The 10 Best Indestructible Dog beds for Chewers in 2022

best dog bed for chewers

There are numerous reasons why a dog would become an aggressive chewer and slay everything that comes to sight by crunching and ripping it apart, including their beds. Issues like extreme lethargy, anxiety, stress, or cavities can become the main reason why your dog chews on its bed.

Dogs are super active and energetic creatures, especially the large ones that can exercise more power than the smaller ones. So, to conclude this issue, you must take many steps to control your pet’s chewing habit. Here we also recommend the best dog bed for chewers which will last for a much longer time.

Before moving forward let’s have a look on our top three recommendations:

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Of course, buying a chew-proof dog bed would settle the problem of your chewing. But, if you genuinely want your canine to stop chewing, then give proper attention to your pet and build a healthy routine where it can utilize all of its energy and feel calm enough to relax and sleep soundly on the bed.

Dog beds with enduring seamless stitching, high-density foams, and sturdy covering can prevent your four-legged friend from chewing the bed. If your pet loves chewing, then check out these beds, which are chew-resistant and stop your pet from scratching and chewing.

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5 Things to Consider

Chewing is a predicament for most dog owners. Dogs often destroy stuff, including their beds, by chewing. To counter this, you could buy a chew-resistant bed. But, before shopping for the best dog bed for chewers, you should contemplate few things.

Durability and longevity

The first and foremost point to contemplate is the stability and longevity of the bed. The surface of the bed should be resolute and firm so that pet gives up on chewing. The hard surface doesn’t mean that the bed should not be comfortable and soft.

Many beds are available in the market with an enduring covering that prevents chewing and provides succor to your pet.

Size and weight

You might want to contemplate buying a dog bed that’s according to the size and weight of your pet. The pup should feel comfortable enough on the bed to not feel the urge to chewing and destroying it.

Easy to clean

Buy a dog bed that is convenient to sustain and tidy. The chewers might chew the bed if they are uncomfortable or annoyed. So, you should ensure that nothing irritates your pet dog, which includes their proper hygiene.


Warranty is significant because several issues can arise after making the purchase. To deal with post-purchase problems, it is better that you buy a product that offers a warranty.

So, you can claim refunding, repairing, or replacement of the product.


You can compare the prices and quality of different dog beds online and then decide by researching well on the product. Many dog beds with excellent quality are available at a moderate price.

You can check which bed would suit your pet dog and match it well according to its chewing habits.

1. Barkbox Memory Best Dog Bed for Chewers

best dog bed for chewers

Barkbox plush mattress is the best accommodation for Chewers. The high-quality memory foam guarantees stability and sturdiness that restricts your pet from nibbling the bed. Dog owners that are sick of their pups biting every bed they buy for them can rely on Barkbox without a doubt.

Another striking benefit of the therapeutic gel memory foam is that it gives your pet dog the ultimate succor and alleviates joint pain. Your pet can lounge easily on this bed and relax completely.

The maintenance is convenient. You can take off the zippered cover with efficiency and put it in the machine to wash.


  • If you own the breeds that include Cocker Spaniels, Boston Terrier, Bulldogs, Australian Cattle Dogs, and German Shepherd puppies then, this is the one for you. 
  • Do not worry about chewing anymore because this bed is solid and durable.
  • The cover is waterproof and machine-washable.
  • The stripe design and white and grey color combination give a soothing effect.
  • A remarkable choice for canines that have arthritis and various mobility issues.

2. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

best chew proof dog bed

CHEERHUNTING designs stupendous beds for your pet dogs, intending to halt chewing to a great extent. As a dog owner, you can rest assured that your four legged friend wouldn’t chew or scratch the surface of the bed.

The high-grade materials used in the construction of this bed ensure persistence and endurance, which reduces the chances of dogs destroying the bed by chewing or scratching.

The water-resistant surface further solidifies the structure of the bed, making it suitable for all weather conditions. You can conveniently wipe the surface of the bed with a wet wipe.

Taking your pet on a camping trip or a picnic won’t be a hassle because this bed would ensure comfort and relaxation for your pet.


  • Cleaning it wouldn’t be a nuisance as you can put it in the machine to wash in a gentle circle.
  • This rug is super stylish. Also, the dark army green color hides the dirt and dog’s fur with ease.
  • The use of soft fabric allows the pet to sleep for longer hours comfortably whereas, the durable foam relieves body aches.
  • The seamless stitching secures the foam inside the polyester cloth so, you don’t have to worry about the stitching coming undone or your dog chewing it.
  • Its portable design allows you to transport the bed anywhere conveniently.


  • Washing this in the machine frequently could cause harm to the water-resistant surface. 

3. Carhartt Pet Beds and Bedding

best chew resistant dog bed

Carhartt ensures that no dog can ever chew any dog beds manufactured by them. So, do not fret anymore if your dog loves to chew, scratch, and dig because the Carhartt bed can make your troubles go away.

This high-grade bed with a durable duck canvas renders endurance and sturdiness that eliminates all risks of chewing and scratching. The surface is too dense for pups to tear or chew. But, the plush cushion provides your small-sized pet with the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

This bed is not only durable but also very easy to clean. The removable cover is machine washable. Also, the exterior shell is water-resistant due to the chemical-free water-repellent coating. So, the bed is completely safe for your pupss to use.


  • Take your pet happily on vacation by conveniently transporting it via car.
  • If you love aesthetically appealing and stylish products, then the Carhartt is the one for you as its Brown Sherpa Top goes well with the décor of your house.
  • If your dog cannot sleep well, then Carhartt will do the job by helping your dog snooze soundly and comfortably.
  • Its water-repellent ability makes it beneficial to use in rainy weather, making it perfect for outdoor activities.
  • This patch is effortless to clean, so you wouldn’t have to worry about preservation at all.


  • This dog bed might slide/slip on wood floors.

4. Best Indestructible Dog Bed by Pet Craft

best indestructible dog bed

Pet Craft Supply warrants constructing the most enduring and solid beds for dog chewers. The high-quality corporealities include pewter and polyester filling, make this bed unyielding and rugged. So, your pet would have a hard time crunching it and would give up right away.

You can travel with the bed anywhere you like and let your pet rest snugly. The extra-thick padding adds extended ease and allows the pups to feel relaxed and secure.

The seamless stitching is durable and long-lasting whereas, the interior incorporates a channeled liner that keeps the polyester filling in place and maintains the shape of the bed.

This dog rug promotes sound sleep. So, it will be perfect for your large and medium-sized dogs that face discomfort while sleeping.


  • The use of non-toxic materials in the construction of this bed ensures the safety and security of your pet dog.
  • The water-resistant surface allows you to use this dog bed outside in any weather. Also, it makes cleaning convenient as you can use wet wipes to cleanse the surface.
  • The machine washing allows you to throw the bed in the machine and clean it with ease saving extra time and effort.
  • With the UV-treated and fade-resistant polyester, you can let your dog rest in the sunlight for long hours.
  • This dog bed looks stylish and modern. So, it would easily fit right into your home in any room. 

5. Suweor Upo Large Dog Bed

best dog bed for chewers

Suweor Upo fetches you the ultimate rug for four legged friends that like chewing and digging into the bed. If you are looking for a mattress that can survive your dog’s chewing, then the Suweor Upo is the one for you.

Suweor is made of high-quality materials. It incorporates thick padding, Soft coral fleece, PP Cotton filling, anti-slip bottom, and water-resistant rubber. So, it contributes not only durability but also comforts to your dog bed.

Your dog would love this rug, and instead of chewing, your pet would cherish it. This one offers terminal relief to the body’s joints and muscles. So, it’s the best base for pups with osteoarthritis and other joint problems.

The raised edges provide sustenance to the head and neck. Also, the square shape with the raised edges provides a sense of security to the dog, giving the vibe of a safe home.


  • The rug is transportable so, you can use it at the house and outdoors.
  • If you have wood floors and worry that the bed might slide, do not fret because this bed incorporates anti-skid bottom.
  • The Oxford cloth material is seamlessly sewn and prevents scratches and chewing.
  • The Pallet comes in various colors.
  • The fabric is breathable and ultra-soft so, your dog can rely on this bed with complete trust. 

6. EHEYCIGA Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

best chew proof dog bed

EHEYCIGA dog bed comes with 3.2 inches of high-density foam. The slab design of the durable and sturdy foam discourages chewing and digging into the rug. Also, the soft Sherpa top provides a plushy and comfortable experience.

You can use this pallet in multiple ways, like put it in a dog kennel or a crate. You can place it directly on the floor, too, without worrying about it slipping or sliding. The anti-skid rubber bottom prevents sliding.

The incorporation of orthopedic foam also relieves joint aches and muscle pain from the body. Your dog would feel happy, relaxed, energetic, and fresh after resting on this bed.

The cot is pretty stylish and attracts the dogs to rest and play.


  • This cot comes with a removable zippered cover that you can conveniently wash in the machine.
  • If your four legged friend has a chewing habit, then get this durable and long-lasting base to prevent the waste of money you have previously spent on buying low-quality mattresses.
  • Pets with arthritis can rest easy on this bed due to the incorporation of orthopedic foam.
  • The aesthetically appealing bed goes well with the décor of your house and attracts your pet so, you’d love this bed.
  • The cot helps to relieve the pressure points of your pup and boost its immunity system.

7. Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

best chew resistant dog bed

Brindle contrives tough and unyielding dog couches for chewers. With Brindle bed, you can forget about your dog chewing or tearing the bottom apart. The high-quality materials integrated into the construction ensure stability and longevity that prevent your pup from gnawing and scratching.

This rack incorporates a 3-inch layer of shredded memory foam suitable for orthopedic conditions. If your pup suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis, then this rack is perfect for it.

You can travel with your dog wherever you like with ease as this portable bed can be taken anywhere via cars or other vehicles. It is perfect for medium-sized breeds like French Bull Dog, Rottweiler, Aussie, and Corgi.

Brindle is lightweight yet steady and gives optimal provision and succor to pet. Your puppy will surely fall in love with this bed.


  • The cover is machine washable so that cleaning won’t be a hassle for you.
  • Soft and comfy foam relieves pressure points so your canine can relax and feel energetic.
  • Breathable fabric helps to regulate the body temperature of your pet.
  • You can fit the bed perfectly in a crate or house.
  • You will have the option of choosing the color of your choice.

8. Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed of Furhaven

best indestructible dog bed

Furhaven is ergonomic, sturdy, and solid. Your puppy won’t be able to destroy the bed by gnawing, scratching, gouging, or shredding. Furhaven makes sure that the dog owners who own chewers get durable beds that can last longer without wearing them out.

The polyester canvas comes with a water-resistant coating that allows you to use the dog cot indoors and outdoors. You can conveniently clean the surface of the rack with a wet wipe and rest easy because no bed smell or liquid would be absorbed in the bed.

The mattress style of design allows your canine to stretch and cuddle wholeheartedly with ease and sleep comfortably. The reversible sides offer you to use both sides for your dog.

It is easy to transport and fits easily in kennels, crates, and houses.


  • The incorporation of medically approved polyurethane foam provides comfort to the dog’s body, relieving fatigue and joint and muscle pain.
  • The removable cover is easy to wash with hands and doesn’t consume much time.
  • Available in many colors, you can choose the one that goes well with your room’s décor.
  • The dog bed overall looks elegant and modern that appeals to dog owners. 
  • The high-grade materials make the bed durable and chewing-resistant, so get this bed without hesitation.

9. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

best chew proof dog bed

CHEERHUNTING outdoor dog beds are perfect for chewers. Cheerhunting is not only long-lasting but also waterproof for outdoor use.

You can now say your goodbyes to chewed-up and destroyed pallets assuredly because this dog rack won’t fade away due to the chewing done by your dear associate.

It fits in dog crates and kennels with convenience. Also, the maintenance is convenient as you can wash it in the machine.

A carry bag allows you to transport the cot on vacation with ease whereas, you can wipe the stains of this waterproof rack with a wet cloth. It can withstand various weather conditions like a breeze.


  • The sleek and stylish design with blue color would appeal to you and your dog.
  • The portability makes it easier for your pet to relax on picnics and camping trips.
  • The mattress provides comfort and relief to the pup’s body and lets it rest calmly.
  • If one side gets messy, then do not fret and turn over the mat as this bed is reversible.
  • The incorporation of durable handles allows you to grip the cot and place it anywhere with ease.

10. Western Home Orthopedic Dog Bed

best dog bed for chewers

WESTERN HOME WH cares about dog owners who struggle with chewer pups. So, they ensure that their durable couches never disappoint owners ever. The durable and sturdy fabric of this cot is chew-resistant. So, it eliminates the chances of your pet consuming the bed.

The large-sized dog pallet has a striking rose pattern which looks quite fluffy and appeals to the. The stylish design looks luxurious enough to match with the rest of your home’s décor.

The dog would feel comfortable and relaxed on this 3-inch high-density orthopedic foam as it provides excellent support to the joints and muscles of the dog.


  • You don’t have to worry about the pallet sliding as the anti-skid bottom fixes it in a single place.
  • Forget about scratches, tears, and chewing, as this sturdy and firm couch can handle everything.
  • The detachable cover can be washed in the machine to look as good as new again without consuming your time and effort.
  • If you worry about your dog’s lack of sleep, then don’t worry because your dog can sleep in any position comfortably on this bed.
  • it portable and allows easy transportation for vacation. 

Comparison Table of Best Chew Resistant Dog beds

ProductsDimensionsItem WeightSizeMaterialColour
Barkbox Dog Bed16.73 x 6.54 x 6.3 inches3.04 PoundsMediumPlushWhite and grey Stripe
CHEERHUNTING Dog Bed41 x 27 x 3 inches  3.12 pounds40in (suitable for medium and large dogs)PolyesterArmy Green
Carhartt Dog Bed  20 x 16 x 14 inches3.48 PoundsSmallCanvas  Carhartt Brown with Sherpa Top
Pet Dog Supply Bed40 x 30 x 4 inches13.28 OuncesLargePewterPewter
Suweor Upo15.72 x 11.98 x 8.75 inches4.52 poundsXL-32” x 26‘’Pp Cotton, Fleece, OxfordWine red
EHEYCIGA12.4 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches2.75 PoundsL (35″x23″x3″)PlushGrey
Brindle34 x 22 x 3 inches5.83 Pounds34in x 22inMemory foamRed
Furhaven Pet Products, Inc19 x 12 x 1.25 inches9.28 OuncesX-SmallPolyesterGreen/Grey
Cheerhunting outdoor dog bed43 x 26 x 2 inches1.72 PoundsLarge  PolyesterBlue
WESTERN HOME WH14.93 x 7.76 x 6.93 inches3.65 poundsLargeSynthetic furGrey


Chewing is a destructive habit that dogs pick on, which worries the owners. The messiness and cleaning issues aside, owners lose so much money while experimenting with various types of beds for their chewers.

Nevertheless, I recommend Barkbox Dog Bed, CHEERHUNTING Dog Bed, and Carhartt Dog Bed to dog owners who want chewing-resistant beds for their pups.

All three beds have two things in common: the durability of the thick foam and fabric to cover up the bed. These beds can prevent your pet from chewing considerably and last longer than most beds out there.

However, you can check other beds too and decide which ones are the best for your dog yourself because you are the one who knows their canine well.

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