Can Dogs Eat Plantains The Cooking Bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Plantains

We share proximity with dogs, but that does not mean that we can give them what we consume. Our eating habits are different from dogs, and we should always be careful in terms of feeding.

Yes, dogs can consume plantains in moderation because there is nothing toxic in it, and it is rich in vitamins and fiber. However, it would be best if you remembered that you shouldn’t overindulge your dog in eating plantains because they may be harmful to your pet.

The stomach of a dog is far less sensitive than the stomach of a man. When it comes to feeding your dog anything, extreme caution is advised. During your dog’s training, you can use plantains as treats, either semi-cooked or as ingredients with other foods. 

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Where are Plantains and are they Good for Dogs?

People call plantains with many other names. They are often called cooking bananas or even vegetable bananas. Most people confuse plantains with bananas, but they are different.

  • Difference Between Bananas And Plantains – Though plantains belong to a banana family, it has a different flavor and usage. Same as bananas, plantains originated from Southeast Asia, but now they are available worldwide. Typically they are even larger than bananas and are mostly green in color.

The significant difference between plantain and bananas is that plantations are low in starch, and bananas are high in sugar. Also, plantains have thicker skin than Bananas.

Good for Dogs or Not?

Now the question is, do plantains have any nutritional value for your canine friend? The answer is definitely yes, but there is a condition.

To feed your dog plantain, the condition is to boil and cook it decently. It is also imperative to free plantain from any artificial syrup, sugar, or flavor, so it does not provide any hurdle indigestion.

Raw Plantains should never be given to a dog because it will slow down metabolism and causes extremes to your pet.

Health benefits of plantains for dogs?

It would help if you remembered that plantains and bananas are different from each other, therefore do not commit the mistake of giving bananas to your dog in the place of plantains.

As bananas are rich in sugar, they will create a hassle for the digestion of your pet. On the other hand, plantains are low in starch and have many health benefits.

Let us explore the many benefits of giving plantains to your dog.

  • Helps maintain the proper weight – Let’s say that your dog is obese, and you have tried every remedy on the earth to make it lose extra fat. Ironically, when every other thing goes in vain, then you can always depend on plantain. The low amount of starch in plantain can help maintain the proper weight for your dog.
  • Good Source of Fiber – Fibre can be extremely beneficial for your dog because it accelerates metabolism. The good news is that by feeding your dog the right amount of plantain, you can provide it with a rich source of fiber. However, you should remember that it should never consume the plantain’s peel. Consuming the plantain’s skin would mean consuming something too fibrous for its proper digestion.
  • Improves health and vitality – The good news is that plantains are rich in vitamins. These vitamins can improve a dog’s health and life, which is why it is imperative to feed your dog plantain from time to time in moderation.
  • Inflammatory and antibacterial qualities – As dogs age, they are likely to get affected by different ailments. These diseases can cause extreme inflammation. The best part about plantains is that they have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties will help your dog fight different diseases properly.
  • Boosts the immune system – Ironically, dogs get a lot into digestive troubles; therefore, dogs must have a robust immune system. There are very few foods available for dogs that have the capability of boosting the Immune system of your pet. The favorable news about plantain is that it has all the necessary vitamins that can boost your dog’s immune system and help it fight off certain diseases in an effective manner.
  • Shiny Coat – The trick is to keep giving plantains to your dog in moderation to have it shiny eyes and a healthy fur coat. In most of the scenarios, plantain can even rid your pet of skin diseases.

How Should You Give Plantains to Your Dog?

Some people even go to the length of thinking about replacing the entire meal with plantains. Well, it is never a good idea. You should never give plantains to your dog as a full-fledged meal because then it would be too fibrous for it to digest.

The best way to give plantains to your dog is by giving it as a treat, and that’s only once a while.

However, you must remember that if a dog starts sniffing or smelling the plantains, then this means it is uninterested in this food. If this happens, avoid thinking about plantains.

Besides making sure that you are giving this food to your dog as an appetizer, keep in mind that it should always be boiled or cooked perfectly.

How much? For older or aging puppies, one bite is more than enough. For medium or small puppies, half a plantain is best.

Disadvantages of Feeding too Many Plantains to a Dog

Not every food is appropriate for your dog to consume. Even the beneficial foods for the dog can be hazardous for its health if given in excess. The following are a few of the disadvantages of excess plantains.

  • High Level of cholesterol: When fed in abundance, plantains can increase your dog’s cholesterol levels. A high level of cholesterol means congestion of arteries that is not good for your dog because it can impact the heart. 
  • Weight gain: Too much plantain can lead to weight gain, which can further cause issues related to obesity. An obese dog is prone to many ailments; therefore, the excessive amount of plantain is not advised. Ensure you are always giving plantains to a dog in moderation so it doesn’t get into obesity or heart diseases. 
  • Loose Motions – You must remember that the stomach of a dog is the most sensitive part of its body, and it cannot tolerate the excess of any food. Dog’s stomach may not be able to accept too much plantain, which will eventually disturb the proper working of its digestion. Excessive amounts may lead to vomiting and lose motions.
  • Irritability – Dogs are likely to throw a lot of tantrums when their stomach is disturbed. If you feed too much plantain to your dog, it will destroy the stomach’s functioning that will lead to irritability and mood swings. In specific scenarios, a dog can even bark at you if its stomach is disturbed enough.
  • Vomiting – Too much plantain will disturb the stomach and bowel movement of a dog. This will leads to vomiting and increased thirst. Because lots of fluid will be lost through vomiting so the dog will feel thirsty over and over again, excess of this food may also lead to excessive urination.
  • Tremors – Dogs are susceptible, and they have no idea what to do in extreme situations. An excessive amount of plantain may result in vomiting, excessive urination, or even tremors before sleep. Therefore, you must remember that you should always feed your dog plantains in moderation. There should never be an excess.

Remedies to Excessive Plantains Eating for Dogs

Dogs are naughty, and they sneak around to take an extra bite of plantain when they shouldn’t. We have already discussed the possible overeating plantain symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, an upset stomach, and excessive urination.

In case of these symptoms, make sure that you keep the pet hydrated. Proper hydration will not only keep the dog in the senses, but it will also help it to stabilize its stomach.

A pat on the back never goes in vain because this way, the dog will know that someone is with it in the time of trouble. In case the health of the dog deteriorates beyond comprehension, then a vet is the last resort. 

Also, make sure that you do not inject your dog with any medicine on your own.


Dogs are our coolest friends, and they live all their life. Our moral responsibility is to make sure that we are feeding them things that are healthy for their stomach. No harmful ingredient is present in plantains, and therefore, it is entirely safe to give this food to your pet.

However, moderation is the key because an excessive amount of plantain will make the dog sick and uncomfortable.

Plantains contain low starch and rich vitamins. When given in moderation, this food is very beneficial for the overall health of your dog.