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We all know that our large four-legged friend especially the large breeds have greater chances to suffer from arthritis, dysplasia, and other progressive illnesses. When the problem occurs, you can do a few things like you can consult with the wet and immediately buy an orthopedic dog bed. But if your dog is not suffering from any issue that did not means he will not, he may. But you can provide a quality orthopedic dog bed to your puppy and sure he will not suffer.

When you consult with the vet for such issues, he always suggests providing your dog an orthopedic bed because it is the best cure, but it is always good to take advice from your vet.

Always search for the natural treatments for your dog and providing an orthopedic dog bed is one as it can help your puppy to stay healthy for a longer time, and stay active in daily routine.


Most of these beds provide a thick cushion up to 7” which ensures that dog will be off of the hard surface. When your dog suffers from such an issue keep your dog comfortable is the most important part of treatment and some time it is the ultimate treatment. You make sure that your pet is feeling best a good orthopedic dog bed is essential.

Orthopedic dog beds are available in the expensive range and less expensive alternatives but keep in mind that less expensive orthopedic dog beds are not much supportive. So always choose the right bed for your four-legged friend.

In this article, we cover some of the best orthopedic dog beds, which can be the perfect value for your money and serve your pet for many coming years,  

You dog may love to share your sofa with you, if this is the case buy him a dedicated and also get a couch protector for dogs to keep your couch safe.

1. Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

best orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

This bed from Big Barker is calibrated for big dogs means tested and made for big dogs especially. Available in a large and extra-large size for your big four-legged friend. Most of the beds in the market come with the Chinese made foam, which is usually cheap and poor-quality foams.

While making this bed Big Barker does not compromise on the quality, American made therapeutic foam us used which known for its quality in all over the world and best bet quality foam you will find in orthopedic beds.

Another added advantage is, this product is a perfect piece of handmade craftsmen and craftswomen made in the small workshop of Big Barker in California. The workshop is famous to make craftier furniture’s over thirty years.

The company Big Barker served 50,000 dogs and their families until now, and now they know well what is actually required, they are focused on three things; their dog mattresses are made  to serve these three things;

    1. Must provide incredible support & comfort, can’t flatten over time
    2. Must be easy to clean
    3. Must look great in your house

They are experienced to make the dog bed precisely engineered to provide weight distribution and extreme comfort to your four-legged friend. This best orthopedic dog bed is durable enough to provide comfort and luxury to your do in the coming years.

In your home, it will look like a beautiful piece of furniture because of its design and you can feel the velvety couch on your skin. Big Barker also keeps in mind the cleaning of this prestigious best orthopedic bed and to make the upper cover removable and it is fully washable.

This best orthopedic dog bed (foam mattress) is made with the 7 inches the US made therapeutic foam; the same foam is used in expensive human grade furniture. In fact, this best orthopedic dog bed is a human grade bed, itoffers all the luxury and comfort which you find in the human grade orthopedic mattress.

This durable foam also meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability & has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

This is ideal orthopedic dog bed for dogs of all ages and especially a perfect bed for your dog if he is recovering from an injury or living with the dysplasia, arthritis, bone, joint or muscle disorder.

10 Years Warranty, this another advantage of this foam, the perfect value of your money which will remain safe for the next ten years. This bet orthopedic foam will keep 90% of the original shape and if not will be replaced by the company.  

Size: Extra Large (52 X 36 X 7), Large (48 X 30 X 7), Giant (60 X 48 X 7)

Color: Burgundy, Charcol Grey, Chocolate, Khaki

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Size, when you are choosing an orthopedic dog bed it is better to measure the size of your furry friend. It is really important to pick a right size of orthopedic dog bed as a smaller one may not provide all the benefits which you expect. And your dog will hang over the sides if you accidently bought a smaller one.

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

top rated orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

This best orthopedic dog bed is designed with extra care while keeping in view the comfortability and luxury of big dogs. On this orthopedic dog bed your dog will get a solid night sleep and you will see your dog will feel comfortable to rest on this bed. The idea of cushioned plush poly filled bolster provides your dog exceptional comfort which he really deserves when for the dogs who are recovering from injuries or suffering with any other problem.

Water resistant liner is another advantage of this best orthopedic dog bed, Human grade mattress is used in construction of this bed which provides orthopedic support and also tear resistant.

This orthopedic dog bed is available in multiple sized, like you buy a big one that will be enough for one large dog as well as for second small breed dog.

There are hundreds of positive reviews of this product and every original buyer express his satisfaction towards this orthopedic dog bed. Its outer cover is easy to remove and clean, a quality pure metal zipper which will keep the mattress clean. It comes with the non-skid bottom.

Size: Small 20 x 25″, Large 36 x 28″, XL 44 x 34″

Color: Coca, Khaki Biege, Pewter, Vanilla

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Pad Density: In order to offer comfort and relief from pain to your furry friend, you want a firm pad that will bounce back to its original shape immediately. You don’t want anything that squishes down and then stays squished or something that is so soft your dog will practically have to swim to get out of it.

3. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed (Sleek Edition)

best orthopedic dog bed arthritis

Key Highlights

This is another quality orthopedic dog bed from Big Barker which is a top-rated company in dog mattresses construction, they use quality human grade foam to make this mattress and it offers all the benefits which you can expect for your four-legged buddy.

This bet orthopedic dog bed is calibrated specially for the big dogs and available in various variants. The foam will retain its shape and loft for 10 years of money back.

Support You Can Depend On, as you know the majority of large breed dogs suffer from the joint problem as they age. This product offers joint support and will help to keep your dog youthful for a longer time period. And it has the capability to bring old dogs in the normal routine.

Big Barker only uses “open cell” foam, which allows air to move freely through the bed. Other materials, like memory foam, are “closed cell,” which trap hot air between your dog and the bed.

Size: Extra Large (52 X 36 X 7), Large (48 X 30 X 7), Giant (60 X 48 X 7),

Color: Burgundy, Charcol Grey, Chocolate, Khaki

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Pad Thickness: There is also need to check the thickness, an orthopedic dog bed should be thick enough to raise your puppy above from the floor so that the pressure points do not poke through it and rest on the floor. You may have to go thicket then2” for larger breeds or heavier pals. Most of quality beds comes with 7” thinness and that is enough for 300lbs dog.

4. Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Ergonomic Luxe Lounger Bed

best orthopedic dog bed for large breeds

Key Highlights

This comes at fourth number in our list of best orthopedic dog beds, this is an ultimate product from the company which offers all the benefits of the orthopedic bed along with luxury.

This orthopedic bed is perfect for cuddling, its open sleep surface provides enough space to sprawl and cuddle in maximum comfort.

Its plush faux fur runs along the contoured sleep surface of the lounger, its fur faux top provides extreme comfort to dogs. It is constructed with the quality material and it will be gentle on the nose and paws, wrapping your four-legged friend in delightly soft ad luxurious fluffy snuggles.

To provide the very basic benefits of orthopedic bed, medical grade foam is used in this best orthopedic bed. It will be easy to counter with the cleaning challenges of your dog bed with this choice as the cover of this bed is easy to clean and vacuum. The bed cover is fully machine washable which makes cleaning and maintenance so easy.

You will see your pet will love to burrowing into the rich softness of the pet bed. This is a perfect choice for all age dogs and even for multiple dogs.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, 2XL (Jumbo Plus)

Color:  Minky Plush Camel, Minky Plush Espresso, Minky Plush Spruce Blue, Ultra Plush Chocolate, Ultra Plush Cream, Ultra Plush Gray

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The Shape of It: the shape of orthopedic dog bed really matters, most of the dog’s love bolsters to stretch their head and neck on. It also acts as a barrier and provides the necessary support. Like if you place your bed with the wall then it will act as a support between dog and wall. As owner, you must be aware of the sleeping habit of your dog and while buying an orthopedic dog bed buy one on which your dog feel cozier and comfort. Most sprawling sleepers will fit better on a rectangular shape, while balled up sleepers will fit an oval or circle shape.

5. Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed

best orthopedic dog bed for large dogs

Key Highlights

Petlo is another quality orthopedic dog bed manufacturer, there are hundreds of satisfied customers in each of their product lines, we select this product into our list of best orthopedic dog beds because of its quality and durability as well as because of customers feedback.

Pelto’s Memory Foam Pet Sofa you can rest easy knowing that your furry one is lounging comfortably on this high-grade lounger that is easy to clean and maintain. About This Product:

    • – High-Density Memory Foam Pet Sofa
    • – Therapeutic
    • – Improves Health, Mobility & Energy
    • – Removable cover
    • – Machine Washable & Easy To Spot Treat
    • – Available In Different Colors & Sizes
    • – Easy To Assemble
    • – Neutral Design

Petlo uses the best quality material to manufacture this product so your pet can experience the most comfortable lounging experience. The neutral cover matches all interior decor making it suitable for many different environments. It’s easy to spot treat, remove hair from and is removable and machine washable.

This couch provides extra support and soothes pressure points which ultimately help to reduce the joint pain and improve the health of your dog. High-density medical grade memory foam is used to manufacture this quality orthopedic dog bed.

Size: Small, Large – 36″ x 28″ x 9″, XL – 46″ x 36″ x 10″

Color: Chocolate Brown, Gray

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Ability to Clean: it should be a huge consideration as large breeds shed a lot and may bring dirt and with their paws so make sure that the cover is easy to clean and you can vacuum that with a ordinary vacuum cleaner. Because you will need to do it from time to time.

6. Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed

best cooling orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

A quality product from Dogbed4less, gel infusion memory foam is used In the manufacturing of this orthopedic memory foam it also has the ability to keep your dog cool while regulating the temperature of the body.

You Dog will love this resting bed, we include it in our best orthopedic dog beds list because of offering and customer feedback. Like your order will come with

  1. 1 Gel infusion memory foam pad
  2. 1 Waterproof internal zipper cover to protect the memory foam
  3. 1 olive green external zipper
  4. 1 Microsuede brown external case

The covers are machine washable and 100% cotton material with a strong zipper and extra stitching to extend the life of this best orthopedic dog bed.  

MEMORY FOAM ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT – Top rated quality jumbo XXXL 55x47x4 inches hypoallergenic 3.2 lbs high density 100% solid memory foam pad provides the support and relieves the pain of arthritis. Pad will not flatten overtime to promote better sleep and healthy joint for your dogs.

COOLING LUXURIOUS COMFORT – Better than average human grade mattress with conforming therapeutic comfort. The combined benefits of pressure point relief, alignment support, cooler sleeping surface, and fewer allergens come together to create the ideal environment for deeper and more restful sleep.

Size: 35″X20″X4″ Small Medium, 37″X27″X4″ Medium Large, 40″X35″X4″ Extra Large, 41″X27″X4″ Large, 47″X29″X4″ XL, 55″X37″X4″ XXL, 55″X47″X4″ Jumbo

Color: Canvas in Green, Canvas in Black

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Water Resistant Cover: the cover must be water resistant as old dogs and even the young one when they are an unwell struggle with the pain and discomfort but some dogs may experience incontinence issues as well, so prefer an orthopedic dog bed with the waterproof cover or choose one which comes with the waterproof inner. It will keep the foam safe.

7. PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed

best rated orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

If you are tired of cheap pet beds that your dog easily tear, and do not provide the comfort that your dog needed then this bed from PetFusion is ultimate product for you. It is manufactured with carefully selected quality products to provide comfort to your dog.

This best orthopedic dog bed is designed with an attractive and modern touch that blends in seamlessly to your home.

Premium components & better health:

  1. solid 4-inch memory foam base for superior overall comfort reduced joint pain (arthritis) and improved health, mobility, & energy.
  2. Recycled ‘green’ Support bolsters are generously filled
  3. Durable & comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) 

Smart design:

  1. Base & bolsters provide optimal support & security
  2. water resistant & tear resistant cover
  3. Non-skid bottom
  4. Blends IN seamlessly with your home
  5. Replacement covers available separately

Easy to clean:

  1. Removable cover is machine washable
  2. Simple to spot clean & remove hair
  3. Tumble dry on Gentle setting

Available in different sizes and colors which makes it a perfect choice for the dog of all ages.

Peace of mind: 24 months on any part that is broken due to manufacturer defect

Size: Small (25×20″), Large (36×28″), X-Large (44×34″)

Color: Chocolate Brown, Sandstone (with plush), Slate Gray

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Choose Machine washable cover: If you have a dog at your home then you can better understand that accidents can happen any time and you need to stay ready for that. On the other hand, covers need to be washed after some time and if the cover is a machine washable then it is so convenient to wash and dry it.

8. KOPEKS High-Grade Orthopedic Dog Bed

best orthopedic dog bed with bolster

Key Highlights

KOPEKS is one of the famous brands for orthopedic dog beds this company focus on the quality products. KOPEKS introduce its superior quality 100% Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog bed with a 3” pillow and double layer protection:

This memory foam bed is orthopedic grade for increased support and ultimate comfort. It will not flatten overtime. Similar to therapeutic foam found in high end mattress stores.

As you know our four-legged friends spend half of their life while sleeping, and this foam will provide them all the comfort and luxury which can make their sleep better. This best orthopedic dog bed is great for pets with Arthritis or joint and muscle issues. This is a large thick memory foam with 3” thick pillow. Hypo-allergic memory foam is used to provide better therapeutic support.

This orthopedic dog bed come with the double protection the first interior is 7” think and the second is water proof fabric zipper cover.

Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom, durably built with anti-slip rubber bottom and premium memory foam that won’t flatten over time. Perfect dog bed for everyday use.

Size: Jumbo XL for Large Dogs – Plush

Color: Brown – Plush Top, Brown, Gray

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Look for hypoallergenic comfort: Majority of orthopedic dog beds are made with the medical grade foam which provides hypoallergenic comfort to your dog, but yes if you go for a cheaper choice you may lose this comfort for your dog.

9. Dogbed4less Gel Infused Cooling Orthopedic Dog Bed

best orthopedic dog bed for after surgery

Key Highlights

The order comes with 1 durable 1680D nylon cover in navy blue color, 1 waterproof internal zippered cover and 1 solid 4 inches GEL-Infused memory foam insert pad. 55″ Length X 47″ Width X 4″ Thick is excellent for larger breed dogs.

Excellent layers of fabric covers: Internal layer Taffeta waterproof fabric zipper cover to help secure the pad and a durable 1680 nylon fabric zipper external cover (55″X47″X4″ size) for easy cleaning. Our external nylon cover is stains, dirt and wrinkle resistant which is interchangeable for top / bottom. The external cover is machine washable and dry-able.

TRUE ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT – Solid Jumbo Extra Large 55x47x4 Inches top rated gel infused temperature-regulating memory foam provides the support and relieves the pain of arthritis. Pad will not flatten overtime to promote better sleep and healthy joint for your dogs.

COOLING LUXURIOUS COMFORT – Better than average human grade mattress with conforming therapeutic comfort. The combined benefits of pressure point relief, alignment support, less allergens and cooler sleeping surface come together to create the ideal environment for deeper and more restful sleep.

Size: Medium 35″ Length X 20″ Width, Large 37″ Length X 27″ Width, Large 41″ Length X 27″ Width, XL 40″ Length X 35″ Width, XL 47″ Length X 29″ Width, XXL 55″ Length X 37″ Width, JUMBO 55″ Length X 47″ Width

Color: Available in 10 Colors

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Always look for special features like there are many beds which come with something extra like a blanket or pillow or any other similar things. Your dog will really love these things.

10. Furhaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed

what is the best orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

Give your pet the restful sleep they deserve with a Furhaven Indoor/Outdoor Solid Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed. Weatherproof cover is made from an outdoor-durable water-resistant coated poly canvas. Deep convoluted (“egg-crate”) foam provides your pet with extra support and cushioning for maximum comfort. Your pet will benefit from the convoluted orthopedic foam which is designed to evenly distribute weight and alleviate painful pressure on muscles and joints. Better rest for your pet can lead to improved overall health. This bed also features an easy, step-on “mat” design for older and disabled pets. Both cover and core are washable.

We believe that this is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your dog and this is the reason we include it in our best orthopedic dog bed list.

Water-Resistant Sleep Surface, the encompassing poly canvas body provides an optimum sleep surface for cats and dogs. It’s layered with a water-resistant coating, which makes the bed ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Orthopedic Foam Base, deep, convolute (‘egg crate’) foam core soothes pressure points and supports joints so your pet can enjoy a deeper, more restorative sleep. The foam’s peak-and-valley design improves circulation and provides body-contouring comfort.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, Jumbo Plus

Color: Available in more than 30 colors.

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11. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

best waterproof orthopedic dog bed

Key Highlights

This best orthopedic dog bed comes from MILLIARD, it is a company which is manufacturing high quality pet products specially the Beds. This orthopedic dog bed is manufactured with the premium quality memory which offers your pet the contour support and comfort featured in human memory foam mattresses.

This is not a single layer mattress it is a perfect manufactured in two layers the first one is 2” for medium firm level and the second one is layer of 3-pound orthopedic memory foam which will provide all the comfort and relief to your dog which he deserves. It is a durable product and will retain its shape in coming years.

To protect the foam the outer cover is made water resistant and fully machine washable which will reduce the work at your end. You will feel that this bed is manufactured with the pet in mind.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X large Shop now at Amazon

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