Can Dogs Eat Eggplants the King of Nutrition?

can dogs eat eggplants

As humans, we love eggplants, and we know they are very nutritious, but the question is, can your dogs eat eggplants?

Yes, dogs can eat Eggplants, vitamin, and mineral-rich food. Dogs can eat raw eggplants, grilled, roasted, or baked like most roasted ones. Either plain or cooked, eggplants are beneficial for their digestion, teeth, bones, and overall health.

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Nutritional Facts of Eggplants

Eggplants have different names; they are Guinea Squash, Garden egg, Aubergine, or even Melongene. The regular name of eggplants originated in North America because of its egg-like resemblance and vibrant purple color. 

As far as the nutritional value of eggplants is concerned, then it is highly nutritious. Eggplant is a fantastic blend of beneficial minerals and vitamins. Sometimes, it is also called the king of Nutrition. It has so many precious ingredients that are beneficial for humans and dogs.

100 gram of Eggplants contains the following nutrition:

  • 0.82 grams of Protein
  • 0.23 grams of Fat
  • 35 Calories
  • 8.64 grams of Carbohydrates ( 3.17 grams are Sugars)
  • 188 milligrams of Potassium
  • 2.5 grams of Dietary Fiber
  • 6 milligrams of Calcium
  • 0.12 milligrams of Zinc
  • 1 milligram of Sodium
  • 0.25 milligrams of Iron
  • 1.3 milligrams of Vitamin C
  • 15 milligrams of Phosphorus
  • 11 milligrams of Magnesium
  • 85 micrograms of Vitamin B6
  • 14 micrograms of Folate
  • 2.9 micrograms of Vitamin K

3 Advantages of Eggplansts for Dogs?

Anything nutritious for your dog can be an excellent food for your feline friend. There are certain benefits of giving your dog an eggplant every week. We have already broken down the different components of eggplant, and we realized how nutritious it could be.

  • Good For Digestion: Eggplant is an ideal food for your dog if it has some stomach issues. Let’s say that your dog is unable to digest properly. Giving an eggplant every week will ensure that its stomach is clear of toxins that must be present to hurdle the smooth flow of digestion. A single eggplant contains a considerable amount of fiber that is too good for the digestion of your feline friend.
  • A Gift for Obese Dogs: Sometimes, we love our puppies so much that we restrict their movement. We like them sitting by our side so we can look at them in adoration. Such adoration can result in an obese dog. If you have an overweight dog, then you should give it an eggplant weekly. Because it contains fiber, potassium, and phytonutrients, it will help your dog lose weight.
  • Good for the Teeth: With time, the teeth of a dog deteriorate. The rough texture of eggplant is beneficial for your dog because it helps the plague to come off.

When your dog is new to eggplants, then do not take a quick start. First, offer him a reduced quantity and check his routine and health for a day, if all remain good. You can increase the quantity, but we suggest staying limited, like a maximum of one eggplant a day is enough for your dog. 

When to Avoid Feeding Eggplants

Not every dog ages well; sometimes, when a dog is aging, it gets into many issues, like kidney or arthritis.

Dogs Having Kidney Problems: The four-legged friends suffering from kidney problems cannot consume eggplants. It would help if you remembered that eggplants contain oxalates. Oxalates are capable of blocking the absorption of calcium in the bloodstream. This way, calcium will have only one way to make its place. It can turn into kidney or bladder stones. 

If the dog already has kidney problems, then it is foolish to feed eggplants to it. This vegetable will secrete oxalate in the dog’s bloodstream and contribute to making a huge kidney stone. In this situation where the dog has kidney problems, an eggplant can be as dangerous as beetroot, kale, or even spinach.

Dog with Arthritis: Eggplants are fatal for dogs with arthritis. Let’s say that your dog is suffering from arthritis. In this situation, if you feed it an eggplant, then it will have inflammatory effects. This effect will further deteriorate the health of your dog.

When the dog is aging, it is always a good idea to stop feeding it and eggplants. Also, it would help if you remembered that eggplant could only be given in moderation. You cannot possibly feed your dog an eggplant as a meal.

Organic Eggplants or Artificial What is best for Dogs?

It is quite possible that your dog may not like the taste of eggplant. Keeping in mind the effectiveness of this vegetable it is imperative to keep feeding it to your dog in small portions.

when you see that the dog is throwing tantrums then you can promise it a treat afterward. This is the best way to reinforce your dog to get the feeling of it.

How to Feed Your Dog With Eggplant

The thoroughly cooked. Only prefer to feed the eggplants that are thoroughly cooked either grilled them, baked them, or roast them, make sure they are cooked well so your canine can easily digest it. 

Some experts believe that the cooking process destroys the nutritional components of eggplants; it’s a fact, but cooking makes this food easy to digest compared to raw eggplants. You can cook it anyway but avoid frying eggplants because that will add additional fat and oil to eggplants. 

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Do Eggplants Cause Allergic Reaction to Dogs?

Well, any new food can cause allergies to dogs; when you are feeding a new food, you need to monitor your dog for the first two to three days to make sure it’s safe for your dog. When your dog is allergic to other food, that is not a signal he cannot eat eggplants. Obviously, if you know a pet is atopic (meaning hypersensitive), then eggplant is off-limits.

An allergic reaction in response to eggplants can cause diarrhea and other diseases like:

  • Vomiting
  • Itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches

There is a possibility for your dog to have allergic reactions when there is an excess in the consumption of an eggplant. In this scenario, the dog can vomit or have severe stomach issues. It is always the best idea to take your dog to a vet in case its situation deteriorates.

In case the situation is not worse, then keep your dog hydrated.

Do Dogs Like Taste of Eggplants?

It is quite possible that your dog may not like the taste of eggplant. Keeping in mind the effectiveness of this vegetable it is imperative to keep feeding it to your dog in small portions.

when you see that the dog is throwing tantrums then you can promise it a treat afterward. This is the best way to reinforce your dog to get the feeling of it.


A healthy dog can eat eggplant without having any issues. It is entirely safe to feed your dog an eggplant as long as it is cooked to perfection.

Eggplants are neither poisonous nor toxic. We have discussed the situation where it may not be a good idea to feed your dog this vegetable. When the dog is perfectly healthy, there is no harm in feeding a small amount of this nutritious vegetable that will provide support to his digestion system and overall health.

If you still feel conscious about a dog’s health, then it is always a good idea to get the vet’s advice.

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