Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream the Calories and Fat Rich Food?

can dogs eat whipped cream

Dogs love to enjoy every delicious food that human beings consume while on our site; we also eagerly wish to offer everything that we offer to our dogs, especially when we are companions on a trip. Dogs can eat most human foods without moderation, but many are harmful, and few required strict moderation. If you are a person who loves to eat creamy whipped cream most of the time but not sure, can dogs eat whipped cream?

Yes, dogs can have whipped cream occasionally and in strict moderation. Heavy whipped cream is full of calories, vitamins, Fats, Carbs, and Calcium, but you cannot feed whipped cream to your dog to get the health benefits from these ingredients. A dog can taste it either as stand-alone food or when mixed with others.

Airy texture sweet and creamy whipped cream is a popular addition to desserts and excellent for humans but not a food that dogs can take regularly. We want to share our delicious food with our four-legged family members whenever we eat something that appeals to us.

It is imperative to know that every left-over is not good for dogs. Especially deserts with whipped cream are dangerous for dogs because they contain sugar and many other harmful elements to dogs.

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What is Whipped Cream & How It is Made?

It is a dairy product used as a topping for much human food like cakes, desserts, pies, crepes, and trifles. It can go from a puddle of milk to a bowl of billowy, sweet-tasting clouds in a matter of minutes.

Milk fats make it; fat molecules start to join together as you whisk the milk. As a result, they form pockets of air. That gradually turns into a stable structure called whipped cream. If you whip for more time, it turned into butter because molecules separate again and form butter.

It is regularly used in many homes, and people in the USA know well how to make it. Even in some homes, it is part of almost every sweet dish.

Nutritional Facts of Whipped Cream

Dog not misunderstood the whipped cream and heavy whipped cream; there is a lot of difference between the nutritional profile of both. Heavy whipped cream is richer when it comes to calories and fat, while homemade whipped cream is not. Here nutritional facts of 15-g whipped cream:

  • Total Fat 3.3 grams
  • 10% Saturated Fat 2.1 grams
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 grams
  • Monounsaturated Fat 1 grams
  • 4% Cholesterol 11.5 milligrams
  • 0% Sodium 1.2 milligrams
  • 1% Potassium 22 milligrams
  • 1% Total Carbohydrates 1.9 grams
  • 0% Dietary Fiber 0 grams
  • Sugars 1.2 grams
  • Protein 0.ggrams
  •  2% Vitamin A
  •  0% Vitamin C
  •  1.2% Calcium
  •  0.1% Iron

Well, this nutritional profile shows it clearly whipped cream is not as rich in fat and sugar as much as heavy whipped cream, but it’s still not safe for dogs to consume.

Many household dog owners consider making it part of dry food because they believe that they are making this cream at home, and it’s safe for dogs. But in actual it’s not.

What is the Best Way to Feed Whipped Cream to a Dog?

can dogs eat whipped cream

Until now, we fully answered the question could a dog eat whipped cream? The straightforward and well-established answered is Yes but occasionally and in strict moderation. Whipped cream is not healthy nor notorious for dogs.

You can offer the food with whipped cream as an ingredient, or anything that has whipped cream as a topping, even a shake that contains whipped cream.

If you let your dog to taste it then surely, he can, here are deadlines to keep your dog safe:

Keep the Portions Small

It is the key to keeping your dog safe from the side effects of unhealthy food. Please make sure you only offer him a small amount of whipped cream in whatever form it is. Do not serve a huge bowl that can fill his tummy just as little as he can taste it.

Some chances whipped cream can make your dog ecstatic for a short while as excessive consumption of this fatty food is not good for the dog’s digestive system.

Don’t Make it A Routine

Feeding whipped cream in small quantities and too often is also dangerous and not even multiple times in a day. It’s a dairy product that contains sugar and fats, which can disturb the digestive system of pups greatly.

Even if your dog can consume it, it’s too healthy for your dog. He may gain weight because of an excessive number of calories present in whipped cream. If you are struggling to get a healthy weight for your dog, then rule it out completely.

Mix Whipped Cream with Other Food

Serving pure whipped cream can be more dangerous for dogs while consuming whipped cream mixed with other food easily. We suggest you make whipped cream at home because it has less fat and calories than heavy whipped cream available commercially.

While on the other side, store-based whipped cream is loaded with corn syrup, flavoring, and preservatives. While making whipped cream at home, you can have control over the quantity of sugar.

What is Right Quantity for Dogs?

When you are preparing whipped cream treats for your dog, then you can feed him one tablespoon daily, it will not harm him, and he can get health benefits of whipped cream to some extent.

But when it comes to topping or stand along with whipped cream, then maximum up to 30g in a single time, not more than one time in a day, and only an occasional basis.

Occasionally you also can add whipped cream to your food, like you are offering dry kibble to your dog, and to make kibble more delicious, you may add whipped cream on that. It not only makes the food delicious but it also mouth-watering for the dog.

How Often You Can Feed Whipped Cream to Your dog?

Either homemade whipped cream, pressurized can, and a tub of cool whip feed whipped cream are intuitive and easy for your dog. Until you can take care of the right quantity, you can feed any type of whipped cream to your dog.

But keep in mind, as per American Kennel Club, most dogs suffer from lactose intolerance, and sugar is high in dairy products like whipped cream that can be dangerous for dogs.

High in fat, whipped cream may create obesity in dogs; this is why we suggest now make it a regular part of your dog’s intake.

When you offer it as treats, you can offer one tablespoon daily, and it not harmful for dogs at all, even daily. But occasionally, like once a week, you can offer him up to 30 grams.

Dogs are highly food motivated whipped cream in the shape of treats can be a valuable tool as reinforcement.

Health Benefits of Whipped Cream for Dogs

Whipped cream is delicious for dogs, offer once, and you will see that how eagerly your dog finishes it, and he will try to keep the cup occupied all the time. But when it comes to benefits, these are very little as negative sides of this food for dogs are greater.

Whipped cream contains fat and direct calories, which are needed to get the power to perform day-to-day tasks and today good in health.

While it also contains vitamin A, which is a critical element to get healthy skin and coat and required for a good digestive system and improve eyesight. At the same time, it’s not a vitamin-rich food for dogs.

Does Whipped Cream as Daily Treat is Acceptable?

As write earlier, dogs are food motivated and love to lick and eat this dairy product called whipped cream. They love its creamy taste, and once you offer them, they will definitely look for more.

Whipped cream can be a valuable reinforcement tool; during the training, you can offer your dog a maximum of 10 grams in a day or, on the safe side, one tablespoon. You can make whipped cream treats at home or offer him to take one or two licks from the cup.

Problems Associated with Excessive Whipped Cream Feeding (The Side Effects)

Whipped cream is not a bad food for dogs but when consumed in excessive quantity it has some side effects that will occur in shape of:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Uneasiness

Dogs usually recover form these situations with little care, that situation may last for 2 to 3 days.

Keep in mind small dogs are more sensitive. It can be more dangerous for them when they consume an excessive amount of whipped cream. It may completely rule out their digestive system, while in big dogs, it can cause:

  • Disturb Digestive System: High fat and sugar usually upset the stomach of dogs at first.
  • Unhealthy Weight Gain: Consumption of more than one tablespoon daily leads to weight gain.
  • Dental Problems: it is a serious threat to pups’ teeth; it can cause cavities and chewing problems.

What to Do When Dog Consume Excessive Amount of Whipped Cream?

Excessive consumption of whipped cream in dogs can cause some serious problems, as discussed above, but these problems are not life-threatening.

With a little care, you can recover your dog, offer him soft food and plenty of water to drink, and a remedy to diarrhea is enough to recover your dog.

This uneasiness may last up to 2 or 3 days but if it prolongs then it’s time to visit the vet and ask for a medical advice.

You need to keep whipped cream cans away from your pup as he is not as healthy as you who can consume any quantity.

When Not to Give Whipped Cream to Your Dog?

There are certain conditions in which you cannot feeding whipped cream can be more dangerous like:

  • Overweight Dogs: it contains many calories and fat that help your dog gain weight, so it is advised not to feed whipped cream to overweight dogs.
  • Lactose Intolerant Dogs: in these dogs, slurping down a bowl of milk result in unpleasant symptoms, and hence they cannot consume any dairy product like Whipped cream.
  • Old Dogs: their digestive system is usually week and cannot digest the elements of whipped cream.
  • Diabetic Dogs: whipped cream is high in sugar, and it’s not safe for dogs suffering from diabetes.


What are Whipped cream alternatives to Dogs?

Alternatively, there are many healthy drinks and creamy solutions that dogs can have, like you can feed your dog under-listed drinks instead of those made with whipped cream.

1. Dog-Friendly Ice
2. Almond Butter
3. Raspberries (or other dog-friendly fruits)
4. Almond Milk

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream from Starbucks (Puppuccino)?

Starbucks makes thousands of drinks, but all of those are not safe for dogs except one. Most of their menu is secret, and no one knows the exact recipe, but most of us know that Puppuccino is safe for dogs. Puppuccino is filled with whipped cream and as we already discussed, feeding whipped cream when it’s mixed with other ingredients and shakes is safe for dogs to consume on an occasional basis.

Dogs can change their taste and enjoy these Starbucks drinks just as their owners do. Just remember not to add extra cream in the drink your order for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Whipped Cream?

Yes, dogs can eat homemade whipped cream. It’s less nutritional as compare to heavy whipped cream and hence less harmful. It contains less sugar and fewer fats, making it less harmful for dogs, but moderation is still required, and you cannot feed it often.

Is Whipped Cream Really Bad and Harmful for Dogs?

No, it not. But it’s not completely safe for dogs; dogs can have it occasionally but not regularly. Small quantities of whipped cream do not harm dogs.

Is Whipped Cream Bad for Dog’s Teeth?

The use of whipped cream may cause dental cavities in your dog, so it’s bad for dogs and having cavities means hardships in chewing food. Teeth are important to dogs as they have to protect themselves with teeth and many other matters are also dependent on their teeth. Keep in mind protection of your property also depend on the teeth of your dog.

Is dairy Free Coconut Whipped Cream Safe for Dogs?

Yes, coconut whipped cream is quite safe for dogs.

Can Puppies Eat Whipped Cream?

No, puppies cannot have whipped cream as it can cause them dental cavities and stomach upset; due to its nutritional profile, it’s hard to digest for puppies.

How to purchase whipped cream for dogs?

It’s better to make whipped cream at home. When you are purchasing from a store, make sure you purchase plain whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Ingredients to Avoid

Lemon, Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso are some ingredients that are more dangerous for dogs. Whenever buying whipped cream for dogs, prefer to avoid these flavors.

Is there any different between heavy and homemade whipped cream?

The nutritional profile of heavy whipped cream is much stronger than homemade whipped cream, and hence it has more fat, sugar, and calories, so more dangerous for dogs.

Final Verdict

To answer the question, “ can dogs eat whipped cream? ”: dogs cannot ear whipped cream. Your dog can taste whipped cream but cannot consume it habitually, which means you can make it a habit to feed whipped cream regularly. A large amount of sugar and fat is bad for dogs, and it may bring you some bad results.

While whipped cream in small amounts is not harmful to dogs, it’s always a good idea to share it with dogs sporadically. Your dog may get a lick or two but not more; it can be worse for dogs.

Dogs are intolerant to dairy items as it causes gastric and digestive problems in dogs. Take care of your dog and only feed him and food specifically made him or completely safe for him.

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