What is the Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier in 2022?

It’s tough to leave your dog at home alone with sad eyes when you are leaving for a motorbike ride. The fact is furry pals feel very strongly when they come with us whenever and wherever we go, especially when the need to lick and snuggles arise. Whatever motorbike you own, it is possible to keep your dog with you, and you can share the same experience with your pup. Here the need for the best motorcycle dog carrier arises.

It’s indeed possible to share a ride with your fluffy friend by owning a dog motorcycle carrier. On the other side it a great way to spend time together. The demand for this type of gear is rising at a phenomenal pace among fur parents, who love to keep take their pup on rides and adventures. 

Many choices are available in the digital market, but here we only list which are trusted by hundreds of pet parents. To make selection easy for you, we list some of the best options for you so you can confidently select one for your companion based on your requirement. 

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What are the Types of Dog Motorcycle Carriers?

There are two types of gears available in the market 

      • Wearable carriers 
      • Crate-style carrier

Wearable carrier

The simple and most common example is a backpack or front pack that allows keeping your dog inside with the head out window, which allows the dog to enjoy the outside scene. The good quality backpacks can be attached to the motorcycle and wearable using straps. Such gears allow the pet to stand up and flaunt his majestic self. 

Such carriers are only suitable for well-behaved dogs as these provide ample wriggle room, which can create a problem when you are on the bike. Keep in mind such gears are only suitable for short rides and slow speed.

Crate-style carrier

These are carriers that are similar to the crates. Even they are made of a fabric of nylon mix but constructed with a durable and strong frame inside, which alongside ensuring the safety of pets, also keeps the carrier in shape. With the help of multiple adjustable straps, this type of carrier can be tied to the back seat. 

This type of dog carrier protects your dog better because a good and quality crate style barrier can withstand road debris, strong wind, hard weather, and even severe impact during an accident. 

Crate-style dog carriers are the ideal choices for long trips and owners who like speed. Options are available in the market that can be used interchangeably as wearable and as a crate.

1. K9 Sport Sack Motorcycle Dog carrier Backpack

motorcycle gas tank dog carrier

K9 Sport Sack Motorcycle Dog carrier Backpack is made with comfort in mind, designed for all types of dog breeds, and even you can accommodate the dogs that weigh more. The basic concept behind this bag is traveling. Whether you own a puppy or a large dog, you can carry your four-legged friend on a motorcycle.

It’s an ideal solution for dogs suffering from depression or anxiety, a bag for biking, hiking, subways, shopping, skiing as well as dancing, and many other endless possibilities.  

If you are an owner who could not see sad dog eyes as you walk out then, it’s a solution for you, and you can share your adventure with your pooch. It is also made to serve you when your dog loses stamina on long trips.

It comes in different shapes and sizes to keep your dog safe and secure during motorbike adventure ride and long travels. Some of its design features are:

    • Ventilated cooling side panels
    • 5 safety/failsafe features 
    • Dual side pockets, which are fully adjustable
    • Sternum strap avalanche whistle clip
    • Moisture-wicking, ventilated shoulder strap 

Its made by a USA-based company and it comes with 60 days quality guarantee that will keep your investment.

Drawbacks, collapsing is not strong enough; you may face a problem when using it with chubby friends.

2. Motorcycle Pet Carrier for Small Dogs

Kuryakyn 5288 Grand Pet Palace is a dog carrier for motorcycles made to keep your small friends with you during a ride. Its made with a strong internal frame that can keep your pet safe even in case of any unexpected incident. It’s a great box for a motorcycle, a stylish and durable piece of luggage in itself. In case you are not carrying your dog in it, you can use it as a personal luggage bag on a motorcycle. 

The feature that we like most is equipped with a lot of tie-on straps and multiple D-rings on each side to fix it sturdy and a pocket to keep water bottles and other stuff. Its strong bottom helps keep it in shape and prevent collapsing on itself when you snug down the straps. 

For the comfort of small friends, it’s equipped with a nice padded removable rigid mattress in the bottom as well as D ring attachments and a short leash to keep the dog inside even when you open the window. The internal leash is a feature for optimum security/safety, and when it’s adequately adjusted, it makes sure that your pooch does not stick his head out or jumping out.

The mesh on vents allows the air to pass inside, and the dog can see outside through it. Your dog will love it because it’s large inside, provide ample room to sit, lay and play; meanwhile, the loved one is confined inside. 

Drawbacks, the package only contains four ties-on straps, but to fix it sturdy, you need 8.

3. Saddlemen Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Saddlemen Motorcycle Pet Carrier is an ideal and all-weather motorcycle pet carrier for dogs made with the comfort of small dogs in mind. Its two mounting systems, along with adjustable straps, keep it sturdy. It’s water-resistant and made to last for a long time. An effective cargo bag equipped with a removable tray that can be washed to clean and an ultra-comfortable bed inside keeps the dog relaxed, and its vents allow fresh air inside. 

Includes water and food trays that stow neatly in their own compartment. Saddlemen’s well-known harness sissy bar strap system is used to attach with a strong enough motorcycle seat to keep the luggage bag on the place even on rough terrain. 

There is another advantage that riders like most. It includes a lush backrest pad that riders can position themselves or for back seat passengers for comfort. A liner bag is also included in the package that you can use to store the clothes and keep that away from the dog or other bag content.

Two leashes are also included in the package, one to use inside the bag and one walking leash so you can allow your pets to have a walk during a break or refreshment in a ride. Some of its other hushed features are:

    • It can fit almost any motorcycle.
    • Can accommodate dogs up to 15 lbs.
    • Offers multiple mounting methods.
    • Quick configuration and dismounting.
    • Includes free food and water bowls.
    • It can be converted into a cargo bag.
    • Offers multiple vents for optimum airflow.
    • Comes with backpack straps.
    • Sturdy, non-bendable base.

Drawbacks, Just like other products, the Saddlemen Pet Voyager motorcycle dog carrier has its share of disadvantages. Not all dog parents like the multiple vents. If you own an escape artist, that might hamper the structure of the carrier.

4. Motorcycle Dog Carrier for Medium/Large Dogs

Motorcycle Dog Carrier for Medium/Large Dogs is made to accommodate the dogs you cannot carry in the small seat carrier. It’s large enough to carry medium and large dogs and comes with a feature to wear as a front pack as well as a backpack. When buying a wearable carrier for your heavy dog, the major concern is comfortability for shoulders needed at the utmost level. It features 1.5 inches wide shoulder straps that are padded with comfortable material so the piece will cut into your body and you can travel comfortably.

It guarantees the safety of your pet when you are on a motorcycle ride or walking, and even hiking. Many riders like this leg out design as a front pack because dogs’ legs do not bother the rider and even the back passenger, so all of the passengers, including four paws, remain easy during a motorcycle ride.

Dog carrier on a motorcycle can become challenging to hold and may require one of your hands when it’s poorly designed, but the product in the spotlight is designed to keep your both hand free during a ride. It features ample space between the front and back legs and allows easy in and out. 

    • It can be used as a backpack-style carrier
    • 1.5” wide shoulder straps
    • Available in 5 cute styles
    • It comes in 4 sizes

Drawbacks, It’s not suitable for long rides and foraged riders. It’s not a good choice; during an impact, it can be dangerous for the dog.

5. Dog Carrier Motorcycle Tank Bag

Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame is a multipurpose solution for pet carriers. It can be used for motorcycle tanks, shoulder hanging, car seat attachments, busses, and airlines. Its made with a durable frame that protects the dogs from the impact and even keeps the dogs safe in worst cases. 

Its equipped with a lot of proprietary functions, which helps to provide comfort and safety to your dog. 

As a motorcycle, a pet carrier for dogs is stylish and versatile and can be fixed on the gas tank with straps. It comes with special straps that can be used for a motorcycle and car seats to tie-on. Many customers like its frame metal support that can be quickly folded. 

It’s compact to store and easy to set up; it uses a proprietary connection system made for structural integrity, component durability, and streamlined utility.

6. Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Dog Carrier is an ideal low-cost motorcycle pet carrier for dogs. Durability is the main feature of this motorcycle pet carrier that makes it different from others.

The high-quality PVC material is used in its construction, which means the carrier won’t get easily ripped apart in case of an impact. Its made to keep the pets safe in stormy weather as well as from extreme weather. 

Double-sided handles are another advantage of this carrier that makes the lifting easy. It’s comfortable inside for the dogs and easy to carry either you hang it on your shoulder, fix it on your bike backseat. This is a choice that is beneficial for you both. 

The double mounting system offers to use as a backpack or hitch this carrier onto your bike. Its adjustable straps will keep you comfortable on the bike, hiking, or walk. Its mesh panels allow air to enter inside and provide visibility to your dog to manage the anxiety.

Designed to be well ventilated and equipped with pouches that can be used to tuck in small items. Its design may not be a fascinating one for many dog owners, but if you prefer functionality over whistles, then you will never go wrong with this model.

Some of the core features that make it a different and suitable option are:

    • Heavy-duty PVC construction.
    • Weather-resistant and leak-proof.
    • Double mounting systems.
    • Double-sided handles and adjustable straps.
    • Several mesh panels for ventilation.

Drawbacks, mesh windows do not provide clear visibility.

7. Motorcycle Gas Tank Dog Carrier

Kuryakyn 4199 The Pet Palace Bag is another product that is most prestigious and comfortable for both dog and rider. It’s priced higher, but the feature that comes with it is awesome, and it keeps the dog inside easy, just like a palace because it features a comfortable bed inside and meshes windows to provide fresh air. Its mesh windows are scratch-resistant, and these are made to last for a long time. Even the sharp claws of your dog cannot damage it.

It’s hard to keep the dog confined on the long rides; This bag is comfortable inside, so the tripe remains easy for your dog, and leash attachment inside makes it possible to keep your dog limited when he does not want to stay inside. 

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Just like every other product, motorcycle dog carriers also offer some very unique and different benefits. These benefits make them essential gear to have when a dog owner wants to travel along with his four-paws friend.

No More Home Along for Dogs 

Sad puppy dog eyes, hugs, and licking are powerful weapons that dogs use when the owner heads toward the door. If you do not have the proper gears, you will brush that off, and you may find an enthusiastic dog after a few hours.

Keep in mind dogs are sociable animals, and they love to hang out along and enjoy themselves more with owners outside. When you own a motorcycle carrier for the dog, you can keep your four-paws family member with you so he can enjoy out there.

With time, the number of hotels, cafes, and restaurants increasing, allowing pets inside, so for shopping. You can select a store where you can keep your dog with you.

Dogs love the outdoors.

Naturally, they love to go outside, either out of the home gate or on a long or short trip. Like humans, they want o to feel the fresh air, and sightseeing is also one of their favorites. When you own a dog carrier for the bike, you can take your four-paws companion with you to local parks, nature preserves, or at any place that you love to visit with your family member.

Taking your companion with you outside frequently encourages them to be independent, allowing them to learn not o associate departure with negativity.

A Vital Equipment for Dire Times as well as for Safety 

The crate types equipment, which is specifically made for motorcycle back seats, is good safety gear. In case of any impact and bad weather, such gears keep your dog safe and secure as well. 

While on the other side it’s an important utility for casual vet trips. Once fixed on your bike, you can use it whenever you want, and it’s easy to access pets and a secure way to transportation.

why a motorcycle dog carrier

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