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You feel happy when you see your small pup playing inside around you and after every few minutes, he comes to you for appreciation or to show to his love towards you. Patting the dogs and giving them new instructions is easy because they love to learn new things. As social animals, we do not want to hurt animals and its natural with us. No one can think to hurt his small four-legged friend. But when it comes to the training especially behavioral training need for best small dog training collar with remote comes in, that depends on the shocks and vibration to correct dogs.

The Best Small Dog Training Collar With Remote will help you to train your dog without hurting him and allow you to correct your dog at the right time when a response is needed.

Many dog owners, as well as pet groups, are in the view that shocks are harmful to dogs. But we have an opposite view because we study the collars and their mechanism in-depth and figure out that modern collars shocks are not inhumane because that shocks can be controlled and there is a maximum limit of shock that ensure the safety of small dogs and keep them harmful burning and other pains that a shock collar can cause.

It’s true that excessive and inappropriate use of shock collars can be dangerous for small dogs. We recommend using collars that are equipped with the safety features which protect from over shocking also provide the right stimulus at the right time. In fact, remotes make it possible while holding the remotes in hand an owner of a small dog can provide the right correction at the right level. Moreover, these modern collars are equipped with three functions which help to make the training humane, quick and easy which are:

  1. Beep/Sound 
  2. Vibration/tapping sensation
  3. Static Correction 

When you buy a training collar for your small dog which is equipped with all of these function that will give you some additional options like before providing a shock you can use warning measures and some time when you dog start learning just a powerful vibration or tapping sensation work well to get the desired results and shock only remain there as the last tool to use. Highly configurable collars allow the user to make series of commands whom we call customized commands; like where the first beep comes then vibration and in the static correction and most of the time dog listed to command just on warning functions.

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What to Look for in Small Dog Training Collar with Remote

Benefits are far bigger than the cons, but you and your dog will only get these benefits when you look or under listed features in a collar and consider only those equipped with these features:

  • Compact and Lightweight: smalls dogs cannot wear a heavy gadget on their neck, so it’s better to look for lightweight and compact options that are easy on the neck and do not feel heavy on the neck of your dog.
  • More Intensity Level: more intensity levels mean more control over the intensity of shocks, and it also helps find an optimal setting easily, so always look for a collar that has more intensity levels, we recommend minimum 10 levels for small dogs.
  • Highly Configurable: flexibility in configuration will allow you to make different commands and also makes it possible to use a single command in different ways.

Core Benefits of Training Collars

Definitely it will help you to decide for the training collar for your small pup when you know about the benefits that you will get from a shock or training collar here are some that really will force you to get one to train your furry friend.

  • Fast Results: we met with many dog owners who correct their dog a few times with shocks and then the dog started following the commands and results were gained with minimum efforts. After the first few shocks, just vibration will do the job. 
  • No Need to Stay Near: remote and a reasonable distance coverage allows you to correct your dog from the distance, so while sitting on your chair you can instruct and correct your little dog, no need to go near to him or chase him to instruct.
  • The dog will Not Associate you with Shock: remotes are small enough to hide in the palm and your dog will associate you with the shock and it a positive aspect of training with a training collar.
  • Train Anywhere: training devices give liberty to train the dog anywhere either it’s your yard, open ground, a public garden or camping location. If your dog collar and remote are charged you can train your dog anywhere.
  • Affordable: this is the biggest benefit of shock collars they do not cost hundreds of dollars, most of the dog collars are available at a very reasonable price that every dog small dog owner can afford.
  • Right Correction at Right Time: with the help of remote you can quickly provide a response when there is a need that helps a lot of teaching your dog correctly, when the dog is doing opposite a correction right on the spot will help him to associate the same with the wrong action.

1. Dogtra IQ Mini Small Remote Dog Training System

small dog training collar

Dogtra IQ Mini Small Remote Dog Training System is a really small collar that is made for dogs which are 7lb and plus. When this small dog training collar with remote comes into your hand you will feel safe that it will not burden your dog and you will feel safe while seeing it. Its collar only weighs 1.2 ounces and remote is a small one. It comes with the intensity levels of 100 levels that make it perfect for the small dogs and will make it easy for the user to find an optimal level for your dog where it starts responding.

We give this product first spot because it is compact and small and its features make it an ideal training collar for small and medium-size dogs.  Equipped with three innovative training functions:

  • Momentary Nick
  • Constant Stimulation
  • Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration

For sensitive dogs it can be set to minimum and trainer also can use the non-stimulating pager vibration as a warning where dogs get full opportunity to avoid the static stimulation. It can fit any neck size from small dog to medium size dog. Both of the devices the receiver and transmitter are fully waterproof so you can use it in bad weather and near a lack or on the beach without fearing that seepage will damage the electronics. 

Well, there is another feature that places it above all other training collars for small dogs and its “plastic conductive points” these are high-quality contact points that do not burn the skin and reduce the impact and pain of static correction. Ideally, it also can be used for dogs with sensitive skin.

You will be amazed to know that both devices are equipped with lithium batteries which last for a longer time and needs only two hours to charge, most importantly you can expand it to two dogs while buying an additional collar.

And if there is a need to train a large or stubborn dog then you can use the same remote/transmitter as its also compatible with the IQ plus receiver.

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2. Mini Educator Remote Training Collar for Small Dogs

small dog training collar with remote

Mini Educator Remote Training Collar is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a safe and secure option to train their small dogs. It’s quite compact and lightweight as its name. Basically this small dog training collar with remote is a bundle offer that comes with educator mini and clicker training kit. It will give you the liberty to train your dog anywhere like you can use it indoor, in the yard, in the park or at any open place. The long-rang and secure communication between the transmitter and receiver provides an effective command over the dog.

Your dog can enjoy his liberty and can play in the water and may enjoy swimming because the receiver is fully waterproof.

100 training levels and three basic functions make the training a fun game for dogs and owners. Its collar strap is made to fit for any dog with a neck size from 6 inches to 30 inches.

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3. HOTLEA Dog Shock Collar with Remote

small dog training collars

HOTLEA Dog Shock Collar with Remote is designed for training a small dog; it will add any additional burden on your small dog moreover its comes with a highly adjustable feature where you can select from one to hundred level of intensity so finding a right level is easy with this collar. Small pups need just a little hint of punishment or shock, and they start performing what you are looking for moreover other functions will let you allow to keep your dog safe from direct shock.

It’s a user-friendly device which is equipped with five-speed adjustment to select the desired setting quickly. You can also make your commend that will help your dog learn better. Conductive silicons prongs included in the package, which is known best to minimize the impact of shock and to avoid and these will keep the coat and skin of your dog safe.

A three hours charging of both devices will last for 12 days approximately.

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4. Dog Care Small Dog Training Collar with Remote

dog training collars for small dogs

Dog Care Small Dog Training Collar with Remote is the best dog training collar for small dogs which is made to keep the small pups relaxed and easy during the training. Its sophisticated electronics provide excellent control over the warning and correction with levels up to 100 and the receiver emits the static correction which is completely human and will not leave any burn or surely do not damage the skin of the small dog.

A single remote can be used to train three dogs simultaneously and its range, as well as long battery life, make it a popular choice among dog owners. Thousands of small dog owners already trusted on this training collar to modify the behaviour of their dog.

More importantly, its priced reasonably and a user-friendly option as well as comes with an instructions manual.

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5. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainers

small dog remote training collar
PetSafe Elite Little and Big Dog Remote Trainers is flexible enough to work indoor as well as outdoor, its 400 yards range makes it possible to train your dog anywhere either in the yard or at any open place. Its a model that is specifically designed for small dogs. When you are camping or hiking you can use this training collar with remote to correct your dog and also for behavioral modification. The receiver is fully waterproof and it also can be used for medium-sized dogs.

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What the disadvantage of shock collars for small dogs?

There can be no disadvantage if a dog owner knows how to use a shock collar to train his small four-legged friend. Like dogs cannot do everything on their own and when you are teaching new things you need to perform similar acts that you want from your dog and instruct him with hands or you may let the trained dog perform in front of your dog. There can be many ways to show your dog what you want. Keep in mind if you do not know how to train your dog and how to use the training collar with remote effectively and safely then sure it will only become a punishment for your dog. Here are some cons that your dog may meet with.

  • The Shock: many pet owners can’t fathom causing pain to their pet but still with the controlled correction intensity you are using shock to train the dog that may leave a negative impact on your small dog.
  • The Fear: it can be dangerous in the dog so do not use shocks to fear your dog. Its reality some dogs learn to fear when they receive a shock, they fear people, objects and even from situations.
  • Overcorrection: when you are not receiving the desired results instead of overcorrecting your dog you must think for new ways to train your dog, while unintentional shock and shock due to malfunctioning can harm your dog. Such shocks usually confuse the dog and he may not act accordingly in his next session.

Role of positive reinforcement in training a small dog

As we wrote earlier, it’s possible to train your dog without any side of a shock collar. Yes, it’s possible with the positive reinforcement. To reinforce the positive behavior and act of your dog, choose to offer him high-quality treats. You must provide him with each of his actions and let the positive behavioral changes reward and relate with the treats. Once your dog relates good actions with positive reinforcement, he will start following each of command and quickly bring you the results that you want from him.

You can reduce positive reinforcement once your dog comes on a line and start following the instructions. It also helps to get quick results. Shock collars do not reinforce good behavior itself; you can do it with a positive reward a treat and good words like “good boy.”

Final Thoughts

Small dogs need special care and every dog owner knows that and always pay attention to his needs, all of the above-listed facts and discussions will help you to choose the right product for your small dog. The best collar will help you to train your dog well and it will not harm your dog. All of the above-listed products are selected carefully, these are made with to use for small dogs. You can choose any of the above-listed products to train your small dog.

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