5 Best Net Barrier for Dogs (Reviews) in 2020: Restrict dog to the backseat

A dog owner who loves to enjoy trips with their four-legged friends likes to use a net barrier for dogs to restrict them in a designated area. There are some specific benefits which are only possible through the net barrier for dogs. A lot of choices are available in the market with different quality and specification, which makes selection difficult. To do your job easy, we checked dozens of net barriers for dogs and finally made a list of 5 best net barrier for dogs. Which you can confidently buy and use to keep your dog limited to the designated area.

Dogs become excited when starting their trip and want to share their excitement with the owner, drive, and other passengers in the vehicle. A driver needs to stay focused on the road for the safety of his four-legged passenger and others. In such a situation, a distraction from the dog can create a compromising safety situation. The ultimate solution is a net barrier that can limit the dog in his area. Let’s have a look at some specific benefits of the best net barrier for dogs:

Benefits of Best Net Barrier for Dogs

As we discuss earlier there are some specific benefits that are only possible with net barriers only like:

  • The best net barrier for dogs without a solid frame can be folded.
  • Net allows air to flow; you and your dogs can equally enjoy Fresh air or AD and heater in winters.
  • Both of you can see each other, you can keep an eye around while your dog can see you and its helpful to manage the anxiety.
  • Net is washable and easy to clean.
  • The best quality net barrier for dogs made with a high-quality elastic fiber that can withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs.
  • Net Barriers are lightweight and do not leave marks on the seats and interior of your vehicle.
  • Universal fit & Made to last for a long time you can use them with different pets and in different vehicles.
  • Keep dogs safe by preventing them from jumping between seats and during travel and see-through allow the drive to deliver warnings, completely eliminate the distraction.
  • Easy to install and remove is also an added advantage of net barriers it takes no time to fit and remove.

It is not necessary to keep it fixed all the time, a net barrier takes only a little space in your vehicle storage compartment, you can use it when it is required.

What to look when buying a net barrier for dogs?

There are some specific features that you look into a product while buying a barrier for your vehicles like the universal fit, headrest and seat protection, etc. Please visit our best dog car barrier buyer’s guide to get more detailed information.

1. The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier

Best net barrier for dogs

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A net barrier made from Nylon “honeycomb” mesh fabric, can cover from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Your pet ‘won’t find any space to distract you. Featured with the fiberglass rod in the frame which is narrow, and their primary function is to maintain the height and width. It is not an exact universal fit, but the product you buy as per the size of your car can use in any portion of your car. Either behind the front seats and with 2nd, 3rd row or in the cargo area.

A storage bag is also included in the package to keep the product secure when not in use; it weighs only 1.5 lbs. And won’t put any pressure on the ‘seat’s ad leaves no mark on the interior of your vehicle. The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier is the best net barrier for dogs and available in five sizes three for the front and 2 for the cargo area. Measure your vehicle carefully while following the given guide before placing an order.

It is the right choice, especially when you have multiple small dogs or large four-legged companions. The fiberglass rods that make the framework are sturdy enough to withstand against the pressure of various dogs and featured with metal connectors to connect. Its tear resistance; equipped with the 4 double hook bungees for securing the corners, and 2 loop bungees for anchoring the barrier on the headrest.

Design of this Best net barrier for dogs is flexible enough to bend with the contours of your vehicle. The only drawback that we figure out is its 2 loop bungees on the ‘vehicle’s headrest that may disturb the front seat passengers.


  • A solid framework of fiberglass rods
  • Cover wall to wall and ceiling to floor
  • Made from honeycomb fresh fabric
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Easy to assemble and fix

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2. The Pet Net Plus Barrier for Dogs

Net mesh barrier for dogs

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This best net barrier for dogs installs on headrests and featured with the self-supporting framework. It covers side to side and reaches to floor, best to be used with any vehicle out there like cars, truck, and SUVs. It makes a spot in our list because it can be installed in any area of your car like you can designate backseat to your dog sand fix it behind the front seat and in the second row to limit your dogs far behind and in the cargo section. Choose a size carefully that can appropriately fit in your vehicle.

The Pet Net Plus Barrier for Dogs is an easy to fix device no permanent hardware required to fix it. It just takes seconds to fit and remove. High-quality net is washable and tear-resistant; the framework made with fiberglass rods on two sides and one metal rod on the ceiling side.

The Pet Net Plus Barrier for Dogs comes with 2 double hook and 2 loop bungees to fix it adequality; four corners L-shape brackets to fix the rods. It is easy to store and made to last. Its mesh fiber and rods and sturdy enough to deal with the excitement of your dog, it allows air to follow. Both of you can keep an eye on each other through the best net barrier for dogs because the new provide clear visibility and do not clock back view mirror.


  • Self Supporting framework
  • Reaches to the ceiling and cover both sides
  • High-quality net and fiberglass rods
  • Easy to store and install

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3. Scenereal Best Net Barrier for Dogs

Net barrier for dogs

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It is a universal fit that measures 33 inches approximately on both sides; it covers all the rea between seats up to the height that you can choose at your own. The upper and middle part is made with the net to allow visibility to owner and dog as well. The mash part guarantees the air circulation and sides made with oxford cloth which is washable along with mesh.

Scenereal Best Net Barrier for Dogs featured with pockets and an organizer, pockets are at the backside that you can use to keep toys, while organizer is at the front side which you can use to hold magazines, books, keys, phone or any other thing. It is sturdy enough to restrict your dog in the designated area, so your dog does not bother you anymore.

Featured with foldable fiber rod that makes storage easy, when you need to use it, you can fix it on the top to set the frame. It comes with the two straps at the top and two straps at the bottom that you can use to tight fix it in the middle of your car to isolate you and your dog.


  • Made with durable Oxford cloth and high-quality mesh/net
  • Have pockets at back and organizer at the front side
  • Universal fit work with any vehicle
  • Easy to store and install

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4. Autown Net Car Dog Barrier

Best net barrier for dogs

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If you are a dog owner, who likes smart options and option that you do not need to remove and can serve you permanently. Moreover, if you have a well-behaved dog than this smart net barrier for dogs is really for you. It can keep your kids and pet limited to back seat, and no one distracts you while driving, and this device can make your drive safer.

Autown Net Car Dog Barrier adopts thickened polyester fiber with muscular flexibility; it can stretch to fit any size between front seats. It is the best solution for car storage where you can organize your items like mobile, tablet, magazines, etc.

It is equipped with four reliable safety hooks that hold it against the pressure of your excited dog.


  • Stop distraction from kids and pets
  • It is highly stretchable
  • universal fit
  • A good organizer/storage option for your car
  • Easy to install

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5. PetFect Dog Car Back Seat Barrier

Dog barrier

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It is not net but featured with a net to allow visibility on both sides. It allows your animal family member to travel with you without bothering and distracting you. It is featured with the lower net venting to keep the temperature at the rear of your vehicle on the required level. Net upper portion allows the dog to enjoy the drive, and you can keep an eye on the pet to stay informed.

It is not stretchable, but it is the right size to fit in most of the vehicles, can be fixed with the straps to the pols of headrests. It’s easy to install and fully machine washable so you can keep it fresh to use again and again. It takes only a little space in the storage compartment of your vehicle when not in use.


  • Machine washable pet barrier
  • Lower venting net
  • Scratch proof, stain proof
  • Easy to install with headrest straps

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When you are particularly looking for the best net barrier for dogs, our first recommendation is “The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier.” We searched thoroughly but did not find any drawback and negative side of this product. Even it’s not genuinely universal, but when you are buying a net barrier for a particular vehicle is at the top among all others.

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