What is Best Low-Fat Canned Dog Food?

Dogs are always looking for a kind of diet that is full of flavor and delicious aroma. That is why the moment they smell something being cooked in the kitchen, their mouth gets filled with water. Dogs are innocent when it comes to weight management issues. They do not know which food is better for them and which is not. As long as the food smells good and is flavorful, they will relish it.

It is up to their owners to keep track of their diet while offering them the best Best low-fat canned dog food. Just as human beings can’t keep on eating fats all the time, similar is the case with dogs. However, there are certain situations when fats are not suitable for your dog, and in those circumstances, it is important to shift to a low-fat diet.

There are brilliant low-fat diet foods available in the market for dogs, yielding amazing results.

Most dogs do not find a low-fat diet that much appealing. They even show resistance to low-fat dry foods. However, dogs are eating such food full of deliciousness, and sometimes low-fat dry food does not serve that purpose. This is where the low-fat canned dog foods come to the rescue. We also recently reviewed some of the Dog Food to Prevent Struvite Crystals

Although the fat content in below listed low-fat canned dog food is low, still the taste, moisture, and aroma of these dog foods are not compromised. It may take some time for your dog to take a liking to low-fat canned food, but they will be good to go with time.

You need to remember one thing that it doesn’t matter how much your dog refuses to eat canned food for the first couple of days. Keep pushing them. Eventually, they will get used to it.

Why your dog might need low-fat canned dog food?

There are many reasons when it becomes necessary to shift your dog’s diet to low-fat dog food. These reasons usually involve medical conditions that require them to consume low amounts of fat. One thing that is common in most dogs is a sensitive stomach. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, then fats are not good enough for him.

A sensitive stomach and fat is definitely not a good combination. With time, fat consumption can lead your dog to get into certain kinds of digestive problems.  It is because, to break the fats, the stomach requires a lot of work to do, which might upset your dog’s health. That is why shifting to low-fat canned food is a better idea.

Also, there’s a medical condition called pancreatitis that involves the inflammation of the pancreas. If your dog is suffering from it, then fats are not suitable for him because the pancreas helps in the breakdown of food, but it is unable to breakdown fats when it is inflamed. It might result in vomiting or loss of appetite.

Lastly, obesity is another reason why your dog must start eating low-fat canned food. Everybody loves to feed their pets and shower them with treats, but it may result in an alarming increase in weight.

This might result in further problems. An obese dog is not a healthy dog, and it may get into a lot of cardiac problems because of overweight issues. To avoid it, you must start feeding your dog the low-fat diet because that is the only solution.

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3 Best Low Fat Canned Dog Foods

Although there are many low-fat canned dog food available in the market, their quality is not as good as it is supposed to be. These are the best-canned dog foods that are not only highly nutritious but will help your dog in his weight management. 

Your dog may take some time to get used to this food, but eventually, all will be good.

1. Hill's Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food

low fat canned dog food

Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food is most certainly one of the best dog foods, especially when it comes to a low-fat diet for your dog. It is basically a breakthrough weight management food for adult dogs. Even if it is low in fats, it has not compromised its nutritional capabilities.

From chicken broth to tender beef, from green beans to out fiber, from various vitamin supplements to extremely healthy minerals, this dog food is a complete diet for your dog.

It helps your dog in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Also, it tastes so delicious that your dog might stick to this low-fat canned dog food for the rest of his life. It is not just a healthy diet but also a balanced one. You definitely do not want to miss this one out.

If you have searched all of the Internet but couldn’t find dog food suitable for your dog, then this is the answer.


  • No artificial flavors or preservatives are added.
  • It contains prebiotics fiber for digestion.


  • Not suitable for pups.

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2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

best low fat canned dog food

Wellness Core natural canned dog food with its weight management formula ensures a fit and balanced lifestyle for your dog. If your dog already has some health-related issues, then consuming this food will make him free of it. This one is full of nutrition, and it is indeed a healthy diet.

This low-fat formula is especially suitable for your dog’s weight maintenance or weight loss program. The best thing about this dog food is that it is high in protein, one thing that your dog probably loves the most.

It is available in many recipes ranging from chicken to pork liver, white fish to turkey recipe, etc. To support your dog’s inner wellness, it is made with certain botanicals and is enriched with many vitamins and minerals.

This weight management formula of wellness core foods is an essential diet for your dog to see him healthy and happy. The vets approve of all the ingredients, and they have made sure that you get the best of all.


  • It includes a fish and flax omega blend, which is good for healthy skin and coat.
  • It is nutrient-rich.


  • Not suitable for dogs who require a high fiber.

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3. Weruva Grain-Free Natural Canned Wet Dog Food

best low fat wet dog food

Last but not least, Weruva is one of the most nutritious and the soupiest low-fat canned food that your dog is going to love. The main ingredients in it are the tender chicken pieces and the pumpkin soup. In addition, it is high in fiber, which will keep your dog’s digestive system in a healthy form.

Also, it contains a minimum amount of fats which is the first thing you were looking for. It is absolutely grain-free. Apart from this, it does not contain those products that can harm your dog in any way, including corn, wheat, or soy. Besides, it contains all the necessary vitamins and antioxidants that keep your dog’s immune system healthy and full of strength.

One significant thing about this low-fat canned dog food is that they use quite a unique sort of meat. This includes the highest-quality meat cuts like boneless, skinless white breast meat, grass-fed Australian Beef, and hand-flaked fish loins.

Also, the chicken used in this dog food is absolutely antibiotic-free which means it is definitely the healthiest form of chicken. Once you start feeding your dog was dog food, he will not want anything else. It is so delicious that he will never get tired of it.


  • No artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • It is gluten-free.


  • May irritate the Stomach of your dog if there is an excess

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Final Words

Nobody on this planet can deny that your dog is the one who is the most loyal to you in this world. No matter how you treat them, they will always be the ones to sit beside you and share your loneliness. You must acknowledge that they will do everything in their own weird ways to make you smile and happy. The least you can do in return is give them affection and take care of them. One way to express your love for your dog is by giving him a healthy diet. 

Diet is an essential part of your dog’s health. If you are ignoring it, then it means you are not loyal to your little pet. Certain foods are good for them at a certain age under certain circumstances but are bad for them at another level of age or situation.

That is why you must keep track of everything you meticulously feed them. It is always a good idea to take your dog to a vet to have a better idea or assessment of its health.

Low-fat canned dog foods are essential for dogs who are suffering from certain medical conditions. That is why you must not be careless in this manner at all. The above-mentioned dog foods are good to go. They are highly nutritious, and they are sure to make your dog healthy.

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