Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds the Tiny, Kidney-Shaped Seeds?

can dogs eat poppy seeds

You must have heard the urban legend of people being convicted of marijuana consumption. Nevertheless, they have never been addicted to it. The unfortunate souls land in this trouble owing to poppy seeds’ mistaken consumption of common food items, i.e., bagel, muffin, or pastry. Today we are going to discuss dogs that can eat poppy seeds?

Poppyseed consumption for dogs had been a contentious topic for decades; until an independent research body, “The American Society for Cruelty Prevention of Animals,” pronounced the well-grounded verdict and declared poppy seeds a toxic food; for the dog.” Surrounding facts also corroborate this theory, and it can be surmised that dogs cannot eat poppy seeds. Moreover, it’s in raw form and as a secondary inclusion, as a taste booster, in bakery items.

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What are poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds belong to the Papaver genus. The plants under this genus possess a complete, bowl-shaped flower that exhibits many shapes. The poppy is recognizable owing to its bright red hue. Each species of the poppy are toxic for your dog, and prolonged-time consumption or first-time consumption in greater quantity could jolt the nervous system of the delicate pooch.

Let’s sneak into the reasons that make poppy seeds hazardous for the pup.

What Makes the Poppy Seeds Out-of-Bound for the Dog?

The following noxious factors make poppy seeds a lousy eating choice for dogs;

Poppy Contains Low Level of Opium

Who can deny the disastrous tendencies of opium? This herb comes under the narcotics domain in many countries as opium is an artificial nerve stimulator. It is a widely used item in the production of morphine.

In the long run, the constant feeding of opium breaks the nervous system of the dog down. The dog may have gone through epilepsy or involuntary spasms. Besides, the dog can become mad.

Poppy Seeds are Poisonous

Every 1000th grain of the poppy seeds contains poisonous effects. Instant death can occur in case of exposure to the toxic type of poppy seeds. Furthermore, there is no scientific tool to sift out the bad grain from the harmless one, and this practice is practically impossible owing to time and resource constraints.

Long time hazardous effects apart, a single poisonous seed would rip your dog once and for all.  

Excessive Alkaloids

Hard chemistry apart, an excessive dose of the alkaloids present in the poppy seeds, could rip the dog’s brain off. Alkaloids are disastrous for the cognitive tendencies of the dog. The sage dog might turn into a mad one after having the poppy seeds. 

Poppy Seeds are Sedative

If your dog is lazy and indifferent to life activities, you must look into the eating habits. Poppy seeds are highly sedatives, and the poppy eating dog is usually found in kennel nooks and crannies. The dog would not partake in training sessions, and intelligent breeds would behave foolishly.

Poppy Seeds Reduce the Right Half of the Dog

Like humans, dogs also have two different sides of the personality. Although the dog’s personality trait varies from instinct to exposure, on the whole, the dog is a loyal and obedient pet.

Poppyseed addiction cuts down the good inner half of the dog, and the dog starts behaving aggressively and depicts an unbecoming persona of the pet dog.

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How to Know Dog Consumed Poppy Seeds?

If the dog has been to the poppy seeds’ storage and is now exhibiting one of the following symptoms, it means the damage has been done to the little fur baby.

The Dog Trembles Incessantly

Poppy’s first target is the dog’s nervous system, and when the nerves are being disturbed, the dog experiences trembling and shaking. It would feel as if the dog is experiencing extreme cold or looming fear.

This trembling and shaking would not be stopped by wrapping the dog under thick covers as the reason lies deep inside.

Sedation Effect

The sedation effect of poppy seeds is not negligible. After consuming the poppy seeds, the dog behaves lethargic and indifferent. Besides, the dog remains dull and irritant throughout the day. The dog would shake the heavens if they tried to disturb the serene slumber.

Unnecessary Barking

Poppy-consumed dogs may behave aggressively and pinpoint strangers and acquaintances alike. The dog might chase and stalk the passersby. This indicates that the dog is high on marijuana.

Dimming Heartbeat

After the consumption of poppy seeds, the dog may experience a slow heartbeat rate. This happens because of low blood pressure and a debilitating nervous system. A slow heartbeat is a warning sign and leads towards demise. 

Comma or Instant Death

The worst-case scenario for a poppy-consumed dog is to experience comma or instant death. Very few dogs return from the comma stage as heartrending pet owners opt for mercy killing instead.

Apart from some of these major conditions, the dog could also come across ataxia, depression, and extreme weaknesses. All these states have long-lasting debilitating effects on the dog’s health.

Remedies to Stablize the Condition of Dogs

Suppose the dog has consumed the poppy seeds and is now experiencing the trauma of opium onslaught. You are left with two possible remedies to help out the poor soul in distress.

Home Remedy

Suppose the amount of poppy seeds consumed is not much far. You must bear in mind the poppy gauge as 0.5-10 micrograms of morphine is available in each gram of poppy seeds. Besides, if the dog is not exhibiting discerning symptoms, you may let the immune system deal with this menace independently.

The excruciating experience might grind down with time, and the dog would come out of the deep dark shadows of the opium.

Nonetheless, in the future, you must keep the poppy seeds a mile away from the dog’s reach as it would be addictive to this sweat whammy.

Rush to the Veterinary Doctor

If the warning symptoms are stark, the dog seems in trouble. It would help if you rushed to the veteran vet. Then the vet would go for intrinsic medical procedures to save the priceless life of your pet partner. The vet may only be helpful in moderate deterioration.

Hence, in case of instant poppy poisoning, more than often, the dog dies right away before accessing any medical assistance. Stomach wash is a painful last resort procedure for both the dog and the pet-parent. In sum, it is incumbent upon the owner not to let the dog access the noxious poppy seeds.

Beware of Deception

Many food items such as bagels, muffins, and pastries might seem okay at face value, but an in-depth analysis tells a different story. The very food items might be contaminated with poppy seeds.

Poppy seeds are used in the production as a tasty appetizer. Humans might bear the insidious effects of the not-so-much inclusion of the poppy seeds into the delicacies, but it would be fatal for the dog. You must buy the bakery items from reliable and authentic sources after ensuring the zero-inclusion of any noxious element.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time and again, my German Shepherd consumes poppy seeds. It is not showing any worrying effects. Is my German Shepherd resilient to the harmful effects?

No, it is not a case in point. More than 339 dog breeds and not a single one are not immune to poppy seeds’ side effects. If the dog is not showing distress signals, it means the situation is the worst. The immune system of the dog has accepted the change and an insidious disaster is in the making. This pattern is a significant cause of the instant immature deaths of sentient beings.

My dog has been addicted to poppy seeds; the blame squarely lies on my shoulders as I feed the dog without awareness of the side effects. This article has broadened my horizons. Now, kindly tell me the way forward.

You are not alone; many pet owners have been feeding their dogs with this bad item unconsciously. This is a sort of passive consuming phenomenon when the opium consuming habit transfers to the pet. The way forward is just one; curtail all possible avenues of poppy seeds. Your dog might show distress signals for some time, but at the end of the day, everything will become dulcet.

Final Warning

In sum, the long arguments have enunciated the thesis statement of “poppy seeds a toxic item for the dogs.” All these factors, factors, and effects raise a clarion call to shut down poppy seed supplies to your dog. Poppy seeds have insane sedative effects, and they can play with the life of your dog.

An addicted dog can not be a choice of a civilized pet parent. Finally, you will see poppy seeds on par with marijuana and morphine. Hopefully, our resources can help you to understand can the dogs eat poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds are also a variant of these despicable narcotics. So, chuck the poppy seeds jar away from the kitchen window. Dogs cannot consume these at all.

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