The Best Dog Food for Adult Dogs That Provide Real Nutritional Value

Best dog food for adult dogs

From birth till death, all living things go through different growth stages. Based on the stage, the dietary and nutritional requirements vary a great deal. The same is the case of dogs. For the initial years, the growth is rapid, and a large amount of energy is needed to make sure healthy weight and optimal nutrition are obtained. After growing age, when adulthood is reached, the nutrition needs plateaus and become relatively constant.

This piece of writing deals with all the information that you need to feed your adult dog. We will also review some amazing dog foods that are crafted, keeping an adult dog’s needs in mind.

Before moving forward let’s have a look on our top three recommendations:

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Without further ado, let’s establish the background to dive into the topic.

What do we mean by an adult dog?

According to the definition given by The Merck Veterinary Manual, an adult dog is the one that has reached 90% of its expected adult weight. The timespan for maturity depends on the breed of the dog. Most small and medium breeds reach the maturity and weight goal in a maximum of one year.

However, for the giant breed, adulthood is often achieved after sixteen to twenty-four months.

Humans and furry friends are just the same

When it comes to feeding adult dogs, it is vital to remember species’ food habits. They are omnivores like humans and thus rely on a blend of a herbaceous and carnivorous diet. When it comes to dog foods, you must consider the ingredients that are coming from both. According to veterinary recommendations, “normal adult dogs meet their nutritional needs by eating a combination of plant and animal food.”

Thus, it is vital to go for the foods that contain little nutrients from both the food groups.

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Buying Guide for Dog Food for adults

Here are some of the things that you should remember while buying and feeding dog food. We have some points that you should take into consideration while shopping for dog food for your adult dog.

All of the recommendations and considerations are based on clinical and scientific evidence. Thus, you don’t need to worry about false claims and unreliable knowledge.

1. Lifestyle of the Dog

The lifestyle of the dog can impact the dietary and feed needs. More energy is needed for active dogs that are neutered or spayed and lead an active lifestyle with occasional walks and physical activities. The percentage of additional needs ranges between 20-40% more than the standard.

For sedentary and lazy dogs, the needs are almost 10% less than those recommended on the package. Thus, depending on that, you should shop for low caloric food or food for all ages. You can also take into account daily caloric needs for the meal split using the following formula:

30 x weight in kg (or pounds divided by 2.2) + 70 = daily caloric needs

2. Source of the food

Although it is widely believed that dogs need more protein and meat because they are carnivores. Recent researches have shown that dogs can metabolize other sources of food as well. They need vitamins and minerals sourced from fruits and vegetables for optimal growth. In addition to that, fats, especially omega fatty acids, are required for the shiny and healthy.

The significant energy needs are fulfilled from protein, fats, some carbohydrates, and fibers.

So while buying Dog food for adult dogs, make sure it contains food from all sources. Excellent dog food for an adult dog would be the one that contains meat sources, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fibers in adequate percentages.

Also, makes sure that food is grain-free and in the flavor that your dog likes.

3. Macronutrients

For the dog’s diet, macronutrients in consideration are Protein and Fats. According to National Research Council recommendations, an adult dog weighing 33 lbs. needs 25 g protein and 14g of fat.

As dog food mostly comes with the percentage of composition in the listing ingredients, you can convert it into grams. It can be done by multiplying the macro-nutrient percentage with the grams of food you give your dog daily.

For instance, if you feed one lbs./454 gram of food that contains *% protein, then grams of protein is calculated as:

0.08X45=36 g.

The same method can be applied to calculate the grams of all nutrients present in the dog food.

4. Micronutrients

As omnivores, dogs also need micronutrients for the proper functioning of their metabolism. Micronutrients mainly comprise vitamins and minerals. The NRC allocates recommended dietary allowance for adult dogs. Most dog foods are designed by keeping these recommendations in mind.

The significant needs present in dog food are calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and sodium in minerals. For vitamins, nearly all of them, including Vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, and K, are needed for the body’s optimal growth and functioning.

Thus, make sure all of these items are listed on the ingredient panel before making the purchase.

1. Amazon Brand – Wag Dry Dog/Puppy Food

Amazon Brand - Wag Dry Dog

Ingredients: Turkey meals, lentils, peas, chicken fat, yeast | Type: Grain Free | Profile: For Adult Dogs

Wag Dog Food is something else altogether. Well, we all love our dogs and try to make sure that they are being well-fed and gaining all the nutrients they need from their diet. Unlike most other pets, they are not strictly herbivores or carnivores but are a mix of both and require nutrients derived from lentils and meats.

But you don’t need to get multiple kibbles and canned foods for your furry friend to ensure they are getting all of the required nutrients, not when you have Wag dry dog food.

Developed by a panel of pet parents and nutritionists, it is explicitly designed to meet your adult dog’s dietary needs while making sure they don’t get overweight. It also includes peas, flaxseed, yeast, beet pulp, and real turkey that accounts for the 35% protein present in the kibble. Other ingredients include salmon oil and many other nutritious dried items.

Another plus point about the Wag Dog food is that it comes with a portion guide on the packet’s back. It guides you on the number of cups you should feed your dog per day according to their weight and age. It makes sure they stay well-fed and don’t get overweight.

It also includes a transitory diet plan that you can follow over 7-10 days to make sure they transition from their previous diet without any issues.


  • Made with real American Turkey, which makes it delicious.
  • Free from artificial flavors and chemical preservatives.
  • Ideal for a gradual transition.
  • Added Vitamins and minerals make it a balanced food for adult dogs.


  • Moderate amount of meat is a only limitation with wag, other then this we do not find anything not to love.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Adults

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Ingredients: Brewer’s rice, chicken, barley, whole grain sorghum, pork | Type: Grain Inclusive (Whole Grain) | Profile: for Adult Dogs

HILL’S Science is too good to ignore. Like our diet affects us immensely, with nutritious, healthy food, the same is the same. A nutritional food results in a fit and active body free of diseases, while unhealthy food destroys our digestive system and may cause us to get overweight. It is the same in pets, especially dogs, as they tend to be sensitive animals.

However, with the Hill’s Science Dog food, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Developed by a team of expert nutritionists and tested by vets and parents, it is the perfect dog food for domestic adult dogs. It is a dry dog food that consists of real chicken, peas, barley, rice, egg, soybean oil, and many other ingredients necessary for your furry friend’s health.

With Hill’s Science dog food, you get optimal nutrition and a lot more. The omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and prebiotic fibers present in the kibble ensure a healthy stomach and healthy skin as a bonus. It is perfect as it is highly nutritious while being light on the stomach and gives your dog a shiny, healthy fur coat as well.

The kibble is only 3.5mm in size, making it super easy to digest even by older dogs.

You can find a portion guide on the back that helps you feed your dog the right amount.


  • Made for good digestive health.
  • Formulated with prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in adult dogs.
  • Highly absorbable and digestible.
  • Made with natural ingredients and manufactured in the USA.


  • It’s grain inclusive dry dog food, your dog may be sensitive to grains.

3. Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food

Ingredients: Corn, meat and bone, beef fat, soybean, chicken | Type: Grain Inclusive (Whole Grains Only) | Profile: For Adult Dogs

PURIAN takes care of your dog’s health. Ensuring your dog is being well-fed and getting all the nutrients they need in their diet is a constant dog parent concern. You go above and beyond trying to make sure you find a nutritious kibble brand yet light on their stomach. However, it can be difficult as almost every dog food brand seems to be missing something on the market.

But prepare to be surprised because Purina Dog Chow dog food is the answer to your prayers and the solution to all your worries. It includes not one, not two, not just a few, but 23 minerals and vitamins that make it the perfect dog food. Also, it is specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of adult dogs and is super easy to digest.

Purina is made of real chicken and other nutritious ingredients sourced from across the USA.

Purina is sold in dry form, with the kibble being bite-sized and crunchy- perfect for your adult dog. The back of the packaging includes a portion guide and a transitory diet plan. The portion guide makes it easy for dog parents to feed their pet according to their weight, as dietary requirements may vary according to weight.

You can also switch your dog to Purina Dog Chow slowly according to the transitory diet plan to make sure it doesn’t upset their stomach.


  • Made with real chicken
  • Features 23 minerals and vitamins.
  • Recipe for every dog crafted in the USA.
  • Suitable for active and playful dogs.


  • It’s a grain inclusive dog food, so might not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomach.

4. Best Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Best dog food for adult dogs

Ingredients: Chicken, brown rice, barley, rice bran, beet pulp | Type: Grain Inclusive (Whole Grains Only) |Profile: For Adult Dogs

NUTRO is a class apart. Has your adult pup’s health gone downhill lately? There’s a huge chance it is due to their diet. While their digestive systems are different from ours, unhealthy food and an upset stomach can slow them down just like humans. That’s why it is vital to pay attention to the dog food you’re getting for your adult dog and make sure you get one with the right ingredients. One such reliable dog food brand is Nutro Natural choice.

Specially developed for adult dogs over the age of 1, the Nutro Natural dog food’s primary ingredient is real farm-raised chicken. However, that is not all. It includes many other nutritious ingredients that add to the nutrient count, like brown rice, barley, Flaxseed, and beet pulp.

The dog food is entirely free of GMO ingredients and does not include chicken by-products or grains. It also includes leafy veggies like kale and spinach, which add to the taste and guarantee a healthy yet tasty diet for your pup.

Some of the kibble nutrients are fibers, prebiotics, omega 3, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Not only is that the perfect combination that contributes to a healthy and highly digestible diet, but it also ensures healthy skin and a shiny fur coat. It also increases your dog’s immunity levels.


  • Free from by products and made with non GMO ingredients.
  • Formulated with high quality protein source which also made it delicious.
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat.
  • Cooked in the USA facilities.


  • Nothing found not to love.

5. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food With Smoked Salmon

Best dog food for adult dogs

Ingredients: Salmon, fish meal, potatoes, peas, lentils | Type: Grain Free |Profile: For Adult Dogs

THE TASTE OF THE WIDL is the haven for adult dogs. Dogs have transformed from unwelcoming beasts of the wild into man’s best friend over the years. Around 53% of American households equalling 63.4 million individuals own a dog as of 2021.

However, regardless of the domestication and change in their behaviors, their tastes remain the same.

If you’re looking for dog food that is nutritious yet taps into wild dogs’ dietary preferences, look no further. The taste of the Wild Dog food is perfect if you want to give your dog a ‘taste of the wild.’ Its main ingredient is smoked Salmon, sourced from natural water sources as well as farms.

Other ingredients include fruits and veggies like peas, tomatoes, berries, sweet potatoes, lentils, and at least 11 other guaranteed vitamins and minerals, including crude proteins, fiber, zinc and vitamin E, etc.

It is specifically developed keeping adult dogs in mind. If your pup is sensitive to eggs or grains, this is the kibble to get for them. While this is nature-inspired dog food, it includes K9 strain probiotics and fibers to make it super easy to digest. Vegetables and lentils are a source of antioxidants that increase your dog’s immunity.

Simultaneously, the 2.4% omega-6 fatty acids and 150IU/kg vitamin E present in the kibble guarantees a healthy coat and luscious skin.


  • Smoked Salmon dry dog food, only of its kind.
  • Real fish as first ingredient and prime source of protein.
  • Get nutrients from real foods and superfoods.
  • formulated without artificial flavors and colors.


  • Suitable only for large and medium sized breeds.

6. Wild Earth Healthy High-Protein Formula Dry Dog Food

Best dog food for adult dogs

Ingredients: Yeast, chickpeas, oats, potato, canola oil | Type: Grain Free | Profile: For Adult Dogs

THE WILD EARTH is something you should look for. As your furry friends grow up, their dietary requirements vary according to their size and weight. While growing pups may need more kibble cups per day with a higher amount of minerals and vitamins, older ones may need lesser amounts. Still, higher fiber and probiotic quantity in the kibble assist in easier digestion.

However, getting dog food specifically made for adult dogs like The Wild Earth all-natural high protein Vegan pet food can be a game-changer. It is a vegan kibble made of 31% clean proteins and no artificial preservatives, corn, soy, animal products, rice, or antibiotics.

While it may worry you at first if you think the clean protein is no match for actual meat sourced protein marketed by most dog food brands. But statistics speak for themselves, and 86% of pet parents reported improving health, and 50% said they noticed a healthier coat and easier digestion.

It is made of vegan ingredients like oats, sweet potato, yeast, spinach, and pumpkin and does not include any additional hormones or probiotics. It is filler-free and comes in its original taste, which has been reported to be preferred by dogs owned by 92% of our customers.

Now you can feed your furry friend without having to worry about animal cruelty or the carbon print animal farms are leaving on the environment, all while giving your dog high-quality, nutritious food.


  • It contains a high amount of protein.
  • A balanced and complete diet for adult dogs.
  • Provide optimal digestive support to adult dogs.
  • Veterinarian developed formula.


  • It has different ingredients as compared to most commonly dog foods, buy a trial pack first to check sensitivity of these ingredients.


Dietary and nutritional requirement of your pet dog changes with age. Underlying disease and morbidities also impact the nutritional requirement. Thus, it is essential to feed them meals in portion sizes that are right for them. A healthy diet and adequate nutrition ensure the overall health and wellbeing of your dog. Moreover, it contributes to longevity and prolongs the healthy years in your dog’s lifespan.

After thorough research and meticulously analysis, we have summarized that the above dog foods are perfect for your adult dog. They are manufactured to meet all the nutritional needs of your furry friend. Clinically tested formulas that are enriched with essential nutrients are the best friend of your adult dog.

On a personal level, we recommend Wag and Purina owing to their effectiveness for Adult Dogs.

The above mention foods are some of the best adult dog-friendly food on the market. All of them contain good nutrients that your adult dog needs.

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