10 Reasons Dogs Can Eat Collard Greens (Cooked, Raw, Canned Collard)

Collard greens the leafy vegetable grown for their large, dark-colored, edible leaves as a garden ornamental. It is grown mainly in the united states, Africa, Bosnia, Portugal, India, and northern Spain. Most dogs like this leafy vegetable as part of their daily diet because it comes with minerals and vitamins and plenty of fiber supporting good health and nutrition.

Can dogs eat collard greens? It is a real myth because people only discuss the disadvantages. But on the flip side, it offers a lot of benefits that you can get for your pooch while including collard green in your pooches’ diet regularly. Most vegetables that are good for humans are suitable for dogs too, and it is also on the list. It is not toxic and offers a lot of benefits, which we discuss here.

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Facts of Collard Greens, Chopped, Cooked

1.00 cup
190.00 grams
Calories: 63
GI: very low

10 Reasons Dogs can Eat Collard Greens

      1. Nutrition
      2. Detox
      3. Cancer Prevention
      4. Healthy Bones
      5. Digestion
      6. Anemia Prevention
      7. Prevent Heart Disease
      8. Provide Healthy Coat
      9. Anti-Aging
      10. Improve Mood (Calming)

1. Nutrition

Collard green is a nutritious green food that is full of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. One cup of collard greed contains

      • Vitamin K (386mg)
      • Folate (177mg)
      • Vitamin B6 (0.2mg)
      • Vitamin W (1.7mg)
      • Protein (4g)
      • Dietary fiber (5g)  
      • Riboflavin (0.2mg)
      • Thiamine (0.1mg)
      • Niacin (1.1mg)

Vitamin A and C are also available in good quantities; this food is an excellent way to add nutrition to your dog’s diet. In ordinary food, you need to add above listed things through a supplement, but you can have them from a single source through the greed collard. It supports cell regeneration because of its best nutrition combination. This reason is a true answer to Can dogs eat collard greens.

2. Detox

Collard green is an excellent detoxifier. It contains sulfur compounds and glucosinolates. These two are considered liver cleaners and performed well in all situations and ages. It eliminates toxins from your dog’s body and keeps him healthy. Glucosinolates activate and regulate the enzymes and also helpful in protecting the DNA from attaching free radicals. It detoxifies harmful chemicals from your pooches’ body and very useful to keep your dog healthy.

3. Cancer Prevention

The most chronic disease for your pooch is cancer, but when you add food to a daily routine that can help avoid cancer, your dog can live a healthy life. Prevention is better than cure, and you can do it while feeding collard greed to your pooch. Collard greed right green leafy food can prevent cell damage and the best way to kill cancerous cells.

Vitamin C from the collard greed helps fight oxidative damage, and a half cup daily is enough to provide the required vitamin c to your dog.

4. Healthy Bones

Dogs are athletes by nature, and they need strong bones to perform their day-to-day duties, which is why we recommend collard greed for your dog. It contains vitamin K, which is useful in strengthening bones. It covers the required daily dosage of vitamin K. So when you are feeding vitamin K to your dog, that means you are providing him the vitamin K that he needs daily. Vitamin K also reduces the fracture rate, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Digestion

Bad digestion is a cause of many diseases, and this is the reason a vet recommends keeping your dog’s digestion system healthy by feeding him a balanced diet. Collard greed contains the required quantity of dietary fiber that will regulate and improve the digestion of your dog. Many vets are in the view that irritable bowel can be treated by feeding collard greed. It also prevents lacer and cures leaky gut that helps the body only allow friendly items to pass into the stomach’s body. It becomes possible with vitamin c.

On the other side, this leafy green vegetable contains glucoraphanin that is known to protect the lining and prevent non-friendly bacterial growth; in the end, it protects from infections.

6. Anemia Prevention

Collard greed is a rich source of iron and folate; here, it is worth mentioning that folate helps absorb the iron that results in more red cells. It balances the hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

7. Prevent Heart Disease

Green collard contains the soluble fiber that removes the LDL cholesterol, while at the same time, it did not reduce the good cholesterol in the body that helps to stay healthy and prevent heart diseases. We all know well excessive cholesterol is a cause of many heart problems, and this leafy vegetable is a solution to them.

8. Provide Healthy Coat

It is a food that provides a healthy coat because it contains Vitamin E, protein, and iron that are supportive towards long, think, and shiny coat. It is helpful to build the shaft of the hairs, and it also reduces damage in strands.

9. Anti-Aging

Green collard is a rich source of antioxidants that create a barrier between the body and free radicals that prevent aging. A dog who eats green collard remains active for a much longer time, and playful nature keeps the owner engaged.  

10. Improve Mood (Calming)

It is also known to improve mood because it helps to revitalize the sore muscles. A proper diet for depressed dogs.

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Other Considerations

Greens on The Menu

Well, until now, you explore all the benefits and answer of, can dogs eat collard greens? It is the same green vegetable that you enjoy, and you can share it with your pooch. 

It is safe to feed your dog. Just keep the portion small and prefer to feed in a cooked form.

How to Cook Collard Greens?

Raw vegetables can upset your dog’s stomach, so it better feed them in cooked form, maybe a semi-cooked form. Pure green in greed is not suitable for dogs because nowadays dogs are not carnivorous, occasionally it may not disturb the stomach, but when you feed regularly, it will invite some health issues. 

You may include the agreed collar along with other vegetables, and along with while adding some fish oil, to make it best, we recommend adding some chicken and mix your homemade food with the commercial feed.

How to feed collard greens to your four-legged friend?

Do not feed more than a half cup at a single time and two maximum services per day. When you cook it at home, you can serve it alone but mixing it with other foods like dry kibble make the dry kibble tastier, and your dog will love to eat the mixture. You can also offer it as a treat.

What to avoid?

Do not feel collard greens if you think that your pooch is not ok with it; it might happen when he is not comfortable with the quantity, so as a first step, you may reduce the volume and keep feeding for some more days. 

Most dogs love this food, but that did not mean you increase the feeding quantity. Just stay with the rule and prefer to keep an eye on the unusual thing.

How it is harmful?

Collard Greens are packed with minerals and vitamins, but they also contain calcium oxalate that can lead to bladder and kidney stones over time. It’s not fatal but painful. At first, if your dog is suffering from any kidney or bladder issue, avoid feeding collard green to your dog.

If you feed it to a healthy dog as advised, then there will be no health issue.

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Final Thoughts

Here we cover all the aspects in response to can dogs eat collard greens? But still, if you think it can disturb your pooch’s stomach and invite some health issue, then start feeding in less quantity. Instead of feeding supplements, if you feed collard greens to your dog, you can get better results. We recommend it for your dog, and it will bring many positive benefits. 

If you have any questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to ask us in the comments.