15 Safest Oral Flea Treatments and Preventions for Dogs (Best Topical)

The safest oral flea treatment for dogs kills adult fleas without harming four-legged friends. They are not as dangerous as ticks can be, they are slow in transmitting disease when compared to the ticks but still, fleas can cause hair loss, irritation, itching, also the flea bits can cause the skin reaction to many of dogs. 

It’s quite common for dogs to get fleas, but their bites are not fun for dogs. After the infestation, they multiply in numbers in no time. Seeing one adult flea on your dog is a clear sign they are thousands in number, either hiding in the hairs of your dog, your garden, or inside your home. It is important to take the safest measures to protect your dog at the right time to save it from these tiny but stubborn pests. The best oral flea treatment for dogs starts killing adult fleas from the very first hour.  

The safest oral flea treatment for dogs kills adult fleas without harming four-legged friends. They are not as dangerous as ticks can be, they are slow in transmitting disease compared to the ticks, but still, fleas can cause hair loss, irritation, itching; also, flea bites can cause a skin reaction in many dogs. 

But it never ends here. They can bite humans too and cause similar problems. Flea medicines are a great and quick solution as well as easy to administer. This is the reason pet parents trust them.

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How to Examine a Dog for Fleas?

It’s easy to identify, especially for those who spend some time with the dog daily, they can see the fleas flying on the dog, or if you found dark and red specks on the skin, that also indicates that your dog has fleas. While some of the other signs are:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Inflammation skin 
  • Irritation 
  • Hair loss

If you look for the specks, then also consider looking at your bedding or furniture. Usually, it will be everywhere your dog moves around. Take a damp paper test of specks; if the damp paper turns red, then it’s surely the fleas. 

During our deep research, we find that there are only a few total treatments that most of the pet parents are using to get rid of fleas. To put our efforts to review each of one, you can find below each of them:

1. Safest Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

safest oral flea treatment for dogs

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs is considered the safest and result-driven solution for fleas. It starts working as soon as your dog orally takes it, the fast action formula tackles the flea infestation fast, and dead fleas will start falling off your pet. There is no side effect of this formula, and it is why most groomers and vets recommend this non-prescription treatment. Some of its other core benefits are:

  • Easy oral delivery
  • Work from the inside out 
  • Start showing results in one dose 
  • No messy application or rubbing 

In most cases, just one pill shows its magic and kills all the fleas, but if your pet is re-infested, then you can give home the second pill. It comes in six dosages, and you need only one to free your dog from fleas. It will finish its work in four hours, which is fast, after four hours.

Some flea pills kill the adults, and some kill the eggs, but the product in the spotlight is an all-in-one solution. It will not kill the eggs of fleas.

Instead of spraying or applying insecticides on fleas on your dog, pills provide the fastest way to free your dog from insects; they work from the inside out, and treating from the inside out is the best and hassle-free solution.

If you are tired of using sprays and shampoos, you need a solution for your dog to act from the inside out.

Well, beating you’re frequently is not possible; you need a fast-acting remedy the Capstar in the spotlight has a strong efficacy that lasts up to 24 hours; after that, you can safely give your furry friend another pill. During this period, you can expect a complete clean-over of adult fleas.

2. Advantus Soft Chew

safest flea treatment for dogs

Advantus Soft Chew is effective and safe for dogs. These chews are not quick action solution, but it’s effective, can equally beneficial for adult dogs and puppies. We call it effective because it is a solution that starts taking action without the first hours and, surprisingly, its FDA-approved product. So you a giving your dog a flea treatment that is certified for quality.

Advantus Soft Chews are available without a prescription; it is an on-the-counter treatment for your dog. These chews are convenient to serve your dog and come as a safe to repeat option. You can repeat with one chew per day. One of its active ingredients is Imidacloprid that is effective against fleas.

Made for all dogs; yes, it is safe even for a dog having food allergies; this is why many are in the view that these chews are the most reliable treatment for dogs. These savory chews will end your worries about flea infestation and start killing adult ones within one hour.

3. CapAction

CapAction Oral Flea Treatment Small Dog, 6ct

CapAction Oral Flea Treatment is available for small dogs as well as for large dogs. It is a quick action formal that starts working in the first 30 minutes; it will free your dog from all the adult fleas and their eggs in the next few hours. Its country of origin is Switzerland; it’s a high-quality product that is safe for dogs.

Fleas are the silent enemy of dogs; once they get a favorable environment, they proliferate and create many problems for the dogs; your four-legged friend may start looking seeking when he is suffering due to the fleas. You feel pity for him once you know he is suffering from fleas. But there is no need to worry about its safe for dogs, and in just a matter of hours, it will free your pup from these nastiest insects.

4. Capstar

safest flea treatment for puppies

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs is available for dogs and also for large dogs. It is a recognized flea treatment that groomers and vets recommend most. Because it is available on the counter, and it is easy to administer. A single pack includes six dosages, while only one is enough to free from fleas. You will start witnessing its action in the first 30 minutes.

The manufacturer is offering treatment for every pet inside your home. The manufacturer and many experts are agreed that it can kill 90% of fleas in the first four hours. It’s safe for a household dog owner to administer one tablet every day until the dog becomes completely free from fleas. If your four-legged friends got re-infested, you can safely give another dosage to him; there is no known side effect of this treatment.

5. EcoFlea

safest oral flea treatment for dogs

EcoFlea by ColoradoDog is making chewable tablets for dogs that have the ability to keep fleas and other insects away from the dogs. We believe that it is easy to administer treatment for dogs, comes in exact dosage, and you need to give this good flavor treat to your dog. If you are looking for the safest treatment for fleas that will not harm your dog, then it’s one; it’s non-toxic and can be given daily.

Tasty and healthy treat for the dogs; that keep the fleas away and keep your dog free from the plastic collars. That might bother your dog a lot when he wears that for a long time. It is also beneficial for the dog owners as they will be saved from tons of jobs like rubbing and washing and spending time on daily tasks to apply external treatments. Made of natural ingredients and free from additives.

6. Flea Away

safest flea treatment for dogs

Flea Away All Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs comes in chewable tablet form that is easy to administer. It’s a safe formula for dogs and can be used for long weeks to completely get rid of fleas and all of their remaining messes as an FDA-approved vitamin complex that is specially formulated to keep the dogs safe from insects naturally.

It is entirely non-toxic; no harmful chemicals are used in this formula, no residue; this is the reason it’s safe for mothers and their litter. While on the other side, it contained essential vitamins that help get excellent overall health and keep the dog active and playful.  It will provide your dog a healthy skin, a lush coat, and better joints.

Your dog will always look for this liver flavor chew tablet. We recommend it for pets having allergic reactions to flea bites as it’s a natural repellent. The insects will never land on the skin of your dog, and in this way, your four-legged friend will stay protected.

It is different from traditional medicines like nitenpyram, which is most commonly used to kill fleas. When you give these pills regularly to your pet, it creates an odor that repels the fleas. Keeps in mind regular dosage is a condition here. But the good and motivating factor is these are ordinary treats with some special ability, so they can be used to reward your dog for his good behavior.

A simple solution that discourages insects from living off your pet will not kill the fleas, but it will keep them away from the dog. Amazingly it’s free from insecticides or chemicals and safe for dogs as well as humans.

7. Bayer Advantus

Advantus (Imidacloprid) 30-Count Chewable Flea Treatment for Large Dogs, 23-110 Pounds

Bayer Advantus Oral Flea Soft Chews are formulated for large dogs who suffer from fleas. It can be used for the treatment of dogs and puppies who are 10 weeks and older. It is a fast solution and starts killing fleas in just a matter of one hour. It is considered safest and effective; most of its elements are safe for dogs and known for no side effects. Some of the core features and benefits are:

  • Available without prescription
  • FDA approved soft savory chews 
  • Convenient to administer 
  • Start killing fleas in one hour 
  • Safe to repeat, as once per day
  • Based on imidacloprid
  • Safe for dogs with food allergies

Fleas infestation can become severe if not treated with the right medicine; the large pups can suffer more than the small dogs. They can feel week and show laziness. The product in the spotlight will start giving relief in the very first hour.

The bottle comes in 30 count chewable tablets. If you give your dog one daily, it will surely disrupt the fleas cycle, and in two weeks, your dog will become totally free from the fleas.

Best oral Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

8. Frontline Plus

safest flea treatment for puppies

FRONTLINE Plus is the best prevention for fleas and ticks for dogs because it has been designed to prevent infestation. You must remember that it takes only a few ticks or fleas to lay hundreds of eggs on the skin of your dog. The more eggs, the more chances your dog will suffer from different diseases, including Anemia and Lyme Disease.

If your dog is bothered by fleas and ticks, then Frontline Plus will help you greatly.

Frontline Plus contains two of the finest ingredients. One is fipronil that helps in tackling adult fleas and ticks. The second is (S)-methoprene that helps killing flea. Both these ingredients are super fine, and they will help to rid your pet of parasitic infestation.

Technically, there is only one way to tackle this hopper problem: if the flea cycle breaks. FRONTLINE Plus breaks the leaper life cycle. This solution is stored in the sebaceous glands of your pet, and from there, it keeps destroying the fleas and ticks for 30 straight days.

One reason why you should trust this prevention is the fact that Frontline plus has been a constant source of relief for customers for 20 years. It not only produces phenomenal results but also ensures that your pet is safe against certain diseases.

Apply the entire dose between the shoulder blades of your dog. Frontline Plus contains six treatments that are more than enough for one month.


  • It breaks the flea and tick life cycle.
  • It stops fleas and ticks in their tracks.
  • It prevents pupae from manifesting on the skin of your dog.

9. Bayer K9 Advantix II

K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Extra-Large Dogs 1-Pack 4 Monthly Doses, Over 55 Pounds

Bayer K9 Advantix II is wonderful prevention for dogs, and it is beneficial for your dog for several reasons. It is a beautiful one-month application of a topical solution that will ensure that fleas and ticks stay miles away from your canine friend.

Once you apply this prevention to your dog’s skin, it will start working within 12 hours. The best thing about this prevention is that it will keep working for 30 days straight. One pack of this prevention has four doses, which will shun the fleas and ticks away. This way, not only will your dog stay clean from deadly diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain disease, but it will also be able to sleep peacefully throughout the day.

As far as this prevention’s constituents are concerned, it has Imidacloprid, permethrin, and propoxyphene. These active ingredients in K9 Advantix II for dogs help in revolting fleas and ticks away.

It is prudent to apply this solution between the shoulder blades of your dog to gather good results. It is also a good idea if you give your dog a nice bath before applying this prevention.

This prevention will also work better in case some mosquitoes hurt your dog. It naturally repels the parasites away, and they find no way to get to your furry friends ever again. Also, this prevention is waterproof, and that means if your dog is in the habit of playing in the water, still the prevention will stay intact on its skin.


  • This prevention can be used on small or large dogs.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It will also shun the mosquitoes away.


safest oral flea treatment for dogs

PETARMOR Plus is available at a reasonable price, while vets are costly, and mostly they prescribe such regimens for dogs that are not affordable. Pets and fleas are genuine, and once they are on the skin of your dog, they are not going to get away quickly. You can put your confidence in Petarmor because this prevention will not let you down.

Pets are like family, and it is our moral duty to do everything in our capacity to be the best aid to them if they are suffering from fleas and ticks. In this situation, Petarmor is the best prevention available for ticks and flea prevention for dogs.

Petarmor is deadly for parasites, and it repels fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, and ticks for more than 30 days. It is indeed the best topical prevention for dogs because it has the potential to save your furry friend from deadly diseases like anemia and Rocky Mountain disease. Not only will it act very fast on your dog, but it is also waterproof.

It would help if you remembered that it is vital to break the flea life cycle to ensure that they stop breeding on the skin of your dog, and Petarmor provides that. It comes in the form of three beautiful tubes that contain a monthly dosage.

Make sure you apply it between the shoulder blades of your dog to get better results. Also, if you have small children living in your home, it is imperative to put them away until the solution is dehydrated on your dog’s skin. This prevention will start working within 24 hours, and it will repel and kill the ticks and fleas.


  • It is waterproof, so it is ok if your dog keeps playing in the water.
  • It ensures long-lasting protection.


  • Your dog may do a little bit of scratching after the application of this prevention.

11. Vet's Best

safest flea treatment for dogs

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Topical Treatment for Dogs is a natural remedy. Some dogs are less in danger than others from fleas and ticks. For such dogs, Vet’s Best Flea + Tick provides excellent relief. Some insects can jump on your dog when you take it out for a walk. The consequences of this situation can result in scratching and constant licking. Vets best are the best prevention for fleas and ticks for dogs, which can be applied to dogs older than 12 months.

Not only will it repel fleas and ticks for an extended period, but it will also spot on, killing those who are on the skin. For this reason, it is also called the instant killer.
Some people do not believe in the chemical ingredients of prevention, and they keep looking for that one solution with all the natural elements.

All such people can rejoice because vets best is indeed that very prevention that has natural ingredients ranges from clove leaf oil, thyme white oil, and cinnamon oil. It has no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil, so you can put your confidence in this solution because it is safe to use.

This prevention has 3 to 8 doses that are best to apply on the suffering dog’s shoulder blades. Though it has no warranty, people worldwide still trust this prevention for fleas and ticks on Dogs.


  • It comes with a universal applicator.
  • It can be used on small and large breeds.
  • It also kills fleas and ticks right away.


  • Some dogs may feel uncomfortable during the application of this prevention, and chances are they may scratch.
  • It does not have complete waterproofing characteristics.

12. SENTRY Fiproguard for Dogs

SENTRY Fiproguard for Dogs, Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs (5-22 Pounds), Includes 3 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments

Sentry Pet Care is a three-way treatment for your ailing dog who is suffering from fleas and ticks. It would help if you remembered that you need to nib the flea and tick problem right in the bud; otherwise, they can lead to severe diseases. Deer ticks are very dangerous because they can transmit Lyme disease.

This disease is not only deadly for dogs, but it can also be toxic to humans. The best way to shield yourself and your dog is by giving it the right prevention so it repels ticks and fleas for an extended period.

Sentry pet care is amazing prevention because it will promote three-way protection. Not only will it kill fleas and ticks, but it will also repel the chewing lice.

Along with brown dog ticks, there are American dog ticks and lone star ticks. Sentry Pet Care is beneficial for all of them. It has fipronil in it, and it is that one ingredient that has been recommended by hundreds of vets to tackle ticks and fleas safely.

There are two good reasons why you need to go for this. One is that this solution can be applied to pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs. The second is that it is waterproof. You do not have to restrict your dog after applying the solution; it can play wherever it likes.

To apply, you need to separate the tubes that are in the prevention. Cut the container’s tip and then squeeze the entire solution between the shoulder blade of your dog. It would help if you remembered that this solution could not be applied to a cat. It is solely for dogs.


  • It ensures three-way protection
  • It will also kill chewing lice
  • It is also suitable for pregnant dogs


  • A little scratching after the application of prevention is usual
  • Please do not touch the solution because it can irritate your skin

13. Advecta

Advecta Ultra Flea & Tick Topical Treatment, Flea & Tick Control for Dogs, Large, 4 Month Supply

Advecta 3 is a reputed name on the market, and it has been attending fleas and tick problems in dogs for so long now. Advecta has a five-way protection formula. Not only it resists fleas, biting flies, mosquitoes, lice, and ticks; it also kills them on the spot. The one thing that makes it all the more alluring is that it will start acting within 12 hours of its application, and it will prevent further reinfestations.

It is probably the best monthly topical treatment that is the most propitious for preventing tick fleas and mosquitoes. It has the most promising active ingredients, and it yields fantastic results. Once you apply the solution to your dog’s skin, then all the nasty pesticides will be killed on contact. This means that the pesticides don’t have to bite your dog to be killed.

The solution that is present in the tube is easy to apply as well. For that, you have to remove the cap from the container and puncture it to use well between your dog’s shoulder blades.

Fleas and ticks are common in summer, and it is best if you have Advecta with you for promising results and prevention.

You must remember that you need to keep the kids away after applying the solution to your dog. Also, make sure that you never apply it to your cat.


  • It is effortless to apply
  • It is a proper monthly supply
  • It also kills lice


  • Your dog may show minor stomach issues after the application of this solution.

14. Hartz UltraGuard

safest flea treatment for puppies

HartzFlea & Tick Treatment is true, vet’s favorite for tick and flea prevention. Some people try to brush the flea and tick the idea away by saying that it is just a little annoyance for dogs, but this is not the case. You must remember that fleas and ticks look for that space that can be ideal for breeding purposes. Your dog’s skin happens to be that breeding ground for ticks and insects, and unless you do something about them, they are not going to getaway.

Leave your dog unattended and see how quickly this problem can escalate. For this purpose, Hartz can be the best prevention for ticks and fleas for dogs. Hartz has been designed with the best topical formula, and it has been serving pets for many years now.

The best part about the solution is that it has the best active ingredients. These ingredients can spread through those glands that help regulate dogs’ natural oil composition. Once these ingredients reach their destination, they start repelling the fleas and tick away.

So far, almost 5 million pet owners have gone for Hartz because of its authenticity and quality. This prevention has the fast-acting topical drop formula that kills and disturbs the pesticide’s lifecycle. This will provide you with nonstop flea and tick protection for 30 days straight.

You must remember that you need to apply the solution between your dog’s shoulder blades, so the solution reaches the destination quickly. Also, it can never be used on cats and kids.


  • It has the most active ingredients.
  • The formula travels quickly across the skin.
  • It stays on the skin and does not rub off.


  • The dog may show irritating symptoms for a couple of days after the application of the solution.

15. Provecta Advanced For Dogs

safest oral flea treatment for dogs

Provecta Advanced For Dogs is one of the top-rated and advanced topical flea prevention for dogs. Provecta has Xerox active ingredients as K9 Advantix II, and it is so far the best prevention for dogs that are older than seven months. Not only it repels ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes in all life stages; it also kills them on the spot.

You must remember that anemia is a dangerous disease, and if you leave your dog unattended while he has ticks and flea problems, it can worsen. In such a scenario, you need a 30-day prevention supply to ensure good results, and Provecta provides that.

You need to follow the directions clearly before applying this prevention on the skin of a dog. It would be best to give your dog a nice bath so its skin becomes fresh from receiving the ingredients. The solution should be applied between the shoulder blades of the dogs. It is also the best idea to stay with the dog after applying the solution until the solution completely dries.

Do not let your kids or cats play with your dog while he has the solution.


  • Waterproof
  • Absorbent
  • It also kills mosquitoes


  • It is quite possible that your dog feels uncomfortable after the application of the solution.

16. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray

safest flea treatment for dogs

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray are safe and easy to apply. Dogs do not speak our language. Even if they are in great trouble, they will not be able to tell you that fleas and ticks are bugging them. In this situation, you have to consider the minute details.

You need to see if your dog is scratching or licking its skin constantly or not. Constant scratching and licking mean that your dog is suffering from tick and flea problems. To protect your dog from having the severity of parasitic attacks, Adams plus flea and tick spray is the best option.

Adams will provide quick relief from biting fleas, and it will be a sigh of relief for dogs. This spray can kill insects at all stages. Not only can it kill adult fleas, but it can also kill flea eggs, larvae, and mosquitoes.

You will get 16 ounces in one bottle of Adams, and you must remember that you only need to apply this solution to your dog’s skin when there is a need for it.
You can trust Adams because it has been serving dogs since 1975. it is a very reputed brand, and it will help get your dog.


  • It is highly absorbent
  • It repels fleas and ticks by the smell
  • It has 16 ounces in one bottle


  • In rare cases, your pet can show stomach issues after the spray.

What are Fleas and Ticks?

Certain insects like begetting on the skin of warm-blooded animals and fleas and ticks are those blood-sucking parasitoids.

They mostly thrive on the skin of your dog because it is the most suitable breeding ground for these parasites. Once a flea or tick is on the surface of your dog, it is going to turn into an adult very soon. Adult fleas or ticks can be a disease barrier for your dog and you.

Today we are talking about some of the best tick and flea prevention for dogs.

These blood-sucking parasites can cause many diseases ranging from fever, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain disease, tapeworms, and anemia in dogs. In some instances, even these diseases are transmittable from dogs to humans.

Yes! The right prescription can deter fleas and ticks. Different prevention methods came in the form of chewable medicines, sprays, or shampoos.

The primary purpose of giving your dog prevention for tick and flea is to make sure that these tiny blood-sucking parasites stay miles away from your dog.

Final Words

There is a chance that fleas remain unnoticed for a long time because hardly you will examine your dog for the same this is why they get a chance to grow and become a problem for your dog. When they grow bigger in number, they spread everywhere other than your dog. You can find them on the carpet and even on your furniture and corners of your home. 

That makes getting rid of them really difficult. But keep making efforts and doing enough is the only solution; this is why every manufacturer is providing a minimum pack of six tables, even one kill the adult fleas.

The answer is obvious it an as long process that may go through two weeks and more. It would help if you kept giving your dog the treatment until the story of fleas completely over.

All of the oral treatments listed above are trusted by thousands of dog owners, groomers, and vets; the most important thing is these are available over the counter; you can choose anyone and start following the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. 

Easy solutions are also available in form of dog collars, which we discuss in Best Flea and Tick Collars for Dogs, visit to know more.