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Training a dog is not a myth anymore; the time is gone when dog training was only possible through professional trainers. Those trainers charge a hefty amount to train the dogs. Usually, it cost thousands of dollars, and it also takes a lot of time. But the technology changes the whole picture, and now it becomes possible for every dog owner to train his dog on his own, and it becomes possible with the remote dog training shock collar. Hundreds of such products are available in the market that makes the selection difficult. Our best remote dog training shock collar reviews help you to find a top rated option for your four-legged furry friend.

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5 Best Remote Dog Training Shock Collars

dog training collar reviews1. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar
  • Editor's Choice
  • Range: 1/2 Miles
  • Training modes: 3 - Beep, tapping sensation, static correction
  • Intensity Levels: 1 to 100 
  • Water Proof: Yes
  • Additionals: Training DVD, Tracking Light, Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries with dual charger, pavlovian tone
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best dog training shock collar2. Dog Care Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar
  • Budget Friendly
  • Range: 1000 feet
  • Training modes: 3 - beep, vibration, static correction
  • Intensity Levels: 0 to 99 
  • Water Proof: Yes
  • Additionals: Expandable to three dogs, keypad lock, smart auto off
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shock collars dog training3. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers
  • Most user Friendly - Easy to Operate - Quick Mode Selection
  • Range: 500 Yards
  • Training modes: 3 - Tone, Vibration, static correction
  • Intensity Levels: 21 
  • Water Proof: Yes, Waterproof and submersible to 25 feet with DryTek technology
  • Additionals: Expandable to 3 Dogs, Lithium-ion Batteries

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shock collar dog training4. TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote
  • Range: 1600 feet
  • Training modes: 3 - Beep, vibration, static correction
  • Intensity Levels: 0 to 99 
  • Water Proof: Yes
  • Additionals: Dual Band Remote, K9 Approved, Developed and Tested by K9 Trainers 
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dog training shock collar reviews5. PATPET Dog Training Collar
  • Range: 1000 feet
  • Training modes: 3 - Beep, Vibration, Shock
  • Intensity Levels: beep, vibration (level 1-8) and shock (level 1-16)
  • Water Proof: Yes
  • Additionals: Depend on reliable frequency, battery can run for 30 days 

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How We Select

Hundreds of products are available in the market and every product is not made similarly and each product is not suitable for all of the dogs. Moreover, it’s hard to find the product that is safe and yet effective to get the results. To find the best products we set detailed criteria that we follow to make the list, but before moving forward we love to share these 10 points criteria with you so you can make a decision on your own. Here it is:

1. Training Modes

More training modes means more functions to train your dog, the modern dog training shock collar equipped with three basic modes which are

Beep/Sound can be used as a warning or to get the attention of your dog, but trainers use it as encouraging tools, like when you have to give your dog a pat or motivational command, but you are not near then you can use this function.

Vibration or tapping sensation is nearly same, but some of the costly devices depend on tapping sensation because its more powerful, it can be used in many ways, in most of the training methods it comes before shock so a dog gets a chance to avoid the shock, for a well-behaved dog it acts as a final caution. So, when looking for dog training collar reviews, pay attention o this function.

Static Correction or Shock is the ultimate punishment when your dog is not listening to you and acting upon your commands, it can be static, but with quality manufacturers, it also comes as momentary corrections that less dangerous for dogs. Look for 5V 1A shock device anything stronger then this amount can cause damage to the skin.

These are the basic functions in any remote dog training collars, but a little bit different from product to a product like maximum shock and power of vibration cannot be similar in all cases. So pay attention to the detail and specifications to know more about a device before buying.

2. Adjustable Intensity

More level of intensity means more and effective control over the dog, especially when you are buying a dog shock collar training equipment for medium and small size dogs. More levels will help you to find an optimal intensity where your dog starts responding, and it keeps your dog safe from excessive shock and punishment. A Best dog training shock collar comes with a digital display and 100 levels that will make the job easy, but we suggest a minimum of 10 levels to consider a product.

3. Humane Shock & Quality Conductive Points

There is a maximum limit that dogs can bear and anything above that can harm them, But manufacturers do not write in the specification about the maximum shock intensity in voltage or amp. But as per many of studies, the maximum should be 5V 1A current; well-known manufacturers are following this guideline. 

Silicone conductive points and quality metal made conductive points of shock collars for dog training reduce the pain and burning impact of static correction. While the poor-quality points may pinch in when a shock is provided, so, we advise you to prefer silicone conductive points.

4. Customization

Well, this feature is only available in costly dog training shock collars; this feature allows the user to make different commands and store that command into memory and can trigger the press of a button. What is actually do is? Use can use all three functions to make a series, and that can be associated with different commands for different actions. Professional trainers mostly depend on this feature to train the dogs quickly and keep them safe from dangerous shocks. Even it makes the shock collars dog training easy for new household trainers.

5. Battery Timings

When you are out there for training or plan to conduct a session, then the battery should not disturb you. The bad thing about training dog with a shock collar is, static correction consume a lot of battery and collars tun out of power in a very little time when you conduct an active training session. It’s not only static correction, vibration, and beep also dry up the battery but with a much slower pace as compared to the static correction. Charging a shock collar can take from 2 to 4 hours, and it does not bother you during the training of your dog.

Look for dog shocker for training that can last for a week means at least give you seven training sessions of one hour at least. It will save a lot of your time that you waste on charging again and again.

6. Water Proofing

Dogs love to play outside, and they become more active and playful when they see water, it’s natural with them they want to play, and they want to swim, and in the rain, they just start behaving like small pups. During shock, collar dog training your dog may swim or play with water and maybe your plan to train your dog on the beach or near to a lack that becomes more dangerous. It seepage makes away inside that it can damage the electronics inside the collar, and it will waste all of your investment in training equipment.

So, always buy and select a shock collar that is waterproof and to make sure that you must pay attention to waterproofing certifications if there is any listing that means its safe and your dog can enjoy his liberty to play in the water.

7. Comfort ability

It matters a lot when the point comes to keep your dog comfortable while training. When you are buying a shock collar for dog training, you need to consider a receiver that is compact, lightweight, and comes with a soft and comfortable collar. So the product will not create any hurdle in neck movement and do not add a significant burden on the neck of your dog, and a high-quality adjustable strap will keep the pup comfortable. Sure, if you pay attention to it, then your dog will pay all of the attention towards the command that you communicate.

8. Security Features

A security feature will suspend the operations of the receiver when the static correction is provided for a specific number in a single time and also when there is a malfunctioning in the device or transmitter. It is a feature that keeps the dog safe from kids because when accidentally kids reach the transmitter they make their own commands to move the dog on. Dog training shock collar reviews on the online store have some horror stories where a dog gets harmed due to these devices.

Its essential feature, but only a few manufacturers are offering it; maybe it costs more money to incorporate. Still, we advise you to look for this function and do not compromise the safety of your dog.

9. Durability

You are investing in training your four-legged furry friend; we advise you to look for a durable option that can serve you for many coming years. A moderately-priced unit may seem expensive, but such devices equipped with long-lasting batteries that can work for years and also made with the durable material. Overall, training your dog with a shock collar demands you to buy a piece of trustworthy, durable equipment because you will need it again and again.

10. Warranty

Warranty is the last thing to check many times, and an equipment stop working or a part needs replacement, even some time a shock collar refuses to start and charge after unboxing. In any such case if you have a warranty then our investment will remain secure and you can ask for the replacement or repair. We advise you to look for a one-month money-back guarantee and six months warranty.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

dog training shock collar

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is the most advanced and high tech solution to train your dog. Its a blessing for dog owners who are new to dog training. It will not hurt the dog even when you do something wrong. We are sure its less stressful for the dog either you own a small dog or a large pup, you can easily find a working combination for your dog a correction and warning level where he starts responding. It is compact and comfortable but still capable of providing sufficient incentives for compliance with your commands.

A lot of unique features are packed in this small transmitter and receiver; tracking light will help you to locate your dog in low light, and Pavlovian Tone helps your dog to understand that a static correction is on the way. While its also equipped with the boost level that increases the intensity, its available from 1 to 60 that provide further control over the training as well as the dog.

Its low-level stimulation is effective and can bring you the desired results without any extra stress on the dog. Its an ideal remote dog training collar which featured with COS; it’s an advanced control of stimulation that provides the owner the ability to find and fine-tune stimulation level to work with different temperament dogs.

The ergonomic design of the transmitter allows us to hold it comfortably in, and all buttons designed to be easy on figures.

Among the remote dog training collars, it’s a most recommended product from our side because of its most safe training collar for dogs.

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Dog Care Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

dog shock collar training

Dog Care Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar is a new design that is compact and lightweight, its a shock collar for dog training, which is suitable for all breeds and all ages dogs. We believe that training dogs with shock collar become easy when you can hide the remote in your palm so that dog cannot see the remote and surely will not associate the shock with you; its a sure shot benefit that you will get with its small size remote. If you own multiple dogs at home, then while adding additional collars, you can control and train all of your dogs from one remote.

Thousands of dog owners already trusted this device to train their pups; you can check the reviews.

Long-range will allow you to train your dog anywhere; keypad lock will keep your dog secure from accidental shocks. While its auto shut-off features are really amazing it will save the battery. 

Its collar is nearly adjustable to any dog neck. Batteries are long-lasting; for regular training, the collar battery will last more than a week. 

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SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

dog training shock collars

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer is the lightest and most comfortable to operate training collar in the market. We like it because it comes quickly to select options that make the training easy and keep the trainer safe from massive selections. Its remote is small enough to hide in the palm, and selecting the desired mode is easy and quick. It will allow you to focus on the training instead of paying attention to setting after every command.

This quick and easy to operate dog collar is also compact will be easy on the neck of your dog, and its strap is highly adjustable. 21 levels of intensity make it ideal for all ages and breeds. All of its three functions beep, vibration and static correction is just a button away.

Both of devices last for 70+ hours after a single recharge of 2 hours. So, it’s an option that allows you to customize the training of your dog.

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TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote

dog shocker for training

TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote is a design that looks great in hands. TBI Pro is a manufacturer that is known for innovation and quality; the product in the spotlight is a perfect example. Its innovative but straightforward design with the quick to access buttons and a bright display that remains visible to the naked human eye in the daylight. We give it a spot on our list because all of its three functions are extensively checked, either they are harmful or safe for dogs, and every trainer finds it a legit device to train the dogs.

Its remote is a dual-band device that can control the two collars same time, which means you can control and train two dogs at the same time.

While its extensive range allows the trainers to sit calmly on the side and fully depend on the remote for training and even can look after the boundaries, small obstacles and walls cannot affect its range.

Its quality long conductive points are made to reach the skin without shaving the hairs and can keep the dog safe from burning due to static correction.

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PATPET Dog Training Collar

training your dog with a shock collar

PATPET Dog Training Collar is a design that packed with useful features that will let you train your dog while enjoying the training time with your pet. It depends on human functions adn allows you to train your dog from a distance. You may train your dog in your yard or in the ground or park. Its soft conductive points designed to keep the dog safe from the burning effect of shocks. Its display will help you to keep an eye on the setting so you can easily figure out what you want to send and what you are sending to your dog.

Its receiver equipped with separate command buttons, so sending a command will not take more time; it will be just a button away. Selecting the desired mode adn level of correction is smooth, and only one hand need for operations.

Moreover, its collar strap is different from others; it’s soft and comfortable.

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Final Thoughts

Training a dog is easy only when you know how to teach your dog the acts that you want from him to perform or act upon. If your dog does not understand the command, then you need to guide your dog properly, and you may show him in act what you want from him. Use positive reinforcement to motivate your dog for the training and prefer to offer treats that your dog loves most. All of the above-listed products are trustworthy, and already thousands of dog owners are using these shock collars with remote to train the dogs.

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