A dog is undoubtedly a man’s Best Friend. No one would like to see a sick dog in the surrounding, but a dog sickness can be a real thing. It is said that most dogs get thyroid diseases. The treatment rate of these diseases is indeed quite high, but still, it is a concerning factor. Before we talk about the remedies of Hypothyroidism, we must look into the causes and symptoms of it.

Let’s Talk About the Thyroid Gland of a Dog

The thyroid gland is located in the neck of your dog, and it is responsible for producing thyroxine. This particular hormone is responsible for maintaining the thermostat or metabolism of your dog. The healthy secretion of this hormone means that your dog is going to stay fit and healthy for years to come. On the other hand, the unhealthy secretion of this hormone means that your dog is going to get into trouble. We also list best dog foods for picky eaters if you dog refused to eat these special foods you can try one.

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disease in dogs, and this means that the dogs are not secreting the regular or healthy amount of thyroid hormone. The less secretion of this hormone eventually means that the metabolism of your dog will be slow, and as a result, they will slow down as well.

Causes of Hypothyroidism in Dogs

As far as the cause of hypothyroidism is concerned, then it is said that it happens because of the irregularity in the thyroid gland. Over time, the thyroid gland can devastate itself either because of lymphocytic thyroiditis or idiopathic atrophy in this gland. This disease can also occur because of some congenital disabilities.

What are the possible symptoms of hypothyroidism in your dog?

If your dog is showing any of the symptoms, then this means that it has gotten into hypothyroidism. Regular symptoms of hypothyroidism include extreme dullness, inability to reproduce, changes in skin colour, weight gain or weight loss, irritability, the thickness of skin and sensitivity to cold. According to different researches, the thyroid disease of this kind gets medium or large-sized dogs. Make sure to take your dog to a vet if it is showing irritability.

What type of food is needed for dogs who are suffering from hypothyroidism?

Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall well being of your dog. There is quite a possibility that because of the inapt diet, the dog eventually gets hypothyroidism. Only by changing nutrition, there is a possibility that your dog will show recovery.

Proper nutrition can reduce strain from the thyroid gland, and that is the purpose we want to achieve here. According to different vets, there has to be some detoxification substance in the pet food of your dog. This alone can improve its metabolism, and it will also reduce the iodine blocking effect.

The best pet food for hyperthyroidism should be high in Omega 3, sardines, eggs, summer squash sweet, red peppers or salmon. We are going to talk about some best pet foods for hypothyroidism. Not only are these foods are full of proper nutrition; they will also lead your dog to a speedy recovery.

Now we are going to talk about the best pet foods for hypothyroidism for dogs. Change the diet of your dog to these pet foods and see how speedily they will recover from their thyroid disease.

1. Halo Holistic Chicken

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism

Halo Natural Dry Dog Food can be the perfect diet for all such dogs who are suffering from hypothyroidism. Symptoms of a dog who is suffering from hypothyroidism can experience rashes or thickness of the skin. This food is rich in omega fatty acids, and these ingredients are perfect for the skin and fur of your dog. If the surface of your dog is thickening, and you are sure that it is either losing or gaining weight, then this diet would help.

The chicken liver that is present in this fantastic diet will help your dog in balancing the hormone level. This particular food is also rich in carrots, Cranberries and blueberries. Collectively, these fruits and vegetables will give the necessary fibre for your dog that would increase metabolism in the long run. This can be the perfect food for hypothyroidism of your dog because it is free from any artificial components the things that are included in this diet 100% natural.

The continuous use of this diet means that the thyroid hormone will match its natural pace and eventually your dog would recover from thyroid disease.

The top five ingredients that are present in this dog food are chicken, chicken liver, dried eggs, oatmeal and barley. It has 25% protein and 15% fat with a mix of 5% fibre.

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2. Diamond Natural beef meal Dog Food

What is Hypothyroidism in dogs

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog is time that we talk about other amazing pet food for hypothyroidism for dogs. It is called the Diamond Naturals beef meal, and it has a vibrant formula for pet dogs who are suffering from this thyroid disease. In this diet, one would find protein in abundance. Protein, in the long run, is responsible for building strong and healthy muscles of your dog. It also helps in maintaining the proper weight of your feline friend. 

This diet also contains fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a thick and shiny coat of your dog. The food also includes those antitoxins that are good for building the immune system of your pet.

If there is one diet that has the capability of curing your dog of hypothyroidism, then it is this food. Food is abundant in grain sorghum, ground white rice, dried yeast, egg products and beef meals.

It has 25% protein 15% fat and 3% fibre. There is no addition of any wheat, soy or corn.

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3. Blue buffalo wilderness chicken recipe

What type of food is needed for dogs who are suffering from hypothyroidism?

Let’s talk about another fantastic dog food that is the best pet food for hypothyroidism for dogs. Blue buffalo is a grain-free dog food that is good for the immune system of your dog. This food is based on the diet of wolves, and it has protein in abundance.

Along with protein, your dog will be getting carbohydrates and fats as well. Fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are in abundance in this diet, and eventually, they all will enhance the health of your dog. The continuous use of this diet will make the normal flow of thyroxine in your dog. With time, the metabolism of your dog will strengthen, and he will be back with its antics.

The top ingredients of this food are chicken meal, pea protein, Peas, deboned chicken or tapioca starch.

This diet will give your dog 34% protein, 15% fat and 6% fibre. It is grain-free, and it is high in protein. There is no addition of wheat or soy.

Giving your dog the diet mentioned above food means that it will be back on the road of recovery pretty soon.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I couldn't manage to treat my dog for hypothyroidism?

Pet owners must make sure that their dogs are being treated for hypothyroidism. If this condition is left untreated, then it would cause other health problems in your dogs like weight gain, anaemia or even corneal ulcers.

Is it possible that my dog gets anxious because of hypothyroidism?

Yes, this condition can lead your dog to feel depression and anxiety to a certain extent. Dogs with hypothyroidism can suffer from irritability, aggressiveness or even depression at times.


Hypothyroidism is a severe thyroid problem in dogs, but with proper nutrition, it can be cured. If you are dog is showing the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, then you must see the vet. Enhancing the diet of your dog can help greatly, and sometimes that is the only option.

Make your dog eat healthy and nutritious food. This will help it get back to recovery.

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