Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos (Red or Green)?

can dogs eat jalapenos

As humans, we are so much into our dogs. Sometimes we love our dogs so much that we cannot help believing as if they can consume whatever we do. Humans can consume spicy food, but when dogs are concerned, they simply cannot. It would help if you remembered that the digestive system is designed to consume only bland food. Anything spicy can create considerable havoc in your fluffy friend’s digestive tract. We are going to look factually either. Can dogs eat jalapenos?

As far as the question is concerned, can dogs eat jalapenos? No, they cannot, and to answer why not. Let’s delve into the topic.

There are a lot of things in common between our dogs and us. We both love eating spicy food. But the anatomical system of a dog is very different from that of humans. For example, we have 9000 taste buds on our tongue while the dog has only 1700. In the same way, a dog’s gastronomical tract is feeble and conforms with approved diets. The shrewd sensations of the dog have overcome the loss of taste. The dog likes what smells right.

Although jalapenos are not toxic like chocolate and sugar, these can still harm the functions of the gastronomical tract.

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Empirical Evidence

The dog has fragile taste buds. The meat does smell alluding to it, but it cannot distinguish between chicken or mutton and more simply cannot between the raw or processed chicken. This proves that the dog tends to eat what allures its nose but not its nose.

The dog has a well-built sensory system gifted by nature, and a dog can easily discern the harm and good of a food item. You may verify the jalapenos status with a quick short social experiment.

Throw away the jalapenos to a dog who had never been fed with peppers in puppy-hood.

90% of dogs will never go for it because of natural harm. Only a handful of greedy dogs would swallow jalapenos. This gives us empirical evidence that jalapenos are not designed for dogs.

Some dogs may handle jalapenos, but it is an if-else situation, and you can and should not make your beloved pet a scapegoat.

What is Jalapeno?

Jalapenos, also known as Pico de gallo or guacamole, are medium-sized peppers from Mexico, now grown almost worldwide. Jalapenos belong to the herb group Capsicum Annuum. The Jalapenos have peppercorns from red to green in color. The pepper has a spicy flavor and perceives good for human health. Although for dogs, jalapenos are harmful and disturb the gastronomical tract. Raw jalapeno contains calories, fiber, protein, vitamin A, C, K, B, potassium, and folate.

The word jalapeno is derived from the Spanish word Jalapa which is a place in Mexico.

Why Should it Not Be Eaten by Dogs?

The spicy food leads to a variety of duration related complications such as;

  • Digestive distress – Anything that is too spicy will wreak considerable havoc on the digestive system. Jalapenos are harmful because dogs can not digest them.
  • Loss of appetite – because of jalapenos’ spicy nature, this particular food can lead to a loss of appetite in dogs.
  • Vomiting – dogs have difficulty digesting jalapenos, and they may vomit tirelessly after consumption.

Other possible distances include

  • Diarrhea
  • Ulcer and gastritis
  • Flatulence
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive thrust

Although there are no verifiable instances of a dog’s demise after consuming the jalapenos, you still have to be away from the grey area.

Precautions to be Taken

  • Our dogs love to have the food which we eat regardless of its lopsidedness. It is also difficult to keep the dog away from kitchens, bins, gardens, and other house places. You may adopt some more natural ways by not addicting the dog to spicy food in the first place.
  • A dog can be trained in this regard by hiring a professional dog trainer. This is recommended for stubborn dogs.

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How to Know if a Dog Had Jalapeno

It’s not always possible to keep a fur baby under your eagle eye radar. The dog hangs out into inner rooms, garbage bins, kitchens, gardens, and even bedrooms. So if the dog has been close to the jalapenos and is showing such symptoms, then it is the possibility that the spice has consumed the dog without your notice.

Here are some of the symptoms that will help you consider that your dog has indeed consumed jalapenos.

  • The dog becomes thirsty, drinks plenty of water to satiate the thrust.
  • The dog starts eating grass; the inner physician of the dog comes out.

More than any symptom, an owner knows his pet more than himself. This is the crux of the behavior observation mechanism. In short, as soon as you become aware of something going wrong, without jumping to the conclusion, take the immediate precautionary step.

What Happens When the Dog Consumes Jalapenos?

Jalapenos are super spicy, and a single morsel can throw up the digestive system. The tongue and lips of the dog can be burnt because of the intensity.

A dog’s feeble digestive system cannot process this super spicy food and comes across distress. Dogs can suffer the mentioned above distresses in isolation or all at once. The frequency can also be long or short-term.

If your dog has consumed the jalapenos, then firstly, you should observe the behavior keenly. If the effects are lower and a mild digestive problem is seen, let the menace out in excretion and never feed the dog with jalapenos. It is better to feed the dog with little doses of cold water to mitigate the spices’ intensity.

Secondly, if more severe symptoms are reported, then you must immediately report to the vet. The experienced veterinary doctor will decide what to do next.

Fortunately, if no detrimental effect arises, you should still consider healing and soothing the dog’s stomach. Canned pumpkin can be a good choice.

Is There any Alternative of jalapenos?

In case your dog is an adamant spice lover and does not care about the, again and again, digestive disturbance. As a responsible pet owner, you should look into the alternatives. And the best substitute food could be bell pepper. Bell peppers are sweet peppers, less spicy, and processed by the dog’s digestive system.

Paprika is also a sweet pepper, which can be used as a potential substitute to red hot jalapeno.

There are plenty of delicious foods and vegetables available, rich in nutrition to benign. As a pet parent, you may select any from a given wide range.

Not only jalapenos but also all the spicy cuisines should also be left out of the dog’s menu. Instead, it would help if you fed the pets with minerals, good fats, vitamins, nutrients, and proteins.

Some Confusing Jalapeno Variants

Remember, jalapeno chips are in no way an alternative to jalapenos. The chips have the same hazardous effects as the jalapenos themselves have. Just focus on substance rather than name.

Jalapeno pickle is the preserved variant of jalapeno, and you should treat it as fresh jalapeno. Jalapeno pickle is equipped with all the disastrous potency of fresh jalapenos.


The conclusion comes to the straightforward answer that jalapenos are a bad eating choice. Jalapenos will not prove any good for your dog. Dogs may not die of jalapenos but can be gone through an adamant time, both for the owner and pet.

The attached health complications include vomiting, diarrhea, spasms, and gastronomical tract infections. Nonetheless, it may have some positive aspects of human health. But for dogs, keep jalapenos a mile away.

There are many healthier alternative items to jalapenos available in the market; you should try this. This is a good strategy keeping in mind the feeble taste system of a dog. Parsley, pumpkin, and fresh fruits are healthier and rich in nutrients.

There are many variants of jalapeno are also available in the market like jalapeno chips and pickle.

These variants have the same detrimental effects on the dog’s body as jalapeno itself has, only the name is changed. It would help if you avoided these variants too, regardless of their publicity due to capitalism’s intrinsic nature.

If intentionally or unintentionally, the dogs have been fed by Jalapenos, you should first apply home remedies. If the situation deteriorates, then try reaching the veterinary doctor. You may also find better, mentioned in the blog, alternatives for the jalapenos. Try them and have a nice man-dog comradeship.

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