8 Best Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs (2022 Reviews)

The best training collar for stubborn dogs provides the ability to manipulate the dog’s behavior by delivering a strong electric shock in the form of continuous or momentary pulses. These collars are designed to get the dog’s attention and issue a correction of unwanted behavior. Before the correction, there are two other functions that a trainer can use as a warning those are sound/beep and vibration. The first warning is a sound, but most dogs ignore this sound because they are used to listen to such beeps in normal life, but a strong vibration works well to respond from most of the dogs. All of these three functions can be used in a series.

best training collar for stubborn dogs

A shock correction provides effective control over dogs, and it does not cause significant pain or discomfort when used properly. From the 1960s, the first-time shock collars were used to train the hunting dogs until now, technology and techniques changed. Now the collars are manufactured to provide a gentle shock; most sophisticated collars provide much milder shocks. But a shock cannot be pleasing either it’s weak or strong.

To train a stubborn dog, you need a quality e-collar that will cost you a little bit higher because such collars are made to teach obedience to large stubborn dogs who are hard to control. Just evaluate your dog once more before moving forward, and if you find that an ordinary collar can work well for your dog, it can save your money and save your dog from the strong shocks. Here we include some best collars for well-behaved dogs (Best Dog Shock Collars).

Many animal lovers, owners, and enthusiasts have varied views regarding using an electric collar in training, especially for behavior modification. Out there, many animal humane societies and NGOs quickly jump to the conclusion that because these collars provide “shocks,” it is inhumane. We believe that this opinion is formed from the lack of information regarding the technology used in these collars and types of training collars.

Tapping sensation and static correction at the lowest and controlled level is much safer than the choke and pinching collars that required brute force and can damage badly when used without any training.

Best Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs

We consider 15 products initially, and also account in the 30K+ comments, suggestions, and reviews as well as saying of professional to compile and shortlist 8 shock collar to train stubborn dogs. 

1. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers

  • New & Upgraded Model — The new and upgraded model X-Series, Engineered for stubborn dogs by offering a higher static stimulation range.
  • 3 Dogs Long Range Remote — Featured with a more advanced remote that can handle 3 receivers at the moment with the maximum range of 500 yards.
  • More Correction Levels  — Highly configurable with 21 levels of static correction, either continuous or momentary.
  • Waterproof — Dry tek technology used in construction, waterproof up to 25 feet, gives your pet liberty to play in water and swim.

SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers is a high-end dog training system that can be used for small and large dogs; it’s an ideal solution to train most stubborn dogs who are hard to train and not ready to follow the commands. It takes the first spot on our list because of its static correlation function and configuration. 

Continuous and momentary correction is configurable up to 21 levels, and a large dog cannot stand against it. It is a flexible training aid and can deliver quick stimulation to the dog. Audible and vibrating signals can be used as a warning for dogs, and when a dog is trained, just sounds and vibrations are enough to instruct him.

Features and configuration that is possible with this training collar are not available in any other system.



2. Garmin Delta XC Bundle - dog training device

  • Trusted Manufacturer — Dog training collar from a most trusted manufacturer, Comes with long and short contact point.
  • Momentary Correction — Features 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation that makes it ideal for stubborn dogs.
  • Ideal Range — 1/2 Miles range gives liberty to trade the dog anywhere.
  • Value Against Money — Durable, long-lasting, and IPX-7 certified.

Garmin Delta XC Bundle – dog training device is introduced by a well known and trusted manufacturer; this is the most advanced and sophisticated training device in its category. The remote is the most stylish one and easy to hold. You will hole to train your dog with this collar. It’s based on Tri-Tronics technology, and its operations are more reliable. It is a dog training collar designed and made for serious trainers, and its remote allows to train three dogs simultaneously.



3. Educator K9 Handler Remote Dog Training Collar

  • Heavy-Duty — A heavy-duty dog training system for stubborn dogs with a maximum range of one mile.
  • Easy to Grip — Ergonomic “stopwatch” Design transmitter with the impact resistance of 5000 G’s.
  • Enhanced Features — Features additional stimulation boost from 1 to 60 other than the normal range of 1 to 100 to get control over disobedient dogs.
  • Different Tool — Tapping sensation similar to vibration but more effective as compared to vibration.

Educator K9 Handler Remote Dog Training Collar is a stopwatch style transmitter and reliable receiver with exciting new technology. Yes, an exciting new technology that makes training easy for professional as well as household dog owners. This new feature is called pavlovian tonne. When the button is pressed and held down, your dog first hears a sound for 1 and half-second followed by the stimulation unless the button is released. Such a setting helps the dog understand that stimulation will be next, so they react quickly. Moreover, its COS improves the training experience, and the LCD makes the operation easy.



4. Dogtra 1900 Series Dog Training E-Collar

  • Sleek and slim design with a maximum range of 1.3 miles.
  • Engineered to strap and wrap around the receiver, which provides reliable contact and smooth operations.
  • Receive is IPX9K certified, and temperature resistant can be used in extreme weather.
  • Designed for serious operations, hunting, and k-9 training.

Dogtra 1900 Series Dog Training E-Collar is a stylish professional-grade dog training system for trainers and new owners who need to train the dogs. The manufacturer is backed with 20 years of dog training system experience and making a perfect and precise system that makes it easy to train the dogs. If you are looking for an ultimate training tool that is durable, dependable, and can meet demanding situations, especially for stubborn dogs, then this is a device for you.

Moreover, you can use this collar for hunting because it’s fully waterproof and tested by us for reliability and durability. It’s really worth of money.



5. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers

  • Stubborn dog training system with a range of 500 yards, the receiver can handle more than one e-collars.
  • Transmitter features OLED that makes operations easy. It becomes easy to keep an eye on the battery and mode.
  • Engineered with the dry tek technology that makes both devices.
  • Equipped with lithium batteries that take two hours to charge and lasts for 70 hours.

SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers is a training device that every trainer wants. It’s the most trusted device in the market. Nearly all of the customers who bought this device express that it’s ideal for training large and stubborn dogs. Obedience training is easy to dog jobs with this long-range device. The basic concept behind this device is to train hunting and close working dogs with accuracy.

Easy to read OLED screen makes it easy to select the modes and stimulation levels. Momentary and continuous stimulation options and tone and vibration make it a complete package to train a dog.



6. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

  • Newly upgraded collar with 1312 yard range, a high tech solution for dog training with easy to operate the transmitter.
  • Can train three dogs simultaneously, needs to add additional collars, ideal for outdoor stubborn training.
  • A high-quality collar strap that is made to last for a long time and testing light also included in the package.
  • All three functions are fully configurable and can be used seriously to avoid serious damage.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar is designed for bling operations, for each of its function, a specific and dedicated button is available on the transmitter. Its range is awesome and effective it can communicate to more than one dog and both devices are equipped with lithium batteries. It is featured with a memory function that makes it possible to recall the previous setting that you used/saved while there is another feature that people love most that is, no sleep feature.

There is no standby mode it remains connected all the time and when you press a command button it brings quick and hassle-free results.



7. PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

  • A simple and powerful dog training system to use for medium and large size dogs.
  • Ideal for new dog owners, easy to use and setup, can add one more collar to the system.
  • Designed for blind operations with 16 levels of intensity, ideal for training most stubborn dogs.
  • The best dog training collar for stubborn dogs, waterproof and comes with a free training guide.

PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar is made for blind operations even you can differentiate the buttons without seeing on the transmitter/remote. Its static correction is powerful enough to control the giant breeds and stubborn dogs who are hard to train and most disobedient.

If you own a dog who does not respond to normal or cheap collars, then prefer to buy this option; it provides powerful stimulation to dogs that can help behavioral training and get a quick response from the dog. All of its three functions can be used in conjunction with one another.



8. Professional 2020 K9 Dog Shock Training Collar

  • Advanced microprocessor-based dog training system with 2000ft effective range.
  • TBI Pro the best training collar for big stubborn dogs. Its charging lasts for 15 days and takes only two hours to charge fully.
  • Three training levels with 100 levels of intensity, this is the most powerful training collar.
  • Its super long-reaching keeps the dog in your control, and there will be no disobedience.

Professional 2020 K9 Dog Shock Training Collar is the TBI Pro model most trusted in the market. Thousands of customers use this powerful training system, which can teach and train the most stubborn dogs. If you remain fail until now due to cheap and ineffective options, then the most advanced and powerful TBI Pro dog training system will help you get your desired results.

The manufacturer and many customers tested and used this system for their large breed dogs and stubborn people who are most disobedient.



7. Features to Consider in a Best Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs

When you are buying a dog training collar for your stubborn dog, that means you already used some of the essential products for behavioral modification and remain fail.

Now you need something extraordinary, which is tough and provide strong stimulation that can convince the dog to change direction and habits. Here is some fundamental requirement that you must consider while buying a training collar for your stubborn dog.

1. Maximum Shock Level

Well, it not the only intensity of the shock that matters. Its configuration, like momentary and continuous delivery, also matters. Manufacturers do not disclose how much strong stimulus they provide. Even no manufacturer writes or discloses it in the manual, but as per our research, it’s nearly 5V, 1AMP at any maximum level. 

Many organizations and clubs are against the shocks, and they advocate for other ways of behavior modification.

All the products listed above are powerful enough to respond from giant breeds and stubborn dogs but keep in mind it’s not just a maximum level that can help. It can be the right combination of all three functions that your dog starts recognizing to stop whatever he is doing. usually, Hunting Dog Shock Collar have different shock settings as compared to standard dog training collars and these collars can be used to tame stubborn dogs. 

Take a start from the least setting and keep raising the level until your stat getting a response from your pup. It depends on the dog’s size, demeanor, and strength that where he starts responding. A gentle dog may not need the same strength of correction as a giant breed dog needs. 

It’s also important to do not to use the same setting for all dogs. Using a higher level can cause fear in dogs because they cannot bear that level and potentially damage your dog’s skin. A correct level is important to adjust to get optimal results.

2. Corrections Functions

The majority of dog training systems come with all three functions. Vibration and tone alone may not sound good to train a stubborn dog. But using these functions in a series, one after another, can bring quick results and save the dog many times from static correction. 

Other than these three functions, some collars are equipped with tapping sensation-like vibrations. So do not ignore any of the functions while buying a dog training collar for your stubborn dog.

3. Transmitter Controls

It depends on the unit. Look for easy-to-use buttons and dial that bring convenience in usage and take less time to trigger a correction easy to set new levels and modes. Like you can look for:

  • Rheostat dials, aka free-spinning dials
  • Click Dials
  • Buttons
  • LCD Screen

It is not just one you need; a suitable transmitter has multiple controls like buttons, dial, and screen that make it easy to understand the current level of intensity and mode. Many prefer to have rheostat dials that are easy to turn forward and backward, while many feel comfortable with spinning dials. 

Most of the advanced transmitters are equipped with screens. We advise you to pay less attention to the screen and look for effective and easy operations.

4. Transmitter Size and Shape

We are writing about it because we met many dog owners who want to train their dog, but they bought a product that looks nice in the hands, it’s really not a good choice at all. Many fancy products in the market look nice when you hold the transmitter in hand, but such products can be good for a small or toy breed dog, not for a stubborn and large breed dog. 

Do not fall for size and shape. It would be best if you did serious business with your dog that is only possible with a serious and effective solution. We recommend looking for functionality, not the size and shape of the device.

5. Battery

The working life of both devices, transmitter and receiver, depends on the batteries. When buying a dog training system, look for lithium-ion batteries that take two houses to charge and last more than 50 hours. 

That means you need to charge them twice a month if you train your dog three hours daily.

6. Waterproof

If seepage can make its way inside, it can damage the electronics inside, and as a result, you may incur a new cost or replacement or repairing. If you doubt your dog collar’s waterproofing, you will definitely not allow your dog to play in the water or enjoy swimming and rain. 

Most of the collars listed above are offering the highest level of waterproofing and certified with IPX standards. Restrictions can bring additional challenges for you, so buy a dog training collar that can allow your dog to play freely even on the beach and can swim while wearing the collar. 

If you plan to use the training system outside during the hunt, look for a waterproof transmitter.

7. Range

It is at last but not least, buying a long-range dog training system costs you more. The long-range system can require professional trainers who train in open areas or train more dogs simultaneously. 

A household dog owner needs to train his dog in the yard or outside on the road or an open area, and even in the ground, a working range of 300 yards is enough. Investing in a long-range dog training system is a waste of money for a household dog owner. 

If a dog owner owns a large property or needs a dog training system for a farmhouse, Definity needs a long-range dog training system. Here is a guide:

  • ½ mile = 880 Yards = 2640 foot
    1 Mile = 1760 Yards = 5280 foot
    2 Miles = 3520 Yards = 10560 foot

The range that manufacturer claim is a range of device that works on open space when the receiver and transmitter work in the straight line. In the dense are or at home irregularly shaped properties, it can be reduced, or it decreases significantly in the hilly areas.

best training collar for stubborn dogs

Best Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs FAQ

Are stubborn dog training collars harmful to stubborn dogs?

If used without proper care, you need to start from zero to adjust the shock intensity where your dog starts responding and start following your command; moreover, training your dog for a shock collar at the very start is necessary.

You must teach him to pay attention to your command at first to get a better response and o keep him safe.

What is the difference between a water-resistant and waterproof dog training collar?

A waterproof dog training collar can adequately withstand being on a dog when t’s swimming or playing in the water. In contrast, water-resistant can only withstand a little interaction with water like rain. A water-resistant dog training collar fails in downpours or swimming situations.

When investing a handsome amount in dog training collars, give priority to the waterproof dog training collar.

What is a warranty on the shock collars?

Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, but most of the above-listed offer more significant than the usual warranties that can keep your investment safe. Do not buy any product that provides a warranty for less than a year. Another warranty you will see with the shock collar is 30 days money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, it depends on the company some good manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty; you can buy those products if you wish to keep your investment secure for life.

How to put a shock collar on a stubborn dog?

Stubborn dog owners need an immediate solution, but that does not mean to skip any of precautionary measure At fist make it sure the receiver is working correctly with the help of light and the adjust/cut the collar strap that can snug fix to your dog after that fix the receiver in the collar and fix the buckle where you dog feel easy. Please do not keep it loose because that makes the corrections ineffective prefer to keep it in a snug fit.

The perfect position of the receiver is right under the chin of your dog. Follow the two-figure rule to allow your dog to breathe comfortably. Jumping and shaking may move the receiver, but a snug fit can handle the situation.

How to properly train your dog with a shock collar?

If you follow the guide step by step, it’s easy to train your dog, but you might not get the desired results if you keep moving randomly. The below video will help you to understand where you have to take the start and also helps you to train your dog initially.

When training your dog, you must not show it remotely because if your dog recognizes the shock with the remote, it can negatively affect the training and behavior. So, keep it secret from your dog.

We experience this problem with many low-quality dog training e-collars. Still, it’s not possible with the quality collar because you need to match the collar with the remote. To match the frequency, you need some buttons pressing activity on the collar and remote so they can communicate with each other. There is no such complaint about any of the above-listed models and brands. But there is a transmitter that works with different collars, and it's possible to connect the transmitter with more collars. Beware of those models. The low-quality products from outside of the USA don’t adhere to US regulations. So, with such a device’s accidents can happen.

Yes, they are human, as we already write. Use them with due care can help you t avoid any damage to your dog. There is a lot of debate, and many organizations and pet-loving NGOs are against the use of dog shock collars, but training at home is only possible with shock collars. Human trainers cost a lot, and a household owner cannot bear the cost of that training. However, when these collars are misused, they can have setbacks and may affect dogs' mental health if a sick dog owner may use such a collar to enjoy inflicting pain on dogs.

No, it’s not. A shock collar cannot help you to control the aggression of your dog. It's designed to get attention and punish unwanted behavior. To control the aggression, a dog owner need to calm down the dog that is not possible with a shock collar. If you try to use it to control the aggression, then your dog becomes more aggressive due to the annoyance of being shocked.

We do not recommend to use a shock collar to repress aggression; it may result in suppression. In some cases, dogs stop barking when a shock collar is used in aggression, but that is a momentary reaction. Look for other solutions to control the aggression of your dog.

A range is available that can cost from 100$ to 250$. Well, hundreds of models are available that cost below 100$, but that collars are reasonable to use for healthy, well-behaved dogs, not for stubborn dogs. To train a stubborn dog, you need an authentic and reliable device that costs you a little higher. Links are given to make a buy-in every review. We only depend on Amazon because it's easy to return, and it's easy to place an order with them, and all of the variants are available with them.

3 Possible Disadvantages of Using a Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs

Well, every device that is made for the convenience of human being have some negative side and shock training collars for the stubborn dog too have some like:

1. Relies on negative reinforcement

This is a reason most humane animal societies do not consider it humane for dogs. But many dog owners stated that this is the only method to train the dog. It brings quick results in less time, which is the benefit that every dog owner wants. Many human-dog trainers prefer to use only positive reinforcements, such training cost more, and household dog owners do not bear that and agree to bear that.

But the good thing is that shock collars are not a punishment tool, it is only used to modify adverse behavior, and nearly all dog owners are convinced of it.

If you’re a dedicated trainer, then you can depend only on positive reinforcement. A dog owner can also use positive reinforcement and a shock collar to make training exciting for dogs and make the process speedy.

2. It can be potentially used to hurt the dogs

The optimal results can only be achieved when your dog understands why he is receiving the shock. If you want to be a self-learner and push him through shock to learn what to do and what to not, it will only be punishment for your dog. Train him, guide him to act upon your command, and for a particular task, you can get the results you want.

Without your efforts, that of the shock collar will become a punishment for your dog.

Some sick people potentially use a shock collar to punish the dog if he does something wrong. That is an inhumane practice. A dog cannot understand why he is punished until trained. The most problematic situation with the dog shock collars usually happens when they are being used for containment. Such devices are suitable for training purposes, not to use to keep the dogs contained.

You can teach a dog to respect boundaries using a shock collar, but all-time use is not safe for them. For proper fencing, you can select one of our recommended invisible fence systems.

3. It can damage the relationship

Yes, it can damage the relationship if the dog owner does not move forward step by step. It becomes dangerous, especially when your dog gets to know that you are responsible for a shock. Keep the remote hidden and only introduce a shock collar to your dog; otherwise, your dog fears you.

4 Recommendations to Make Shock Collars Safe for Dogs

The majority of dog owners agree that a shock collar is the only way to train your dog at home; it’s cost-effective and time-saving. Training a stubborn dog is hard.

Considering professional trainers who depend only on positive reinforcement costs thousands of dollars to bear for most households do owners. Here are our recommendations to make a shock collar safe for dogs:

1. Make sure the unit functions properly

Before getting into the action, you need to make sure that the unit is functioning correctly and there is no malfunction; you can use a test light. Many cheap units deliver correction on yawning or coughing. Even you buy a quality option, you need to test that shock collar first and then use it for training.

A static correction for inappropriate times can also be dangerous, so look for all possible malfunctions.

2. Use for a limited time

Only put on the collar when you have to train your dog and remove it when you finished your session. Please do not leave it on your dog’s neck. That can be harmful to dogs and can be potentially misused by kids or other family members.

3. Use for training only

It’s made for training, not for walk or fencing, prefer to use it for a specific purpose only for which it is built.

4. Train your dog

Do not use to punish it; only deliver a static correction when you are training your dog. Besides training, a static correction will not bring any result other than acting as a punishment for a dog. If you like to train your dog outdoor while enjoying sceneries then prefer to choose a Best Long Range Shock Collar for Dogs it will allow you to send commands to a much longer distance. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can choose the right product to train your dog. We recommend considering your budget and range then select anyone from the products that we discuss in detail. 

To make a list of these products, we reviewed more than 50 products and read 3000 reviews, then we reach the decision and finally select these products to share with our readers.