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A training collar is a cost-effective solution to train a dog for household owners as well as for trainers. A household dog owner usually does not need a long-range remote until he decides to train the dog for some professional tasks and some activities that are hard to perform in the back yard or decide to take a bold step to professionally train the dog to participate in the event. A best long range shock collar for dogs provides liberty to train the dogs in open space and on large properties, you can control the dog from a large distance and can send commands remotely when your voice and hand signals do not reach the dog.

There are also remote training collars that make it easier to work with more than one dog even you can train deaf and blind dogs. You need to consider your training needs the temperament as well as the size fo your dog to find the right training system for your dog. Recently we also reviewed top rated training collars for stubborn dogs which you can also consider to train your dog. In this article, we discuss some of the basic needs and features for long-range trading system and list best available long-range training collar, our list includes:

Sr. ProductRangeScore
1Dogtra T&B Dual Training & Beeper 1.5 Miles9.5
2My Pet Command Dog Training Collar 1.25 Miles9.3
3SportDOG Brand New X-Series 1 Mile9.2
4Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar 3/4 Miles9.1
5Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar 3/4 Miles9.1
6PATPET Shock Collar for Dogs 0.57 Miles9.0
7Allenker Shock Collar for Dogs 1/5 Miles8.5
8Petoffers Dr.Trainer Shock Collar 1/2 Miles 8.4
9TBI Pro Dog Shock Training Collar 0.38 Mile8.2
10 PetSpy Dog Training Shock Collar 0.625 Miles9.0

Things to consider while buying a long-range shock collar

There are some specific requirements that you need to consider while buying a long-range training system and if you select a collar with these features then surely going forward training your dog becomes easy for you. Do not select a long-range collar only to provide a shock to your collar, you decided to buy a long-range so you are going to consider wider training perspective that will need a lot more features. Some of the very basic requirements are:

Stable signal and External/long antenna, for range above 2000 a remote must be equipped with the external antenna make the remote able to communicate effectively, without antenna or without a quality antenna it will become hard to communicate the signals to maximum range and many be some of the signals do not reach to the receiver.

Customizable commands, When you are buying a long-range training system that means you are considering wise training needs and your voice cannot reach to that maximum distance that remote allow, so ou needs customizable commands where you can use a mix of all three options to set different commands for different tasks. Such configurable commands make the training easy and bring effective results in less time.

Powerful battery, more distance to cover means more power needed to power the electronics and usual batteries in the long-range collars and remotes last for fewer hours. Look for long-lasting and quality lithium-ion batteries which can provide at least 10 working hours.

Best long range shock collar for dogs

While selecting the long-range dog shock collars we pay more attention to signals stability of signals and we were amazed that all of the good options that offer stable signals to the specified distance come with an antenna. Then we review technical details and found that for stable signals above 2000 feet its necessary to equip a remore with a good antenna. We advise you to select a product on the basis of its features and range as well as your budget instead of style.

1. Dogtra T&B Dual Training & Beeper

Dogtra T&B Dual 1-Dog Long Range 1.5-Mile Expandable Dual DIAL Training & Beeper Remote Dog Training E-Collar for Upland Gun Dog
  • Range 1.5 Miles, 7920 feet, remote dog training e-collar with the dual expandable dial
  • Made for two dogs, remote support two dogs with two dials individually, no need to change modes again and again for different dogs
  • Precise control with 127 levels of stimulation, OLED makes configuration and operations easy
  • Waterproof, continuous and momentary stimulation, beeper, customizable commands

Dogtra T&B Dual Training & Beeper is designed for professionals with the maximum support of 1.5 mils, and the remote provides the individual setting for two dogs that make training easy and hassle-free. There are many other features that are not available in competing products. Its equipped with two rehost dials that are dedicated up to two dogs with the expandable device setup. Changing the stimulation levels and sending commands to dogs is so easy with this remote. If you are an owner who loves adventures and wish to train the dog as well as to have control over the dog, this is a device for you.

Finding the perfect level of stimulation is easy with dedicated dials and its design offer seamless operations. Its OLED provides complete information of the current setting and it’s bright enough to use in the daylight, It is very helpful for a gradual increase in the stimulation level. Hunters love to use this device to train their dogs in the field, collars are fully waterproof and remore too. Its beeper mode is excellent for outdoor use when you cannot see your dog directly and helps to track the dog.

Drawbacks, It’s a costly training system, we did not find any household customer review for this device

2. My Pet Command Dog Training Collar

My Pet Command 1.25 Mile (6600 Ft) Dog Training Collar Safe Dog Shock Collar with Remote Shock, Vibrate, Tone and Flashing Beacon Lights Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Hunting add Up to 3 Collars Bonus
  • Range 1.25 Miles, 6600 feet, made to train the dog in open terrain, allows the dog to heel, stay, or return with a simple button press
  • Remote support three collars with easy to select buttons and equipped with ten levels of intensity to provide static stimulation
  • Collars equipped with the flashlight, beacon light functions with the remote and make the dogs visible from more than 300 yards
  • Waterproof collars, both remote and collars are made to serve for a long time

My Pet Command Dog Training Collar is a long-range dog training system that is capable to train three dogs simultaneously. Its a solution for stubborn and hard to train dogs, a long-range shock collar to alter the behavior of dogs who bark excessively adn does things that you do not want and expect from your dogs.

When the dogs are not listening and paying attention to your command you can just send then a warning or a static shock to get their attention. There is another feature that most of the dog owners love most, that is a flashlight on the collar which can be turned on and off from the remote, it can keep the dogs visible for more than 300 yards.

This high-quality training kit addresses all the issues of training with electrostatic shock, vibration modes, and tones. Many customers consider it a safe and effective training tool because its dual function remote makes it an ideal choice for trainer sand hunters. If you want exceptional features in a reasonable price then its a training kit for you, you will notice the difference in a very short time.

Drawbacks, the remote is big as compared to the competitors, on flashlights battery last for a maximum of five hours. The collars take a little bit longer time to charge because of a large battery.

3. SportDOG Brand New X-Series

SportDOG Brand SportHunter Family Remote Trainers - Including New X-Series - Waterproof, Rechargeable Dog Training Collars with Static, Vibrate, and Tone - Up to 1 Mile Range
  • Range 1 Mile, 5280 feet, train up to 6 dogs with a single remote, made to last for longer time
  • 21 level of stimulation either continuous or momentary, comes with two years warranty
  • Manufactured using Dry Tek technology fully waterproof and sublimer up to 25 feet
  • Lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries, take only two hours to fully recharge and last for a month

SportDOG Brand New X-Series is designed to train six dogs simultaneously from one remote and its effective range is one mile that provides enough space to train your dogs for different activities and tasks as well as for hunting. If you are a dog owner who only got satisfied with the brands and wants to stay within budget then its a solution for you. Later on, you can include more collars.

This long-range shock collar for dogs is farthest in the SportHunter family. The feature that we like most is its blind operations remote which is handly, as well as durable enough to serve for a long time.

Its a fully customizable system that provides instant feedback to the dog on the press of a button and tailored for the dog’s unique personality. New X-series, product in the spotlight is equipped with the 21 intensity levels, whereas the previous version only has seven levels. It comes with the matt collar strap for the receiver which is comfortable to wear and durable. With a single recharge, the remore battery lasts up to 60 hours and collar battery work for 160 hours maximum.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love

4. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote - Trains 3 Dogs if Extra Collars Purchased - Removable Shock, Vibration and Beep Modes - Large, Medium and Small Dogs over 15 lbs - Up to 3/4 Mile Range - Waterproof Electric E Collar
  • Range 3/4 Miles, 3960 feet, New design with no standby mode, always ready to send commands to the dog
  • Train 3 dogs simultaneously how to behave, the best training collar in the market
  • Made to last, equipped with 10 levels of intensity and momentary as well as continuous shock
  • 2 years warranty and equipped with a long-lasting battery

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar is another quality option available in the market which is durable enough and hundreds of people trust this long-range device. It’s designed with hunting standards and priced very reasonably.

Remote is designed for quick operations and its operations are fast enough to provide stimulus at the right time when required. We recommend buying this training system for rough users like if you have to train your dog outside where the remote or collars can be damaged then its a perfect solution for you. 

Its equipped with all three options sound/vibration and shock that as a trainer you can configure and make different commands to get different responses from our dog. The other distinct feature that trainers like most in no standby option that keep it alive all the time and whenever you press the command button a right stimulation is sent to dog/collar.

Its powerful warning functions beep and vibration save your dog much time from getting shocked. If price and range are a huge consideration for you when buying a training collar then its product for you that is budget-friendly provides a good working radius. 

Drawbacks, absence of standby mode is an exceptional feature but it reduces battery life, It’s not possible to hide the remote in the palm.

5. Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar - 3/4 Mile Range, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Shock, Vibration - Includes PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker
  • Range 3/4 Miles, 3960 feet, Made for medium and large dogs, suitable for all breeds with mild to most stubborn temperament
  • The collar is ergonomically shaped and equipped with a long-lasting battery and durable strap
  • 127 levels of stimulation ranging from low to high, Momentary Nick, Constant Stimulation, and Non-Stimulating High-Performance Pager Vibration modes
  • Equipped with new features, Its security feature saves dog from excessive shocks

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar comes with many new and innovative features it’s an ideal long-range shock collar for dogs. It’s designed to provide all of the features that a modern trainer needs to train the dogs, its the most reliable e-collar in the market which is successfully used by many or professional trainers.

Whatever weather condition is its work fine either you are training your dogs in the snow, rain, or in the hot weather, it performs seamlessly. It’s proven to be durable for training detection and obedience.

Its LCD shows the level of stimulation as well as the collar battery level, the receiver is compact and lightweight as well as powerful to teach obedience to large stubborn dogs. Rheostat volume dial makes the training and selection of level easy and the same selection you can see on the LCD.

To get attention from the large stubborn dogs its equipped with the loud sound and pager vibration and for trained dogs, these two options perform well and save dog from getting a static correction. 127 levels of intensity make it ideal for sensitive dogs.

Drawbacks, not suitable for small dogs, it cost more as compared to the competitive productive.

6. PATPET Shock Collar for Dogs

Shock Collar for Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with Remote IPX5 3000ft Range Dog Training Collar Fast Training Effect for Small Medium Large Dog
  • Range 0.57 Miles, 3000 feet, smar and compact design with durable batteries, comes with 16 intensity levels
  • Thicker and long contact points for better contact with skin as well as Removeable to change the size
  • Remote designed for blind operations, easy to locate and identify buttons with seeing remote
  • Waterproof and made with durable material for long working life

PATPET Shock Collar for Dogs comes with the removable contact points so when you trained your dog fully and he become a well-behaved pet you may remove the contact points from the collar to make a shock-free training device.

Dogs are best friends of humans and loyal once but to make them a good family member they need training, that becomes easy with a training collar. The product in the spotlight is a budget-friendly option that you can use when your dog attacks strangers, chase the other dogs and small animals and transmit command in a behavioral modification training. Its an ideal solution for disobedient, naughty as well as smart dogs.

Many customers who are using this product show positive feedback about this product, they express that they start seeing the difference in a matter of days. Its remote is designed to fit in the palm and it supports two collars, you can add another collar while buying it separately. Its range is really long and even on the maximum allowed distance, the signals reached timely. 

Drawbacks, the range is good for cities and ground but not for farmhouse and large training areas, otherwise, nothing found not love.

7. Allenker Shock Collar for Dogs

Allenker Shock Collar for Dogs, Dog Shock Collar with Remote Up To 2600Ft Range 100% Waterproof With Beep Vibration Static Shock - 0~16 Levels Adjustable Dog Training Collar with Remote
  • Range 1/2 Miles, 2600 feet, Designed with easy to access buttons for quick operations with 16 intensity levels
  • Compact and lightweight collar, equipped with a flashlight that can be controlled from remote
  • Designed for the stable signals with all three modes, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, remote support up to 3 dogs
  • IP65 certified and comes with a dual charge for fast and easy charging

Allenker Shock Collar for Dogs comes with a newly designed antenna that helps it to reach 800 m distance and makes it possible to train the dog outdoors. This bet long-range shock collars also come with teh dual charge which means you can charge the collar and receiver at the same time that saves you extra time for training.

Provide strong anti-interference ability, reduce the change of invalid command. Its safety feature turns on the sleep mode once a command is triggered multiple times within ten seconds, it can save your dog from any possible damage. 

Its receiver weighs only 46 grams, suitable for small dogs, compact as well as comes with a durable strap, basically, it’s designed for more comfortable wearing experience. The new design of the collar helps to reduce the friction between the prongs and dog’s neck which ultimately saves the dog’s skin from damage. The small remore transmitter easily fits into the pocket and hand as well. 

Drawbacks, Battery last for 8 to ten hours and on LED flashlight only for 3 to 4 hours.

8. Petoffers Dr.Trainer Shock Collar

Currently not available

  • Range 1/2 Miles, 2600 feet, most stylish and compact design in the market, ten levels of correction and voice command option
  • On-screen safety lock to keep the dog safe from accidental shocks, collar equipped with a mic
  • Remore with LED light, fast simultaneous charging, comfortable to use easy to hold
  • Ideal for behavioral obedience, Barking, Walking, Leash Training, Aggression

Petoffers Dr.Trainer Shock Collar is a recently introduced and hundreds of dog lovers attract towards this product because its a stylish and lightweight option as well as made for all types and sizes of dogs from 10 to 100 lbs. If you live in a locality where style matters or you always look for newly designed products which is a true reflection of new technology and design then its a product for you.

That offers all of the benefits that you need in a training collar. Its equipped with vice enabled chip, and its remore is equipped with the flashlight that can be used in the dark. The most important feature that we love is auto retraceable contact points that always remain easy for dog and do not pinch into the soft skin of the neck.

Eco-leather collar and the new design make it a training solution that every dog lover wants to have. We also like its contact points that are gentle enough to make contact with the skin without any damage during a shock. Allows personalizing the commands for different training tasks. 

Drawbacks, Only for small to medium dogs, not suitable for stubborn dogs.

9. TBI Pro Professional Dog Shock Training Collar

TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Shock Training Collar with Remote Long-Range E-Collar with Shock, Vibration Control, Rechargeable and Fully IPX7 Waterproof for Small, Medium, Large Dogs, All Breeds
  • Range 0.38 Miles, 2000 feet, equipped with an advanced microprocessor and strong signal antenna
  • 3 training modes and 100 sensitivity levels, suitable for all type and size of dogs
  • Protective mode to keep the dogs safe from accidental shocks and its fully waterproof
  • Reflective strap keep the dog visible in low light and LCD makes the operations easy adn you can what you are delivering to your dog

TBI Pro Professional Dog Shock Training Collar is proudly developed in the USA by K9 experts and before sales, its tested on different breeds and dog sizes as well as temperaments for effectiveness and control. We believe that this is the most budget-friendly, reliable, efficient and safe product to use for any breed and size.

Three training modes and long reach make are ideal to use anywhere either for a specific training session to get control over the dog. TBI pro is a well-known name in the market which is making dog training products from many of previous years and enjoying really good repute.

Premium advanced design with huge LCD makes the training as well as the selection of right mode and intensity easy for owners and trainers. The remote is also equipped with the extra-bright flashlight that you can use in dark or low light to find a road or your dog. Simultaneous Double fast charging makes both the device ready in less time and batteries last for a longer time.

Drawbacks, ideal features in reasonable price, nothing found not to love.

10. PetSpy Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Shock and Beep, Rechargeable and Waterproof E-Collar Remote Trainer
  • Range 0.625 Miles, 3300 feet, premium training collar for full-time trainers, equipped with easy to select rheostat dialer, 8 adjustable levels of intensity
  • 4 functionals modes, static correction continuous, momentary 1 second, beep and vibration
  • Remore designed for blind operation and equipped with individual function buttons
  • IP67 certified and a single remore can handle two collars

PetSpy Premium Dog Training Shock Collar is a blessing for trainers because who knows the importance of style and design they prefer this product otherwise such design only comes in costly products. This product makes a spot on our list because it contains all the features that most of the costly products come with.

We only see one shortcoming in this product that is, its level of intensity. Its good to use but more intensity levels provide more control over the dogs.

It is also helpful towards bark control, wandering off, aggressive leash pulling and especially when the dog is approaching strangers. Ideal to use for small dogs as well as large dogs. The other feature that customers like most is its contact points that are made of conductive rubber to prevent skin irritation.

Drawbacks, not suitable for anxious dog, not suitable for small dogs.

Final Thoughts

A lot of choices are available in the market and to make a good list and product that already winning the hearts of dogs lovers we reviewed nearly 50 products and finally select ten to list here as best long-range dog training tools. Before buying any option we advise you to consider your budget and range. If you can afford to go for a costly item then you must buy that because such a product comes with more features and made to last for a longer period.

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