Can A Dog Kennel Be Too Big? (The Pros and Cons)

Can A Dog Kennel Be Too Big

It can be hard to find the perfect size of the kennel for your pup. If you get too small, it will limit their ability to move around and feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you get a too big kennel, they may not like being in there. So how do you know what size of dog kennel is best? 

Can A Dog Kennel Be Too Big? We’ll explore this question with some helpful tips on finding the right-sized pet enclosure for your canine companion!

The right size for your dog depends on how big the pup is and what they will be doing there. For example, if it’s just a shelter where they can sleep, you can go with something larger than if it’s also their play area.

For example, if dogs run around or need more room, you will need something bigger. Otherwise, if it’s just for sleeping, then a larger kennel is not needed.

If you are looking to buy an outdoor dog kennel or run that your pet can use when they are outside during the day, there are several things to consider before making a purchase.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for an outdoor dog kennel or run is the size of your pet.

If you purchase one that is too small, your pet will not be able to move around in it comfortably, resulting in them getting stressed, anxious, and even aggressive toward any other household pets they may share the enclosure with.

Larger, more open enclosures are better suited for pets that don’t mind spending a lot of time alone and will be less suitable for those who rely on the company from other household pets.

When choosing the right size enclosure, you need to measure your pet up against it before making a purchase, as an incorrect sizing choice can lead to you having to make further purchases in the future.

Before you purchase an enclosure for your pet, you need to take into consideration several things, including; what type of weather conditions will your dog be exposed to the outside of the kennel, is there enough space in your back garden for it, and how often will you be using it?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of having a big dog kennel:

Pros of Having a Big Dog Kennel

  • They are strong, and sturdy dogs are less likely to chew the kennel
  • You have more room for exercise
  • The dog can move around in it comfortably and feel at ease
  • The dog has more space to stand up on its hind legs and stretch
  • It won’t feel as small and confined
  • You can use the kennel for longer periods of time, ensuring your pet is not exposed to the elements for too long.

Cons of Big Dog Kennels

  • It is harder to heat and cool the area, which can be uncomfortable for your pup during hot and cold seasons.
  • Hard to clean and to keep it hygienic is a big challenge
  • If it is used in the rain, there is a much higher risk of your dog getting sick
  • They can be much more expensive to purchase

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Do you like the idea of having your dog kennel out in the yard or garden?

Kennel in the garden offers many advantages like :

They can protect your pet from harmful weather conditions like rain and extreme heat or cold.

Creating a home-like environment for the dog as it’s not always safe to take them outside.

They can be left in there while you go out, and they won’t feel alone and abandoned! So whether you want to give your pup some space, or you want them to get some fresh air and exercise, the kennel is a great alternative.

They can enjoy their time in there while you do whatever it is that you need to!

On the other hand, kennels also have disadvantages like :

If your dog doesn’t behave, it might start barking all day long or become very stressed.

Your dog might get bored because there is no one to play with them while you are away.

Kennel in the garden needs other people like pet sitters, friends, or family members to stay with your pup while you are not at home. This can be an additional cost for you!

Is It Bad To Put A Small Dog In A Big Crate?

This is not always true. Who says that living in a cozy environment with enough room is harmful to the dog? Our dogs are used to living in cages when we take them on a long trip or before going outside for a walk. So why do people feel the need to have a small dog crate?

A dog kennel should be comfortable for the animal. If you keep the right temperature inside the cage, there is no harm in putting a big dog inside it.

The only reason to buy a bigger crate for your medium-sized pet is that you like to have extra space that looks good in every room of your home.

This is not necessarily true. You should always keep the right temperature inside the cage, whether it’s big or small.

The only reason you would need to buy a bigger crate for your medium-sized pet is if you like having extra space that looks good in every room of your home.

How Much Room Should A Dog Have In A Kennel?

There is no fixed standard for this. You can buy a bigger or smaller dog crate according to your own needs and the size of your pet.

Do not worry about buying an extra-large dog cage because you want to keep a larger puppy. We offer our customers many sizes and types of crates to choose one according to their needs.

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Should You Get Bigger Crates Or Kennels As Your Dog Get’s Bigger?

There is no standard size for how much room your dog should have; you need to buy one that fits them well and feels comfortable.

Don’t worry about buying an overly large crate for a small puppy because they will grow into it! We offer many sizes and types of crates, so you can always find the one that best fits you and your dog!

A crate that is too large for your dog will be as detrimental as one that is too small. Dogs are den animals and need to feel safe and secure when they are in their crate.

They should not be able to move their crate around the room, but rather they should feel like it is encompassing them on all sides, similar to a den.

If it is too large, the dog will use one side for sleeping and another side to eliminate in and not feel like their space is being invaded in either spot.

The same thing occurs if the crate is too small; they may be fine when you leave the house but have difficulty holding their bladder while you are gone all day.

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