10 Best Hunting Dog Shock Collars in 2022?

Hunting dogs must undergo training to learn how to hunt in the open space or the real hunting place. They are your pupil, and as the master, you need to guide them in the right direction.

A four-legged hunting companion just does not become a hunting master right away, and it took a lot of effort and time to train such a dog. You can train and make an inexperienced bird chaser into a true four-legged hunting companion in less time while using the best hunting dog shock collar.

The best hunting dog shock collar allows the hunter to train the dog for the hunt and use the same system to instruct the dog for different tasks and limit him during a real hunt.

With modern hunting, shock collars, it becomes possible to transmit commands over a long distance and track the dog in low light, as well as many of the systems are equipped with a beeper that makes tracking easy in uplands. 

Best Hunting Dog Shock Collar

Modern, customizable hunting training collars make training easy with customization of vibration and sound. The best dog shock collar makes the hunting dog tough enough to stand up to the challenge.

Recently we reviewed the best hunting dog crates for trucks that will make transportation easy to the hunting place. In this article, we also include some of the best-hunting shock collars for dogs, share our in-depth review about them, and share some of the general guidelines to find the best shock collar for hunting dogs. Our list includes:

Sr.Prodcut RangeSupport
1Dogtra 2700T&B 1 Miles1 Dogs
2D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450 0.80 Miles3 Dogs
3Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle 0.75 Miles3 Dogs
4SportDOG Brand SportTrainer 0.75 Miles6 Dogs
5Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar 1 Miles 2 Dogs
6Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar0.75 Miles 3 Dogs
7Dogtra EDGE for Professionals 1 Miles 4 Dogs
8Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System 1 Miles 6 Dogs
9SportDOG Brand HoundHunter Trainer2 Miles 6 Dogs
10Garmin Sport PRO Bundle 0.75 Miles 3 Dogs
things to consider when buying a hunting dog training collar

Look for a specifically made design for hunting dogs because a hunter needs totally different features to train his dogs compared to the household dog owners. This is why most manufacturers are making separate products for the hunters who can be specifically used to train the sports hunting dogs. Few of them are:

Range & Signal Stability 

A dog may run without considering any barrier during a hunt and may cover a larger distance in a short time. For training and to stay in action and transmit different commands, a hunter needs a range that can allow performing freely and control the dog from a distance and instruct him through different commands.

Signal stability is also a matter of consideration because on a great distance to provide commands at the right time, a good connection between receiver and remote is required. Without that, a hunter may remain unable to instruct his dog promptly.

Durability, Waterproof and Floatability

Bushes in the field may challenge or scratch the receiver & collar, and the dog may swim and go to water during a chase. You may drop the remote in the water, and may it fall on the hard rocks. A good durable and waterproof system can sustain all the challenges, and water cannot make its way inside to damage electronics of costly equipment.

Many manufacturers are making floatable remotes that start floating when the remote accidentally fell into the water, so you will not lose your remote and can find it with any serious effort.

Reflective, Camouflage Collars & LED Beacon

Reflective collars and LED beacons both are necessary because when a dog run to chase he may cover a long distance or you may continue your hunt in the low light, so when your dog wear reflective collars and receivers are equipped with LED beacon it becomes easy to keep an eye on the dog in low light and tracking also become hassle-free. At the same time, camouflage collars keep the dogs naturally invisible. 

Quality Batteries

The devices must be capable enough to last for at least 50 hours during normal operations. Most of the barriers last for only 8 to 10 hours in the field when you actively send commands. It would help if you looked for a collar with a reliable battery that can quickly recharge and last for more time.

Easy Controls and Customizable Commands 

Pay attention to the buttons and features. The convenience of controlling the remote with one has the more easy controls gives more authority over dogs, and switching between dog and individual setting for each dog is also necessary when you are training or hunting with multiple dogs.

While on the other side in the field, only shocks are used rarely, and most of the commands are made with sound and vibration, and that only becomes possible when you buy an option with customizable commands.

Multidog System

Single dog’s systems are most cost-effective, but most hunters use multiple dogs for hunting, and having control over the single remote brings the convenience that is much needed during a hunt and training.

We recently published a resource on the vibrating collars for deaf dogs and also discuss high pitch dog sound to stop barking available on a separate page.

Best hunting dog shock collars

1. Dogtra Long-Range Training & Beeper System

Dogtra 2700T&B Long Range 1-Mile 1-Dog Training & Beeper Remote Dog Training E-Collar for Upland Gun Dog
  • Range 1 Miles, Makes the training and hunt easy; you can hear its powerful beeper sound from one mile, made for professionals.
  • Combination of training collar and Beeper, Packed with all the features you need to control and trace your hunting dog.
  • Made for precise control, it comes with 127 levels of stimulation that makes it possible to use training and beeper with any distance and dog size.
  • Equipped with an accelerometer, to precisely track, detect, and monitor your dog.
  • Waterproof and customizable with a variety of stimulations, command personalization becomes easy with different types of stimulation.

Dogtra 2700T&B Long Range 1-Mile 1-Dog Training & Beeper Remote Dog Training E-Collar for Upland Gun Dog is a hunting dog shock collar with a beeper equipped with all the features that a hunter needed out there, made to train the dog in open space. Its range is awesome, and you will not lose contact with your dog even in bough areas.

It’s specifically designed for upland hunting with train and locate capability, ideal for a long-range bird dog. You can control the dog with the command from the remote when your voice cannot reach him, and he is out of sight. Its three-mode powerful beeper (point only, run/point, and locate) will help you to locate the position of your dog.

For precise monitoring its equipped with a new accelerometer sensor. It can provide two types of shock during training; the first one is nick. Most people called momentarily and seconds continuous, advance high-performance pager vibration systems provide a powerful sensation. The smart design beeper faces downward to avoid the risk of catching on to obstacles.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love, only for one dog are limitations, while the same model is also available in two dogs training and beeper systems.

2. D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450

D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450 Remote Dog Trainer, Orange/Black
  • Range 0.80 Miles, trainer, and beeper with 16 intensity levels, durable/made to last.
  • Expandable to 3 dogs, the remote can handle up to three collars; buy additional collars.
  • Curved design, curved design of remote provide better grip and its easy to hold.
  • 4 Functional modes, Nick, continuous, vibration assist, and beeper mode.
  • Removeable beeper, you can remove it when using this system for behavioral modification; the beeper range is 450 yards maximum.

D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450 is a hunting dog shock collar with remote and beeper, its beeper is removable, and you can use only the receiver when a beeper is not required. Many dog lovers and hunters believe that cost-effective options are not available for the hunter to train their dogs for the hunt and modify their behaviors. In reality, it is possible with the product in the spotlight. It is priced reasonably and provides all the features that a hunter needed to train the dogs and use them during a hunt.

The revolutionary curved transmitter design and function include: knuckle grip-on back of the hand, to makes the operation easy and allow to use both hands during the hunt and have a quick, no look button, palm grip-in palm of hand holding like a stopwatch, that makes operations easy and even without seeing on the remote you can send a command and instruct your dogs.

The design also offers a pistol grip-more traditional hold with a strong grip and thumb operating most buttons and a trigger finger on the top button.

The beeper is equipped with all three functions to locate, run and point mode, and its maximum range is 450 yards. The basic package comes for one dog, but it can be expanded to three dogs means you can handle all three dogs from the same remote. 

Drawbacks, the range is limited; during a hunt, the dog often runs for a chase and covers an unexpected distance; beeper range is also a matter of consideration because when your dog crosses the limit of 450 yards, you cannot locate him with this system.

3. Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle - dog training device
  • Range 0.75 Miles, made to train the dogs without getting into the field, support a maximum of 3 dogs.
  • 36 Intensity levels, all of its three functions are highly configurable.
  • Equipped with durable batteries, the remote battery lasts for 80 hours on a single recharge and the receiver lasts for 60 hours.
  • Built-in bark limiter, the receiver is equipped with bark limiting features that can be controlled from the remote.
  • Sport up to 3 dogs, and equipped with 5 correction configurations.

Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle is a hunting dog electric collar made for professional hunters and trainers to train the dogs for hunting and sports. The feature that makes this model from Garmin different from others is its bark limiting technology controllable from the remote. So when you are buying this collar, actually, you are also buying a solution for the excessive and nuisance barking. With the remote in your hand, you can transmit commands to disrupt and curb barking. 

It’s a most durable and long-lasting as well as quality dog shock collar for hunting. With just one charge, you can hunt for a week because both batteries last for more than 60 hours during a continuous operation. 36 intensity levels read LCD makes the configuration easy and also supports selecting the right stimulation.

An upland version is also available with the same specification, Garmin Delta Upland XC Bundle

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love, read carefully the manual because there are too many functions to control from just three buttons.

4. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers - Bright, Easy to Read OLED Screen - Waterproof, Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with Tone, Vibration, and Static
  • Range 0.75 Miles, made to train 6 dogs with single remote, best dog shock collar for hunting, and to train all size and breed dogs.
  • Large easy to read OLED makes the configuration and selection of stimulation level easy, and you can see what you are sending to your dogs.
  • Both devices are waterproof, Dry Tek technology used in construction to make both devices waterproof.
  • Equipped with lithium-ion batteries that last more than 120 hours in a single recharge.
  • Ideal for all weathers comes with a training DVD that makes the job easy.

SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers is a hunting dog shock collar that is made for those who like convenience, It’s equipped with easy to select and operate multiple buttons and a big OLED that makes the operations as well as a selection of right command easy. If you are particularly looking for hunting dog shock collar reviews then it is a product of your consideration because it’s equipped with all of the functions that a hunting trainer may need in the field. Its range is really long which helps to train the dog without getting into the field.

While training a dog in the yard, you may not use all of the three functions. Still, when you have to train a dog in the open place, especially in the rough place where the hunt is really possible, you need all of the functions, especially tone and vibration, because you have to transmit multiple commands that are not possible only with the shock, which most trainers only use to punish the dogs. You can use this collar to train your dogs irrespective of breed and size; its intensity level provides an opportunity to fine-tune the stimulations for any dog.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love, just charging cord is not that most of the users are used too, designed differently.

5. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Hunting dog electric collar
  • Range 1 Mile, Hunting dog electric collar with 1 to 100 normal stimulation levels and 1 to 60 with boost, remote can connect two collars.
  • tapping sensation, instead of traditional vibration, it’s equipped with the tapping sensation that is more powerful as compared to vibration.
  • Stopwatch design, it’s easy to hold and easy to operate.
  • Powered buy Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, take two hours to recharge and last for a long time.
  • Waterproof and comes in different colors so you can match your own style.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is the best shock collar for hunting dogs. Because it works up to one mile, and its signals are stable enough. If you are a person who always looks for brands but wants all of the features at a low price, then this is the right product for you. We love its design most because it fits in the palm, and buttons come right under the finger, so no need to see on the remote when there is a need to transmit a command. Its lock a set feature prevents accidental shock and over-stimulation when you lock the desired level and lock that for your dog.

Its also equipped with an LCD to display the current setting that helps to configure the device correctly. We believe that it’s made for precise control. With the 100 stimulation levels, you can easily find the right stimulation for your dog, and even on zero, it nearly provides zero shocks. The collar, which is equipped with a tracking light, keeps the dog visible in the low light and equipped with the tracking capability when used with a beeper.

Drawbacks, charging setup is not up to standard you may find it difficult to connect every time.

We recommend you to read our recent review on the best dog training shock collars which is published with a buyer guide to get in-depth knowledge of what you need to look for while buying a dog training collar.

6. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote - Trains 3 Dogs if Extra Collars Purchased
  • Range 0.75 Miles, new upgraded version with no standby mode, remove the shock option to make it completely human, easy to send command buttons, remote can connect three dogs.
  • Extendable up to three dogs, equipped with memory function that can store different settings for each dog.
  • 10 Intensity levels and 3 functional modes and customization make it possible to make different commands.
  • Waterproof, allow the dog’s liberty to play and enjoy swimming with the collars.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty, so your investment remains secure at this time.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote is the best shock collar for hunting dogs that is also a budget-friendly choice. This training tool offers all the facilities and feature that a hunter need to train his dogs. It can handle more than one dog at the same time and reach a maximum number of 3. This is a product that comes with 2 years warranty, and this is really a good opportunity that will keep your investment secure for the coming years. Many customers express that this is the most trusted collar at this price. But have some shortcoming like:

Drawbacks, style is missing, the look is not appealing, not tested for uplands, when working with three dogs consider the maximum range of 0.50 miles, above this range signals, are not stale when working with multiple collars, intensity levels are limited to 10 that is not enough for the wise training and multiple small and large size dogs.

7. Dogtra EDGE Long Range for Professionals

Dogtra EDGE Long Range High-Output 1-Mile Waterproof 4-Dog Expandable Remote Dog Training E-Collar with LED Receiver for Professionals
  • Range 1 Mile, Expandable to 4 dogs, equipped with LED and quick access buttons for all four dogs, the setting can be seen on screen for the individual dog at the press of a button.
  • Designed for high output ideal for medium and large size dogs, collars are equipped with beacons and locate LEDs that can be controlled from the remote.
  • Features two settings of stimulation, for precise control it offers 127 levels through Rheostat Dial and 8 levels with a quick selection dial.
  • Collar straps, LED light &beacon come in four selectable colors that make the training easy in the field.
  • Waterproof, handheld, and receiver both are waterproof and made to last for a longer time, both devices are equipped with quality quick recharge batteries.

Dogtra EDGE Long Range for Professionals is a hunting dog electric collar that is expandable to 4 dogs; this is a collar that we love most, and the reason is its features. All four dogs and individual settings are accessible with just a press of four individual buttons. On the press, their setting appears on the screen, which can quickly be changed with the dial selector and can be fine-tuned with the rheostat dial that can bring a solution/right stimulation intensity from 127 levels.

Its real strength is its design, it fits in the palm, and when the finger takes its place on every button, it becomes easy to send a command. A hunter can make his own set of commands and can send them in no time. Many trainers are agreed that this system is suitable to provide a stimulus at the right time. It is a collar designed for pet training, hunting dogs, hounds and police K-9 professionals, and serious amateurs.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love, just take care of battery timings because it hardly lasts for three hours when used for tracking especially with beacon and LED light.

8. Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System

  • Range 1 Miles, extendable to 6 dogs, works on 27 MHz radio frequency that performs well in all weathers.
  • Collar with bacon light, control is on the remote, and light is visible from 100 yards.
  • Bark limiter is built-in in the receiver so you are buying a two-in-one system.
  • Rugged design with six stimulation levels to train your dog in the open place.
  • Waterproof and equipped with a durable battery that lasts for 80 hours on a single recharge.

Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System is a hunting dog training collar designed to perform all of the operations with one hand. If you are dealing with your dog’s excessive barking and want a competent solution for them, you can depend on this training system because it comes with a built-in bark limiter that can automatically detect a bark and send a correction to disrupt barking. The other feature that we like most is its radio frequency as it’s hard to interrupt this frequency and reach too far easily to offer stable signals. 

With the selection of six stimulation levels, you can find the right correction for your dog. Equipped with a beacon light on the receiver, which can be controlled from the remote, it helps you locate the dog and keep an eye on the low light or dark. It serves for more time as compared to the other products in the market.

Drawbacks, it offers only 6 intensity levels that are not enough of fine-tune a setting for various small and large size dogs.

9. SportDOG Brand HoundHunter Trainer

  • Range 2 Miles, expandable to 6 dogs and suitable for all small and large size dogs.
  • 7 levels of selectable stimulus through the dial come with customizable stimulations.
  • Features Dry Tek technology, submersible to 25 feet, comes with training DVD.
  • Equipped with durable batteries, single recharge lasts for more than 40 hours.
  • Suitable for all-size dogs comes with a durable and fully adjustable collar strap.

SportDOG Brand HoundHunter Trainer is made for novice hunters who do not know how to use such tools. All of its customizations are easily accessible, and with the adjustable dial, a hunter can reach the level that he wants for his dog. Its collar is fully adjustable and can fit small and large dogs that bring convenience and available in different colors. The feature that we like most is its signal strength that is powerful enough to go beyond 2miles. It’s stable, and even in dense areas, it performs well and provides greater coverage than all other competitor products. 

Many customers express that they found it easy to operate and easy to set, and it’s quite interesting and hassle-free to train different dogs with a single remote. We recommend it for all those hunters who are new and want extra protection for greater distance because when a dog starts chasing, it’s tough to stop him, and many times he crosses the limits, but this device can send him a signal to come back.

Drawbacks, Stimulation is not powerful for giant and extra-large breeds but excellent for hound sand normal large size dog. There is another limitation in intensity levels.

10. Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

Garmin Sport PRO Bundle, Dog Training Collar and Handheld, 1handed Training of Up to 3 Dogs, Tone and Vibration
  • Range 0.75 Miles, equipped with quick turn dial and 10 levels of stimulation, can control up to 3 dogs.
  • 4 Buttons operations, features nick/momentary, and continuous correction for better response.
  • Beacon light to track your dog in the low light and two warning functions beep and vibration.
  • Polyurethane-coated nylon collar strap that is long-lasting and comfortable to wear for dogs.
  • Made for stable signals and to operate from one hand fully waterproof to operate during the hunt.

Garmin Sport PRO Bundle is an ideal device for hunters because it’s made to operate with one hand. For this purpose, an easy-to-access dial with positive clicks can be used to change the stimulation quickly from one to ten levels. There is another feature that hunters like most that are four operational buttons that correspond to individual functions. Remote control LED beacon light can be turned on from the handheld device to locate and keep the dog visible in low light. It is a complete package for trainers and a hunter equipped with all the necessary features.

It also features a bark limiter function and can be settled from a handheld device. Both devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which take only two hours to recharge and last for 60 hours. Both devices are weather-resistant, the remote is equipped with an easy-to-switch dogs button. 

Drawbacks, nothing found not love.

How do remote training collars work?

Remote training collars are equipped with three basic functions static correction/shock, vibration, and sound. A collar device is attached to the dog’s neck with the help of a strap/collar that can be controlled from the remote, a handheld device. A person holding the remote can send a command to a dog that he can feel or listen and respond accordingly.

How long will it take to remote train my dog?

It widely depends on the length of the training session, your efforts, and the willingness of your dog to learn new things. How you keep your dog motivated to learn new things also matters a lot. Usually, two hours daily and one month is enough to professionally train a dog.

Will the static correction hurt my dog?

No, it wouldn’t. When used carefully while selecting the right stimulation level. When you buy a new collar, you need to fine-tune the stimulation level to find the optimal static correction strength where your dog starts responding to your commands. This exercise keeps your dog safe from the static correction that can hurt him.

Are there alternatives to electrical stimulation?

Yes, modern collars are equipped with vibration and sound functions. You can use these two functions to send commands to your dog. These two functions are also used for warning and motivation/feedback.

Can my dog wear the collar receiver for longer than 12 hours?

The simple and straightforward answer is No, it is always advised by vets and professionals to change the position of the dog shock collar after every two hours and only use it during an active training session and hunt, not all the time.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to choose the best shock collar for your hunting dog. The reason is every hunter is different in nature and has something different in mind for his dogs. Hunting strategies may vary, but quality training systems are equipped to fulfill the needs of every hunter. Whatever ever he can expect, he can do it with the collar.

Our recommendation is Dogtra 2700T&B because it’s most advanced and equipped with all the features that a modern collar should have. Moreover, its price reasonably, competing for products with the same feature is double in price.

You can buy this product with confidence. Please let us know if you are using another training system and are satisfied with the performance. We love to know about your dog training experience.

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