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Are you a dog owner who buys pooper scooper every month? Or you need a large one to clean the whole day messes in one go and to deal with the large accidents? Do you want a large metal made pooper scooper that can serve you for many coming years and want to end every month buying? Or looking for a pooper scooper that you can use everywhere with ease? If yes, then you need a best heavy-duty metal pooper scooper for large dogs. 

A heavy-duty metal pooper scooper can be used to clean the messes from all place either it is dirt, grass, concrete, or flooring it can clean the mess nicely. These are large in size and allow to clean the yard in a single trip as well as made to serve for a longer time.

We all know that “a life without a dog is diminished” but we also need to keep in mind they are not low maintenance pets. They are a satisfying, rewarding and magical thing but the reality is not the dog owner loves to pick up the dog poop. Large, heavy-duty, long-handled pooper scooper makes this job easy and it becomes possible to clean the mess without going near to it and touching it. For this job our top three picks are:

SrProductSizeHandle Length
1MigooPet Metal Pooper ScooperLarge37 Inches
2NANAPLUMS Aluminum Pooper ScooperLarge39 Inches
3Activedogs Best Ever Dog Poop ScooperExtra Large38 Inches

Dog owners always remain conscious about waste management because they can be smelly and can contaminate the whole house, and they also want to contribute to the overall cleanliness of the environment which matters a lot. Pooper scoopers come in various shapes but those are made with metal comes with a long handle and large rakes and trays/bins. Our picks are capable to clean the mess without going near to that and without bending as well as there is no need to touch the poop physically, we also include self bagging scoopers that make the whole job easier.

Your dog waste is already classified as an environmental pollutant and it happened in 1991 when environmental protection agency labelled it as non-point source pollutant. It’s an inevitable part of dog ownership, whether your dog does its business in the yard or at any open place outside. To deal with the situation you will be scooping at regular intervals to keep the yard and outside clean. Please also check our recent review of top-rated wireless dog fences.

Finding the best pooper scooper means to read a lot of reviews and consider many of there aspects that is time taking and need efforts too. Because hundreds of variety and models are available in the market that makes the selection difficult. To make your selection process easy and quick we reviewed more than fifty products and consider nearly 3000 reviews and comments and finally make a list of ten best available metal pooper scoopers. You can confidently choose one from these.

best heavy duty metal pooper scooper for large dogs

1. The best pooper scooper overall

Heavy duty metal pooper scooper
  • Complete package, everything that you need to clean up the mess is included in this package 
  • Premium Grade, lightweight and non-stick plastic are used in construction 
  • Easy to use design, it’s strategically designed to keep the dog owners easy and save from bending and going to knees
  • Spring controlled jaws, makes the whole process easy and high tension spring provide strong clamping control

Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack is a kit that makes scooping easy and quick for every age people. It’s our top pick, whether you are bringing a new puppy at home and not experienced for this job or using other products and now looking for all in one solution. Its weight in gold because it comes with poop bags and bag holder you do not need to buy anything additionally to scoop the poop, this is the reason that makes it our top pick.

This best pooper scooper set comes with two rolls of bags and a clip-on bag holder to make the job convenient so you could not ask for more. Non-stick plastic is known best to clean the hard and soft surfaces as well as its lightweight and durable, the scooper features a 24 inches handle that will save you from bending and going to knees. 

It’s built for handheld operations and if you learn to use poop bags on the jaws then surely there will be no need to go near the poop.

If you hate stooping and want a comfortable solution that can serve in many coming years then Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack is the ultimate solution for you. It’s a portable cleaning kit that comes with some additional items to make scooping poop as quick as well as hassle-free. 

Drawbacks, 24 inches length may not be good, because it requires to bend a little to scoop.

2. The best handheld pooper scooper

Heavy duty metal pooper scooper
  • The one-handed operation made to operate with one hand; made to use everywhere
  • Industrial grade plastic, most durable product in this category that is made to last 
  • Lightweight and easy to use, designed for easy to pull mechanism, equipped with durable spring 
  • Antimicrobial product protection, with such strong protection you can lean all Surfaces – Grass, gravel or concrete

Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop is the most durable and lightweight product in its category that is made with industrial-grade plastic and its design allows to perform operations with just one hand. Surely it’s an easy to use pooper scooper for messes of all sizes. Moreover, it’s a style that every customer like its non-ticking ability saves you from tons of worries and additionals jobs. 

One of the amazing features of this handheld pooper scooper enables to collect the waste multiple times, its jaws can store enough and you can clean the whole backyard before emptying the scoop, this feature also saves you on poop bags. It’s such a great scoop for one-handed operation but it may require to bend a little.

It makes a spot on our list because it is made to clean every type of surface either grass or marble flooring you can confidently use it. For strong clamping action, its jaws are loaded with a quality spring that also plays a critical role in making it a one-handed operations equipment. Plus its nonstick finish and microbial protection make it safe to operate for humans.

Drawbacks, its highly rated product but keep in mind even if you buy jambo package you need to bend a little to scoop the poop, its expensive as compared to other similar products.

3. The best hands-free pooper scooper

Metal pooper scooper
  • Innovative Swivel Design, scientifically designed to eliminate many of old lived hassles in of poop cleaning
  • Metal rake for gentle yet effective pick-ups can be used on multiple surfaces and can clean the whole backyard in one go
  • Telescoping Handle that is made of aluminium makes the height-adjustable, the maximum length is 39 inches
  • Rustproof material, serve you in many of coming years, made to last for longer time period

NANAPLUMS Aluminum  Pooper Scooper is ideal if for you if you want to scoop directly into the bag, it is multipurpose scooper that you can use for different purposes, both of its sides are equipped with hooks to hold the bags, the feature that we like most is, it’s designed to use any plastic bag like you may use shopping bad to collect the waste. It allows you to directly scoop into a bad that makes disposal easy. 

Scooping poop is not a pleasant job for many of dog owners and family members, to make it easy and quick, a good hand free scooper is necessary. NANAPLUMS Aluminum  Pooper Scooper will make it quick and painless as possible. Both of its units consist on long telescoping aluminum handles that are adjustable to 39 inches so everyone can use it without bending.

Many customers express that its responsive waste management system that makes it possible to scoop poop without straining your back and other advantage is, it scope directly into the bag, just tie off the bag and toss it in the trash. Its durable and rotating bin allows to easily and quickly pick-up as well as transport pet waste from large gardens or patio clean. 

You can use it on grass, dirt and pavements, its metal plunges can reach to a variety of surfaces to scoop out the crap. We recommend it for large dog owners and for those who own large properties and multiple pets at home.

Drawback, nothing found not to love.

4. The best rake and spade pooper scooper

Metal pooper scooper
  • Simple but innovative, very simple design but innovative design allow perfect cleaning 
  • Made of aluminium, tray and rack both are made with aluminium which are ideal to use in yard and kennels 
  • Snap together, tray and kennel both snap together which makes storage as well as transportation and carrying easy.
  • Ideal length allows cleaning the mess without bending, perfect equipment for everyday use.

Spotty Solid Wood Handled Metal Poop Tray with Rake Pooper Scooper has excellent functionality, and its durable construction makes it an ideal choice as rake and spade style pooper scooper. Pet experts are in favour to use spade style pooper scooper because such equipment is easy to use and efficient to clean large messages from all types of surfaces. We believe that this is the eldest and successful design in the market.

This cleaning system consists of two basic devices one is long-handled spade and a rake of similar height to scoop the poop into the spade. You may use a bag on the spade to make your job easier and to dispose of the poop quickly or just empty spade/tray into a container, poop bags are a quick option and allow to prevent contamination.

We recommend it most because its ideal to use indoor as well as outdoor, many of you may consider it heavyweight because of its construction and long handle but it’s surprisingly lightweight and featuring durable aluminium construction so it remains rust-proof and serve you in many coming years. 

The combination of rack and tray sturdy spade style scoop tray and durable rake enable dog owners to scoop without stooping. Easy-grip and long handles save you from bending and provides a grip that you can never expect from plastic handle. It’s also recommended for you if your old pooper scooper is not good to clean hard surfaces, it is one that can clean every type of surfaces.

Drawbacks, expensive as compared to other similar products in the market, the spade is normal in size and may not fit to deal with large messes.

5. Best Metal Dog Pooper Scooper

Best heavy duty pooper scooper
  • Strong and durable, rust-proof Zinc-plated Steel used in construction that makes it more durable and long-lasting as compared to plastic options
  • Pronged flexible rake glides through the grass and made to use perfectly in uneven and flat surfaces 
  • Non-stick material makes it easy to clean and due to snap feature it takes less space in storage
  • Adjustable handles, each of its handles is adjustable from 27 to 37 inches, easy to assemble and disassemble

MigooPet Metal Pooper Scooper is an ideal choice for dog owners who are looking for more sturdy waste collection equipment. Its constructed with the aluminium that is known for the quality and durability and stainless steel parts make it an option that will last for years. Its adjustable handles are easy to use and perfect for people who want to avoid bending, as well as its for people of all heights. Handles are not telescoping but can be assembled and disassembled easily as required.

Many customers express that, they like it because it can easily hold multiple piles with ease. Its tray is large enough to hold the large masses and you can empty the tray when all the job is done. This bin system is ideal for those who always love to buy the product for rough use and feature durability. 

No sticking finish is another feature that dog owners like and it saves a lot of time and equipment cleaning job. We recommend it for those who really want equipment that can survive in hard conditions and make for rough use.

Drawbacks, it weighs more as compared to all above-listed options and it’s not made to use with a poop bag.

6. Best Pooper Scooper with Bag

Best heavy duty pooper scooper
  • Durable, rotating and swivel design bin, a perfect design for all type of surfaces and easy to use
  • Self bagging design allows to quickly scoop and dispose off poop, no human hand required to complete the job
  • Long handles, comes with 32 inches handle that increase the reach & saves pet owners from bending
  • Compact to store & easy to clean, both items snap together that makes storage easy and using a poop bad into tray saves you from cleaning 

Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper is designed for self bagging option with this poop scooper you can directly scoop into the poop bag or can use any other ordinary shopping bag. This feature allows to stay away from the poop and also makes it possible to dispose of the poop without physically touching it. Designed and engineered for very little way in cleaning, ideal for those who want a solution which needs minimum efforts.

Scented bags also included in the package, all you have to dog scoop right into the large bin and then get the poop bag out to dispose of. It’s a way to prevent contamination, the large bin can clean large messes in one go and with a large plastic bag it can clean the yard in one go. We also look deeply into its plastic rack and found it durable and easy to use on multiple surfaces even it can clean collect poop from uneven surfaces.

Customers who already bought these products express their complete satisfaction as its a pooper scooper that every gentle dog owner should have. When used with proper poop bag then no need to clean the equipment after every use and disposing of the poop also become easy. It features hanging handles that snap together and take less space in the store.

Drawbacks, only suitable for gentle use, it’s maybe not big enough for a variety of jobs.

7. Self Bagging Pooper Scooper

  • Innovative design, no Bending, no Touch or Stink and no After Cleanup, easy to use from any standing position 
  • Features cushion grip with a strong and single-segment FRP handle made to provide excellent grip
  • Can use any plastic bag, no need to depend only on the poop bag you can use any handle and a non-handle plastic bag with this pooper scooper
  • Easy wedge for easy cleanup, made to use on any surface, it does its job perfectly without any hassle

GoGo Stik, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper is a different type of pooper scooper that is made to use with a bad only. Keep in mind it cannot be used without a bag and this is the reason it falls in the category of a self-bagging pooper scooper. Its extra-long stick allows dog owners to scoop the poop into the bag without putting any pressure on their back while standing in their comfortable and firm positions. Its design allows cleaning large messes directly into bag so contamination and disposal is not an issue when you depend on this innovative product. 

During the review, we find that customers who bought this product are completely satisfied from the functions and quality of this product and most of them express that cleaning and collecting the dog waste was not easy but it makes the job quick and easy. 

Its handle provides the firm grip that makes it possible to put downward and forward pressure to clean the mess in one go and equipped with two stylish and durable hooks to fix the bags properly. And the most convenient thing is, its money saver, yes its money saver, you do not need to spend your budget on the poop bags, you can just use any plastic bag from your home to collect the waste.

Drawbacks, not capable to clean the large area and the whole yard, it’s fine for immediate use and ideal for single pet owners.

8. Best Portable Pooper Scooper

Heavy duty pooper scooper for large dogs
  • Odor blocking design, the swivel bin is designed to lock the odour that makes it perfect to use outdoor 
  • Features adjustable handle, can extend to 36 inches that mean a person can clean the mess from standing position, no bending required
  • Maximum capacity xl design bin can be used multiple times before empty the bin, ideal for large dogs 
  • Durable rake that is made to use on uneven and plain surfaces, made to clean the heavy messes

Hygena Scoop Odor Blocking Swivel Bin pooper scooper is another design on the market that is totally different from others. Its design to keep the odor inside and for this purpose its equipped with the bin cover which can be operated with a push mechanism. It’s ideal to keep with you when you are going to a park for a walk where its necessary to collect the waste of dogs.

Once the poop is scooped in you can immediately dispose it off and can close the bin cover for another use or to look out for a disposal area. These are the features that convince us to consider it as portable pooper scooper for large dogs.

If you are like many dog owners who encourage dogs to do his business outside anywhere when you are on the walk then this portable device is a perfect solution for you it’s lightweight to carry and it’s possible to collect the waste without rake. You can pick a waste and can conveniently transport it to any place for disposal without disturbing others as well as yourself. 

When you have this pooper scooper for large dogs, then you will not need to worry about the inside cleanups and hassle of odors. It can rake through the grass perfectly and collect the waste completely so you can leave the place with confidence that you do your job and your dog too.

Drawbacks, looks big, the bin is made of plastic, may not perfect for rough use.

9. Adjustable Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs

Heavy duty pooper scooper for large dogs
  • Designed for one trip collection, large enough to collect the waste from the whole yard in a single go
  • Made with ABS plastic, environment-friendly material makes is safe as well as a durable option for large dogs 
  • Ideal design, custom fit bags included in the package that keeps the bin and hands clean
  • Adjustable design can extend to 33 inches with just little bending you can do your job perfectly

Bag Scooper Adjustable Pooper Scooper and Bag Refill Pack (50 Ct) Combo is made for you if you allow your large dog to move freely in the yard for the whole day. Then definitely he will do a lot of business there and a large easy to use pooper scooper like the product in the spotlight allows you to clean the whole yard in one trip. It’s a simple yet functional design that comes with a long handle which will save you from bending.

The tines of the scoop rake easily through the grass and collect the waste of your dog without damaging your yard. After collecting the waste you can easily remove the bag and seal to prevent contamination and dispose at a convenient place. Its colour is attractive and grips are comfortable for dog owners as well as grips provide full control over the equipment. 

Both of its unites snap together and can be carried as a single unit, the package comes with 50 bags so no need to buy any additional item to start cleaning. It’s a complete package that is useful for multiple purposes.

Drawbacks, Only custom made bags are perfect to use or large grocery bags.

10. Best Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs

Metal pooper scooper for large dogs
  • Powder-coated aluminium welded design, made to deal with large and tough messes, durable and strongest pooper scooper
  • Rubber handles feature moulded rubber handles which are easy to grip and provide effective control
  • Zig zag teeth, made to clean all areas like concrete or asphalt areas, grass & dirt areas
  • Proudly made in the USA, lightweight and easy to use, one-time investment, will be last scooper you will ever buy

Activedogs Best Ever Dog Poop Scooper is purely made with aluminium and made to perform the jobs that an ordinary and plastic pooper scooper cannot do. We recommend it most because it’s a pooper scooper that is made to serve you in for a longer time. We believe that it will be the last pooper scooper that you ever buy because it will stay with you, it’s hard to damage it because aluminium is welded nicely to bring it into the final shape.

The feature that most customers like is the fact instead, it’s scoop can be opened as wide as you need there is no limitation and barrier in it and its shovel end is large enough to handle the largest messes. With one zig-zag style teeth, it can conveniently scrap the ground and can collect all waste from the grass as well. 

The combination is ideal to buy but you can use any five-gallon bucket to store and keep the stuff. Its long handle makes it possible to reach the area without bending so you can stay away from the poop in the physical sense.

Drawbacks, a costly pooper scooper, heavier as compare to other metal pooper scoopers, cleaning required

Who Should Buy a Dog Pooper Scooper

Generally, a heavy-duty metal pooper scooper is a requirement of all large dog owners, and it’s also necessary for those who own multiple pets at home. With pet and yad, it becomes a necessity, it’s not easy to clean dog messes from the yard without a good quality pooper scooper. Large and heavy duty pooper scoopers can easily hold multiple piles that make the job easy.

That brings liberty to clean the yard after a few days instead of daily cleaning, that also reduce the use of plastic bags, so do owner can participate actively to keep the environment clean. All of the pooper scoopers that we list above are lightweight and compact which makes them ideal to carry for outdoor use and you can extend your walk.

Limited range and mobility issues become easy to deal with a heavy duty lightweight pooper scooper. They are equipped with long handles and you can pick the waste without bending over and it will put less pressure no pressure on your back and saves you from back pain while spring-loaded options require to bend a little but not fully. Please also check our review of the top ten training collars.

Important Features to Consider

You can confidently buy any of the above-listed product because we selected these products with due care. If you visit a shop to physically check the pooper scooper and buy then here are some important aspects to consider, especially when you are buying a heavy-duty pooper scooper that can remain with you for a longer time period. 

Not all the pooper scoopers are made equally, you need to choose a good option while keeping in mind:

Style, it matters a lot and an important consideration while selecting pooper scooper, if you are buying only for indoor then it can be a good idea to buy a single hand operation equipment but when you own a dog and yard then you surely need a rake and tray so you can collect the waste from the grass easily. Most of jaw style pooper scoopers are made with plastic and they are not durable enough to last and there are smaller in height and you may need to bend a little. Look for the snap together option and a durable long-handled pooper scooper made with durable material.

Size of handles and adjustability, size matters a lot but adjustability only matters when you need to carry the pooper scooper for an outside job. A long handle allows you to clean and collect the messes while standing firm and also prevent the need for bending and going near it. While adjustable handle adds more convenience you can carry that easily when you are going outside with your dog on a long walk. Good and quality options are available that comes with telescopic handle.

Wight, it is another important consideration, if it weighs more that means you will need more power and may become tired before finishing your job and start hating to clean the dog waste. Always prefer a lightweight option that you can carry easily and can lift easily so you can clean the whole yard in one trip without getting tired. Simply if you are going to pick up multiple piles and going to clean the whole yard, you will fatigue quickly with a heavy system. Look for ergonomic or lightweight options.

Handles, length of the handle is very important if its short that means you need to bend to collect the dog waste and it will put pressure on the back and may invite some unforeseen health issues for you. You need to choose ideal handle length that allows you to stay easy form doing your job and look for grips on the handle that can keep your hands relaxed and provide sturdy control over the equipment.

Non-Stick, well it’s a feature that can save you a lot of time and after jobs, if you buy a material that is not quoted with any non-stick material then you may need to clean or wash the scooper after every use. But nonstick scoopers remain clean during the job.

Easy of cleaning, many mechanism are in now a days and most of them offer one-hand operations but keep in mind when you have to use your equipment outside then one hand operation may be an effective choice, traditional rake and bin/tray systems are most effective and easy to use prefer to buy the same either they are mechanically jointed with long handles.

A good budget, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollar a heavy-duty pooper scooper that is made with metal and other durable material is usually available below 50$ so stay ready to spend this amount and you will get one that can serve you for life.

importance of heavy duty metal pooper scooper for large dogs

There are so many reason to use a pooper scooper. Here we list of very basic and important ones:

  • To keep the pets and kids safe, dog waste contain eggs of roundworms and certain other parasites that instantly start spreading into the soil after dog drops the wastes on courtyard. Kids play on that area and it can be dangerous for them as it may transfers to their body.
  • If the dog is infected, definitely that is more dangerous you must clean the waste of infected dog on the immediate basis to keep other pets and family members healthy. Hookworms, ringworm and tapeworm are commonly found in the waste of infected dogs that are very much harmful for human beings.
  • Clean and germ free surroundings, there are almost 23 million bacteria in the dog poop that can live in the soil for a long time and may transmit to human bodies, cleaning is the only way to ensure safety so a heavy duty pooper scooper does. Even it can contaminate the water and oxygen. If you do not clean then rainfall will melt it and flow it to downstream that become bigger threat for human being and environment.
  • To save the lawn, many of dog owner might think that it’s healthy for grass but its not, you need to keep your grass safe from such messes, as it may left spot and yellow stains on the grass.
  • To obey the law, by law its responsibility of every urban and suburban dog owner to clean the dropping of their dogs, either its in a public area or at personal area.


How do dog pooper scoopers work?

A pooper scooper is designed to collect the dog waste with ease and it does it job effectively, there are two type so equipment available the very one type is rake and bin/tray system and second type use jaws. Most of heavy duty pooper scoopers fall in the first category and consist of two pieces and its traditional style with little new innovation. They can complete clean the surface either its grass dirt or some fine floor.

Can I put dog poop in my yard waste?

It depends on your local regulation, but it’s not advised by anyone until now because it contains a lot of harmful content so its better to use a plastic bag or poop bag to dispose off your dog’s poop.

Is dog poop bad for the environment?

Dog poop isn’t as bad for the environment as say, dumping chemicals is,but it is bad for the environment and its not advised to dispose it off with your yard waste.

How to Buy a Pooper Scooper?

Just select any model from the above listed products all of these are tested by us and reliable as well as long lasting and sturdy and link leads your to Amazon from there you can buy that conveniently.

Is it possible to use heavy duty poop scooper for all surfaces?

It widely depends on your selection we recommend buying those which come with flat tray face and zig zag rake that is one which can work on all surfaces and can surely clean the messes in first try.

Are pooper scoopers Eco-friendly?

A heavy duty pooper scooper can is an important accessory to clean the surroundings from harmful microorganisms. Prefer to use plastic bags to make the environment more eco-friendly.

Is it easy to clean a dog poop scooper?

Non-sticking products are always easy to clean you just need to gently wash and spray to keep them sensitized while if you buy one without paint and non-stick surface then it may need a through wash after every cleanup

Final Verdict

For a new dog owner, it’s really confusing to pick a right pooper scooper to collect the waste of dog. Either you are new or one who wants a sturdy solution our recommendation for all is Activedogs Best Ever Dog Poop Scooper because its made with aluminium and made to last its one-time investment. During its review, we find that its ideal to clean any type of surface.

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