10 Best Dog House Heaters (Review) in 2022

It is a fact that dogs can heat themselves quite well during the cold season, but sometimes natural heat is not enough mainly when your dogs used to stay in an outdoor kennel or house, or when you have puppies, older dogs, pregnant and whelping bitches.

These are the reasons we decide to list the best dog house heaters so you can buy one to keep your dog warm in the winter and snowiest season.

Most dog owners face the issue, do heaters are not safe for continuous use or don’t perform well to keep the dog warm. To operate normally and digest better, dogs need to stay at the average body temperature possible without a heating device. We list some of the best solutions here to make your choice easy.

What is a Dog House Heater?

Any device in which the primary function is to produce heat to warm up the dog is called a dog heater. Whether it is for a small area where your dog rests or to cover the entire house.

There are six different types of dog heaters available in the market that we discuss below:

  • Electric heater: It is an electrical heater box mounted to a wall inside the dog house or at the top of a solid object. In this type of heater, the current is converted into heat to warm up the house’s entire area. These heaters that come with the automatic thermostat are most easy to use and energy-efficient.
  • Heating pad/Microwaveable pad: made from non-toxic material, is a simple pad engineered to emit microwave-type heat. It’s a convenient and most cost-effective option in the market and can warm dogs continuously. But it can warm up a specific small area where your dog must sit to stay warm. It’s a good option for crates, playpen, and even to use inside the house.
  • A light bulb space heater: a new form in the market which is getting attraction day after day, most easy to install and operate. This excellent heating tool was first used for farm animals, but now it’s available for dogs’ houses. It comes in the form of a light bulb, but it doesn’t emit light; it increases blood circulation and ease on the eyes.
  • Insulated dog house: these are also helpful so that an insulated dog house heats up with the dog body temperature. And remain able to maintain that level of heat if you live in the bitter winter area. The best solution is to buy a dog house that comes with a hick wall and insulation that doesn’t allow cold to make its way into a house.
  • Heated beds and Pads: Thin thermal pads fit inside the pad and fleece-lined beds that keep them warm.
  • Solar-powered dog house heater: It’s another energy-efficient way to keep the dog house warm. The heater inside the dog house gets its energy from the solar plates and convert that into heat. No electricity or other energy source is required. Batteries are used to store electricity to use at night.

1. Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

best dog house heater

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Either you keep your pet in a small dog house or a larger one. It would help if you had a heater to keep him warm in the winter, a heater that is 100% safe, easy to use, and efficient. Akoma Hound heater dog house furnace is a powerful device made to heat the 75 cubic foot house.

It’s reliable, and high-quality thermostat makes it safe to use for small houses too.

This bigger heater is made to protect your bigger and smaller dogs from the coldest winter and best to use in the snowiest season.

Akoma Hound heater dog house furnace is the best solution if you are using a big house for multiple dogs because its capacity to heat 75 cubic foot house can warm up your numerous dogs.

It is featured with the 300W long-lasting heating element, which is durable enough to serve you in many of the coming years. You can adjust it from 30 to 70 Degrees Fahrenheit by running when needed to warm up your dogs, which is usually at night.

Akoma Hound heater dog house furnace made with rounded corner stainless steel. That is chew resistant and provides extra protection and comfort, so there is no need to worry about your rambunctious dog who likes to chew and touch things.

The front 16-gauge powder-coated steel plate also acts as protective layers that protect your dog from burning. Its safety feature turns it off if the temperature reaches 210 Degrees Fahrenheit and automatically resets once cooled down.

We believe that this is the most reliable and sophisticated device in the market, the company and product itself enjoying a good reputation in the market. Its thermostat makes it power-saving equipment.

It is easy to install; you need to drill a hole in the dog house wall to fix it properly. Connect the device with an integrated mounting plate, connect it with electricity, and set the temperature for your pooch. All set, and your dog can enjoy in the warm environment.

Optional igloo bracket is available; it comes with a limited warranty of one year.


  • Replaceable 300W wire element.
  • Fully automatic thermostat.
  • Features with safety functions.
  • The unit runs when needed to save energy.
  • Powerful enough to heat rooms of 75 sq. ft.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Easy to install.

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2. DeLonghi Dog House Heater

solar powered dog house heater

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If style also matters for you along with function, the mica thermic panel heater from DeLonghi is for your pets. The versatile and convenient heater is not only for your pet, but it can also serve you. It can be mounted in a large pet house or any place where you keep your dogs in cold weather, either a specialized dog house or a room in your home. It can be placed in the living room or anywhere else inside the house.

DeLonghi HMP 1500 Mica Panel Heater featured two settings the first one is 750W to warm up the medium to larger rooms of 300 sq. ft that is perfect for chilly nights and another set is 1500W which is ideal for low temperature in snowiest weather.

Its safety measure turns it off to avoid overheating; it uses thermal cut-off, which guarantees it never overheat in any weather condition. You can use it to warm up your dog or mount it on the wall of your living room. It is the best hound heater for a large space.

DeLonghi Dog House Heater equipped for 5120BTU heating power with the anti-freeze setting. Its wheels make it easy to move from room to room. It is a stylish way to stay warm with all the convenience that you and your pet need.


  • Two heating setting 750W Min, 1500W Max.
  • Fully adjustable thermostat to save energy.
  • Effective for rooms up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Convenient and easy to install.
  • Featured with carrying handle and removable wheel.
  • Easy to move.

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3. BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

heaters for dog houses

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If you like innovation and want to buy a state of art heating equipment for your dog to keep him warm? BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter is for you that can keep your pet warm and also supportive towards blood circulation. Small and cheap but effective, basically it is a not light-emitting ceramic heat lamp from BYB. It is a multi-functioning product like it can serve to heat dog houses, but high humidity terrariums can even be used in chick houses.

BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter can keep your dog warm on cold nights. It’s a simple mounting heater of 150W that provides enough warmth to keep your four-legged friend comfy. BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter is convenient to use. It is a 110 v E27 socket heater that fits standard US sockets.

Featured as a kennel heat lamp, but it emits no light when it is on, your dog can take a restful sleep on the snowiest and cold nights. It is waterproof equipment.

For the safety measure, you need to make sure your pet does not come in direct contact. It does become hot while working, so adjust the distance, which must not be less than 11 inches between animal and lamp.

BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter heat your dog with the infrared, and if you are worried about your dog’s health because of infrared then, the manufacturer claims that it increases the blood circulation of your dog.

We recommend this product for small dogs only; it cannot warm up a large-sized dog. Its infrareds waves only work to a specific distance while the bigger dogs take more space. It’s not, but most of the buyers name it a kennel heat lamp.


  • Long-life can last up to 10,000 hours.
  • Fits standard sockets.
  • Made of ceramic and metal.
  • Equivalent to 150W traditional heater.
  • Use more heaters to cover more area.
  • Safe and Resistance to humid areas & terrarium.
  • Easy to use.

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4. Akoma Dog House Heater

best heater for dog kennel

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This kennel heating system is a combination of a fan and heater uniquely designed to be usable in a range of weather conditions. Fan added multiple advantages, like in summer, it can cool down your pooch, and in winter, it can quickly heat the environment to make it comfortable and cozy for your four-legged friend.

It is a quiet device; it won’t cause any disturbance in the sleep of your dog because it’s quiet enough.

Akoma dog house heater is a perfect kennel heating system with a quality thermostat that you can use to set the temperature to a required level. This device is easy to install and easy to use and made to last for ten years, another plus.

This dog kennel heating system is a medium-size device that is not too big nor too small, but it is a heat and breeze solution for your dog, the whisper-quiet fam of this device brings fresh air to your dog in the summers. Its noise level of 45 decibels, and it refreshes the air one to two times per minute.

The benefits of the Akoma Dog House heater are not possible with any other traditional heating system. Ideally, it can heat a 32 cubic foot dog house. The out plate made with the 16 Ga. Powder-coated steel and acts as a protective layer for the dog when they touch it.


  • Heat and cool in one device.
  • A quiet, non-disturbing device.
  • Quality thermostat for better control.
  • Easy to install and use.

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5. Dog Palace with Floor Heater

dog house heater

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ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater is a warm dog house and a perfect choice if you need an all-in-one solution for your pet. It’s an insulated house with a heating floor and will not require any installation.

A perfect and ready to use dog house with a heating floor, connect it with power and let your dog enjoy a warm home. It is manufactured with insulated panels and featured a self-closing door that helps to keep the inside warm.

The thick rubber floor of ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater help keeps your dog warm and comfy during the cold and windy days. It is an ideal choice as a heated dog house for winters. If you have never tried an outdoor heated dog house earlier, you must decide on it this time.

This heated dog floor house becomes the ultimate place for your pet to sleep and rest, and definitely, he will spend most of his time in this beautiful and comfy warm home.

Its walls are filled with recycled styro/EPS foam to sustain the warmness and save energy. Its door is well fitted and self-closing; all of these features make it an adequately insulated dog house. Proper insulation makes it possible to keep it warm with just a 100W light bulb. The house floor is slopped and featured with a drain hole that makes cleaning easy; you need to wipe it from time to time to keep your dog house clean.

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater is safe for dogs as well as humans. The cord of the heater enters the house from the rear side to avoid any tripping. The floor heater is equipped with safety features and keeps the heating level at a specific level. Its wall panels are removable, so you can use them in the summers too; its insulated walls keep the temperature low in summers.

The only drawback that we find in this product is that the heater that comes with this house is small but capable enough to keep the house warm. Just fix it in a specific place; when you need to move it, disassembles it, or carries it from the floor.


  • Fully insulated dog house.
  • Walls filled with real recycled foam.
  • Properly fixed self-closing door, with removable half.
  • Easy to clean, featured with slopped floor and a draining hole.

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6. K&H Outdoor Heated Pad for Dog

best dog house heater

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The large K&H heated kennel mat use only 80 watts and is equipped with a thermostat to control your pet’s body’s temperature. This thermostatically controlled heated kennel mat won’t overheat no matter how long it works.

Although made with rigid and tough plastic, it is comfortable enough for your dog, and he ultimately loves to sit and rest on this mat. A fleece cover comes with the product to make it more comfortable for your dog. To save it from the chewing of your dog, you can fix it on the floor with screws.

To do this, you need to drill a while through the K&H Outdoor Heated Pad for Dog’s outer liner and fix a screw down to the floor. It will help you to deter the dog from chewing it. It is featured to be water-resistant, and your dog’s accidents cannot damage it; it’s easy to clean wipe it with a wet cloth. The free cover that comes with the package is machine washable.

The steel warping cord makes it a secure Heated kennel mat for your dog. It has been tested and certified by MET Labs. That’s really an added advantage, and you can use it confidently.


  • 80 Watt head bed.
  • Free fleece cover to bring more comfort to your dog.
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature.
  • Made with the rigid and tough ABS plastic to last for years.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • can be secure on the floor or walls.
  • Easy to clean, the cover is machine washable.
  • Easy to set up and use.

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7. K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed

solar powered dog house heater

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Heated dog beds are another option to keep the dog’s warms. Heated dog beds can be used outdoor as well as indoor or inside dog houses or crates. K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed is a top-rated solution to keep your dog house heated; it gives your friend a beautiful place to curl up tightly.

K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed is made with soft orthopedic foam and featured with its fleece cover, making the bed cozier and comfier. The feature we love most is designed to automatically respond to the temperature changes to ensure your four-legged friend stays warm and comfortable.

In the long run, this Warm dog bed for winter is a budget-friendly product because it is low voltage and economical. It will not drain money from your pocket quickly. K&H Lectro-Soft Heated dog Bed is available in three different sizes; you can choose one as per your dog’s size and requirement.

You may not feel it warm when your pet is not on the bed, because it only works when the pet sits on it. It is made to feel warm, not hot so keep this fact in mind when testing this warm dog bed. We are sure it has all features of the original Lector-Kennel because it’s an original version.

The orthopedic foam provides support for joints. It made super soft, but it’s inner made with PVC material, and it’s a thoroughly waterproof device. Its cord is steel-wrapped to ensure the safety of the pet.

It is large enough if you have multiple small pets at home you can accommodate all on a large model of this heated dog bed.


  • Low voltage and economical.
  • An internal thermostat warms the bed to the pet’s normal body.
  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor, and dog houses.
  • The fleece cover is machine washable.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Tested & certified by MET Labs.
  • One-year limited warranty; Comes with pre-set temp: 102°F.

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8. Grace love Hound Heater

Best dog house heaters

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It is one of the safest and most reliable igloo dog house heaters out there, and we list this model because it can be used in a normal house or igloo-type house. It’s effective, durable, easy to use and compact as well as budget-friendly. The model in the spotlight comes with a special mounting plate that makes it easy to fit in igloo-type houses up to 32 cubic feet in size, although it can be used in ordinary dog houses.

We recommend it as the best igloo dog house heater because its 150W wire element warms up steadily and keep your dog comfortable on the snowiest nights. Feature with a safety measure called an internal heat sheet that protects the outer components from heating up.

This feature makes it pet-friendly, and if your pet touches the heater, it will not harm your pet. It is also featured with the heavy-duty chew-proof cord guaranteed to stay intact in the whole service life. Like the Akoma heater’s previous models, this one also automatically adjusts from 30 to 100 degrees but running only when needed.

This igloo dog house heater is equipped with a heavy-duty thermostat that controls the temperature and saves energy.


  • Replaceable 150W wire element.
  • Made to heat up 32 cubic foot space/dog house.
  • Safe to use powder coated out place save dogs from burning.
  • Good to use on igloo-type dog houses.
  • Easy to install, safe to operate.

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9. Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat

heaters for dog houses

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While selecting this mat, you can save money. If you own a small dog, you can order a small pad, and if you own a large size dog and need to warm a large dog house, then you must for a large size.

Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat is the only device in the market with two temperature control options (i) Thermostat Control (ii) Rheostat Control. You can choose any, but we suggest selecting a pet heat mat with thermostat control for better control.

Holes are provided in this easy-to-install pet heat mat to screw it on the floor, or you may use plastic ties to fasten it down with the floor. A rheostat is like a dimmer switch that you can use to adjust to pass an optimal current level. But thermostat keeps the temperature constant; ‘it’s why we recommend buying pet heat mat with thermoset.

Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat is made with high-quality material that performs through years of use, and it’s durable enough, and your dog cannot damage it, polyethylene used in its construction. It is easy to clean; you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

Chewing and scratching of dogs and other pets won’t harm it. Equipped thermal insulation on the backside to ensure all the heat used to warm up the dog, the design provides all the heat to your pet, not the floor.

It’s a waterproof and weather-resistant pet heat mat. Its features make it a multipurpose heater to use in kennels, crates, dog houses, garages, porches, pens, in the open areas, or wherever your pet wants to sleep.

The only negative side that we found is, it takes some time to heat up, but it’s not a big issue as you and your dog can test the temperature. There should be no surprise for your dog.


  • Made in the USA with local quality standards.
  • Engineered to automatically adjust to a suitable temperature.
  • Energy-efficient, lower operating cost.
  • Keep your pet warm indoor or outdoor.
  • Available in two sizes.

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10. Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

best heater for dog kennel

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It is a small portable heater that you can use for your room or heat the dog house. It is a perfect choice for a small dog house or if you allow your dog to sleep in-store or garage. Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater keeps the space warm enough for your dog, and he can enjoy a good sleep. Its automatic temperature control work like rheostat makes it a prestigious choice to use on smaller scales.

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater is a 250watt energy-efficient solution that provides the right amount of heat to warm a medium-size space. We list it for multiple pets. Like when you own multiple pets and allow a specific area to sleep like a room or garage, then you can use this heater to keep that whole space warm.

It is a portable choice to move it easily, and it only weighs 1.05 lbs. Two configuration settings are available on this heater one is low and the second is high; the low keeps the temperature moderate, and the high warm up nicely. It is a feature with overheat protection, so there is no need to worry about increased temperature when you leave it unattended.

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater adds continence for you as you can use this portable heater for multiple purposes. Moreover its the most budget-friendly product on our list.


  • 250 watt, energy-efficient solution.
  • can be used for a dog house or a room.
  • Highly portable and fully automatic temperature control.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.

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Dog House Heaters Buyer’s Guide

We discuss some of the critical features and fact that you must consider while buying a dog house heater:

Heating power of dog house heater/ Dog house size

The primary purpose is to heat your dog house, not to fire it up. It is clearly mentioned with each heating device how much area in cubic feet it can heat. So, measure the area of your dog house and then decide to start looking for a heater.

It is necessary to consider because a dog in Alaska will have different needs than one in Florida. You can adequately fulfill your dog’s heating needs once you know the size of the dog house.

Your dog’s breed

Some breeds naturally can perform well in the winter and snowiest season, and they do not need any heating arrangement in a cold season like breeds with thick double-layered coats. They usually do not need the heat until the temperature drops below 20° F.

Breeds with the thin coat need a quality heater as soon as the temperature falls below 45°F.

Your dog’s age weight and condition

If you own puppies, then definitely you need to arrange a dog house heater for them without a second thought. Weak dogs also need a heater in the cold season. A dog recovering from disease, underweight dogs, pregnant and whelping bitches also need a heater.

Medically seeing body fat is a good insulator for dogs, and skinnier canines feel colder compared to the chubbier counterparts. Smaller dogs have less body fat and more prone to the cold than the larger far dogs.

Weaker and small dogs cannot naturally regulate their body temperature as efficiently as healthy dogs. So such dogs need protection from the cold in the shape of a dog heater.

Safety Mechanism

A dog house is always a small place to accommodate the dog for resting and sleeping purposes. A good quality dog heater must be capable of measuring the current ambient temperature all the time to avoid overheating.

The problem with dogs is they cannot sweat, and it hard for them to deal with excessive body heat. So always prefer to buy a dog house heating appliance that can stop automatically when the required level is achieved.

Secondly, the heater must be covered with a plate or installed a little far from the dog as a dog can touch the heater and result in burning. Protection of four-paws friend is necessary in all of the cases so take care of it before buying.

Outdoor Usage

We recommend only using the heater outdoor when the manufacturer recommends it. If a heater is made only for indoor use, prefer not to use the device outdoor.

Best Dog House Heaters FAQ

Do I need to heat the dog house?

It wisely depends on the climate where you live. The dogs can easily handle the temperature of 60° F., But this also varies by breed. Some breeds do better in hot weather and some in the cold. Many breeds are more comfortable in the cold than other dogs.

The primary indicator is shivering in dogs if you find that your dog is shivering then you must purchase a heater. In the milder climate, only self-warming beds or mats are sufficient for dogs because they are good at finding warmth.

Are dog house heaters safe for dogs?

In the cold and snowiest weather, dog heaters are the easiest and most effective way to keep the dog warm and comfortable. The most important thing is the installation. It is safer to use dog heaters When installing safely and used carefully while following the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the installation instructions that come with the package. Keep in mind that dog heaters are not safe for a small dog house. Ideally, there should be some space between the animal and the heater. In the small dog houses, it’s not possible.

Even you cannot use the dog heater with some of the known small dog house models. We recommend buying a dog house heater for medium or large dog house only, or when you allow your dog to use a space in your room, garage, or any space inside your home.

How to Protect Electrical Cord from Dog chewing

Electrical cords of dog heaters are protected with wrapping in steel or other reliable material that dogs cannot chew. Moreover, when a dog house is fixed, the electrical wire properly is not exposed to the dog to chew. When buying a heater, prefer to buy a heater that comes with the wrapped cord and fix it appropriately. Some of the poor-quality heaters are also available in which wire may become a threat, prefer to avoid such brands.

Can I keep the dog hose heater on for all night?

Most of the good-quality heater is manufactured with a built-in thermostat that keeps the temperature at the specific level 24/7 and equipped with the safety feature to auto shut off when thermostat malfunction and temperature increase to a specific level. Even the heaters made without a thermostat are made to keep the temperature at one particular level in a fixed area in cubic feet. We recommend buying a dog heater with a thermostat to keep the temperature constate all the time.

How warm it could be?

It depends on the make and model; with the dog heater that featured an automatic thermostat, you can have full control over the temperature. You can set it on your own while other heaters are designed to keep the specific area warm as near to the body temperature. Before buying a heater without a thermostat, you must read the maximum heating level carefully.

How to install it?

We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions strictly. When installing a heater inside the dog house, make sure a generous space is left between the heater and dog and the wire is not left exposed to the dog. Install it on a bit higher point inside the house to disperse the equally inside the dog house. Installation instructions come with every model, so you must carefully consider that instruction.

Where should I place a mountable heater or pad/bed?

For a pad, the best place is near a corner where air cannot pass through, and a blanket can cover your dog well. If you install the heating bed or pad at the place where air passes through, that becomes less effective. So, choose a corner and make sure air cannot make a way to that place. While for a mounting heater, it is best to choose a wall where your dog is comfortable and can sit near it. Usually, mountable and stand heaters can heat the whole room, but a convenient place provides more comfort to your dog.

Can I use a heating pad inside the dog house or crates?

No Doubt, you can. Basically, heating pads are made to heat up to the body temperature, and it’s safe to use them wherever you place heating pads and beds its necessary to make sure that it is fixed there properly and the dog cannot chew from either side.

Can I insulate my dog house as an alternative to the heater?

Insulation stops the cold from making its way inside the dog house. Insulation of a dog house helps keep the space self-warm, and your dog can feel better in an insulated home where cold cannot make its way to reach inside the house. But keep in mind when there is enough cold, and your dog starts shivering at night, that is a time when you buy a heater for him. In such weather, insulation helps keep the dog house warm, but it’s not enough to save your dog from the cold.

Do placement of dog house also matter?

Yes, it also matters a lot, like if the dog house is placed under a shelter and not directly exposed to the wind and snow, less heating power will be required to heat such a dog house. It can save energy too if the dog house is placed inside, like in the garage or some outside store, then you do not need to put a heater to keep the dog warm.

As dogs’ self-warming capability can handle the weather conditions, and just a blanket is enough for your dog to deal with the cold if you use a heater that remains very energy efficient. But if the dog house is placed outside and exposed to wind, cold, and snow, then you need more heating power to keep that warm and comfortable for your dog.


Dogs are part of our life as active companions, and we want to buy the best things for them. Especially when we need to stay warm, we become cautious about our dogs too. Selecting the right heater device is not easy because many dog heaters are available in the market, and every manufacturer claims that they are the best in the category.

Our recommendation goes to Hound Heater Dog House Furnace because it is the most sophisticated and reliable product in the market. It is equipped with a thermostat and a dependable security mechanism. It can heat all types of houses, like small ones and large houses for multiple pets. We recommend it as the best dog house heater for all types of dog houses.

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