10 Reasons Dogs Can Eat Turnips – Raw & Cooked

The Turnips may not be a glamorous foodstuff globally, but it is an incredibly hard and versatile root vegetable. It has a variety of health benefits and many humble nutritional values. Many of us do not consider it seriously for our dogs. 

Are you deciding to feed Turnips to your dog, worried either it is beneficial for dogs, or can dogs eat turnips and want to know what benefits your dog will get from this vegetable?

The simple and straightforward answer is dogs can eat turnips in any form, either fresh/raw cooked or in the shape of the pickles, and get all the benefits that humans are getting.

can dogs ear turnips

The inner flesh of turnip vegetable is white in color with tinges of purple to pink to red, whereas the skin color of the root bulb varies that most of the time depends on the amount of sunlight it receives in the field and is usually white.

Nutritional Facts of Turnips

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s FoodData Central database, one cup of raw turnip cubes contains around:

  • Calories 36.4 g
  • Protein1.17 g
  • Fat 0.13 g
  • Carbohydrate 8.36 g (including 4.66 g of sugar)
  • Fibre 2.34 g
  • Calcium 39 milligrams (mg)
  • Iron 0.39 mg
  • Magnesium 14.3 mg
  • Phosphorus 35.1
  • Vitamin K 0.13 micrograms (mcg)
  • Sodium 87.1 mg
  • Zinc 0.351 mg
  • Vitamin C 27.3 mg
  • Folate 19.5 mcg

As you can see, there are tons of nutrients and vitamins that your dog gets from turnips. The best thing is, it’s natural, and there is no known side effect of this green vegetable.

You will be amazed to know that over 50% of the carbs in Tunips are fiber, which is a big reason it’s low in calories. Thus, it’s ideal for maintaining a calorie deficit, but what carbohydrates it does have actually has a positive effect on the dog’s body.

10 reasons dogs can eat turnips
1Aid in Digestion of Dog
2Boost Immune System of Dogs
3Boost Metabolism
4Improve Bone Strength
5Anticancer Potential
6Improve Heart Health and Good for Lungs
7Improve Blood Circulation & Beneficial for Weightloss
8Beneficial for EyeSight
9Provide Healthy Skin and Bright/shiny Coat
10Natural Treatment of common Ailments and Provide Anti Aging Benefits

There are dozens of other benefits of feeding Turnips to your pooch, but the above-listed ones are prime. Below we discuss each of these in detail. We are sure that you will start feeding it in routine once you know how much beneficial it is.

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1. Aid in Digestion and Boost Metabolism of Dogs

The B family of vitamins is often overlooked, but it’s very supportive of the dog’s hormonal and enzymatic process. Turnips supply a healthy dose of vitamin B to the body that supports bodily functions.

Vitamin B ensures all of our organ systems function properly and keep the hormone level stable. It also contains vitamin C that actually supports proper metabolic health.

The deficiency of B6 is associated with the poor release of nutrients and energy from food. B6 is a versatile co-enzyme involved in over 100 interactions with other enzymes in the proper and complete processing of peptides, amino acids, and proteins. It’s a high fiber food that reduces the prevalence of diverticulitis flare by absorbing water in the colon and making bowel movement easier.

2. Boost Immune System of Dogs

Turnips always play an important role in the proper functioning of the body immune system of dogs. Healthy membranes are generated in the body because of beta-carotene content in turnips.

Ascorbic acid and vitamin C present in large quantities in turnips are important boosters for a dog’s immune system. Vitamin C is responsible for the production of white blood cells and reduces chronic health concerns.

3. Good for Healthy Pregnancies and Cure Asthma

If you are a breeder or your four-paws female friend is pregnant, then Turnips is a vegetable that she must eat. Folate and co-factors are important for proper mitochondrial function.

During pregnancy, this vitamin keeps the dog in good health and eliminate the chances of accidents/premature deliveries. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of turnips make them a powerful antioxidant. These properties are effective in curing breathing and asthma problems. It also curbs the symptoms of asthma. Feeding Turnips in asthma can result in less wheezing.

4. Improve Bone Strength

We all know that calcium is the main ingredient to strengthen the bones and get a good skeleton. It’s a popular supplement, and most people think it’s only possible to get a good quantity of calcium from a dairy product. Still, Turnips contain nearly 15% of RDA accompanied by Vitamin D. 

Overall, turnips help the growing dogs get a good, strong, and large skeleton and prevent any fractures by providing dietary calcium, vitamin D, and potassium. 

It is an important source of calcium and potassium, which are vital for the maintenance of bones. Regular feeding of Turnips inhibits joint damage and also prevents rheumatoid arthritis. Overall it provides good bone health and prevents many bone diseases.

5. Anticancer Potential

This green vegetable contains high antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are known good to reduce cancer risk. Even cancer is not a known disease in dogs, but these chemicals help in many ways.

Glucosinolates’ presence prevents cancer; indigestion; this natural chemical breaks into two compounds, indoles, and isothiocyanates. These support the liver to process the toxins better and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

6. Improve Heart Health and Good for the Lungs of Dogs

Turnips contain a large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids & vitamin K, and because of that, it possesses great anti-inflammatory properties. That reduces heart problems. Heart ailments are the very rate in dogs. Some breeds are more prone to it. Feeding Turnips can be a long-term solution to avoid the heart issue in aging dogs.

It also results in consuming more bile that results in a reduction of cholesterol. Due to the presence of a high amount of folate, it boosts the cardiovascular system.

It fulfills the deficiency of vitamin K that is a big cause of lung inflammation and emphysema, and other lung problems. Feeding turnips regularly also helps your dog to strengthen his lungs.

7. Improve Blood Circulation & Beneficial for Weightloss

It contains a significant level of iron that makes it an asset to improve the blood cell count. As we know well, iron is required in the formation of RBC needed by the body of a dog to oxygenate, run and repair the body organ systems. More iron in the dog’s food means better circulation to every extremity of the body, which keeps the dog healthy.

The turnip is low in calories; it hardly contains 20 calories in 100 g of turnips. It’s nearly nothing; it’s unbelievably low compared to other vegetables and foods. If you own a dog who gains extra weight, then Turnips can be a solution, start feeding them daily, and it will take care of your dog; you will notice that your dog starts losing extra fasts.

There is another fact. It’s a bulky food that provides satiety and staves off hunger. When you start feeding, you may notice that your dog reduces the intake. It’s an ideal vegetable for those dogs who need to lose weight.

8. Beneficial for EyeSight of Dogs

Lutein is important to keep the eyesight healthy is also part of nutrients found in Turnips. Lutein not only strengthens the system sight but also prevents ocular disease. In aging dogs, it can be very beneficial, even a small quantity, daily. That will keep their eyesight healthy.

9. Provide Healthy Skin and Bright/shiny Coat

Every dog owner wants a dog with healthy skin and a shinier coat. Even hundreds of food manufacturers market their brands to get healthy skin and shinier coats. You will be amazed to know that it’s possible only with the Turnips.

It provides healthy shinier skin and equally beneficial for hairs. Even frequent intakes of Turnips keep the skin bright and smooth and keep the skin allergies away. It all happens because of vitamin A and c that main healthy and radiant skin.

The Health and color of your dog’s hair will start improving with the use of Turnips, its good source of copper that helps in melanin formation. Melanin is a pigment that provides color to hairs, while other ingredients like Vitamine C and E, beta-carotene, Zeaxanthin, and lutein helps to get healthy hair.

10. Natural Treatment of common Ailments and Provide Anti Aging Benefits

It contains many elements that are supportive to prevent common ailments in dogs, like constipation, lack of hunger and hemorrhoids, and many similar diseases that are not life-threatening. It contains antioxidants, which are the solution to many common problems.

In general, the curative power of Turnips prevents several common illnesses, like kidney stone if it is a small one. 

It’s high in vitamin C that eliminates the free radicals responsible for causing skin again, and as a result, it prevents skin spots and wrinkles.

how to serve turnips to dogs

Like other green vegetables, it can be served in many ways because of its crips, white inner flesh, zesty, and peppery flavor. You can feed it fresh, cooked, raw form and even steamed and other shape or form you may cook. It’s healthy but more beneficial if you can feed it in raw form or fresh. Some of serving ideas are:

  • Chop and shredded, Serve them as a topping of any food.
  • Mix Turpins in commercial food or homemade dog food.
  • Offer fresh in the shape of small cubs; many dogs start eating in this form.
  • Use them as the second ingredient in any recipe.
  • Turpins are good to add to meat recipes.
  • Offer your dog build Turpins while adding some of the supplements on them that attract your dog.
  • Mash Turpins after boiling and mix them in ordinary food to make that more healthy adn digestive.
  • Some dogs love to ear Turnips chips, so put up some effort and make chips for your pooch.
  • You can also feed it in the pickled form.
  • Slow-cooked roast and Turpins are great combinations for pooch dinners.
  • For many dogs, it can be an alternative to potatoes.

You may not get any positive results if you feed Turnips on an occasional basis. But if you make a routine of feeding, you will surely get the results discussed above. Even if you cannot make a daily routine, you must consider feeding three times a week. It will keep your dog healthy and active.

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