10+ Best ToothPaste for Dogs in 2021 for Oral Health

best toothpaste for dogs

Just like breathing, brushing is also an essential factor in the dog’s life. If the teeth of the dog go untreated for a long timespan, periodontal disease could occur. The condition is likely to develop in dogs after three years, and extra caution must be adopted after reaching that age. This is the reason today we are discussing the best toothpaste for dogs.

Besides rotting teeth, periodontal disease accumulates plaque and, in the worst-case scenario, sends the same dirt for blood infusion. The germ-infused blood then causes severe complications to the vital organs of the dog. If the dog’s teeth are not brushed for long, bad breath is a common occurrence. The presence of the dog with a foul smell nearby would be a whammy.

This should also bear in mind that human-grade toothpaste can be harmful to dogs due to fluoride and xylitol. Both elements are highly noxious for the dog and could prove fatal. Only a dog-grade product should be applied to your adorable fur partner.

Here we are focusing on some of the dainty dog-grade toothpaste brands to pick a top-pick for your dog. A thoroughly reviewed toothpaste cleans the teeth and wards off would-be dental diseases as well. Let’s start the review.

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1. Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

best toothpaste for dogs

A common problem with dog-grade toothpaste is the non-matching feature with animal instincts. A typical toothpaste is not liked by the puppy very much, and the dog must be enduring the brushing moments in throes.

Petrodex has solved this problem by introducing a dog’s favorite poultry flavor brand. The petrodex toothpaste is mixed with fine digested particles of poultry to give a refreshing feel to the mutt.

Another critical aspect of this toothpaste is that it does not need rinsing. You need to apply a Petrodex toothpaste layer, brush gently, and let the paste dry onto the tooth’s enamel. The dried paste fades away with the plaque on its own, and the teeth are left with a glittering spark. Your dog becomes super happy after using Petrodex.

Petrodex also allows the buyer to have a trial test on the dog. This test could be taken by daubing the index finger with pea-size paste and letting your dog sniff it. More than often, the dog loves the poultry fragrance.

Petrodex is an enzymatic toothpaste that helps in the deep cleaning of the teeth. The cavities are briefly neutralized, and the dog remains up and about ever. It is our top recommended best toothpaste for dogs.

You must go for Petrodex dog-specific brands to have the cleaning and relishing side by side.

2. Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

best dog toothpaste

If the damage has been done to the canine’s teeth, nothing could have been more healing than the Vet’s Best dog toothpaste.

Vet’s Best dog toothpaste is made up of natural resources for the deep cleaning and resurrection of ailing teeth. The toothpaste’s critical components are neem, enzymes, aloe vera, and grapefruit seed’s extract are beneficial for wholesome dental health. 

The index finger can also apply the vet’s Best dog toothpaste besides proper brushing. Amazingly, you may even extend this healing toothpaste for licking. The dog surrounds the magical particles all over the mouth on its own. The cleaning is done on its own throughout the day.

The accidental swallowing of the toothpaste is not harmful as the particles used in manufacturing are harmless for the dog.

Vet’s best toothpaste ensures zero lousy breath. The positive and lively, refreshing vibes go along with the dog all day long. As the best toothpaste for dogs, it’s recommended by professionals and trainers.

This USA-made high-end product is antibacterial and antifungal. The proper usage saves the dog from tooth decaying and concomitant diseases. As per a recent study, puppies are also reported to be caught up with the winter viruses. In this harrowing scenario, extra caution must be taken to ensure the good hygiene of the dog. Vet’s Best toothpaste is a handy, neat, and clean formula for dogs.

3. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Eliminates Bad Breath

best natural dog toothpaste

Whenever you brush the dog’s teeth, a barrage of foam fumes scatters all over the premises. Froth surrounding the dog’s mouth is itself a disgusting scenario. Some sensitive pet parents have left the proper dog’s teeth brushing owing to this bottleneck. What’s the fault of the dog? You must know that avoiding proper dog brushing, whatever the reasons are, may inflict irreparable damage to the dog. A kind pet parent cannot put the fur partner’s life at stake.

Virbac dog toothpaste has solved this foam-and-froth conundrum. You may brush the dog’s teeth sans any foaming bubbles. The paste cleans all the corners of the dog’s teeth efficiently but silently.

Besides this key feature, Virbac is also a quality cleaner infused with enzymatic prowess. Virbac toothpaste thwarts the presence of tartar and cavities in the first place. Your pooch will like the taste of this best toothpaste for dogs.

Virbac is also the number one brand recommended by dentists and vets in North America. Vibrac does not compromise on quality, and the five yummy flavors are safe to use regularly. This unique brand is available in an affordable price range and shares all the contemporary goods of different brands. Not fuming is the icing on Virbac’s cake.

Last but not least, Virbac, after eliminating the plaque, ensures a refreshing breath. The Virbac-cleaned dog smells like an open bottle of perfume.

4. Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Fresh Breath

safest dog toothpaste

In case your dog remains lethargic throughout the day, the pooch misses training sessions and physical activities. As a sage pet-parent, you look into the diet and other health aspects of the dog. Nothing seems fishy.

Have you ever peered into the dog’s orifices, especially the mouth? According to the National Health Foundation, “Canine’s mouth could harbor up to one million different bacteria at a time.” (The Science Journal). If your dog’s teeth are not brushed for long, the infection process has likely started. The bacterial infection could also become life-threatening.

Since the last century, Arm & Hammer dog-specific toothpaste has provided extra mile services in the dog’s dental health domain. Arm & Hammer is a vanilla-ginger flavored paste to ward off the noxious bacteria. The toothpaste is enzymatically built and perfumes the inner side of the mouth.

Arm & Hammer is also a gum healer. The infected gums are not overlooked as the very gums are the roots of the teeth. This is a specific quality of Arm & Hammer toothpaste that does not cater to the teeth’ health and cares about the actual casing – gums.

Arm & Hammer could prove an intelligent choice for your dog because it’s a step ahead of features. One serious reason to consider it for our list of best toothpaste for dogs is its taste, which dogs like a lot.

5. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care

best dog tooth paste

Few brands like Nylabone are on the market to launch products after in-depth research spanning several years. Although, this tedious exercise causes them mental and physical excruciating fatigue besides ballooning the expense. At the very end, the exact brands surface as the unparalleled kings of their domains. No one can challenge their hegemony owing to the pre-done hard work.

When talking about the dog’s dental hygiene, Nylabone is a matchless ruler of the roost. Nylabone’s state-of-the-art oral care services are economical and envious.

Nylabone dog toothpaste is available in a favorite flavor of peanut. The well-researched cleaning agents go into challenging areas and accomplish the cleaning task swiftly.

Nylabone does not come in isolation, but a bristling brush is also provided to match the toothpaste’s competency. It is resilient against tartar and plaque build-up. The magical Nylabone dog toothpaste wipes away the yellow layer on the enamel in an instant.

The friendly flavoring toothpaste can also be applied through the index finger if you are reluctant to brush on the feeble dog types. The dog loves Nylabone’s peanut flavor, and the brushing phase is an adventurous one for the puppy.

Nylabone can prove a good pick for your dog’s dental health owing to the above mentioned exclusive features.

6. Nutri-Vet Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

best enzymatic toothpaste for dogs

Suppose your dog is a spice lover or has unique eating choices. The herbal toothpaste may not help clean the stuck wastages of the fine food particles. To cater to this need, Nutri-Vet toothpaste is specially designed for awkward eaters.

Nutri-Vet is equipped with the prowess of glucose oxidase, hydrated silica, sodium benzoate, and sorbitol. Glucose oxidase is an instant bacteria killer, while silica removes plaque in one go.

On the other hand, sodium benzoate looks for the bacterial nemesis, while the lasting element sorbitol does the finishing work by drying out the teeth.

This perfect combination extends resilience and longevity to ailing teeth. Besides, this perfect chemistry is also harmless. There are no side effects or downsides. All these chemicals are perfectly fit to be applied to sentient beings. It makes a spot on us the best toothpaste for dogs due to its competitive price.

This complex chemistry is not loathsome for the dog either; the Nutri-Vet dog toothpaste is blended with the chicken flavor. According to a Sunday edition of the NY Times, “Poultry is the most loved flavor by pooches all over the globe.” Nutri-Vet has infused this flavor, keeping in mind the taste bus d requirements of the canine.

This state-of-the-art dog-grade toothpaste is available in an affordable price range and can be selected as the first choice for your dog’s dental health.

7. RADIUS USDA Organic Canine Pet Toothpaste7.

well and good tartar control toothpaste

Over time, your dog can accumulate plaque and tartar in its teeth, which can be very challenging to remove, especially when your dog is unwilling to sit down and get its teeth brushed. Getting your dog on board with the tooth brushing process is no walk in the park. This can lead to bacterial growth, which can later lead to cavity and tooth decay. It is essential to have the right toothpaste to attract your dog with its scent and flavor to counter this. A most recommended organic teeth care solution on our list of best toothpaste for dogs.

Radius is a non-toxic, 100% USDA organic toothpaste that is safe for dogs. Because of its dog-friendly ingredients, your dog will not be repelled by it. The paste is made with 100% food-grade ingredients such as sweet potato powder, papaya fruit extract, olive leaf extract, and sodium chloride.

The unique blend of coconut oil, cinnamon, and sweet potato powder gives off a very yummy scent for your dog. They have added flavors that attract dogs. You can expect them to sit still while you brush their teeth because they will like the taste of it.

Moreover, it is an effective solution for removing plaque from your dog’s teeth. It’s also a great toothpaste to ensure your dog doesn’t get any tartar build-up over time. The toothpaste also includes natural ingredients that will whiten your dog’s teeth.

The use of coconut oil will whiten the teeth while minimizing bacteria growth and preventing tooth decay.

8. Well & Good Tartar Control Toothpaste for Dogs

top dog toothpastes

This chicken-flavored toothpaste will get your dog excited about getting their teeth brushed. Dogs can become scared of toothpaste with a foaming formula. This one does not create any foam, which will make your dog unwilling to get their teeth cleaned the next time.

It is also a no-rinse toothpaste so that you can leave it on your dog’s teeth without any fear of allergic reactions or side effects. Toothpaste also helps with maintaining your dog’s gum health and preventing tartar build-up.

If your dog has sensitive or weak teeth, this will help with strengthening their tooth health. It also leaves your dog with a fresh and pleasant breath and a brighter smile. Sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient in this, which helps with teeth whitening and killing bad breath in dogs. Moreover, calcium carbonate is a highly effective ingredient for breaking down old and stubborn plaque and tartar.

Brushing the toothpaste on plaque-ridden spots will naturally help cut through it and cleaner and smoother teeth.

9. Intelligent Dog Toothpaste Enzymatic for Dog Teeth Cleaning

best toothpaste for dogs

Intelligent store toothpaste is made from a natural enzymatic formula and does not contain any foaming agents which can irritate your dog. It is free from any artificial flavors or toxic chemicals. Its ingredients are completely safe, and this reason convinces us to give it a spot on the best toothpaste for dogs.

Made with highly effective ingredients such as lysozyme, it has antibacterial properties. The glucose oxidase helps with a fatty plaque and tartar build-up as it cuts through them and allows you to remove the irritating build-up without any pain easily. It also contains Lactoferrin, which helps with gum strengthening and prevents inflammation of gums.

The formula has soothing properties, which means if your dog has pain in their gums or has sensitive teeth, they can be relieved with it. Moreover, Titanium Dioxide proactively works on your dog’s teeth to remove the yellowish plaque and give it a whitened smile. This toothpaste is best for heavy-use as it can be used all seven days a week without any reactions or side effects.

10. Waggletooth Dog Dental Toothpaste

best dog toothpaste

In case your dog has sensitive or painful gums, then this toothpaste might be the right choice for you. It binds multiple soothing ingredients that all have the specific purpose of minimizing gum pain.

Toothpaste is specially formulated with xanthan gum, which makes it easily applicable to your dog’s teeth. This ingredient keeps all the components in the paste together and ensures that only a little bit of it is enough to clean your dog’s teeth from front to back.

It is an excellent product for relieving sore gums and toothaches as it contains peppermint oil, which holds muscle-soothing properties. Peppermint oil is also a beneficial ingredient for oral health as it fights bacterial growth and oral pathogens. Therefore, its use ensures that your dog does not get any cavities or gum diseases.

It also has grapefruit seed extract, which has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. This all makes it an overall excellent investment in not only your dog’s oral hygiene but health as well. Moreover, it comes in a mint flavor, which helps you keep your unwilling dog to get his teeth brushed finally.

11. Petpost | Toothpaste for Dogs

best natural dog toothpaste

This toothpaste binds in two of the most beneficial ingredients for oral health. The coconut oil and baking soda blend offer a beneficial and simple solution for almost all the oral issues your dog might have. The high contents of coconut oil whiten your dog’s teeth after only a short period of usage while also fighting bacteria and oral pathogens.

Baking soda naturally removes the bad breath and cleanses your dog’s teeth of any plaque and tartar. Moreover, it comes in a very enticing mint flavor, which will attract your dog for an enjoyable brushing. The mint flavor means your dog will immediately accept whatever you have just put on their teeth, and they will not run away from you.

Besides coconut oil and baking soda, it also contains other ingredients that hold soothing and antibacterial properties. This best toothpaste for dogs is a quick action solution.

Potassium Sorbate holds powerful antimicrobial properties, ensuring that your paste does not get contaminated and remains free from bathroom bacteria. Propylene Glycol ensures that the paste remains soft and fluffy for your dog’s teeth and can be applied easily to all spots.


A dog with a Bad Breath is not an appealing sight. With the help of powerful toothpaste, you can make your dog smell refreshing and fresh. Pick your favorite from the above-mentioned dog toothpaste to do a fresh favor to your pet.

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