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Going out of home for a long walk or a routine walk with the dog is the most favourite of dog lovers, it’s time that dog owners enjoy most as well hiking, travelling, camping and adventure trips with four paws family member become more memorable. Just like humans dog also need to stay hydrated when the out of home for activity and waster is an essential need in such time. For short as well as long or full-day trips Best Portable Dog Travel Water Bottle is necessary.

A dog travel water bottle is a solution that comes with a built-in bowel, its smooth operations allow to offer the water with one hand, water comes into bowel directly, and unused water goes back to the bottle. It’s the most convenient option that prevents wastage of water. Every dog water bottle is not made equally, they are different in style and made with various materials. Our best five picks are:

As we know well staying hydrated is most important to stay in good health and the same principles also applied to our dogs. Whether you are going out for a walk or travelling with your pooch to a dog-friendly destination a good dog travel bottle allows your dog to regularly quench his thirst. Recently we reviewed best paw cleaner mats and pet feeders that can bring a lot of ease in your life.

Your dog can drink straight from the bottle because dog travel bottles feature bowl or dispenser of some sort, so you don’t need to take a bowel with you. All dog owners who visit outside with their dogs must have a dog water bottle for their pet care arsenal. Because you never know when the need arises and arranging water without any proper equipment is really hard to do the job.

If you take your dog outside regularly on lengthy car journeys, walks, hikes, etc for more then a few hours then definitely are in need of a dog travel bottle. Because outside you can’t guarantee that you will find a pet drinking spot; so it makes sense to be prepared. Here are some important things that you need to consider while buying a water bottle for your pup:

  • Capacity
  • Dispenser
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Leak-proofing

Let’s move to detailed reviews

Best Dog Travel Water Bottle

Dog Travel Water Bottles

  • Capacity – 300ml/13.4oz, which makes it an ideal water bottle for outside, can be used for walking, traveling or hiking
  • One hand feeding: convenient to use, can be handled with one hand, so you do not need to worry about other stuff you are holding in your second hand
  • Press to button design: press the button to fill the attached bowl with water
  • Carbon fiber filter: the cap equipped with two carbon fiber filters which ensure supply of clean water

IOKHEIRA Dog Water Bottle is an innovative design a bottle and a bowl, fold cap act as a bowl and its easy to make it drinking ready, your hairy buddy do not need any external container to drink water. You need to press the water bottle with one hand, and water starts flowing into the bowl from where your four-legged buddy can drink comfortably. It conveniently slid back after use. When you are on the move you may fill clean water from any place; its carbon water filters will supply safe water to your dog, these filters can last for two months.

It’s portable, and you can keep this lightweight bottle with your wherever you are going, either it is hiking or an adventure trip and even on a walk when your four-paws family member is companying you.

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Lap it Up a Dog Water Bottle

Lap it Up a Dog Water Bottle

  • Unique cup and cap design: its a lap it up to design as its name the cup is attached to the cap and can be folded on the bottle when lapping up its a bowel for drinking water
  • No wastage of water: the water comes into the bowl directly from the bottle and remaining goes back to the bottle
  • Leakproof: you can keep it in your bag or can hang it, even pressure on it cannot damage or leak te water from the bottle, it’s secure for hiking, traveling and for walking
  • Safe and Lightweight: its made with food-grade BPA free material which is recyclable and its bowl is made of silicone

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs is made to prevent your dog from dehydration during a walk, traveling, or hiking. Its design makes it a perfect traveling bottle, which is leak-proof as well as non-toxic dog dogs. A waterproof lock is added on the cap to prevent any leakage; it won’t get your travel pack wet. The bottle can be squeezed without wasting water; even it has only a small amount of water.

Your dog can quickly drink water from the silicone water bowl, and setting it up for the drinking water is smooth and require minimum efforts. The feature that we like most is; its easy to clean various parts of this bottle be separated for cleaning purposes, and it is easy to keep it sanitized.

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Best Portable Dog Water Bottle

Best portable dog water bottle

  • Capacity – 27 oz or 40 oz: the ideal size for short and long trips where you need to offer drinking water to your dog to keep him hydrated
  • Safe and eco-friendly: made with the food-grade material which is safe for dog’s health and for the environment, long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to use: silicon top easily flip up and turn into a right size bowl from where your dog can drink with ease
  • No wastage of water: the design allows to pour water directly into the bowl and remaining goes into the bottle that allow enjoying your journey without any worry

Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle is a solution for adventures, it can keep the temperature of inside water on moderate, just like hot and cool water bottles. If you are a dog owner who is looking for a simple but innovative design that requires no extra bowl to easily hydrate your lovable dog when you are on the go then its a perfect dog water bottle for you. Due to quality construction and material, it will serve you for a longer time. 

It’s completely different from messy water bottles, you can use this bottle even when you are on a walk, running, biking or skating, it allows you to keep your dog with you so he also can enjoy the same experience without worrying about his water and hydration needs. The feature that we like most is its top that can be attached to an extra-large bottle for extra thirsty pups.

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Dog Water Bottle for Walking

Dog Water Bottle for Walking

  • Capacity 12 ounces 350ml: an ideal size for a walk, it will enable you to take a long walk with your four-legged buddy
  • BPS-free plastic: food-grade plastic is used in its construction so it’s non-toxic and water inside will not be contaminated, every drop will be safe for your dog
  • Stylish and small: its size allows the dog owners to keep it in the hand and can be operated with one hand
  • No wastage of water: extra or remaining water goes inside that helps to keep the dog happy and hydrated

QQPETS Dog Water Bottle for Walking is a small and compact design that needs can be carried with hand, its small capacity keeps it up for a walk and its design recover the unused water. No wastage of water means a small amount of water can last for long walks. Practically it’s comfortable, flexible and strong and has an ideal capacity for long walks. Leakproof nature of this bottle allows you to keep it in the backpack and along with other water reservoirs, it can be used on long trips.

If you are a dog owner who loves to take long walks with pup then you must buy this bottle to offer water to your furry friend during a long walk.

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Large Portable Dog Water Bottle

Large Portable Dog Water Bottle

  • Capacity – 650 ml: large capacity allows you to enjoy long full-day trips with your dog without stopping water with easy to use a bottle
  • Attractive easy to carry design: it’s a design that your dog will love, and you can easily take it because the bowl accommodate the bottle inside that save space
  • Easy to clean: prates can be separated for cleaning purpose, and large bottle opening allow for cleaning the bottle from inside
  • Non-toxic: the material is non-toxic and safe for dogs as well as its weather-resistant and colors will not peel off

Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle is available in two sizes the large one can accommodate up to 650 ml of water that is a large capacity for a dog when he is with you on the go either for hiking, traveling or running. The features that we like most is its bowl that is large enough for giant size dogs and hold a large amount of water as well as its style; the bowl can accommodate ethe bottle, so the whole setup takes less space in the bag.

We recommend it for those who travel a lot and always love to keep the four-paws family member with them for long days.

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Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Upsky Dog Water Bottle Dog Bowls for Traveling Pet Food Container 2-in-1 with Collapsible Dog Bowls, Outdoor Dog Water Bowls for Walking Hiking Travelling

  • Dual Design: with two chambers one for dry fruit and one for water both are equipped with wide-mouth snap lids on the top of the cap, easy for dispensing snack or pouring water
  • Lids with silicon gaskets: its complete leak-proof design and to ensure maximum safety silicon gasket used which is known best for this purpose
  • Large capacity: it can accommodate 10 oz of water and 7 oz of dry food, this quantity is enough for long walks and hiking
  • BPA free: made from the FDA approved food-grade material which is non-toxic and safe for dogs as well as for humans to carry

Pesky Dog Water Bottle Dog Bowls for Traveling Pet Food Container is a two one solution for those dog owners who want to feed some dry food to their dog on the long traveling, walk, or hiking. Its container can accommodate both separately, and water capacity is enough for a whole day walk. Its premium manufacturing makes it completely leak-proof, and its built form the durable material, which makes it long-lasting. The content and colors are weather resistant.

We like it most because it’s too easy to clean this bottle every part separates easily and containers wide openings allow for cleaning inside conveniently.

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Aqua Dog Water Bottle

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travel, BPA Free Food Grade Plastic

  • No water waste design: unused water goes back to a bottle easily, single-hand operations and easy to press button allows to offer water with convenience when you are on the go
  • Reasonable capacity: it can have 12 oz of water that will keep your dog hydrated during a whole long walk, hiking or traveling
  • Leakproof and safe: just press of a button allows the water to move from bottle to bowl and from bowl to bottle
  • Portable and easy to carry: its leakproof bottle and its made to carry with ease, even you can keep it in your traveling bag and it will not wet your clothes and other items

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle is another simple on the go dog water bottle which is easy to carry and has the capacity that is suitable for walks and hiking. It’s a portable solution that allow to easily offer water to your dog when you are on the move. More importantly, it made form the materials which are safe for dogs and humans so you can carry it’s non-toxic and material is food grade. If you are a dog owner who enjoys the company of dog on trips and outside visits then it’s a must-have item for you.

The wide opening of the bottle makes the cleaning easy and clear nature allows to see the water level inside.

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Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Vivaglory 25oz Stainless Steel Dog Bottle & Neoprene Bottle Carrier Combo, Great for Walking & Hiking with Dogs

  • Neoprene water bottle carrier: it comes with a carrier which is lightweight and has an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry on your hiking, walk and long outside trips
  • Extra protection: durable cover also protect your bottle from the scratching and denting as well as keep the temperature normal
  • Pet-friendly: reversible cap of dog travel bottle serving as a drinking bowl is large enough for dogs to drink with ease
  • Large capacity: its made for long trips like hiking and full-day outside trips so this large capacity can keep your dog hydrated all-day

Vivaglory 25oz Stainless Steel Dog Bottle & Neoprene Bottle Carrier Combo for dog owners who always remain curious about the quality and style, it’s stylish and durable, made with stainless steel and its bright color cover makes it attractive as well as with cover and shoulder handle it become easy to carry. The cover also provides an extra layer of protection and helps to keep the temperature of inside water on a moderate level so your dog has normal temperature water to drink. It’s durable and made for rough use, you can ideally use it for any trip outside like adventure trips, hiking, walking, traveling or short visits to your vet.

Customers who are already using this product are completely satisfied with the quality and durability of this product, we believe that it’s a one-time investment that will serve you for a longer time. The bottle has a wide opening so there is no need to worry about the cleaning and its bowl is made from food-grade material that is safe for pets.

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Dog Hiking Water Bottle

H2O4K9 Stainless Steel K9 Water Bottle - Dog Water Bottle with Lid

  • Innovative design: easy to hold and easy to hook when you are on hiking, the design allows you to keep it firmly in hand or hook it to become worry-free
  • Made of stainless steel: its made from stainless steel which is durable enough and scratch-proof as well moreover its color makes it unique
  • Lid become bowl: its lid which is made to keep the water safe inside and its design and material prevent leakage turns into a bowl when needed as well as its soft and durable
  • Safe for dogs: both materials are safe for dos these are non-toxic as well as most commonly used in good grade equipment

H2O4K9 Stainless Steel K9 Water Bottle is definitely for you if you are a style holder, this product is new in the market, but it’s getting the attention of dog lovers very quickly because of its style and shape. Its shape, which is curved from the center, makes it easy to hold as well as hook arrangement on the top side, make it a hiking compliant equipment. Its lid turns into the bowl from where your dog can quickly drink waste rand design also prevent any water wastage, water that comes out and remain unused goes back to the bottle.

We recommend it for hiking as well as for those who love to explore the new place with their dogs and want a water reservoir for them.

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Large & Simple Dog Water Bottle

Dog Travel Water Bottle & Water Dispenser | Pet Water Bottle | Portable Water Dish for Dogs | Dog Travel Accessories | Detachable Bowl | PVC/BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe

  • Simple large and innovative: the bowel is on the base top cover is equipped with the easy one and off mechanism that allows using the bottle with one hand
  • Portable and convenient: it’s highly mobile and can be kept in the travel bag its leak-proof nature make it an ideal choice for dog owners who love to travel with dogs
  • Large size: the bottle can hold 24 ounces and the bowl on the bottom of the container can accommodate up to 8 ounces
  • Lifetime warranty: yes this is a feature that will keep your investment secure for a long time, its durability allows you to use it as you wish

Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Dog Travel Water Bottle & Water Dispenser is a product from a well-known manufacturer that needs no introduction that features that we like most is its lifetime warranty. You can stay worry-free whenever you feel that it turn bad or not working as specified. You can ask for a refund or replacement. Now always stylish and bright colors are attractive for owners. If you need capacity and bowl in a single place, then it’s a perfect product for you. We find that its most durable and leakproof even thousands of open-close operations cannot damage its lid seal.

We recommend it for those who need 24 ounces of water and want to spend a full day out there with a four-paws family member without worrying about dehydration.

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Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle

AutoDogMug Highwave Leak-Tight

  • Bottle with mug: its design with a silicon mug with the cap of the container, water directly comes to the cup and unused water goes down to the bottle
  • No harmful pathogens: the mug is safe for dogs and bottle is also made fro the good grade material, dogs like and ordinary mugs can be toxic for them
  • Valve and Lock: twist the valve to unlock, its design as leakproof surely you can put it in your bag and it will not get your stuff
  • Hook and carrying: a high-quality builtin hook make it sure that you can quickly hook it to your bag or other stuff that makes easy to carry even on hiking

AutoDogMug Highwave Leak-Tight is definitely for you if you are a dog owner who always wants to keep the water with you separately for your four-paws adventure friend but cannot keep the bottle in your bag. Hence, you need a solution that you can hook or hang with your bag or a belt. The product in the spotlight comes with a strong hook that you can use to attach it with your stuff. The wide-open mouth of the bottle makes the cleaning easy.

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Dog Water Bottle With Bowl Attached

ottle,Dog Water Dispenser,Portable Dog Water Bottle for Walking Hiking Beach,Lightweight & Convenient for Travel,BPA Free

  • Water Bowl and Water Bottle: a unique 2 in one design which will keep you worry-free from the tension of carrying a mug or bowl for your dog when you are on the go
  • Large capacity: 520ml container is large enough to keep your dog hydrated the day on the long trips
  • Bottle with bracelet: it’s a fashion icon, a fancy bracelet is placed right in the centre of the bottle which makes it attractive and unique
  • Dog-friendly: its made with non-toxic BPA free material which is safe for the dog and will not contaminate the water

Petnf Water Bottle for Dogs is a large water reservoir that can have 520ml water, if you have a large dog and want to keep him with you on your walks, hiking and other outside trips then surely you need a large bottle like this one to offer water to your fou-paws family member. When you are away from home it’s hard to get clean water for your dog and dog water bottle is an only solution. It’s always a good idea to fill the bottle from your home or any other place with clean water and offer the same to your dog when he needs that.

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Dog Travel Water Bowl Bottle

LIFE4FUN Dog Water Bottle for Walking and Food Container 2 in 1

  • 2 in 1 bottle: is a water bottle with a food container that comes with two collapsible bowls one for water and one for food
  • Large capacity: it can contain 300 ml of water and 250g of food each of its bowls can have 12 oz capacity, an ideal solution for dog owners who love to go outside with their dog for longer time
  • Easy to clean: both of its containers has a full-width opening that brings a lot of convenience in cleaning as well as filling
  • Leakproof: you can keep it in your luggage without any doubt because it’s leakproof, a lightweight and durable option for you

LIFE4FUN Dog Water Bottle for Walking and Food Container is a dog water feeder bottle that can accommodate water as well as food for your dog.  With this bottle, you can keep your companion with you on long hiking or driving, and he can have water and snack like you. A single solution for most complex problems. Especially its a blessing in the hot season the four-paws friends need a lot of water when they are on the move. The collapsible bowls take little space and because of the hook option that remains attached to the bottle.

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Best Dog Travel Water Bottle

Tuff Pupper Insulated Neoprene PupFlask Dog Water Bottle Holder Sling with Wide Adjustable Shoulder Strap

  • Cover and shoulder strap: bottle in the cover always remain safe from scratched and adjustable shoulder straps make the carrying easy, a bottle carrier is constructed with lightweight neoprene material and a wide shoulder strap to wear comfortably and rest gently on your shoulder.
  • Reinforced stitching: make the cover durable as well as ready for rough use you can use the shoulder strap or can keep this bottle without protection in your bag
  • Ideal for kids: if your kids love the hold the doggie stuff then it is a bottle for them cross-body or simple strap adjustment will keep them comfortable
  • Ideal capacity: it can have 27 ounces of water that is the right reservoir for your pup for the whole day

Tuff Pupper Insulated Neoprene PupFlask Dog Water Bottle is a choice for kids, like if your kids join you and your dog on a long outside trip or hiking as well as on walk, then your kids will love to carry this bottle. Its adjustable strap can fit any style either vertical shoulder hanging or cross style. For your dog, it’s a blessing that keeps him hydrated on the long outside trips. Its made with non-toxic material and covered with a durable carrier which built to last.

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Top Rated Dog Water Feeding Bottle for Walking

ANREONER Portable Dog Water Bottle for Walking

  • Eco-friendly and safe: both bottles are cape is safe for dogs and environment, made from recyclable material which is durable and pet-friendly
  • One hand-feeding: the design allows to feed your dog with one hand, you can conveniently hold this bottle in your hand ad press of a button will let the water outside or inside when to remain unused
  • No wastage model: the water that you contain remain useable because the unused water goes inside the bottle that can be used again and again
  • Dishwasher safe: just separate the bowl and put both of pieces in the dishwasher to clean it

ANREONER Portable Dog Water Bottle for Walking is a highest-rated dog water bottle in the market. Hundreds of customers show their complete satisfaction towards this product and all of its features. It’s convenient for small trips and easy to use with one hand. Moreover, this product comes with a money-back guarantee and lifetime support that is the feature which will keep your investment secure.

We recommend it for those dog owner who takes a daily walk with their pups and wants a water feeding solution to keep their dog motivated during a walk.

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Best On The Go Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

Dog Water Bottle Bowl,Upgraded 2 in 1 Portable Drinking Cup Dispenser for Pets with 2 Collapsible Bowls

  • Travel easily: with one bottle and two portable bowls you can easily feed food as well as water when you are on the go
  • Style with bracelet: the bottle is designed with the bracelet that increases its overall look and gives it more strength to last for the longer time period
  • Made of HDPE stock: food-grade silicone is safe for dogs and its environment-friendly, the material is recyclable.
  • Easy drinking: bowl on the bottle is large enough for giant size dogs who need a lot of water during an outside activity

Dog Water Bottle Bowl is an excellent combination for those dog owners who think that their pup needs a large bowl to drink water that is portable and also can be used to offer food when you are on the go. The wide opening of the bottle allows easy cleaning and easy filling of water as well as its leakproof that make it a handy choice for those who keep the bottle in their luggage.

We recommend this bottle for big dogs who can accompany you on your long journeys.

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Highwave Auto Dog Mug

Highwave AutoDogMug

  • The mug on the bottle: a fixed mug that makes the drinking easy for dogs and its one handjob to offer water with this bottle just press to pour water into the bowel and on release the unused water will go into the bottle
  • Convenient design: it has a capacity of 20 ounces and can be converted into the car cup holder, its red colour gives it a style that dog owners deserve
  • Removable bracelet: that can be fixed on the bottle to avoid slippage and can be used with cup handle to fix it at any place
  • Keep the water fresh and safe: made with pet-friendly material which is food grade and safe for the environment, non-toxic and recyclable

Highwave Auto Dog Mug has multiple inspiring features, but we love its bracelet most which made to use for multiple purposes and can be fixed on the bottle when there is no use. It will bring much ease for you, and you can conveniently use it as the car cup holder. We recommend this bottle for car travellers who always keep their furry friend with them when to go out.

Its colours and quality are awesome; the countdown of time cannot damage it. 

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TRUE LOVE Dog Water Bottle for Walking

TRUE LOVE Dog Water Bottle for Walking

  • Mess-free: single button operations allow to pour the water into the bowl and the same button allow the water to go back into the bottle when remaining unused
  • Medium Capacity: it made for 15 oz which is a good amount of water for four to five hours of outdoor activity as well as long walks, ideal for medium-sized dogs
  • Safe material: the material which is safe to use will not contaminate the water, the cup and bottle both are made with food-grade material
  • Leakproof: you can carry it in your luggage just make it sure noting can press the button

TRUE LOVE Dog Water Bottle for Walking is the right size bottle that a dog owner can keep with him while outside for an activity or a long walk. As dow owners who know well that our dogs love to go on a long walk where they can enjoy sceneries and company of other dogs. And household dogs get tired as they are not used to for such long walk and need water to stay hydrated and motivated. The product in the spotlight is one that you can use to carry water with you for your dog.

We recommend it for walking.

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Travel Water Bottle for Pets and Their Owners

INTSUN Dog Water Bottle for Walking

  •  PP resin material: BPA free good grade material which is odourless and non-toxic, both of material are high quality as well as durable for long years
  • Ingenious design: The do bowl is on the base side and cap is made with two separate water pouring solution one can spray and others for simple pouring
  • Single solution: for dog and doe owner it’s s single solution the separate dog cup makes it possible to use it for own drinking and it allows direct showering in dog’s mouth
  • Large capacity: it can take 600ml water for both, food-grade material keeps the water safe inside

INTSUN Dog Water Bottle for Walking is the newest design and concept that is made for dogs and dog owners. It’s a single solution the design allow to offer water for both separately. A dog water bowl is also included which is fixed on the base and dog owner can drink directly from the bottle. It is a design which is different from others and definitely dog lovers will be amazed to have it as a gift.

Designed for you and your pets to share water on hiking, driving, walking, climbing, travelling etc

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ATLIN Dog Water Bottle

ATLIN Dog Water Bottle

  • Premium-quality dog water bottle: 304 stainless steel and silicone make this bottle most safe travel bottle for dogs which is also easy to use
  • Easy to use: 1. Remove Cap; 2. Pull Spout; 3. Flip over a leaf-shaped bowl; 4. Tip to fill a bowl with water and allow your dog to drink
  • No Extra bowl needed: the design does not need an extra bowel the built-in dog bowl can be used for small and large pets
  • Large enough: for the thirstiest of pups it can contain the water for howl day use 20 oz capacity is the right one for hiking and walking

TLIN Dog Water Bottle is definitely for you if you want a separate securable cap that can ensure to keep your stuff safe inside your travel bag. The large-capacity bottle which is carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality food-grade materials to keep your pet safe. The steel is virtually scratchless and will keep the water inside on a moderate level as you fill.

We recommend this bottle for the dog owners who need a safe solution for their pets which is long-lasting also.  

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PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle

PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle (New; Large Dispenser, 22 oz). Insulated 2 Wall Stainless Steel for Optimal Cool Water Temp, Leak Proof, eco Friendly

  • Detachable design: easy to use detachable sleeve design allow to use it in many ways like it can be hanged or hooked, and excellent solution for hiking and adventure trips
  • Insulated bottle: like the good quality human bottle this double-wall insulated bottle with keeping the inside temperature constant that makes it a good choice for extreme weathers
  • Made for outdoor activities: a solution that can be used for camping, hiking and on adventure trips
  • Insulated bottle: double-wall design just like quality human water bottles keep the water temperature inside constant for longer time

PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle is a style that we like most for hiking and adventure trips its attach option to make a dog owner able to hook the bottle with a backpack or at any other place from where he can access the bottle conveniently. We include it in our list because its most trustworthy option for the dog owners and dog to provide them clean, safe and non-contaminated water. Both of material is FDA grade BPA & phthalates Free.

Its wide-open mouth also makes it easy to clean the water bottle.

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Hilucky Dog Water Bottle

  • 3 in 1 solution: two chambers in one bottle and two bowls for food and water make it a priority product for those want to keep both for long outdoor walks
  • Easy to remove bowels: the cup style bowls are attachable on both sections separately and can be separated easily
  • High-quality PP material: BPA free, lead-free material is used in construction which keeps the food and water safe inside
  • Ideal capacity: for medium and small size dogs it can contain 11 oz of water and 9.8 oz of food so you can carry what you need for your dog outside
Hilucky Dog Water Bottle is just like a collapsible design which allows carrying food and water for your dog separately and its compact design allows to take it anywhere. The clear inside view allows seeing the water level as well as food level so you can decide when its time to refill both. It can be used for various purposes, we recommend it for large and small dogs. Due to the wide opening of both containers, they are easy to clean.

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