Can Dogs Eat Mcdonald’s

can dogs eat mcdonalds

Can dogs eat McDonald’s? Imagine – it is the middle of the night and that midnight deal of McDonald’s that offers a big Mac crispy along with fries and a cold drink that keeps on crossing your mind. You finally give in to the temptation and order it to satiate your hunger pangs.  

When the food arrives, you put on your favorite Netflix show and start eating, but suddenly you notice two innocent eyes and a mouth drooling over your food from a distance. That creature whose mouth got filled with water after seeing your McDonald’s is no one else but your dog.

You have this irresistible craving to share your food with your little pet, but WAIT!!! Before deciding the heat of the moment, don’t you think that you must do thorough research on whether the McDonald’s that you find so delicious is suitable for your dog or not??? Let us give you an answer in the most straightforward manner!! No, you cannot feed your dog McDonald’s at all.

There is not just one but fair enough reason that makes McDonald’s the worst possible choice for your dog. However, when it comes to a dog’s diet, you must stay focused as it cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

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What is Toxic About McDonald’s

Most pet owners think it is alright to feed their dogs McDonald’s as the main ingredient used in making the products is meat, but the reality is otherwise. Just because it is meat does not mean that you can give it to your dog whenever you like it.

Although meat like chicken, fish, or beef is the main ingredient, many other ingredients are extremely toxic for your little pet.

McDonald’s is the primary source of junk food, and junk food is even harmful to human beings.

How can you expect something to be healthy for your dog if it is not healthy for you??

What Ingredients Make McDonald’s so Toxic for Your Dog??

Although meat is a good source of nutrition for your dog, the meat used in McDonald’s is processed meat that does not carry any nutritional value. McDonald’s can be a meal with a tiny bit of nutrition for humans, but it is not for dogs.

Other than that, there are a lot of different ingredients that are used in the making of McDonald’s, which can be fatal to your dog’s health. 

  • Salt- The main ingredient without which none of the McDonald’s deals can be prepared is salt, leading to sodium iron poisoning in dogs. The salt used to add taste to a man’s food can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and even severe seizure attacks on your dog. Salt poisoning is very real in dogs, and once they consume it, it may be hard for you to get it out of their system.
  • Fats- McDonald’s is a world of fatty foods, and in this world, dogs are not allowed to enter as fatty foods can be a life-threatening agent for your dog. The worst thing that fatty foods can do to your dog has inflamed its pancreas and even damage the intestine. In addition to pancreatitis, fatty foods also contribute to appetite loss, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, and fever in dogs.
  • Onions- Onions are, in a way, a man’s best friend but a dog’s worst enemy as it contains a compound called N-propyl disulfides that can lead to anemia in dogs. At times, anemia can be fatal to dogs. The oxidative properties of dogs’ red blood cells are compromised because of anemia, leading to death.
  • Dairy products- Another evil residing in McDonald’s menu is the sweet dairy products. You may think that dairy is suitable for your pet, but it is a significant diarrhea source. Also, the sugar present in these products cannot be digested by your pet and can become a significant source of obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes for them.
  • Sauces- Let’s not forget the spices that are used in the making of McDonald’s. Because of the added sugars and salts, they can be equally harmful to your sweet little pet, so it’s better to keep them away from your pet.

Health Issues McDonald Can Cause to Your Dog

The list of health issues can be quite long as McDonald’s consists of various ingredients that can be deadly for your little pet.

  •  Pancreatic –  is one of the significant health concerns that McDonald’s can cause to your little pet. McDonald’s meal can trigger an innocent pancreas in your dog that eventually proves fatal.
  • McDonald’s meals can also trigger anemia – which is caused by the destruction of red blood cells. So if you plan to share your Mac and fries with your dog, maybe you need to think once again.
  • An upset stomach – is the first thing a dog gets after consuming junk food like McDonald’s.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting – go hand in hand to haunt your pet because of McDonald’s.
  • Inflammation – Let’s not forget about the spike in temperature, which can be caused due to the irritation caused by an upset stomach.
  • Seizures – can also take place in the most extreme cases.

How Much McDonald’s Can a Dog Eat?

Giving a bite out of your hamburger or sharing a fry from a bucket of your loaded fries will not cause any harm to your dog’s health, but it is preferable not to give them any of it. Because if you do this, they will hope for another one, and it will break their hearts if you refuse to do so. Better safe than sorry!

To keep your dog on the safe side, it is essential to keep some treats handy, so by the time you eat McDonald’s, you can share the treats with your dog.

Remedies to Excessive McDonald’s Eating

It would help if you were always careful when it comes to food in front of your dog as dogs are greedy, and they tend to feel hunger pangs as soon as they see something appetizing. 

If they accidentally consume too much of McDonald’s, they will surely get an upset stomach. An upset stomach will eventually lead to vomiting, which can be a good thing as their stomach will automatically or naturally throw away all the harmful ingredients out of their bodies. 

That is why you do not have to worry about it that much. However, if they do not show any signs of improvement within 24 hours, it is best to take them to a vet.

Alternative to McDonald’s for Your Dog

There is not alternative to McDonald’s for dogs, as fatty foods are strictly prohibited for them. However, if they insist, you can wash off the hamburger patty and feed it to them, but then again, it will still have the essence of the ingredients in which they are harmful.

Instead, you can boil some chicken at home without any added salt or garlic and feed them. They will love it for sure!

Also, you can keep some dog treats with you for all such occasions. In case you are having McDonald’s and your dog is asking for a bite, you can always share the treat. Dogs won’t be able to tell the difference, and things will be easy breezy.

Final Verdict

From excessive salt to a pool of sauces, from highly processed meat to the abundance of fatty foods, from blood-sucking onions to various other ingredients, McDonald’s contains everything that can prove to be deadly for your dog.

No matter how delicious or scrumptious those burgers and fries may appear to be, once they enter your dog’s stomach, they will make sure to destroy it in the worst possible way.

They are more like a curse in disguise that must be avoided at all costs. A bite of a burger once in a while won’t hurt your pet, but it is best not to take any risks as it is a matter of your pet’s life.

Also, if consumed accidentally, then head over to the vet to avoid the worst possible circumstances. 

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