Dogs can be at risk of gaining weight if they are not doing much activity. Exercise is not a regular part of a dog’s life. Most of the time, we see that our pets are sitting sloppily on a carpet or on a sofa. These practices eventually lead to weight gain. Activity is necessary for a dog that most dog owners don’t keep that into consideration. A best dog food for weight loss comes at first without good weight management dog food its not possible to bring your dog weight into the acceptable limit.

If your dog’s diet is low in protein and high in fats then that can be alarming for dogs because they can be a victim of weight gain in such a scenario. Weight gain in dogs can lead to other diseases like heart disease, joint problems or even diabetes.

A healthy diet will not only prevent your dog from gaining weight, but it will also help your dog in staying fit. If you are wondering what kind of food will be best for your dog if it is gaining weight then it should be high in protein and low in fats. Some exercise, sunbathing or walking will also help your dog to lose the excess weight. we recently list some of the best dog food for hypothyroidism, please visit to know more.

We will be talking about the best dog food for weight loss so you can have an idea about the kind of diet your dog should be having.

1. Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low-Calorie Dry Dog Food is the low-calorie formula of this dog food that will help your overweight dog to lose more weight in a time span of months. Natural balance can be the best option for your overweight dog because it is the lowest calorie food that is available in the market. Despite being low in calories your dog will feel full after having few cubes of it.

The perfect ingredients for this dog food will keep your overweight dog healthy, fit or running. Natural balance is the perfect choice for your dog because this diet is high in value and low in fats. Your dog will feel full and satisfied after having this meal three times a day.

One pack of naturally balanced dog food contains 15 pounds of dog food and that is good to go for a couple of days. This dog food contains high-quality protein and high fiber that will ensure healthy digestion in your feline friend. Natural food for dogs contains all the healthy ingredients and they will help your dog lose weight fast.


  • The diet has been designed to keep in mind the weight management formula.
  • It is low in calories.


  • Excessive consumption may lead to irritation.

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2. Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Perfect Weight for Weight Management, Chicken Recipe

Hill’s science diet is the best dog food for weight loss. Dog food developed after the consideration of 220 people on board. This diet is clinically advisable for obese dogs because it is very rich in protein. Hill’s scientific diet contains antioxidants that will prevent your dog from gaining excessive weight.

If there is one diet on the market that is clinically proven for weight management then it is Hill’s scientific diet. According to different research, 70% of dogs have managed to shed extra kilos by consuming this brilliant diet for just 10 days.

The best part of this diet is that not only will it help your overweight dog to lose kilos, it will also help your dog to maintain the muscles. If you have a dog whose muscles are lean then this diet can do wonders. This diet has all the natural ingredients and this means that no harm will come to your dog after consuming it. It is indeed the most consumed, low in calories and weight management dog food on the market. You can get this amazing dog food for your dog at a reasonable price.


  • Good for weight management!
  • High in protein!
  • Low fats


  • This diet food is only suitable for adult dogs.
  • Excessive food quantity can lead to choking.

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3. Merrick Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food Recipes

best weight loss diet for dogs

Merrick grain-free dog food can be the best dog food for weight loss because it is grain-free and it contains whole foods like sweet potatoes and blueberries. This dog food can be the best dog food for your overweight friend because it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that help the skin become lean and clean.

Other than weight loss, if your dog is suffering from skin problems then this dog food is the best option. This diet is best in quality and nutrition and it will make your dog wage its tongue for more and more.

Natural ingredients of this dog food like the deboned meat and fish will make your dog consume a high protein diet that will help in building muscle mass along with weight loss. The best part about this dog food is that it has been designed for all breed sizes and it can be consumed by puppies or dogs like. This dog food is nutritionally superior and it contains 35% protein.


  • The perfect diet for all breeds.
  • Beef meat is the top ingredient for protein.
  • This diet helps in building muscles


  • Excessive consumption can lead to choking in juniors.

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4. Nutro Wholesome Essentials

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, All Breed Sizes

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food is another brilliant dog food that is high in protein. The best ingredients like beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon will help your dog consume more protein and that will eventually help it lose more weight. This dog food has been designed keeping in mind the low-calorie formula and it will keep your dog satiated for a long time.

No artificial flavors or harmful ingredients like wheat, and soy has been included in this dog food. Dogs who are overweight and obese can consume this dog food on a regular basis and after a few days, a difference can be seen. The real recognizable ingredients make this dog cherish his diet. This diet has been designed with three proteins and it also includes 12 vibrant superfoods.


  • A perfect diet for all breeds and sizes.
  • Made with three quality proteins and it includes no chicken.


  • Not very advisable for very young dogs.
  • Excessive eating can lead to choking.

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5. Purina Pro Plan Weight Control Dry Dog Food

best dog food for weight loss

Purina Pro Plan Weight Control High Protein Dry Dog Food is a special diet for overweight dogs. Maintaining healthy body weight is very important for your pet and Purina pro plan weight control serves that purpose. Not only does this amazing diet food help the dog to lose weight, but it also helps the dog to have immunity.

Obese dogs are more at risk of getting other diseases and stronger immunity is needed. This diet food provides strong immunity and every serving can be a sensory experience for your dog. This high-in protein diet is here to help your overweight friend on a journey to lose weight rapidly and healthily. Purine dog food is rich in probiotics and that helps in maintaining the digestive system. The all-natural ingredients are very beneficial for feline friends.


  • Food has been designed to keep in mind the weight management formula.
  • It is high in protein.


  • Excessive food can cause allergies in young dogs.

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6. Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food Pork

best dog food for over weight dogs

Eagle pack supports healthy weight loss in dogs. For this reason, it can be the best dog food for weight loss for your fluffy friend. Triple animal protein in this amazing dog food is beneficial for your dog’s weight loss. Other than this, this pack is also good for muscle building. Vitamins and minerals make the perfect blend for this dog food.

There are not many foods in the market that make the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. On the other hand, this one is perfect because it has the right proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty ingredients.

Other than this, this diet contains Omega and fatty acids that will help your dogs to have a stronger immune system. Sometimes dogs get obese because their metabolism slows down with the passage of time. This food will ensure that your dog experiences the right metabolism that ensures good digestion.

This food has been designed to keep in mind the reduced-fat formula that will eventually help your dog lose weight.


  • The diet is based on a reduced-fat formula and weight loss management.
  • This diet is rich in proteins and low in fats.


  • It is best if this diet is not given to younger dogs.
  • Excessive consumption can lead to vomiting.

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It is good to keep your pets healthy but make sure you don’t make them obese. Make sure you keep giving your dogs these amazing fatty foods so they stay healthy, fit and slim. Exercise and activity will ensure more advantages for your obese dog.

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