Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels That is Rich in Phenolics?

can dogs eat banana peels

Can you imagine eating a banana with peels? This sounds disgusting. So, why should we serve the same to the pet dog? The flesh of the banana is edible for the dog, while the peels deserve the trash bin. We are going to dig into deep can dogs eat banana peels?

No, dogs cannot eat banana peels. Technically seeing banana peels is not toxic for dogs, but they are hard to digest for dogs that may cause the blockage. So, dogs cannot benefit from amino acids, electrolytes, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and manganese present in the banana peels.

Banana is a fiber-rich fruit equipped with vitamin B6, B12, potassium, magnesium, and protein. At the same time, the peels are just fiber covering to protect the flesh of the fruit. In short, no, dogs cannot eat banana peels owing to the overall side effects on health.

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4. Potential Harms of Banana Peels

The banana is one of the favorite snacks of the dog. If eaten in a moderate quantity, the banana diet would have overarching benefits for the dog’s wholesome health, but the banana should be consumed peeled.

Peels of bananas have concomitant hazards; the study is also corroborated by the American Kennel Club, such as;

1. Hard To Digest

Banana peels are made up of hard fiber, and the hard covering is difficult to digest by the dog, especially mutts of smaller size. Fiber is a super hard diet for the dog. Furthermore, the dog may be caught up with constipation or diarrhea. Banana peels must be kept a mile away from the dog. 

2. May Poison the Pooch

Rotten banana peels readily collide with the dog’s blood chloride ions and produce a highly poisonous substance, KCl. Hard science apart, banana peels are hard to digest, while rotten banana peels are a handy recipe to kill dogs. Therefore, a pet-owning home should dispose of the banana peels in secure polythene covering.

3. Bad Diet

If the dog is addicted to the banana peel diet, then there are likely chances that the dog will be subjected to malnutrition. Except for fluffy fibers, banana peels are of no good. The extra fiber makes peels a hard choice for the dog’s stomach. Constant feeding of banana peels may result in a lanky dog. 

4. Yellow Peels Have Zero Nutritional Value

Banana peels have zero nutritional value for any sentient being. Peels should not be an eating choice for the puppy if banana peels get stuck in the stomach and ensued an astronomical disorder. The strong fibers would also be extracted from the dog’s body. Banana peel’s constant diet can sicken the dog.

4. Potential Side Effects of Banana Peels

The bananas you just placed on the kitchen shelf were wiped away, and the tail-wager is wagging delightedly. You must wait for one of the following symptoms for confirmation.

1. Vomiting

Banana peels are indigestible for the dog, and the only way to get away with this is immediately throwing up. The dog follows suit and starts vomiting. The vomit may last for a few minutes until the belly gets rid of yellow funk.

2. Mongrel Would be Intolerant

After consuming the banana peels, the dog would feel distressed. This happens because of stomach pain. The dog might be behaving like a mad dog. Besides, the irritable dog may be jumping incessantly or sitting in a crouched position.

3. Drubbing and Drumming of the Dog’s Heart

The gut directly controls the function of the heart of a dog. Meanwhile, when it becomes unbearable, stomach pain raises distress signals, and there are likely chances of cardiac arrest. Cardiac failure would result in instant death for the dog.

4. The Canine Would Deny Food

As the banana peels are hard to digest, so the dog rejects further intake of the dog. The already eaten peels get stuck in the bowl. The practice of denying food might result in a total loss of vigor of the dog.

4 Possible Remedies

Once the pup has eaten the banana peels and is showing signs of distress. There are a few ways to get a sigh of relief.

1. Wait and watch

More than often, the dog’s immune system resolves the yellow bottleneck on its own, thanks to the natural mechanism. You need to wait for the right time to come – poo time.

The feces might be yellowish, and these would be the signs that the stomach issue is being mitigated.

Hold your breath.

2. Try some lighter diets

Dogs must be fed lighter diets after heavy banana peel feasts. Giving heavier food might prove a drunk why for the poor soul. Boiled rice could be a top choice during these testing times.

Lighter diets would mitigate the burden on the stomach.

3. It’s Time for a Physical Acid Test

Dogs’ stomachs just work like us, the physical activities accelerate the metabolism, and the diet processes fast. As, the dog has just taken a super heavy bucket full of yellow banana peels; therefore, this is the time for some remarkable reparations.

The dog must be taken to the fields for running, jumping, and leaping. Everything will be better soon.

4. Call to the Vet

If the eaten banana peels were picked up from the trash; then, there is a likely chance of rotten potassium-filled peels.

As rotten peels result in poisoning, you must access the veterinary doctor, whether the dog shows signs or not, as soon as possible.

Viable Substitutes for Banana Peels?

Most of the pet owners have been feeding the banana peels out of neglect. Now, this article must have proved an enlightening note for naive pet owners. Bad habits die hard, so some of the viable alternatives for banana peels can be;

  • Dog banana snacks and candies can fill in the shoes of banana peels:

Synthetically processed banana snacks and candles can fill the shoes of stomach-tearing banana peels. The dog banana snacks are commercialized dog products and are processed, keeping in view all the nutritional needs. Furthermore, dog banana snacks do not disrupt the gastronomical tract and are digested within a couple of hours.

  • Try some other fruits too – kennel is not a banana republic:

Apples, blueberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and carrots are handy items to diversify the fruit basket of your fruit-loving dog as the world does not end at banana or hard banana peels. The out-of-box fruit choice would indirectly fulfill the nutritional values of the puppy. Variety is the spice of life, do include this spice into your dog’s gravy.

Dogs Can Eat Sausage; Yes, dogs can eat this human food; when it comes to alternatives to banana peels, you need human food that dogs can eat and its Sausage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dog be killed by consuming banana peels?

If the banana peels are fresh, then there is only a one percent chance of an immediate demise. Meanwhile, in the case of rotten peels, the chances enhance manifold. The rare dog deaths after eating banana peels have complex chemistry behind the curtain. The nitty-gritty is that an overdose of potassium spreads poison into the dog’s nerves, and the poison, if not treated on time, calls it a day.

My dog is adamant to eat bananas with peels?

It would help if you did not serve bananas as a major diet in the first place. A quick rule of thumb is the 90-10 rule. The rule says 90% of your pooch intake would be traditional food; while, only 10% of the diet pie should be the secondary food items, i.e., fruits. Now comes your main point, the adamant dog must be lured to other snacks such as banana biscuits and fruit snacks. The formula products might satiate the taste buds of the dog.

I have been feeding my dog with finely mashed banana peels with butter. I am flabbergasted now, what to do?

Take it easy; dog cuisine choices are different around the globe. Although not so popular in the West, some African and Asiatic regions have this dish on the dig’s menu. Well, mashed peels are quite much safer to serve in moderate quantities. Pre-eating grinding makes it easier for the dig’s stomach to process the banana peels.

Are there any dog breed that is immune to the harms of banana peels?

According to FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), a research body on dogs, there are 339 pure and interbreed dog lineages globally. There is not a single breed that is resilient against the hardness of banana peels. Almost all dog types have shown distress signals after gulping down banana peels. Furthermore, the harmful effects of banana peels are not confined to delicate dog species, but the usually considered tough breeds, i.e., an Afghan hound and Bullterrier, are also no exception.

Final Thoughts on Yellow Food

To sum up, banana peels are in no way a good eating choice for the dog owing to hard digestion, high fibers, zero nutrition, and bad potassium. All factors may result in immediate ailment or might be death.

Hopefully you query can dogs eat banana peels? is well dressed.

There are a lot of dainty foods in Zeus’ horn of plenty, do look at there for the wellbeing of your pooch.

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