
  • Frequent rubbing the fur by paws.
  • Rolling into the mud.

When you own a long fur dog you will in need of a best dog dematting tool after above mentioned activities.

Features to Consider in a Dematting Tool

Not all dematting tools are the same; sans research, a dematting tool can become a reason for dismay for you. It would help if you looked into some of the universal vital features before buying a dematting tool. After a rigorous search, we extracted the key elements for you, encompassing nine hours of browsing and scrolling.

Handy to Use

Ergonomic design is a prerequisite for an excellent dematting tool. The design flaw can hurt the dog’s delicate skin and the operator’s fingers.

Customer care companies always design their products after thorough research and empirical evidence. 

Razor Sharp

Another critical feature of a dainty dematting tool is swiftness and sharpness. A blunt dematting instrument is of no good and causes extreme pain to the pet.

A variety of blades are available in the market, and you may pick any of these, although steel blades are in demand owing to flexibility and swiftness.

Customized Tool for a Personalized Pet

Not all dog breeds are equal, and as per the research of the National Kennel Foundation, “there are around 339 dog breeds of late.” The fur type also varies from dog to dog, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for dematting.

You need to evaluate the tool against your dog’s requirements. A buyer deems well what suits his dog better than we researchers. Listen to your heart, please.

Buy a Durable Product Once and for All

Buying, again and again, substandard products is in no way a good idea. Instead, it would help if you went for a reliable, although somewhat expensive, product.

The small investment may seem more massive initially, but the investment proves cost and time-efficient in the long run.

Flexible Threads

Dematting is not meant for torturing the dog. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, one of the top traumatic phases of a dog’s life is grooming. A blunt or hard tool may bruise the dog’s skin; wear and tear can cause open wounds that might prove fatal for the dog.

We hope that you must have understood the key features of every contemporary dog dematting product. To ease the buying dematting tool, we have also picked the top three dog dematting tools to facilitate your time and cost. We believe that the best dog dematting tool manufacturer keeps the threads flexible.

The tools are organized in descending order, So the very first in our classical list is RUBOLD dematting tool for dogs.

1. RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs

Key Features

  • Feeble, fallen hair accumulator – RUBOLD dog dematting tool collects weak and fallen hair single-handedly and ensures the home from scattered hair.
  • Universal undercoat rake – The dematting device is successfully tested on up to more than 50 breeds and is recommended to be applied to long and short undercoat hair.
  • Rounded stainless steel teeth – The tool has stainless steel and a rounded tool to thwart any possible chance of scratch and bruise.

If you are fed up with the biting of numerous dematting tools for different dog breeds, professional pet groomers often go through this dilemma; then, you need not worry more. RUBOLD dog dematting tool could be the best choice for you.

The reason for placing the RUBOLD dematting tool in the first place is not unfounded. The RUBOLD dematting tool is viable for smoothing the rough and tough hair types. The RUBOLD tool is durable and universal. The device could be applied to all fur hair types. Besides, RUBOLD dematting tool is durable and safer to use.

It is one of the best best dog dematting tool.


  • The strong-fitted flexible teeth of RUBOLD untangles the most formidable knots in one go.
  • A quick dematting exercise brings out the inner beauty of your pet.
  • The same tool can be applied for detangling, de-shedding, and dematting.


  • The dematting tool does not give the same sound effects to the curly hair type.

2. FURminator Adjustable Dematting Tool for Dogs

Key Features

  • Adjustable dematting tool – Furminator dematting tool is a flexible tool to untangle the deep and challenging knots.
  • A non-slip handle – The tool is equipped with a state-of-the-art non-slip grip to avoid there is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.
  • Curved cutting edges It has curved cutting blade edges to save the tender skin from cuts and bruises.

Dematting is not always free of accidents, and the little accidents might prove hazardous for the little soul. Furminator has resolved this issue by providing its dematting tool with curved cutting edges and a non-slip handle. The device comes up with an adjustable design to detangle the fur deeper and thicker.

The scratch-resistant and 100%/collection have helped the Furminator to grab the second position in this dog-eating-dog competition.


  • The scratch-resistant edges save the dog from injury.
  • The button helps in adjusting the tool to all the fur types, whether thick or thin.
  • The easy-slide tab technology helps in keeping the blades firm and hard.


  • The Furminator dematting tool does not work on wet hair.

The third product on our list is the Poodle Pet dematting tool. The following are the features that help perch Poodle Pets in third place in the world of dematting tools.

3. Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool

Best dog dematting tools

Key Features

  • Recommended for long hair – Poodle Pet dematting tool is the best choice for smoothing the long fur hair.
  • Pain-free grooming – The flexible stainless steel bristles help in dematting fur hair in the best possible secure way.
  • A hanging hole – it comes up with a hole in the handle. This helps in securing the tool when not in use.

In this busy life, there are plenty of chores to do and errands to run. We acknowledge the precious moments you take out to groom your dog. But why give a lot of time if you can do the same within five minutes.

We are not sure about the other dematting tools, but, yes, the Poodle Pet can accomplish this challenging task within five minutes owing to its 2.5 inches flexible bristles.

Poodle pets best dog dematting tool is also easy to use and place.


  • It is durable owing to the combined strength of rubber and steel.
  • The 2.5 inches long bristles can easily groom extra-long fur hair.
  • The tool is user-compatible. You may use it wherever and whenever you want.


  •  The 3.5 inches long bristles may not clear the curvy hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am afraid of the slippage during the dematting; last year, one of my pet dogs was injured in the same manner?

Then you are in the right place; the Furminator dematting tool ensures zero-slip coverage by assigning an ergonomic handle to its device.

Are the blades of the Furminator dematting tool replaceable?

No, the blades are not replaceable, but the default blades can be used for a very long time due to excellent quality.

I own a Pomeranian with a unique fur coating. Can the RUBOLD dematting tool be applied to it?

Yes, RUBOLD is a proven universal dematting tool for all types of fir hair. Pomeranian is not an exception at all.

Is RUBOLD dematting tool suitable for sensitive skin types?

The demitting blades of RUBOLD are designed with rounded tips. This ergonomic design suits sensitive skin types. It is one of the best dog dematting tools.

What made the RUBOLD rule the roost?

Although all dog dematting products come up with different exciting features and all of those products are somewhat better for one dog breed while lagging in the other genres. RUBOLD extends the universality, and the same product can be applied to all dog breed sans customization. Another exciting feature of the RUBOLD dematting tool is safety. The device ensures foolproof security against bruises and wounds, thanks to the rounded tips.

Concluding the comparison

A kempt dog is the apple of everyone’s eye, and besides shampoo, deodorants, and combs, a dematting tool is a prerequisite to keep the dog in shape. There are thousands of dematting tools available in the market, but we have selected the top three for you after rigorous research.

The selected products’ specifications are lucidly mentioned to have a sketch before grabbing the product for elaboration.

We hope that, if analyzed in-depth, this comparative review could prove a beacon of light on your voyage of selecting the best dog dematting tool for your dog family member.

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