We fail to contemplate the reality of the life cycle of our four-legged friends while enjoying their companionship. For all of the dog parents, it is a sad fact that is dog passing on. We love to spend time with them, keep them with us on adventures, involve children to play with them but never think about their death.

The day will come because they are not exempted from death, and finally, you have to say goodbye to them. It is hard to consider what life would be without your pooch. Thinking of their demise means thinking of all the fun without them. It takes a lot of efforts to grow a dog from puppy to energetic and trained adulthood when he fully engaged with you. Their demise can disturb you emotionally.

Best dog memorial stone can serve as a loving tribute to your dog. A lot of memorial stones choice available in the market which can be personalized, and you can add a touch of saying to express the emotions you feel for your dog. We have put together 10 best dog memorial stones, different factors to consider, frequently asked questions that will support you to find the best dog memorial stone. Under listed are some factors that you must consider before searching for the dog memorial stones:

? Shape, stones with engraving is a most common choice, available in different shapes like heart, paws, cross or raw stone.

? Image or Portrait, you can choose to personalize the stone with the basic portrait or a picture of your dog, or a paw print image.

? Wording, year or touching sentiments can be part of memorial stone along with the name of your dog.

? Customization, this option usually increases the cost, but if you have any unique customization idea, you can go for that. The price depends on the level of customization.

? Location, it also matters because if you have to put the stone on the ground, it will be different from the stone that you can fix in the wall or pillar. Look for the lightweight stone if you want your memorial stone mounted on a wall inside, look for a massive rock that can withstand in harsh weather if you are in plan to place it in the garden.

1. Evergreen Garden Pet Paw

It is made with stone and weighs only four-pound, it’s not too heavy (weight is approximately 4 pounds), weather resistance and portable. It is customized with the beautiful words, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”  For some of the owners, it is tough to make a grieving sentence when feeling sad and shedding tears. The Evergreen Garden Pet Paws print memorial stone from the evergreen enterprises inc is engraved with the word that truly represents your emotions towards your pooch.

It is a portable pet memorial natural stone that you can place at the resting place of your dog or at his favorite place that he visits more in your house. It’s featured with the keyhole at the back that makes it easy to adjust. Just place it gently on the spot and use key whole to fix it properly, and in future, if there is need to move this stone, you can do it quickly.  It is priced reasonably and won’t sear a hole in your wallet.

The features of Evergreen’s Polystone memorial stepping stone making is number one great choice among pet patterns. Its expressive inscription will always keep your heart warm for your loved four-legged friend.

The sentiment attached in cursive make it stand for a long time and keyhole at the back will keep it firm where you fix it.

Many owners are satisfied with the style and weight of the stone, it is not too heavy but weighs enough to sit in the garden. Owners express that it accurately expresses their feeling toward their pooch attractively.

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2. Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone

Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone is a budget-friendly option and comes in a unique shape of a paw. It weighs about 3 pounds (8.75” X 8.75”) and made with the pure natural-looking polyresin that fully waterproof and durable enough to withstand in harsh weathers.

It can be used as pet grave markers resin, or you can place it at the corner table and a memorial of your dog, it stands firm on table without any additional support.

Engraved with the beautiful words, “Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know.” It is a copyrighted poem.

Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone is featured with a 2” X 3” photo fame into the palm of the paw. You can personalize this frame with the favorite photo of your pooch. It will look nice in your garden and a piece that everyone notices. It’s priced reasonably, and many of the actual buyers show their complete satisfaction towards the quality and style of this memorial stone.

You can put a laminated photo in a frame that can last a few years; a normal phot will be weatherworn.

Features of Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone makes it an ideal gift that a bereaved pet owner, he will love most after his dog as he can place it outdoor at the resting place of his dog or his table as a unique memorial of his dog.

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3. Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

Personalized pet memorial stepping stone is purely made with the Concrete and finished with the enamel paint is excellent as pet grave marker and fantastic for a pet memorial. It’s not only human to desire to be remembered when it comes to remembrance; we believe that pet like that too. This plaque is ideal as stepping stone inside your house; it comes with the protective layer on the outside. It is one inch thick with the diameter of 11” and weighs about 11 pounds.

Its features and material make it durable enough to withstand in snow, heat, rain, and sun. Featured with two coats of outdoor sealant that makes it capable of resist abrasion and retain its unique color in harsh weather. You can clean it with plain water and can wash it with the soft cloth. You will be making the right choice if you buy a Personalized pet memorial stepping stone. It will be an elegant yet subtle addition to your garden.

You can Personalized pet memorial stepping stone with the name and dates of your dog. It contains the inscription which reads “Forever Missed / Forever in Our Hearts” Genuine buyers are very satisfied with the quality of this product as you do not need to fix it. Its weight will keep it sturdy on the spot where you place it.

You can request customization and can review it before finalization, Memories to Stone provide excellent customer service.

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4. GiftsForYouNow Pet Memorial Stone

If you are looking for a fully personalized memorial stone plaque, then the GiftsForYouNow Engraved Pet Memorial Garden Stone is the best choice for you. There is no special saying engraved on it, you can personalize it as want like you can engrave name along with dates of your dog, or any say or quite if you wish. This engraved dog plaques for graves will give you a way to remember the name and dates of your dog, and in this way, he will live in your heart even after years of his death.

It is 11” inches in width and 8 inches high to provide enough space to engrave all that you want. It weighs only 2.56 pounds and can be used outdoor or indoor. It’s made with the resin and looks like natural stone pet memorials. This powerful relic will honor the life of your loved one for many years to come.

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5. Carson Beadwork Stepping Stone

Are you looking for heart shaped pet memorial stone? If yes then Carson – BEADWORK GARDEN STEPPING STONE – PET FOOTPRINT is for you. This creative sentimental piece is perfect for the bereaved pet parents and ideal for pet memorial garden stone. It is strong enough and designed in to withstand in harsh weather as well as sturdy enough to not crack and break; it can withstand in severe weather.

Carson featured it with the keyhole that makes it easier to hang on the wall inside your house. Its design makes it an antique piece that you can place inside your home. The finish of heart shaped pet memorial stones resembles a sandstone look.

It is an affordable heart shaped pet memorial stone covered by an etched inscription which reads, “No longer by my side… but Forever in my Heart.” That will keep you in relation with your dog even after years of his death.

Carson make it with the resin, but it looks like sandstone and weighs only 3 pounds with 9.25” overall width. Many pet owners love to hang this heart shaped pet memorial stone on the trees in the garden.  

It cannot be customized, but you can write the name and dates at your own.

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6. Lara Laser Works Dog Memorial

We know that many dog lovers prefer to place a black plaque on their companion resting place; this is a reason we enlist blacks too. Many of dog memorial stones looks similar, but it’s not the same with Lara Laser Works Personalized Dog Memorial Customized Dog Grave Marker Custom Headstone. It is a remarkable headstone, a headstone that you can fully customize for your deceased dog, and its black color makes it awesome.

It can be placed either inside or in the garden at the resting place of your dog. You can personalize it with the name and dates of your dog that will give it a personal touch to stay your heart warm in coming years.

Available in the 6” X 6” as a standard option but you can order a bigger one if you want. We recommend choosing the standard one to save cost and remain convenient in the weight. Place an order and contact support to customize it with your words.

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7. GraphicRocks Red Stone Memorial

A lot of memorial stones are available in the market that is different in style, size, and color. GraphicRocks Personalized Red Stone Pet Memorial Headstone Grave Marker is a lovely pet memorial stake. It keep your feeling for your dog warm for many of coming years. It makes for an excellent dog headstone for your deceased dog. Its striking pastel red color make it unique and special. We must say it’s not every day you come to the memorial stone that is pastel red. You will get appreciation from others for this pet memorial stakes at your home.

It’s not similar to the other memorial stones that made with the concrete or resin. It is a natural stone pet memorial that makes for an ideal garden if you buried your dog at home. It can be the fully personalized and real value of your money. It is worth mentioning that the people who love dogs make it.

Deep engraved pet name will last forever, and you can place it indoor either outdoor, weather cannot harm this natural stone pet memorial.

It is a natural stone, so the size of every piece varies between 6 to 8 inches, and support from GraphicRocks will stay in contact to give dog memorial stone the last touch.

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8. Sympathy Poem Dog Grave Plaques

If you have a poetic sense, then this is the right choice for you. This Paw Print Remembered grave marker stone will be an excellent keepsake for you as the grieving owner of the dog. It made of resin and fully waterproof, durable enough to withstand in any environment, it built to last, and its engraving is forever. It has a long shelf life, and you can place it anywhere or can change its position whenever required. So, you would not have to think about a fixed place you can put it in the garden, room, kitchen or anywhere else.

“Paw Prints Remembered” make this best pet memorial rock with the high-quality material, and its outlook can stand out amongst other memorial stones.

It comes with the 30days money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your taste you can ask for the refund.

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9. River Stone Pet Memorials

If you are a person who loves natural things, then rive stone pet memorial is the best option for it. Upstate Stone Works the company behind this grave marker did not alter this stone and turn the real rocks collected from the rive to pet memorial stones. It is a reason every piece is different in size.

Most of the best pet memorial rocks are made with resin but do not look like the real natural stone. But best river stone pet memorials from Upstate StoneWorks is an original piece engraved with name and dates of your dog. You can place it anywhere either in the kitchen, garden, or inside of your home. Every stone is different, so what you get will be a single piece of that dimension and color. So, you can feel proud of having such a unique dog memorial rock.

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10. GiftsForYouNow Grave Stake

It is one that you can see on most the human graves, it can be visible from a long distance. GiftsForYouNow crafted this grave marker with the iron and ceramic tile, both of material is long-lasting. It is a plaque to use outside only, constructed with the wrought iron material and featured with the 4.25 inches ceramic tile that can be personalized as you wish.

It can be a perfect sympathy gift for a bereaved dog owner. Its title can be personalized in two lines and provide enough space for the name and dates of your dog.

Buying this grave market is a good idea to ease the pain you feel after your dog has died. With the count of time, the tile may fade due to the sun but iron and its color are durable enough for many of coming years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog memorials made of real stone?

No doubt the majority of pet memorial plaques for outside are made of real stone, Manufacturer uses a variety of materials to make these dog memorial plaques. The most commonly used stones are flagstone or sandstone but not limited to these two varieties. Majority of manufacturers prefer to use the resin that makes it possible to resemble the stone and style as per new designs.

Bronze, marble, and slate are also being used in this industry but considered a less likely material. You need to stay cautious when making a buy, Prefer to buy natural stone pet memorial if you do not have any budgetary limitations. Such a piece will last forever and its one-time investment.

If you are not well aware of the materials, then you can ask some friend who can identify the content and have useful information about these everyday materials. It will help to get a memorial that lasts forever.

Are there any limitations to engrave custom wording?

Keep in mind there are several ways to engrave the words and artwork on the pet memorial plaques for outside. Engravers use these procedures from along time. With the count of time, the whole process is automated instead of manual engraving. That makes the engraving smoother and less time taking procedure.

What you can engrave much depend on the size of the stone, usually stone is large enough o contain name along with dates and saying of few works. But if you want some artwork of a picture of your dog on the stone then prefer to buy a large size stone.

Generally, there is no limitation you can engrave what you want and either it is an art or saying. Pricing, materials, and shelf life can have limitations, so when ordering keep in mind, it can take time. When engraving pet memorial plaques for outside, it is advised to limit the words and numbers. Less material means more significant output that makes the entire content easily readable.

In the memories of your dearly departed dog, you would like to have engraved wordy remembrance, and it is evident for a bereaved dog owner. But the stone appears to be unkempt or cluttered if care not taken, so it is advised to provide the material that is necessary to appear on the rock.

Few stylishly executed words will make your pet memorial plaques for outside an excellent looking and easy to read memorial.

What care required for diy pet grave markers?

These are made to last even the stone that made of resin is durable enough to withstand harsh weather and do not fade out years after years. But some diy pet grave markers are made with concrete and other than resin and coated with the weather protective material. That may need to refresh the protective coat after every two or three years when used outside. On the other side if you are buying granite or marble you polish them every year to keep them fresh.

Is it possible to change the color of pet memorial stones engraving?

Yes, it is possible, in general, these come with the black color, which makes the engraving more prominent. But later on, if you wish to change the color, you can do it by yourself. Of you can hire a painter for a job. It’s easy to do the job buy color and brush and paint the engraving with a new color. Many owners want red color because that is also prominent similarly to black color.

Can I write some new words on dog memorial stone at my own?

In general, there is no need to write some additional words. You can express your feeling in a saying or quote. Due to the limited space, it’s hard but if you find some space and you want to write something, then you can.

You can use permanent paint to write on dog memorial stone, to make it prominent prefer to use black or red color. But if you to write something temporarily you can use a useful marker as with the count of time writing from the market will disappear automatically.

How to protect a photo in dog memorial stone from the weather?

Well, dog memorial stones are not perfect frames. Usually, space is available in the stone for a photo, and if you use a normal picture, the weather will damage that.

You can laminate your four-legged friend photo and then put it n the stone, and it will last for many years. As per our experience, it lasts for two years, and that is enough time, and you can change after that.  If you are in plan to place the dog memorial stone inside your house, then there is no need to laminate the photo.

Are granite dog memorials different from other natural stones?

Yes, these are different from others; the significant difference in their thickness. They are thicker as compare to dog memorial stones made with resin and comes in regular shape. The proper shape of granite stone is the most significant advantage when you have to fix it in the wall.

Moreover, the print of the picture on the granite dog memorial stone lasts for more time; you can say that it is forever and weather resistance. Custom size is also possible in granite so you can order any size in mind or that you need to get a bigger picture and more words on it.


What we have done in the memories of your dog matter and others notice that how we care and give honor to a diseased four-legged friend, and definitely he will look down too. Make sure that you go through our 10 top picks of dog memorial stones hopefully from the best you can find the taste and preference you want. Two most important things to consider are shelf life and material. Find the best suitable option that can last in shiny and rainy reason.

Death is indeed part of the circle of life, and losing a pet is a time of remorse and pain that no one like to go through. But it is a reality, and our dogs cannot live forever, but they can live in our thoughts and memories, and best way to keep them in our life is to get a memorial for their resting piece or to place inside of your house.

Memorial for dg resting place is a perfect option for yourself if you are among people who are into DIY. If you plan to create it on your own, then it will take a lot of time efforts, and you need to collect the materials too. Instead of that, you can get it ins shape of the stone and with the personalized wording and dates on it. Just choose a working and style that best suites to your feeling and diseased dog.  

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