The 10 Best Elevated Dog Beds of 2022

Elevated Dog Beds

Dog owners usually cherish their pet dogs like best friends. Just like human beings need effortless beds to lie down and relax their bodies, dogs need a warm resting place as well where they can relieve their tiredness and allow the muscles and joints to get energized again.

Dogs with arthritis especially need beds where they can nap and rest comfortably. So, dog owners search for best elevated dog bed that is unyielding and can last long, allowing their furry mate to get sheltered.

We have reviewed some of the best-elevated dog beds for dog owners. If you own a dog or some other pet, then you might be interested in our carefully curated list.

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1. Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

best elevated dog bed

Coolaroo offers the best-elevated dog beds. I personally like its off-the-ground design that enhances the overall airflow and keeps the dog relaxed. You will also love how your pup can lounge pleasantly on this elevated bed.

The high-quality breathable HDPE fabric would make your pet dog feel comfy, give a cooling effect on its fur and eliminate the stress on its joints. So, if your pet weighs up to 75 lbs, then Coolaroo is the best choice for you.

This elevated bed is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The steel frame is lightweight that makes it convenient to deport. The powder-coating keeps the steel frame rigid and unyielding to withstands extreme weather conditions.

The arrangement could be a bit laborious and take time to put everything together. But, if you carefully follow all the steps one by one, you should be able to glue it flawlessly.

I genuinely like the nutmeg color as it looks remarkably eye-catching and attractive. I am sure that your dog will not get enough of lying down, relaxing, and sleeping on this appealing bed.


  • If cleaning is a hassle for you, don’t worry; this is effortless to clean.
  • Pick Coolaroo because it is mold, mite, and mildew resistant.
  • Those who prefer custom colors can select the ones they like from the available list.
  • If you worry about your canine chewing the bed, don’t sweat because this is chewing-proof.
  • Border Collie, Bull Dog, Aus. Shepherd and Pointer are some of the breeds that would find it super comfortable. 


  • The assembly might be complicated for some people.

2. Best Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dog Bed – 36x29.75 Portable Bed for Pets with Non-Slip Feet – Indoor/Outdoor Dog Cot or Puppy Bed for Pets up to 80lbs by Petmaker (Blue)

PETMAKER’s elevated bed is the best to use in both winters and summers, in my opinion. It keeps your dog protected from the hot and cold temperature as the ground heats up or gets too chilly in harsh weather conditions.

The mesh panel helps to regulate the body temperature of your dog and provides outstanding ventilation.

You can use this capacious bed indoors or outdoors as it is weather-resistant and integrates non-slip rubber feet. I think the rubber feet provide this bed with unrivaled endurance. It can carry the load of a bigger pups weighing up to 80 lbs with ease.

The powder-coated steel makes the frame durable and firm. Also, you can conveniently wipe the bed by hand washing it with mild soap and cold water.

This cot-style bed is perfect for your furry companion to rest and sleep peacefully anywhere you want by setting it at a desirable place, indoor or outdoor.

I like the addition of the carrying case. The carrying bag allows you to store and transport the bed anywhere you travel to, with your pet dog for vacation.


  • Choose a custom color to fit your pet’s mood and home’s décor.
  • If your dog is large and weighs up to 80lbs, then go for PETMAKER elevated bed.
  • The waterproof canvas will not tear down and last longer, so your pet can rest and play on it.
  • The durable canvas is also chewing-proof, so your investment is safe with this bed.
  • Easily clean and maintain this bed without going through any extra hard work and save time.


  • The instructions manual could be hard to understand for some people.

3. K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed Gray/Black Mesh X-Large 32 X 50 X 9 Inches

In case you want a product that provides succor and leisure to your pet dog, then I suggest you get an elevated bed by K&H pet products. 

K&H pet products bring you a marvelous elevated extra large pet cot. The 9 inches raised from the ground pet cot keeps your dog cordial during the winters and cool during the summers. it is the best elevated dog bed.

The breathable mesh center allows the air to flow from all sides, enhancing the breeze’s effects to keep your pet dog fresh and calm.

You can use this pet cot both indoors and outdoors. The anti-scratch rubber feet prevent damage to the indoor flooring, while the waterproof mesh protects the bed’s surface from absorbing moisture and odors.

This bed also protects your pet from mildew, mites, insects, and bacteria. The metal frame and sturdy plastic connectors ensure stability and longevity. The structure bears the load of the pets without collapsing or breaking. So, your pets can feel safe on this bed.


  • If your canine loves to lay in the sunlight, then this product is the best because the breathable mesh will keep him calm and comfortable neutralizing the heat.
  • In case you own a heavy dog or want a spacious resting place for two small dogs, then this extra-large pet cot with a 200-pound weight capacity is the best for you. 
  • Those who want to take their pets on a picnic can easily carry and transport this portable option.
  • Those who lack the mechanical know-know can conveniently assemble and disassemble this bed without using any tools.
  • Save your time by throwing the removable cover in the machine and get it cleaned with a breeze.


  • The fabric is durable but, your dog could still chew it. 

4. Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed, Extra Large (60.1 x 37.1 x 8.9 Inches), Grey, 1 count

Amazon basics offer one of the best-elevated beds for dogs. The durable and breathable fabric provides a cooling effect to the dog by regulating the airflow.

I like this bed because it’s 7inches above the ground level that is not too high or too low. It’s the perfect height for pets to jump in and rest comfortably on the bed.

Like me, you will also prefer this bed because of its easy assembly. Usually, the assembly takes a lot of time if complicated tools are involved or the instruction manual doesn’t clearly state the steps.

But, you’d be surprised that putting it together is as easy as pie. You’d also love the durable iron frame that provides bed stability and longevity.

Overall, this bed looks aesthetically appealing. The lovely design makes your pets look more adorable and cutesy. Also, the grey color looks not only sophisticated but doesn’t get dirty either.


  • Those who own large pups like Great Dane and Bernese would love it because it can indeed bear their weight with ease.
  • If you prefer easy assembly, then go for it. The company includes all the tools you might need to put the bed together.
  • If you want a product that requires low maintenance, buy the Amazon basics bed because you only need tap water to wash the fabric.
  • Those who worry too much about their pet dog’s health should know that this bed would protect them from mildew, molds, and bacteria.
  • It is undeniable that you’d want your pet dog to maintain a healthy body temperature. It’ll protect your canine from both cold and hot weather conditions.


  • It doesn’t come with anti-scratch feet, so you might want to buy them separately for protecting indoor flooring.

5. Confote Indoor or Outdoor Dog Bed

best elevated dog bed

Confote elevated beds come with a breathable mesh framework that is long-lasting and unyielding. I like Confote because it proposes the perfect medium-sized bed that accommodates small and medium-sized pet dogs. 

The powder-coated steel tubes and non-skid rubber feet render stability and high weight-bearing capacity.

Overall, the elevated bed keeps the pets safe and secure from insects, mildew, bacteria, moisture, and other harmful substances that could strike them if they nap on the floor.

This bed is transportable; you can stock and deport it conveniently. Place it indoors or outdoors and take it with you on camping or other vacation spots with dexterity.

The rain and humidity cannot calumniate the fabric of this bed as it is weather-proof. You can place it on your porch and patio without worrying about it tearing down due to unrelenting weather conditions.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, I like the design and color. It’s simple and good for your pet dog to sleep in.


  • If you prefer straightforward assembling of products, then Confote elevated bed is the one for you. It’s super easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • It is perfect for puppies and small or medium-sized dogs so, you can use it for more than one pet, too, depending on the size. 
  • Surely you wouldn’t want to spend extra time cleaning the bed but, rest assured because you’d only need mild soap and water to wash it conveniently.
  • The previous beds you bought could have been torn or broken but, the Confote bed is super durable and sturdy. Its fabric won’t tear down, nor the frame break.
  • The anti-slip rubber feet would protect your indoor floors from scratches.

6. Love’s cabin Best Elevated Dog Bed

 49in Pet Dog Beds for Extra Large Medium Small Dogs - Portable Dog Cot for Camping or Beach, Durable Fall Frame Raised Dog Bed with Breathable Mesh

I always prefer recyclable and non-toxic commodities. It is the reason why I like Love’s cabin elevated bed so much. This bed’s fabric carries non-toxic and recyclable corporealities, which are salubrious and innoxious for your darling.

The mesh allows all the air to circulate unobstructedly in the dog’s surroundings, so it feels warm and relaxed.

The 8 inches ground design helps the dog stay in a salutary environment where the cold or hot floor does not affect it during the respective seasons. It also conquers the strain on joints.

The high-grade frame is solid and long-lasting. Your pet weighing up to 85lbs can easily hop on and off from the bed without the fear of falling. The bed edifice would not wobble at all, even if the dog jumps on it.

I am sure that your four-legged comrade will love the design the way I do. The bed looks eye-catching and delicate. So, it would be a valuable addition to your home and your pet’s life.  


  • The durable fabric would not tear down by your pet’s claws or be chewed. So, Love’s cabin is the best option for you.
  • Travel with this portable bed wherever you like. Your pup would get the ultimate comfort on vacation.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble. Don’t worry about your tech skills because putting it together is a piece of cake.
  • For the added comfort of your dog, you can place a mattress on top of the bed. 
  • The anti-skid feet prevent the steel frame from damaging your indoor floors.

7. HAITRAL Elevated Pet Bed 

HAITRAL Elevated Pet Bed - Small Cat Bed, Small Pet Cot for Dogs Cats Outdoor Indoor Camping Raised Cot -27 x 21 x 7 Inches-Black Linen

I fancy this model precisely because of its size. So, you will love HAITRAL’s elevated bed for dogs if you own small-sized adorable dogs weighing up to 10lbs.

Your fluffy friend would feel satisfied on this bed as the durable fabric is breathable, and the 7-inch off-the-ground design allows optimal airflow from all sides.

Your pet doesn’t need to sit on the hot ground on a summer day or shiver in the cold on a chilly night. Get this elevated bed and let your pet dog sleep in comfort.

Another thing you’d love about this bed would be the easy assembly. You put the entire thing together by following simple instructions.

The metal frame ensures durability and sturdiness. It further provides stability and wouldn’t wobble at all. Resting on an elevated bed reduces stress on the pet’s joints as well.

Take this easy-to-carry and transport option with you anywhere you like. While you relax on a beach or a camping trip, your pet will do the same chilling on its bed.  


  • The square-shaped fabric is machine washable so, you don’t have to invest any time in cleaning.
  • The selection of grey-colored fabric is propitious to those who don’t want their pets to get the bed rumpled and contemptible immediately after the wash.
  • You don’t require extra tools as the company includes the exact equipment in the package needed for the assembly that makes things convenient for you.
  • If you have some other pet like a cat or a rabbit beside canine, then you can buy this bed for them too.
  • Don’t despair if you have a pet dog that weighs slightly higher than 10lbs as HAITRAL’s bed can accommodate its load too.

8. SUDDUS Elevated Dog beds

SUDDUS Elevated Dog beds Waterproof Outdoor, Portable Raised Dog Bed, Dog Bed Off The Floor, Dog Bed Easy Clean Indoor or Outdoor Use, Multiple Sizes…

Dog owners who fret a lot about their pets’ well-being would love Suddus elevated bed, in my opinion. This bed shields your pet dog from various skin diseases, bacteria, and dirt. The off-the-ground design accommodates the pet to rest in an innocuous and tranquil environment.

The extra-large bed offers a weight capacity of up to 140lbs supported by 0.8mm steel pipes.

The two extra added steel pipes solidify the support and make the bed more sturdy and durable.

The hot-pressed PVC bed cover is chewing-proof and firm. The non-toxic fabric material is also tear-resistant and long-lasting. Also, cleaning it is super convenient. You can wipe the dog’s hair using a wet rag or wash it with water and soap.

The four rubber pads installed on the frame’s feet provide the ultimate stability and prevents scratching on the indoor flooring. The rubber pads allow the pet to jump on the bed without the fear of slipping or collapsing.

I like that the design and color of this elevated dog bed look very appealing and charming. So, if you love stylish products, then this bed is the one for your pet.


  • To avoid foul odors, the breathable mesh fabric will provide optimal airflow that’ll keep the environment fresh in your home.
  • If you want a dog bed that’s portable so you can bring it along with your pet to enjoy the vacation, then Suddus is an excellent choice.
  • Those who worry about the durability can rely on this brand because it comes with two additional anti-skid plastic parts to support the formation.
  • It is spacious enough for large-sized pets. You can make two dogs share the same bed if you want.
  • The assembly instructions are well-explained. So, you will not have a tough time assembling this product.

9. Fit Choice Medium Bed 

Fit Choice Medium 31' Elevated Dog Bed with Canopy, Outdoor Dog Bed, Pet Canopy with Cot, Premium 210D Polyester Canopy, Deluxe 600D PVC W/ 2x1 Textilene, W/Carrying Bag (Medium, Grey)

I love Fit Choice elevated bed, and half the credit goes to the canopy that comes with it. Now your pets can enjoy the outdoor scenery a little more comfortably as the polyester canopy provides them shade from the sunlight and rain.

The canopy also creates a sense of safety and security for your pets. They would feel protected under the shade and get a more of a home-like feeling.

The elevated bed design saves your pet dog from bacteria, dirt, mildew, mold, and insects. It also provides your dog with a cooling effect as the breathable mesh fabric keeps the temperature of the dog’s body under control.

This bed is well-suited for medium-sized pets weighing up to 55 lbs. The sturdy frame can hold the load well without wobbling. The anti-skid feet provide stability and a scratch-free surface.

The assembly doesn’t take too long but would require your utmost attention. You wouldn’t want to mess up the steps in the first go.

Overall, I love the black and grey color combination, and the canopy design, in addition to the elevated bed, really wins the prize.


  • Those who want their pet dogs to enjoy the outdoors more and get the ultimate comfort should get this bed.
  • The canopy is sun-proof and water-proof so, you can rely on its use.
  • The high-grade fabric is chewing-proof, so your pet won’t damage the mattress.
  • This bed and canopy are portable and come with a carry bad. You can travel anywhere you want with the bed and let your pet rest happily.
  • Cleaning it or canopy won’t consume your time; you can easily wash them with soap and water.

10. Eterish Bed 

best elevated dog bed

Eterish creates elevated dog beds using premium fabrics. I honestly admire their designs. They use Teslin material which is recyclable and non-toxic that makes the fabric perfectly healthy for your pets.

The tightly stretched weave also discourages chewing and snagging of nails. The 8-inch above ground level raised bed provides complete support to your pet during summers and winters, protecting them from the hot and cold ground.

The skid-resistant rubber feet prevent slipping and scratching on indoor flooring by providing complete stability to your playful furry companions.

The sturdy frame bears the weight of your dog perfectly. Also, the equal distribution of your dog’s weight relieves pressure felt on its joints.

I suggest that while assembling the bed, you follow the step-by-step guide carefully to avoid any mistakes. The assembly is overall easy but could take time if you’d miss out on the steps.

To clean the bed, you can use a garden hose to give it a quick wash or put the fabric in the machine. Wet cloth for everyday cleaning would work as well.


  • If you don’t want your pet to lay on the cold ground during winters or get too hot in the summers, getting this heaved bed would be an intelligent choice.
  • It allows you to add pillows, mattresses, or a soft cushion to add more comfort to your pet’s life.  
  • With this, you don’t have to worry about the frame collapsing as it provides durability.
  • Forget about the material tearing or your dog chewing it because this bed’s fabric is dependable, unyielding, and long-lasting.
  • If you want to travel with your dog, this would be perfect as it is portable and easy to carry anywhere on a trip.

A Comparison of Elevated Dog Beds

BrandSizeDimensionsItem weightMaterialColorWeight Capacity
CoolarooMedium42 x 25.5 x 8 inches6 poundsHDPE Fabric, SteelNutmeg75 lbs
PETMAKER  Large36 x 29.75 x 7 inches6.1 Pounds
PVC Connectors, Mesh, Water-Resistant Canvas, Coated Steel  
Navy Blue80 lbs
K&H PET PRODUCTSX-Large32 x 50 x 9 inches1.38 PoundsPolyesterGray/Black Mesh200 lbs
Amazon BasicsExtra large60.1 x 37.1 x 8.9 inches10.43 PoundsFabricGrey110 lbs
ConfoteMedium32.28 x 24.41 x 8.27 inches2.92 poundsRubber, Steel, Fabric, OxfordGreySmall and medium-sized dogs
Love’s cabinLarge49 x 35.5 x 8 inches7.36 PoundsSterlingGrey85 lbs
HAITRALSmall27.6 x 21.5 x 7.1 inches2.18 poundsRubber, FabricGrey10 lbs
SuddusExtra large48 x 36 x 9 inches10.14 Pounds
Space Grey140 lbs
Fit ChoiceMediumL28.3″xW24″xH30.3″4.95 PoundsPolyester, PVC, TextileneBlack and Grey55 lbs
EterishLarge43.2 x 134.4 x 204 inches8.11 PoundsRubber, Fabric

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed some of the best-elevated dog beds available in the market for you. My personal favorites include Coolaroo, K&H pet products, and PETMAKER, which I highly recommend to everyone due to their comforting nature and suitability for older, trim, and even middle-sized pets.

Other than that, you could look into other products because they also provide excellent features. It all comes down to one’s preference, so as a dog owner, you can freely decide on the best choice for your pet.