30+ Best GPS Dog Trackers & Collars of 2022 (Reviews)

Best GPS Dog Trackers

Most dogs are escape artists, especially when they have a favorite business outdoor, like chasing a squirrel or meeting with other four-legged friends. It does not matter how hard you train your pup to stay in the yard when he decided to escape; he will definitely, especially when you allow him to spend some leash time promoting good health. Either he escapes from your yard or during a walk, the threat of losing him stat knocking, and the touch job of tracing and locating him kick in. But not for those who use Best GPS dog trackers to get the precise location of their dog.

The best GPS dog tracker gives you peace of mind. It gives you the precise location of your dog with an interactive map to reach there, allow to set a boundary where on the breach, you receive an alert on your mobile, no matter where you (or your dog) might be. Also, enable you to monitor your pooch’s activity with detailed reports so you can interpret whether he is getting enough exercise or not.

All the dog GPS collars are not built alike; there are more than a few options to consider when buying a GPS tracker for your dog. There are two types of GPS Tracker:

  1. GPS Dog Tracker with Monthly Fee
  2. GPS Dog Tracker with No Monthly Fee

Each type has its pros and cons; the big difference between these two is monthly subscription charges. During the times of your dog’s outdoor training, GPS Tracker is a must-have gadget for your dog. Moving forward, we will dig into it in-depth, but first, have a look at our top three recommendations. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations of GPS Dog Trackers

1. Whistle GO Explore (Best GPS Dog Tracker)
  • Subscription Starts from 6.95$ per month
  • Provide accurate live and precise location
  • Monitor licking, sleeping and scratching
  • Real-Time Alerts and interactive Maps
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2. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker
  • Lowest Monthly Subscription 5.95$ only
  • Works on Wi-Fi, Verizon LTE-M coverage
  • Advanced Health Monitor 
  • Lightweight and Compact 
  • Provide Real-Time Location 
  • Equipped with Long Lasting Battery 
  • Fast alert on the boundary breach
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3. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Real-Time Long Distance Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing and Multicolor Alerts
  • Offer Customizable Voice Commands
  • Provide pinpoint location 
  • Fully Waterproof

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Which is Better Microchips or GPS Trackers

Several pet owners have opted to have a microchip implanted on their dogs. Along with implantation, they have also regularly updated the information in the chip. Sadly, though, that is not enough if your dog gets lost.

A microchip does not stop strangers or nefarious elements from stealing your dog. The chips only come in useful when the dog is registered at a shelter or the vet. Therefore, you have to invest money in a dog collar GPS.

These GPS trackers for dog implants are highly effective, even more than dog tags, because they do not run the risk of falling off easily.

Many of the best dog GPS trackers on the market are designed to be durable and waterproof, thus ensuring a lower risk of damage.

Furthermore, the best dog trackers give you the correct information about the location of your dog. With just a touch, you can discover your dog’s exact position before or after they get lost.

Benefits of Using GPS Dog Trackers

Losing your dog can be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, this happens more often than many people imagine. A report by the ASPCA revealed that as many as 7.6 million animals (many of which are dogs) enter shelters. If you do not want your dog to end up in that statistic this year and the years to come, you have to take appropriate steps to keep your dog safe.

Many dog owners have recommended getting a microchip implanted on your dog, while others suggest using a GPS dog collar or GPS pet tag. We already discussed the difference between these, not let’s see the advantage that a GPS dog tracker offers.

1. Find Missing Pets.

This is the apparent reason why you must invest in a dog GPS collar. The best options on the market come with several features that ensure that your dog is found before it is too late.

Most of the highly recommended units on the market are designed to work with different types of devices, including your smartphone and computers. With just a touch of a button, you can get real-time information about the whereabouts of your dog.

Despite your vigilance, your pet can still get lost. It might even run away from the house! Hence, you need a dog GPS tracker to find lost or stolen pets.

Some dogs tend to hide when injured or sick. But when you have a GPS tracker for dogs, you will promptly find them and give them the care they require.

2. Saves Money

When you lose your dog and do not have a GPS tracker, you have to resort to other less effective; and costlier methods of finding it. This means printing fliers, putting up signs, hiring people to look for it, and so on. 

And if the dog were stolen, you’d have a pretty hard time finding it since the thief isn’t ready to release the dog (and might want a reward before releasing it). With a GPS tracker, you jettison all that and go straight to identifying your dog’s exact location.

Losing a dog can be expensive, but you can cut down on all these unnecessary costs with your smartphone and tracker. Just one person can search.

3. Real-Time Data

Dogs are pretty fast animals. Hence, if your dog wanders out of the home, it wouldn’t take long before it has traveled several miles. Using a dog GPS tracker comes in handy in such situations. 

With this device, you get real-time information about the whereabouts of your dog. Such information might include the time it left home and the exact location.

4. Protection

Like little children, dogs generally might not know whether a situation is dangerous or not. They might fail to stay away from heights or water bodies. This is another reason why you should get a dog GPS tracker. The tracker will tell you where your dog is in the home and help you discover whether it is in danger.

Dogs can get lost in unfamiliar environments and be lost in the twinkle of an eye. Thus, as a dog owner, a GPS tracker device for dogs is your way of planning ahead of eventualities. It will ensure that you are on your toes at all times.

With the tracker, you will be in the right place at the right time to protect your dog from harming itself.

5. Protection from Thefts and Shelters

A lost dog might end up in an animal shelter where it is put up for adoption for some time before getting euthanized. If you do not want such a sad fate for your dog, you can take the right step today and get a dog GPS tracker.

A GPS dog tag or GPS collar for dogs also serves another purpose. When a dog has this collar attached, the shelter will likely assume that it is lost and not astray. Thus, it won’t be put up for adoption or euthanized.

6. Less Stressful

If your dog has run away and you haven’t fitted a GPS tracker on it, it can cause you plenty of stress. Owners whose dogs lack this tracker have to rely on other ways of getting their dog back, including getting professional search parties and groups.

They also have to face the stress of constantly checking shelters and other places to see whether the dog has been picked up or not. Words cannot describe the stress, emotional, and physical drain on a dog owner (especially if it were a beloved pet).

7. Less Painful

Implanting a microchip can be a painful process for your dog. And even if it causes only minimal pain, it is still possible for the wounds to become infected and turn nasty. Additionally, microchips can get dislodged from their original position and become uncomfortable to the dog. It can even cause health complications.

A GPS tracker is risk-free. All you have to do is wear it around your dog’s collar, and you are both good to go. It is usually lightweight as well, and your dog will feel no discomfort wearing it.

8. Activity Tracking

Just as your smartwatch or fitness tracker can record your physical activities, some trackers can report the dog’s activity levels. If your dog requires exercise or needs to maintain certain activity levels per week or per day, the GPS tracker can help you with monitoring.

Some models let your dog set fitness goals and ensure that the dog gets the correct amount of exercise every day.

9. Useful Features

Many of the best dog GPS trackers on the market have several additional features that will come in handy. For example, some allow you to make a virtual fence and notify you immediately your dog passes the ‘fence.’

Some even link up with your social media accounts and connect you with other dog owners if you need their assistance with something dog-related.

Monthly Fee vs. No Monthly Fee Dog Trackers

GPS Dog Collars

How to Decide and Why to Pay Monthly Fees?

A dog tracker can either come with a subscription (monthly fee) or none. Whether it does or not largely depends on the technology it uses.

A close look at the dog tracking devices on the market reveals that most dog trackers use two different technologies.

First, they use positioning technology; the most common example of this type of technology is GPS. This determines the dogs’ exact location.

The second type of technology is communication technology. This is what sends the information about the dogs’ position to your smartphone or some other device.

Most of the models on the market right now use cellular technology to relay information. Thus, they use SIM cards and cellular networks to send location information to you.

Relying on cellular networks is cool, but there are some disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that if there is no cellular coverage, the dog tracker will not work. Another downside of this technology is that, as with your cell phone, you need to pay a fee for the cellular network provided.

Most dog tracker companies are looking to cut costs; hence, they shift cellular technology’s burden to dog owners. You have to make the payments. That is the reason most tracking systems for dogs that use cellular service have a subscription fee.

What about those without fees?

You might rightly wonder, ‘how come some dog tracking devices don’t have a monthly fee”? Here is why.

Although most dog trackers on the market right now depend on cellular service, several others do not. They run their services without using cellular or other types of technology. These companies use several traditional and modern technologies that do not require any monthly fees.

The most common technology that uses is Bluetooth technology. They also combine radio frequency signals for communication. These companies have embraced Wi-Fi technology, as well. And in some cases, they have developed their technology independent of cellular networks.

Therefore, since they do not run on cellular service, used without any subscriptions. You enjoy zero service charges and only have to make a one-time payment to enjoy the tracking system services for dogs.

It is noteworthy that some companies that employ cellular services now opt to offer these services free from monthly payments. Even more interesting is that these offerings are just slightly more expensive than other options. While these are not common, they might be pointing to a positive trend that would delight dog owners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monthly Fee and No Monthly Fee Dog Trackers

These devices are similar to gadgets and just like gadgets they have some advantages and disadvantages but both are useful and suitable for different types of tracking requirements.

Pros of No Monthly Fee Dog Trackers

  • More Coverage: As we briefly mentioned earlier, monthly fee dog trackers are dependent on cellular coverage. If there is no coverage, they are as good as useless. Furthermore, these trackers are dependent on one network, making them hard to use in areas with bad reception. On the other hand, No Monthly Fees dog trackers are not affected by cellular coverage. Therefore, they can work wherever you go. The only factors that can affect their efficiency are legal prohibitions and unavailability of the device in certain regions.
  • Better Batteries: As you can testify to with your smartphone, cellular service is a battery drainer. However, with No Monthly Fees dog trackers, you enjoy significantly better battery life. These dog GPS trackers usually come with disposable batteries that can last for several months. As for their rechargeable counterparts, some units can last for well over a month before requiring recharging. Therefore, if your dog gets lost, you have plenty of time to find it before the battery goes off.
  • Great for Adventures: These trackers let you track your dog across different terrains, regardless of whether there is cellular coverage or not. With these trackers, you can go on adventures wherever and whenever. You are confident that irrespective of where your dog chooses to explore, you can always find it.
  • Cheaper: Since they are a one-time payment, you save more money in the end. You, therefore, have more money to spend on other important stuff for your dog.

Pros of Monthly Fee Dog Trackers

best gps dog tracker reviews

1. Wide Coverage

Although No Monthly Fee units work anywhere, they might not work over any distance. For example, if the tracker is a Bluetooth model, it would have a range of operations limited to 400 feet.

On the other hand, subscription-based units work across any distance, as long as there is network coverage. Hence, you can find your dog wherever it might go.

2. Activity Monitoring

Many of the best dog GPS trackers on the market come with activity monitoring features. If you are thinking of getting a dog tracker, why might you want an activity tracker feature? Here are some reasons why.

3. Helps your dog lose weight

One of the significant reasons to get a GPS tracker in monitoring your dog’s activities is to help them lose some weight healthily. If your dog is obese and needs to shed some pounds, these trackers come in pretty handy. They usually come with apps installed on your smartphone or computer that measure the dog’s activity.

Based on the information the tracker gives, you can either increase the activity level or maintain it. Doing this keeps the dog healthy and happy.

4. Stimulates your dog

Besides physically keeping your dog in shape, using these trackers can also keep the dog mentally alert. Some trackers come with features that differentiate between playtime and walks, helping you see if the dog has enough fun and stimulation.

These trackers can also help you to identify the root cause of any destructive behavior in your dog. If your dog is destructive at home, likely, it isn’t getting the stimulation it needs. With the GPS tracker, you can track whether the dog is as engaged as it should be. Based on that, you can choose appropriate times to take the dog out for a walk or play with it.

5. Supervises Walks

If you hire a third-party to help with walking your dog, the GPS tracker will show you their exact location. It will also help you to monitor the amount of exercise that your dog is getting on walks. Some models come with advanced features that allow you to sync with other apps and see the amount of exercise that your dog needs to get.

The tracker might indicate that the dog has done enough walking for the day. Then you can play with the dog for some time instead of going out for walks.

This feature comes in handy if you are traveling and leaving the dog with a sitter for some time. You can use it to track whether your dog got enough exercise when you were away.

6. Exercise Together

If your dog wears a GPS tracker with an activity monitor, the chances are that you also have one, whether as a smartwatch or a dedicated fitness device.

You can take advantage of this to set fitness goals for both of you and achieve them together. This will make both of you healthier and positively strengthen the bond between dog and owner. It is so much fun getting in shape with your dog beside you.

7. Determine Rest Time

Dogs, like people, have different resting habits. A GPS tracker with an activity monitor can measure the amount and quality of rest that your dog has. Some brands have collected information about 200 dog breeds globally and used them to propose rest patterns that would improve your dogs’ health.

You can use the tracker’s information to help your dog sleep better and have more enjoyable days.

8. Start Conversations

It might seem like an odd use of a GPS track, but if you enjoy talking with other dog owners, getting an attractive model on the market can spark conversations with others.

Features of the Best Pet GPS Tracker

The features found in the best pet tracker vary; however, these are the most common:

  • It is waterproof and can be clipped to your dog’s collar. It might also come in the form of an actual collar.
  • It features replaceable or rechargeable batteries.
  • You can create a zone where you do not receive any alerts when the dog is in the zone.
  • It delivers texts, emails, or notifications when your dog leaves the zone.
  • Apps for the smartphone to make tracking easier.
  • Real-time information about the dogs’ location.

10+ Best GPS Dog Trackers & Collars

1. Whistle GO & GO Explore

Subscription plan starts from 6.95$ per month

gps dog collar reviews

  • Real-Time Proactive Alerts: no need to worry about your dog’s activities that you cannot notice or monitor. This GPS tracker and activity monitor trigger real-time alerts on all possible mediums like email, text, or app when your pet leaves a designated safe place, especially when your dog breaches the boundary limits.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: it depends on AT&T’s nationwide network. It uses google maps to provide the dog’s real-location that makes tracking easy, and the same setup allows to choose and set boundaries.

It is a multi-purpose, versatile, and long-lasting solution that is cost-effective and priced reasonably. Its battery lasts for weeks in a single recharge and the device itself equipped with a night light that can be turned from anywhere while having access to the app. It will make tracing and locating easy as in low light; it will make your dog visible from a far distance.

Its subscription plans also support health and fitness monitoring, allowing for detailed reports that monitor behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping. You can share these reports with the vet for a better diagnosis when required.

Its capability to monitor distance traveled, active minutes, and calories burned helps you decide how much exercise your dog needs to stay active daily.

You can expect no more skips and no more skip tracing and allow your dog to enjoy the off-leash time that helps to improve the dog’s overall health.

2. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

Subscription plan starts from 5.95$ per month

best dog gps tracker

  • Safe & Comfortable: designed to track the pups and for the dog parents who want to have an active eye on the dog, depending on Wi-Fi, Verizon LTE-M coverage. It’s lightweight, tough, rugged as well as waterproof so your dog can enjoy his liberty outdoor.
  • Track Boundary and Health: along with tracking and triggering alerts regarding boundary breach, it also keeps a track record of health-related matters like distance, sleeps quality, calories balance, as well as behavior, and many other things.

Through a single app on your mobile, you can track multiple dogs, a wearable device, app installed on any mobile device. It can be linked with the apple watch, apple health kit, and google solutions like smartphones and wearable devices.

In the past, if you lose your dogs or have an experience of losing and tracing back your dog, then you are a person who knows how hard it is to come out of this time. Stop looking for pet tracker reviews; the product in the spotlight will alert you once your dog breached the boundary limits. Amazingly, you can change the boundary limits any time or have different boundaries for different times.

Equipped with the long-lasting battery that lasts for weeks, with most active dogs, you can expect the battery to last for ten days while maximum it can go up to 20 days. It’s waterproof. While wearing this tiny device, your dog can enjoy swimming and can play in the rain. At the same time, real-time location tracking via Verizon provides an exact location even in harsh weather.

3. Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker

Subscription plan starts from 4.99$ per month

pest pet tracker

  • Low Fees: its subscription plan is most affordable compared to other GPS dog trackers, and it provides a real-time location that brings a lot of ease for dog owners.
  • Location sharing: you can share the local of your furry friend with your other family members and friends; the location history keeps you aware and help you in the future, it’s a feature accessible through the app.

Tractive is a lightweight and waterproof solution that depends on the cellular network to provide real-time location and tracking. It is a robust pet finder that attaches to any collar, and even with the harness, it looks great. It can be used for pets above 9 pounds.

Through the app, you can easily mark a safe zone to define a boundary for your dog, and all of its features also can be accessed through the browser app. Tractive makes dog tracking easy and eliminates the worries of losing a pet.

You get real-time location and instant notification through the app so you can decide at the right time, and there is not area limit you can use this device anywhere; it works nearly in 150+ countries.

Your dog can take part in activities and may go for a chase, it’s shock-resistant, and any activity cannot damage it. Simultaneously, seepage cannot make its way inside the sophisticated electronics as its IPX7 waterproof. This tiny device’s rechargeable battery takes two hours to recharge and lasts for a week.

4. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

No Monthly Fee

gps tracker for dogs implant
  • No Monthly Fee Tracking System For Dogs: it combines the power of GPS and Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and Long Distance Wireless Technologies to get the real-time position of dogs and completely free from any subscription plan.
  • Long Distance Tracking: it’s equipped with a high-gain laser carving antenna, increasing range and providing connectivity up from 0.65 miles to 3.5 miles. Its range depends upon terrain and density.

This tracking device for dogs is small, durable, and long-lasting, as well as equipped with a battery that is quick to recharge and lasts for a much longer time, comes with a small/compact charging station, and you can expect 12 working hours minimum in a single recharge. It depends on the most advanced technology and can pinpoint real-time location so you can track your pet and know where it is heading.

Its location service use Google Big Data interface, its application, and the device itself are easy to use; you can say that its plug and play. We find that its app has many futuristic features during our review and is made for novices; it’s simple and easy to navigate.

It allows to set geofencing and customizable voice commands; conveniently, you can mark a virtual boundary; once your pet crosses the boundary limit, you will get an instant notification on the mobile app. The tracking LED on the beacon will help you find your dog in low light, and you can see him from far away.

We found it the best GPS dog collar with no monthly fee as it’s the only one that made to store voice command that can be played from the app; your dog can recognize your voice, this feature enables you to communicate with your dog remotely.

Your investment will remain secure as it is a waterproof GPS dog tracker that enables your dog to work in wet weather.


  • It might cause an inaccurate positioning due to the delayed update of Google WiFi hot, so in some cases, you may remain unable to get real-time location data, and many lose the connection for some time.
  • Moreover, obstacles significantly affect its range.
  • It does not work for swimming.

5. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

No Monthly Fee

  • No Cell Coverage Required: this GPS locator for dogs allows them to track in an estimated range of 3 miles (4.8 KM) without cell coverage and does not require any subscription, optimized for coveted urban areas.
  • Track Walk of Your Pet: it’s a dedicated activity monitor for your pet and best to know the activity level of your dog like you can get information on how much your dog take a walk today, and this is a futuristic feature that helps you to decide about the walk time and activity level of your dog.

It’s a dog collar tracker that provides real-time location of your dog, comes in pair of two small devices, one to attach to the collar of your dog and one to carry by yourself that keep you connected with the dog’s device and also connects with your mobile you give you access to the data.

Through the app, you can get your dog’s real-time position and can tack his activities remotely. It’s a waterproof design that works in any place. If you wish to give your dog a chance to enjoy the off-leash time but are worried about losing and tracing him, it’s a perfect solution; it allows you to make a virtual boundary that moves with you and provides better control over the dog, especially during a walk.

You can keep tracking your dog even when you are off-the-grid, and its Appl as well one tag that works with mobile allows to add more device to track multiple dogs through a single app.


  • Connection and GPS connectivity are not stable in all weather.
  • Obstacles can affect the range and disturb connectivity as well.
  • Only good to use in the plain physical environment.

6. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Subscription plan starts from 9.95$ per month

best gps dog collar tracker

  • Nationwide Location Tracking: This innovative and best dog GPS tracker depends on the AT&T network that provides nationwide coverage to keep your dog safe well and protected. It only works in the USA.
  • Equipped with Adventure Feature: it is a futuristic feature that allows you to record and share the adventure with your dog, hikes, walks, and activities become fun for your dog as well as for you.

It is a smart GPS tracker for dogs equipped with the safety feature that can trigger the temperature alert, especially when it finds a dog too hot or cold. To see your dog in the low light,  link AKC is equipped with the LED light, controlled from the app, and amazingly vet records can be saved in the app so you can easily access the medical history of your dog.

It comes with a premium leather collar that looks beautiful and stunning; you can feel the leather with your hand, more comfortable for dogs to wear, and the device itself is lightweight and durable.

Style, performance, and durability are all combined into this single product. It provides fast connectivity and keeps connected in real-time. We have an advanced soundtracking feature during our review, but unfortunately, that is not a stable one.

It is a curved shape dog tracking collar device that fits properly with the collar, and normal human beings cannot recognize it as a tracking device as it is smart and matches the collar.


  • Not suitable for small and tiny size dogs.
  • Lagging in the activity tracking.
  • Battery life is not as good as compare to whistle.
  • SoundTracking sometimes stops working.

7. Spy Spot 4G Portable GPS Tracker

Subscription plan starts from 17$ per month 4G, 2G from 5$ 

gps dog tracking collar

  • 4G Real-Time GPS Tracking: It is a portable GPS tracker that depends on the 4G network for real-time location and provides pinpoint locations every time; for a low-cost solution T-mobile 2G network subscription costs only 5$ per month.
  • Waterproof: the pouch is made of Oxford thick nylon fabric material, which is fully waterproof, and the pouch comes with a belt attachment that can securely attach the pouch with the collar.

It is a revolutionary collar that works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico without any barriers. During our review, we find it a multi-purpose GPS tracker that can be used for any purpose. You can track any object or living animal that you want, and you just need to place or attach this tracker with the object or animal.

The pouch comes in bright orange color that keeps the dog visible from far away and also protects the tracker device in harsh weather. It has one edge over all other trackers that is its battery life. Yes, once charged, its battery can last for full three weeks; without a doubt, this capability convinces us to give it a try.

When used with recommended service, the portal will provide a satellite view, six months history, and a breadcrumb trail, as well as provide an advanced feature of geofencing. They work with all types of operating systems and triggers real-time alerts when your dog breaches the boundary limits.


  • A costly GPS dog tracker system.
  • It’s big.
  • Not suitable for small dogs.
  • Always remain in a hanging position, chase, or running activity through obstacles increases the chance of damage.

8. MUXAN Pet GPS Tracker with Free App

Subscription plan starts from 5$ per month

dog gps tracker canada

  • Geo-Fencing: it allows you to set up a safe range for the dog; you can set a range in circular diameter and let your dog roam freely inside, and when there is a breach, a real-time alert will hit your mobile app.
  • Affordable One: it works on the 2G services for positioning service, which costs only 5$ for the whole month, where you will get an uninterrupted location service and can know the pinpoint location.

The manufacturer is affiliated with T-Mobile. It brings really affordable GPS tracking services for pets. We recommend this newly introduced dog locator collar due to its long battery life. It is equipped with a large battery compared to other GPs trackers that last for more than 10 days.

Its location service is an accurate one. You can expect accuracy up to 10 meters, so don’t worry about losing your pet. You can get his position in a matter of seconds. It is a shockproof device that a dog can wear during any activity.

The app is compatible with all the operating systems and delivers real-time alerts and alarms that you can take action on an immediate basis. Moreover, we recommend it for adventures, especially when you are away from home for a walk for an adventure trip where your dog needs more care, and you need to keep an eye on him.


  • Sim card is not included in the package.
  • It May does not work in all areas; confirm 2G service first with the operator.
  • It’s large in size.

9. MUXAN GPS Pet Tracker

Subscription plan starts from 5$ per month

best gps dog tracker canada

  • Easy to Carry GPS Pet Tracker: it is a smart and compact device that is lightweight and easy to carry. Your dog will feel burdon by this device. It depends on the 2G network for the positioning service.
  • Triple Positioning: it uses three systems to figure out the right position of the dog; yes, it depends on the GPS LBs and uses WIFI to pinpoint the actual location.

It is a multi-purpose GPS locator that is not explicitly made for the dogs, but yes, it can be used for the dogs, exactly as other professional GPS trackers.  It’s a gift for your dog because it will keep your dog safe, and you will not lose your pup anymore.

Moreover, you can allow your dog to enjoy off-leash time without worry that you have to chase or trace him. Real-time tracking and alerts will develop your confidence in the system, and you will allow your dog to enjoy his time.

Its app is user-friendly and ideal for outdoor use, like water cannot make its way inside to sophisticated electronics, you can expect an accuracy of up to 10 meters.

For indoor use, you do not need a subscription; for indoor use, you can only use LBS and WiFI to get real-time location, but when your dog leaves the WiFi area, you will need a subscription to get the real-time location.

Its advanced Geo-fencing features can be controlled from the app, and you can set different parameters for different times and customize alarms as per your requirement.


  • Sim Card not Included, Need to buy Separately from T-Mobile.
  • Work only with 2G coverage.

10. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog Collar Attachment

Subscription plan starts from 5$ per month

tracking devices for dogs

  • Interactive Maps: when there is a need to locate your pet, the app shows an interactive map with directions that reduce locating your dog and make it easy.
  • Award-Winning GPS Pet Tracker: there are several awards that the app and GPS tracker win in previous years; it also allows us to view and track daily activities 0f your pooch.

In case you are fond of the style, then; this compact and beautiful-looking gadget are made for you. It is the best GPS Pet Tracker that sends text messages and emails when the dog crosses the boundary line. It is equipped with advanced activity tracking, and the app is capable enough to provide extensive activity reports.

It works on but Andriod and iPhone and can be attached to any collar your dog usually wears. With just a single button press on the app, you will get directions to your dog wherever he is giving. No obstacle can affect its range, it’s effective in all weathers, and it’s a good gadget to keep an eye on the dog.

Vets are agreed on tracking your pet’s activities because it provides great insights into the health-related issues, and daily, while seeing the activities of your dog, you can decide for further exercises. While sharing the same data with your vet, you will get better advice.


  • It is not recommended for dogs below 10lbs.
  • Poor battery life is an issue; you have to recharge it every day after a month.
  • Only work on 2G that most of the cellular operators discontinue.

11. BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar

best dog gps tracker

  • GPS & Activity Tracking: it provides two in one benefits; you can track your dog, put limitations with boundary, and also can track activities where you can make a better decision for his health.
  • 2 Way Audio: this futuristic dog tracking system is equipped to establish two-way audio where you can send personalized commands and can listen to your dog.  

It’s made to get the precise location of your dog, and it’s made to stay connected with your dog. The app for your mobile gives you full control over the GPS dog collar and also lets you decide on the boundary limits where you can have different boundaries for a different time. 

It is equipped to set different safe zones like you can set one for your home yard and second for the park where you walk daily; it’s fully customizable. We like and include this device on our list because of its two-way audio capability that allows the owner to call the dog at home.

The display is a feature that you hardly find in any other similar capacity GPS Tracker. You can set your contact number and the name of your dog to display.


  • Only works of 2G service.
  • Do not work outside of the USA.
  • Poor GPS reception, and it’s not a stable one.
  • It’s easy to break other dogs can easily tear it off.
  • Poor battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS dog tracker, and how does it work?

It is a small gadget that runs on a rechargeable battery and equips with sophisticated electronics that have a positioning system and can communicate through cellular technology and WiFi in some cases. It gives you pinpoint the location of your pet.

Each manufacturer’s supported app provides connectivity with the device and provides a real-time location on the app and an interactive map to find the dogs. 

Simultaneously, the fewer advanced models that run without subscription use the network of a passerby or the cellphone to trigger location alerts or get the location.

Features depend on the model and network; we advise buying a good tracker like a whistle with paid subscriptions that will provide geofencing capabilities and track the activities of your dog. Its cellular signals reduce the chances of lagging and inaccuracy; you can expect a precise location with a maximum error of 3M.

Do I need a GPS dog tracker?

The fact is, every year, thousands of dogs go missing from homes. They rarely find their way back home. Pet parents went through terrible times when they lose one of their four-legged family members. No one wants to lose a pooch to keep them safe; they train them hard, but it happens every day. 

A Best GPS dog tracker increases the chances to 100% for your pet to return home. With the pinpoint location, it makes tracing easy and hassle-free.

When you get your pet’s real-time location, you can rescue them on time before they got hurt by other animals or are injured on the road. A GPS pet tracker is a great option. You can find your dog indeed he lost, and either he is a little off too far from home. GPS tracker works all around the clock, and there is no piece of land where you cannot trace your dog. 

Make your mind and protect your dog right away because once you lose your favorite pooch, there be no chance to get his location without a GPS tracker. As pet parents its falls on our part to stay prepared for every situation, so before your dog goes missing, buy one and get peace of mind.

What Do microchips have GPS?

No, microchips do not include GPS tracking. A microchip is a permanent tag for a dog that is inserted into the body. It cannot be removed. 

It has all the information against a particular tag. But to find the tag, a dog needs to be capped with a special scanner, so it is not a technology that can provide the location.

What’s the difference between a microchip and a GPS dog tracker?

Microchips are simple implants with a permanent printed ID; its similar in size to rice, but it’s lesser than the GPS trackers because GPS provides real-time location and tons of other benefits while getting the tag in implant chip dog, needs to be scanned that is hard. You cannot expect your dog to return on an immediate basis, and it’s not possible to scan every dog in the town to find your dog. 

Is a dog tracking tag or dog tracking collar better?

It depends on your locality as if you live in a small town; then a tag is enough because everyone can reach you easily. But when you can living in a densely populated neighborhood, then you need a GPS tracker. The reason is simple; you need to reach your dog; it will be hard for other people to find you with just a tag, and maybe they do not care about it.

Moreover, the tracking collar allows you to let your dog enjoy the off-leash time, and you can get his location whenever and wherever you want.


Dogs are man’s best friend, and seeing your dog safe, happy, and in shape is worth investing in. Get your dog a GPS Tracking device today, and enjoy all the excellent advantages like:

  • Finds missing pets
  • It saves money and time
  • Gives real-time data
  • Activity monitoring
  • Protection from theft
  • It saves your dogs’ life

Every GPS tracker offers something different, we advise you to please look into your requirement and read the resource in full, and you can find one best GPS dog tracker from our top recommendations.

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